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Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism

proximity to markets in India offer excellent opportunity for commercial income. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood. The challenging task of this zone is that, still in some of the places there is no access to the motorable roads. Due to this, the product are transported on horses and mule to depot in Samtse. 3. Tashigang, is a town in eastern Bhutan and the district capital of the Trashigang district. The town lies on the east side of the valley above the Drangme Chhu14 River just south of where it is joined by the Gamri River. Trashigang is the largest district in Bhutan. It has two sub-districts and fifteen gewogs15. Trashigang is served by Yongphulla Airport. COMPARISION Thimphu



1. Location

Northern part of Bhutan.

Southern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan

2. Climate

warm, temperate climate

hot and humid climate


Min. -3.8 °C, Max. 24 °C

Min. 17°C, Max. 36°C

Min. 12 °C, Max. 22 °C

4. Rainfall

Varies 500 mm and 1,000 mm per year.

4290 mm( highest in the country)

1,353 mm

4. Vegetation

Subalpine conifer forests.

Tropical &Subtropical reg ions

Cool broadleaf forest.

5. Ethnic Diversity

Drukpa of Kagyu

Lhop (Doya) people, Lhotshampa 16

Sharchops and seminomadic people of Merak and Sakteng



warm, temperate climate


It is the largest river system of Bhutan refers to a group of villages in Bhutan 16 Nepali community people 15


Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  

It is the combined ideas of people, who thinks that Bhutanese Architecture has many different perspectives if we look into. Nation's goal...