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Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism

Some architects even feels that more importance is given to the symbolic values than actual site context and other believes that the symbolic values in traditional houses will not only bring good luck but also goes with the Vastu Shasta12. -see Appendix 1.

2.9.2 NON-ARCHITECT'S VIEWS. The results indicated that there were important differences between the views of architects and non-architects regarding the meaning and importance of expressing a preservation of Bhutanese architecture with its own identity from place to place. There was a significant difference between architects and non-architects views regarding the expression of cultural identity in contemporary architecture and environment. While non-architects considered that architecture is always an expression of contemporary culture and life style, architects believe that cultural identity is only expressed in traditional buildings and environments. Another important difference was found between the views of the architects and the nonarchitects regarding the role of the client in positively contributing to the establishment of a cultural identity. While architects considered the client as an important contributor in encouraging the architect to design buildings that reflect a local cultural identity, nonarchitects considered the architect as the sole responsible entity for the promotion of cultural identity in architecture


means science of architecture and construction


Dissertation: Literal Duplication, Liberal Contextualism  

It is the combined ideas of people, who thinks that Bhutanese Architecture has many different perspectives if we look into. Nation's goal...