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Holiday Planning with Windows 8

Travel, Shop, Socialize, Play Games and do much more while Staying Safe using TechGenie!

With the holiday season just around the corner, we have brought together tools, tips and techniques on how you can simplify your chores using Windows 8. If you are yet to etch plans, then keep this e-book handy to find readily available tips on everything you have in mind - right from planning for vacations, shopping, socializing and sharing news with friends, keeping your kids engaged to games, protecting you from online holiday frauds to other essentials - to keep you sane this holiday.


Windows 8 Travel apps to jumpstart your holiday


Online Shopping and Windows 8 A fantastic combo…


What are your kids doing while you are shopping online? Keep them engaged with these Windows 8 games


Windows 8 Apps: Send, Share and Socialize in 5 Seconds


Holiday Alert! Scammers Aren't Far Behind…

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Windows 8 Travel apps to jumpstart your holiday What is your idea of vacations? Is it taking a plunge into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, sipping Margarita while sunbathing at Miami or giving up your signature suits for slim shorts, cool t-shirts, and laid-back loafers? With the festive season setting in, many of you must be planning to go on vacations with your family and friends to different parts of the world, isn't it? Of course, this is going to be fun, but, don't forget that this is the busiest season of the year and you need to be well-prepared to make your holiday one of the most memorable one. So, if you are all set to begin your holiday journey and are looking forward to making your trip safe and sound, then hands on your Windows 8 device to access the most useful travel apps for a secured journey ahead. You can make Windows 8 your travelling partner by downloading the list of Apps mentioned below for a trouble-free trip to your favorite destinations. Š iYogi 2013

1. XE Currency Just in case you are visiting a foreign land and are not sure about the currency rates of that country, XE Currency Travel App can help you get up-to-the-minute exchange rates for just about any currency in the world. All you need to do is select the currencies you are dealing with, enter in the monetary amount, and get the result through its built in automatic conversion feature. 2. WorldMate You cannot reach out to your agent every single minute once you start your journey. However, in case you need to check reservations, transport or any other details at the time of commencing your trip, WorldMate travel-planning app can help you get any relevant travel information, be it about reservations, transport, or hotels details, on the WorldMate's website. To use this app, you can register an e-mail address and forward messages such as flight confirmations, hotel reservation, etc. to WorldMate and it will help you find hotels, flights, and automotive transportation instantly. 3. Inrix Traffic Traveling on roads could be a little challenging, especially when you are in a city where traffic jam is quite common. So, rather than wasting time fighting the traffic chaos, using this Windows 8 app you can actually save time, your frustrations, and utilize that time to discover the attractions of the place. All you need doing is downloading the Inrix Traffic app! This app

takes it on itself to notify you of the traffic conditions of a particular city that you are traveling through thereby making your journey comfortable, fast, and truly enjoyable too. 4. Photobucket A holiday trip minus memorable images to bring in the nostalgia even years later is a 'novacation' at all. The Photobucket app offers convenient photo hosting and photo sharing facilities, using which you can easily scan your device for photos and save pictures into Photobucket for future checking. Also, you can share images (that you might have clicked en route your journey) with your loved ones back home through the Windows 8 Share charm. 5. Living Social This app purely focuses on dining and entertainment. It displays limited-time deals at different locations. Also, if you don't feel like using your credit card at unknown locations, you can use the Living Social app to pay online for selected orders. In addition, this app helps you take a plunge into the best local cuisine in that particular area by suggesting you appropriate eating joints you will love to check out. And while traveling, what if you aren't able to connect to the Internet? Is that the end of your sojourn with Windows 8? Certainly not! Follow the tips given below to enjoy using Windows 8, even when offline.

your work synced with your laptop, once you are online.


You can access and use your ebook libraries with the help of the Nook and Kindle app and even read your favorite content while you are offline.


Though the Travel apps in Windows 8 have limited functionality without the Internet, yet you can get on the-surface-information about the major attractions of a destination even in the absence of an Internet connection.


The News app (including Sports), lets you access the information till it was last updated. Make sure that you update the content before losing your connection.


You can use the iCookbook app and search for recipes that you are interested in, all without any Internet connection.


Last but not the least, Cocktail Flow works just as well even when you are offline. This 'mixology' app helps you to select different liquors and suggests you cocktail ideas for an altogether different drink recipe.

Quick Tip When it comes to security planning and execution, trust none!


The OneNote app works offline. It allows you to write experiences, lists and notes and get

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Online Shopping and Windows 8 – A fantastic combo… Travel isn't complete without shopping. Let 'time-pressed' and 'cash-pressed' be non-existent, this holiday for you. With your Windows 8 -based device with you, you needn't worry about anything. Here is an array of Windows 8-compaitble apps that you can download for competitive price check, on-the-spot feedback, great options, discount hunting, and lots more. This list contains some really cool apps that can help you to shop more without the draining experience of the rush hour. perfect one - what are the features and benefits investors actually want?

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1. Discount Calculator

5. Shop Everywhere

It is for all the shrewd shoppers who want some killer discounts while shopping. Discount Calculator is a user-friendly app that calculates the actual price after discounts on desired products. So, while you are focusing on getting the best deals, this app is silently doing all the calculations for you…

As the name says, this app allows you to quickly search and shop at various online retailers simultaneously. This includes shopping at Costco, Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Kmart, Lowe's, Macy's, Office Depot, Staples, Overstock, Zappos, Walmart, and others.

2. Branddee Mall Deals Branddee Mall Deals is a great app to find up to the minute tips on giveaways, special offers, coupons and sales available on some known retailers including but not limited to Target, Macys, Coach, Bloomingdale's Target, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. 3. Spreegram If you want your friends to be a part of your purchasing decision, Spreegram is an appropriate app to consider. All you need to do is take pictures of the product you want to buy and share them with your friends, straight from the app itself. Your friends will instantly be notified on their Spreegram app. Then they can either start a chat with you or like/dislike the pictures. 4. Amazon Mobile This app offers you interesting ways to search, read reviews, access Gold Box Deals, compare prices, share gift ideas with friends, and purchase stuff from the Amazon store. This app also stores for you the shipping options, wish lists, order history, etc.

6. Shop Savy

¤ Watch out for scams and frauds. Don't share your credentials over e-mails or phone messages. ¤

Beware of fake shopping apps; always download them from trusted sites.

¤ ¤

Pay using your credit card, not debit card.

Don't respond to pop-ups promising you gift cards or lucrative money-backs.


It is another useful app that helps you scan barcodes. It comes handy while you are comparing the prices at multiple online stores. It makes sure that you are getting the finest deal.

Use antivirus software to check for malicious threats while you browse online shopping websites and/ or download shopping apps.

Along with these handy apps, here are the best 5 social shopping sites that you can check out on your Windows 8 device. Browse these while traveling or relaxing at your luxury resort… the choice is yours!

Cyber thieves are just plain ruthless and incorrigible; it's best to avoid them than look for cures. Remember your holidays for the good reasons and not the ugly ones where you ended up being a victim to a cyber crime. To get topnotch shield from anything nasty, check out our comprehensive security solution TechGenie.











Beware of nasty offers or links in disguise.

Quick Tip Believe in staying safe and practice it too while shopping online and off it.

However, while you are looking for the best deals, make sure that you remain safe as well. Cyber threats are common, more so during the holidays. Therefore, remember to refer to this checklist to ensure all your online shopping experiences are 'scam-proof'.

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What are your kids doing while you are shopping online? Keep them engaged with these Windows 8 games …. Are you still wondering how you can best keep your little ones (pre-school and school-going kids) enthralled, while you are checking out the shopping discounts? Well, you have Windows 8 to rescue you this time as well. While you are cracking the best deals on your Windows 8 Phone, let your kid(s) keep themselves busy on your Windows 8 laptop/notebook by playing these thrilling games… All you need to do is visit the gaming category on the device and download the relevant games that are creative and educationally stimulating too. There is no other way to boost the Christmas and New Year festivities of your kids… © iYogi 2013

1. Run Santa! Run This is a fun game designed to offer hours of game-play to your kids. In this game, all you need to do is help Santa Claus in collecting Christmas Gifts. Let your kids join him in his adventures in the 3D winter world. This Santa game is for free-of-charge and you can download and install it easily on your Windows 8 PC as well as Phone. 2. Bubble Burst This is the holiday edition of the popular Bubble Burst game. Bubble Burst is colorful, decorated, and extremely addicting. The most amazing aspect about this game is its beautiful Christmas and New Year holiday themes. This game is not just about playing and bursting appealing bubbles, but also, it is a brilliant way to develop logical thinking in your kids. Free and exciting, your kids will love you for this game. 3. Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas Who does your kid adore more Pandas or Ninjas? If it is the Pandas, your kid will certainly get addicted to this interesting struggle of Pandas vs Ninjas. This quest to destroy the Ninja camps and defend the Panda's homeland will keep your busy occupied all the while. Isn't this game fun filled? You can install it on your Windows 8-based PC as well as Phone for freeof-charge. 4. Christmas Ball Balance This season, let your kids enjoy extra fun!

Double their celebrations by installing this amazing ball balance game with Santa. Kids can be the master of this game by simply balancing the ball. Get it on your Windows 8 Phone or PC for free-of-charge and let your kids be the masters. 5. Christmas Sudoku Much like the normal Sudoku, Christmas Sudoku follows the same principals, but with a pinch of Christmas in it. This game is all about placing the appealing Christmas images, logically. So, let your kids learn while gaming and that too for free. You simply need to install this game on your Windows 8 PC or Phone and keep your kids busy whenever you have to. Gaming can be a fun way for kids to connect with others, but it's important for you as a parent to ensure that your kids are safe while playing games. So, if you don't want to spoil your kids' Christmas mood, and yours' too, enable the Parental Control feature on your Windows 8 devices to keep them off websites you don't want them to visit. Here's a quick recap of how you can turn on the Parental Control feature on your Windows 8 devices

Open Parental Controls by clicking or tapping the Start button.

Tap or click the standard user account that you want to set Parental Controls for. If the standard user account isn't set up yet, tap or click Create a new user account to set up a new


Under Parental Controls, tap or click On, enforce current settings.

Controlling Parental Control will further enable you to adjust the following individual settings that you want to control: Time limits: If you're worried your kid may spend extra hours on computer, set time limits. This way, your kid will not be able to log on specified hours. Also, you can set different log on time for everyday. Games: So how about controlling access to games, choosing the level, and blocking specific or unrated games. Use this feature to see and control what all games your kid can play. Desktop app restrictions: With this feature, you can prevent children from running apps that you don't want them to use. Isn't it a good way to play safe even while having fun this holiday season? For other similar security solutions, visit TechGenie to browse through products that are vigorously protecting you and your PC from different online threats, at all times.

Quick Tip Educate your kids about online safety and hazards; monitor their Internet activities, more so during the holiday season.

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Windows 8 Apps: Send, Share and Socialize in 5 Seconds Sharing and socializing are essential parts of holidaying. Therefore, while your kids are still hooked on to the games, how about quickly sharing the last-minute change of ideas, some too-good-to-be-true deals, photos of gift items, updates on new store opening, holiday vacation plans, videos of special recipes or any other with your friends? Today's is the time to instantly get your tasks done. Why wait to return home to share your excitement? Use these Windows 8 social media apps to share your news, tips, ideas, check-ins and also, to spill some secrets this holiday season. Š iYogi 2013

1. FlipToast

3. Tumbukun

One of the most popular and initial social media apps on Windows 8, FlipToast enables you to share posts on all major social networking sites from one dashboard. FlipToast interface is styled to Windows 8 visual theme, which accommodates all updates, notifications, messages, photos, videos, and even birthday and anniversary from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This social app will help you find your most frequently contacted friends from the top of the list. Just tap on a friend to get updates from that friend from all social networking clients. However, you can also solely focus Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by pinching to semantic zoom out option. Yes, it is super easy to use, comment, like, find address book, search for friends and share holiday banters with FlipToast.

Tumblr is a great microblogging platform to write your own blog posts or re-blog other posts. If you are planning to create and share some essential checklists, dos and don'ts, holiday styling and gift wrapping ideas or any other ideas via Tumlr, then get Tumbukun social media app. Bringing the entire blog-sphere of Tumblr on your Windows 8 device, this social app lets you read multiple blogs, track tags, discover new posts and then share instantly via the app. What's more? It also lets you follow, like, comment, and repost any blog and also share blog posts from other apps on Windows 8.

2. Social Dribble Do you want to read one Tweet from the timeline at one time in a full-screen view? If you do, then Social Dribble social media app is what you need now. If you are searching for tweets on any holiday specific hash-tag, then you just need to select the tag and an automatic stream of new tweets on that hash-tag will be displayed on the screen as soon as they will be posted. This Windows 8 app automatically refreshes the Twitter stream for the search phrase you selected. The smartest bit of Social Dribble app is that it lets you keep an eye on tweets as you are watching any show, working on your Windows 8 device or playing games with the snapped view.

4. Instametrogram Instametrogram app, as it refers its relation to Instagram, is a free Windows 8 app to use your Instagram account. Use this app to ensure that your friends are constantly notified of your special holiday moments. Shopping, celebrating, dining, leisure… they should know about it all… let them view photos, like and comment on your photo feeds, and also you can catch up with what they have been up to all this while. With its support for desktop notifications and live tiles, Instametrogram will keep you updated of every buzz on Instagram. Instagram has never been easier and faster until Instametrogram indeed. Sigh! But that's not all! Don't forget to add these noteworthy social media apps in your kitty:

¤ ¤


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

IM+ News Republic Ferret MetroTwit and Tweetro.

Now that you have found out the best social media apps to share and spread holiday news and fun on Windows 8, here are some cautions. Many of us make mistakes of over-sharing that we drive our friends and followers off our social networking profiles. Hence, you need to keep these following social networking etiquettes, dos and don'ts in mind before you begin. Tips to remember:


Do stay connected with your friends and family during this holiday season. You may not be able to keep in touch and communicate with your family, friends and relatives throughout the year, so, this is the time to make it up and leave no exchanging greetings with these people. Instead of sending mails, connect with them instantly using social media apps by sharing a post, a small update, photos, check-ins or any other thing you have in mind.


Christmas and Thanksgiving are more about spreading cheers and warmth; nobody is interested in listening to or reading any political posts and rants. Hence, discard your political views and beliefs from sharing on your accounts or you will start repelling your friends and followers from your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

StumbleUpon © iYogi 2013


Do search for the most popular trending topics and hash-tags before you post or tweet on social networking sites. Once you have worked on discovering top trending topics, drop relevant posts and incorporate these hash-tags into your posts to attract maximum audience and followers to your profile.


Do not to offend anyone’s feelings or ego. In such cases, include those friends, followers and contacts only who may agree with your views, status updates, and photos. For example, make sure you exclude people from your professional circle while sharing photos of Christmas or New Year Eve parties you may regret later, when discovered by your employer. Moreover, if you have invited limited number of friends to your holiday party, ensure you exclude people or friends you didn’t invite while sharing posts or photos of the party. They may feel offended to find out that they were left out.

Instagram or other social networking sites. Social media scam and spam artists target unsuspecting users to exploit their information in stealing money, stalking and bullying people online. One of the best ways to keep off social media scam, malware attacks and virus infection this holiday season on Windows 8 is to get TechGenie Total Security, which combines


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Make sure you seek permission of social networking friends and contacts before you tag them to any post or photo. Moreover, if you are sharing photos of holiday celebration on the web, ask the permission of the people featuring in those photos before posting them. Do not forget privacy and security settings of Facebook, Twitter,

Antispyware, Antimalware, Anti-rootkit, Real-time protection, Browser protection, Email spam filter, Parental control, Safe-not safe lists, Website blocking, Encryption and decryption, Application and games blocking, Hackers' attack and Personal data protection

Quick Tip Make friends with people you personally know, on the social media sites; do not share your whereabouts and vacation plans until you are very sure about their intentions.

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Holiday Alert! Scammers Aren't Far Behind… There is a very thin line demarcating a superb holiday and a superb holiday going awfully bad. This line is created by how well (read serious) we take online safety. We have already etched out for you above, how you can use your Windows 8-based device to complete your holiday planning plan your tour, get the best shopping deals, catch up with friends, and so on… However, in the midst of all these, we shouldn't forget that there are scammers who are experimenting with devious ways to trick you and rob you off your hard earned money and identity… not to mention ruin your holiday spirit. The key to being safe this holiday season is in being aware. So, here are the sneakiest scams you must watch out for, this season…

© iYogi 2013

1. The free gadgets scams There are gifts floating all over even in the big world of web. So, even if you are tempted to click on a link or reply to an e-mail that states that you have won a gift - anything from an iPad to the latest smartphone - do give it a second thought. If it appears too good to be true, it probably isn't. Also, by taking the guise of legitimate sources and websites, scammers attempt to lure you into clicking on their links and easily fall into their traps. 2. Gift card scams

comments, understand that you have become the latest victim to Skype scam. 4. Wi Fi hijacks Even on non-festive days Wi Fi networks remain quite vulnerable to attacks the chances only quantify during the holidays. If you have a Wi Fi network at home, remember to keep it tightly secured around this time and beware while accessing unknown Wi Fi networks, especially in public places. Give your Windows 8 PC the required security and let it be your companion this Christmas…

Gift cards are convenient for your own use and even if you would like to present them to your loved ones this holiday season. However, there are several developers who are piggy-backing gift cards and designing fake websites where they will make you share your personal information, even financial information, and thereafter use that data for identity thefts. On top of it, you will never receive your cards…

5. Mobile apps scams

3. Skype scams

To keep you safe, keep your Windows 8based devices safe too…

Here is what you can call 'old wine in new bottle'! With most people on Skype these days, scammers have devised newer ways to reach the PCs and the vulnerable data stored therein. With practically every PC, smartphone, tablet, and phablet in the household having Skype activated on them, scammers are only too happy to reach you through multiple entry points. If you are commented on a profile change which you hadn't actually initiated, and you click on a 'link' or an 'image' to view the


Update all security patches for your PC and optimize it to boost its immunity.


Tighten the security settings of your Firewall, Wi Fi network, and any other gateway that you may have leading to your PC.

Quick Tip Be aware of the latest scams and frauds that are duping Internet users and even share your knowledge with friends and family.

And yes, you being a mobile app lover, you certainly can't resist not downloading these latest ones on your smartphone, can you? But before you download any random app, beware. Along with the app, you never know which virus, Trojan, or any other malware you may be downloading as well.


Install a security solution that can provide your PC a robust shield against the latest ethreats and attacks.


Download holiday-centric mobile apps only from the official websites if you want your Windows 8 PC safe.


Never participate in surveys that require you to furnish personal details, even if they promise you the moon after the review.

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Right before we say bye, let’s all take a pledge to sageguard our

Windows 8 PC so that we continue using it for long. There is no comparison to a well optimized and fully functional PC let’s maintain our favorite devices that way. And while you go out and have all the fun this holiday period, stay safe…

By using TechGenie security suites:

TechGenie Total Security

TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro

TechGenie Absolute

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Holiday Planning with Windows 8  

Travel, Shop, Socialize, Play Games and do much more while Staying Safe using TechGenie!

Holiday Planning with Windows 8  

Travel, Shop, Socialize, Play Games and do much more while Staying Safe using TechGenie!