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• The word diamond has been derived from the Greek word “adamas” which means invincible… • There are enormous number of colors in which diamonds comes such as black, green, red, purple, pink and yellow… • The color characteristics of the April birthstone the diamond solely depends upon the impurities that are found in the stone…

• For example, a blue diamond stone reflects the color blue due to material boron as well as the yellow diamond reflects the color yellow due to the presence of material minuscule in the stone‌

• Since from the ancient time, there have been many stories revolving around the excellent healing powers of the diamond stone‌

• It is being said that in the ancient times, people used diamond occasionally in order to guard themselves against severe diseases… • In addition to this, it was stated that diamond stone would aid in curing the ailments of pituitary gland and brain… • People used to heat this stone and keep it inside their bed to float away all the harmful toxins from their bodies…

• The diamond stone can aid in curing diseases related to brain. It also improves the memory of person and rip-off all the negative thoughts‌

• Wearing diamond stone strengthen the inner energy of a human being and bring enthusiasm and courage in its wearer‌

• Wearing diamond stone avert the mind to indulge in negative thinking. Instead of that bring positive thoughts and ensure happiness in his/her life‌

• It is idolized to be the symbol of true love and purity. Thus, wearing this gemstone showers off the life of a person with the eternal love and affection‌

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The birthstone of april - Diamond  

Wishing a very happy birthday's to all the natives who are born in the month of April. Can anybody make a guess, that why I am very specific...

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