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Plethora of Healthy Vegetarian Food at A Pure Vegetarian Restaurant Near You It was my birthday last week, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that day. Right from when my wall clock stuck 12, my mobile phone started ringing. There were back to back calls along with the beeps of messages of birthday greetings. When the pace of these messages started to slow down, then bouquets started raining. It went on till 12 o'clock at noon. I was completed overwhelmed with all that messages, phone calls, and bouquets, as I had not expected such a response from my friends and relatives. The reason I did not anticipate all this is that last year on my birthday I did not get a single call apart from my parents. And because that I thought people may have forgotten me as I am far away from them sitting in the capital. Then I stopped reminiscing about the past and came back to the present. I thought they have made my day, and now it is my turn to show my gratitude towards them. And then the idea stuck of throwing a party that will also serve as a get together. But there was a dilemma in my mind and that was where should I give this party, for most of my friends are vegetarian, and only a few are non-vegetarian. So, if I go for a non-vegetarian restaurant, the friends those are vegetarian will not be happy. Thus, I thought it is best to go with a vegetarian outlet, for non-vegetarian won't mind eating in a vegetarian place.

In my search to find a good restaurant, I checked out almost hundred hotels and restaurant, but to my surprise I didn't get any good restaurant. It was then I called up one of my close friends for his suggestion. He told me if I really want to enjoy my birthday party to the fullest, then I must choose Sudh restaurant, for there you will have everything that is required for a good party. Any party which is given on birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and for any other occasion, is remembered for the quality of food that is served over there. And when it comes to food, there is no match for the taste and lip-smacking cuisines it delivers. So, I booked a table for 20 people and messaged my near and dear ones to invite them over the party venue at 8 o'clock in the evening. Everyone gathered there before time, and this restaurant staff had made all the arrangements right from balloons to festoons to music. Everything was in order, the cake was cut, flowers were showered at me, and birthday wishes were recited and after all that started the dinner party. The food was so delicious that everyone of the invitee licked their fingers till the last morsel of the food, it was followed by sweet desserts and it was an absolute ecstasy. That day was unforgettable with a lot of joy, fun, and food and if you too are planning to throw

some party, then I suggest you to go with Sudh restaurant, as they deliver food Vegetarian Food for Kids low calorie vegetarian food and vegetable soup of everyone's choice. About the Author

The writer of this article is a finance executive in a leading firm, he shares his experience whenever he goes out to dine Healthy Vegetarian Foods with his friends.

Plethora of healthy vegetarian food at a pure vegetarian restaurant near you  

This article is about the quality of food that is served at Sudh restaurant in New Delhi. They offer a wide variety of vegetarian food for e...