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Making the mostof Scotland’s longest days

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Peter Cairns on photographing Scotland’s wild golden eagles | Welcome to 720 square miles of solace | How to measure a mountain | Winning the fight against Scotland’s midges | Adventure golf! Six remote holes on the Fair Isle | Say ‘hello’ to your new favourite cardi

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More daylight. Grand Making the most of Scotland’s extra hours of daylight might mean hiking, riding, bird watching, climbing or just finding somewhere solitary to kick-back. It might mean sleeping out under dimly lit night skies with little more than a bivvy bag and your instinct for adventure. All that matters is getting out. Out of your comfort zone. Out of the ordinary. Out of town. Just out.

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We’ve included as much as we can in this magazine, to see the complete range go to and of course there is always a great selection in all our shops.

HY T R O d SELW n E k E WEctober 25-28

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How do you measure a mountain? Ben Arthur – The Cobbler


How to survive the dreaded Scottish midge



Golf on Britain’s remotest inhabited island



Say ‘hello’ to your new favourite cardi


A big thank you: Gift Your Gear

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Scotland’s eagles


The October Rohan Weekend, Exmoor

26 28 30

Men’s gear highlights

720 square miles of solace: Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

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Women’s gear highlights Footwear and accessories

To order go to or call 0800 840 1412

der plans. Bigger days.

Men’s Microgrid Stowaway Zip and Escapers – see page 7 For Bhutan Boots and Stravaig Rucksack please visit

Front cover: Loch Fyne. This page: Looking towards Beinn Ime.

Women’s Microgrid Stowaway Zip and Roamers – see page 7 For Bhutan Boots and Stravaig Rucksack please visit 3

Mountains don’t have to measure 3,000 feet to be on your tick list


There’s no doubt that Munro bagging is big. Sometimes it seems that if you’re not in clan Munro, no-one is going to dance with you at the Scottish mountain ceilidh. Twenty years ago, ticking boxes on the Munro chart was a little bit of a guilty secret, but now you’re as likely to be asked “how many have you got to go?” as “where are you from?”

Of course, what’s brilliant about the Munro tick list is that tromping your way over 282 summits will take you over mountains and glens that would have been unlikely to catch your eye if they were under 3,000 feet. And when all the Munros are in the bag you could well find that you have missed a few of the neighbouring 227 tops. Another lifetime of wild mountain

walking, or a year or so for the properly obsessed. But what about those who aren’t keen on lists or good with numbers? It’s not a problem really – they are left with some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, that are largely overlooked and often deserted.

Looking towards Ben Lomond. 5

When a few extra feet don’t make a mountain

It’s said that Ben Arthur looks like a cobbler bending over his last. What is inarguable, despite falling one hundred feet short of being a Munro, is that it’s one of Scotland’s most beautiful and recognisable mountains. And it inspired Scotland’s first climbing club in 1866 – the Cobbler Club. It’s also possible that The Cobbler has the strange accolade of being the mountain that most people have almost got to the top of. Following a steep but easy ascent, the last few feet suddenly get serious; ‘threading the needle’ means crawling through a hole in the rock and out onto a sloping exposed ledge. It needs a cool head and preferably some scrambling experience, especially in the wet. You will be rewarded with views over the Arrochar Alps and beyond, and make no mistake, this is a proper Scottish mountain that stays with you long after the day you climb it.

The summit of The Cobbler. 6

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Men’s 1.

1. Elite Jacket The lightest, 3-layer, full-on mountain jacket in the world.

Code: 03043



2. Microgrid Stowaway Zip Our best-selling fleece in some great new colours. Code: 02915


3. Core Silver T Short Sleeve A high performance, fast wicking base layer, or a great technical T-shirt. Code: 03079


4. Escapers Our definitive lightweight walking and travel trousers. Code: 03260




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Time to go lightweight Go further. Stay longer. 3.

Travel lighter.


Whisper light gear means you can move fast and free through all your summer and autumn adventures.

Women’s 4.

5. Elite Jacket A lightweight and breathable waterproof without compromise. Code: 03046



6. Microgrid Stowaway Zip Versatility, warmth and packability in a great looking fleece. Code: 02921


7. Essence T Simple T-shirt styling with hidden Rohan technology and performance. Code: 03595


8. Roamers Our best-selling women’s trousers. Great looks and performance in equal measure. Code: 03234


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Men’s Overland Shirt Long Sleeve

Men’s Trailblazers Convertible

Code: 03602

Code: 03363



BiteGuardTM technology remains fully effective after at least 70 washes and is friendly to your skin. And it can reduce bites by as much as 97%. 9


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Women’s Sanctuary Shirt Code: 03607


Women’s Trailblazers Code: 03361


BiteGuardTM is your secret weapon against the local biting insects. BiteGuardTM also features on our Trailblazers Convertible. 11

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Welcome to the Fair Isle’s Lighthouse Keeper’s Golf Course

Most visitors to Britain’s most remote, inhabited island come to see the procession of rare migrating birds that use Fair Isle as a mid-point rest station on their annual migration. But it would be wrong to overlook what must be one of the most unlikely visitor attractions in the world – the Lighthouse Keeper’s golf course. Here, greens are kept tidy by the weather and the sheep. Atlantic gales sweep uninterrupted across this tiny outcrop and sea mists can cling to the island for days. The advice is, “bring plenty of spare balls and wrap up warm”. 12

Although lacking usual clubhouse facilities, a round of golf on Britain’s most remote and adventurous course does come with wild sea air filled with the cries of gulls, crashing waves, howling Atlantic winds and a heady sense of freedom that folk from the mainland might find intoxicating. Getting to Fair Isle is an adventure in itself, but experiencing some of Britain’s longest days on this wild and craggy outcrop of Shetland coastline is an unforgettable experience.

65 people, 1,200 sheep, 20,000 puffins, 1 golf course.

Serious outdoor clothing doesn’t need to look like serious outdoor clothing. And the less zips, toggles, bells and whistles there are, the more versatile it is. So your hillwalking gear can also be your travel gear, work gear and golf gear. And because it’s Rohan it is always light, highly packable, quick drying and easy to care for. Protection disguised as great looking clothing.

NEW Men’s Wintershadow Jacket Lightweight, warm, weatherproof and windproof. Code: 03456

£145 NEW Men’s Progress Polo The classic piqué polo with technology built in. Code: 03434

£46 Men’s Dry Requisite Trousers Chinos with added waterproof performance. Code: 02891



Your new favourite cardi Women’s Pathway Cardi

A technical fleece that thinks it’s a cardi. Code: 03463

£70 Women’s Jeans Plus (Straight Leg) Denim without the downsides. Code: 03580

£75 Women’s Ecco Biom Lite Lace Comfort and style in equal measure. Code: 03396


Loch Fyne. 14

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The Pathway Cardi is a soft, warm fleece that doesn’t make you look like you’re dressed for a fight with nature. It offers all the good looks and cosy comfort of a traditional woollen cardi, but because it’s made from a sophisticated polyester fleece, its technical performance is, quite simply in a different league. It’s light, packable, breathable and incredibly comfortable for active use. And unlike favourite cardis of the past, it won’t lose its shape after years of wearing and washing, so it’s quite safe to get attached to it.

Women’s Pathway Cardi

Women’s Stria Top

Women’s Jeans Plus Skirt

Code: 03463

Code: 03448

Code: 03432





Golden moments with the Highland eagles

There’s nothing more thrilling for a wildlife photographer than staring down the barrel at a sexy bird of prey. Our two native eagles – golden and white-tailed – are rare, secretive and shy, making them impossibly difficult to photograph at close quarters. White-tailed, or ‘sea’ eagles can be tempted close to boats using bait in the form of dead fish, but golden eagles are a different challenge altogether. I’ve photographed both


species in the wild and ‘goldies’ mustn’t see you enter or leave your hide. This involves using the cover of darkness and even in winter, means a 12-hour session in a cold, cramped box (just think coffin) with perhaps just a glimpse of a passing eagle as reward. I’ve got single shots of wild golden eagles that have taken 5 days to secure. It’s not for the impatient! Of course there is another way. Many wildlife photographers are unwilling

or unable to invest this much time, so they use falconry birds, like the one shown here. With a piece of rabbit placed on a tree stump, I was able to use a wide-angle lens and capture this young female against the splendour of a Highland backdrop. Not quite the adrenaline rush of a wild encounter but not too shabby!

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Based in the heart of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park, Peter Cairns is an award-winning nature photographer and writer. His new book is available now.

Where to see eagles Historically, both golden and sea eagles were widely distributed across the UK, but today you need to get yourself to Scotland. Mull and Skye are great places for close-up encounters with sea eagles, where boat trips can be taken throughout the summer. These islands are also hotspots for golden eagles, although these enigmatic birds can be found across much of Scotland (Strathdearn in the Cairngorms is another favourite spot). Pick a fine, breezy day with a good view of the surrounding hills and watch for the strong, almost arrogant flight of a goldie. Beware confusion with common buzzards – both are similar in shape but golden eagles are much bigger and stronger flyers. If you see a large brown raptor on a roadside post, it’s a buzzard unfortunately!


Rite in the Rain® Pocket Notebook Clever paper technology means you can make notes – with a pencil or all-weather pen – in wet or extremely humid conditions, without any smudging or worrying whether your notebook will disintegrate. Colours: Available in Green or Tan. 50 sheets, 100 pages. Dimensions: 10.3 x 15.2cm. Extra robust Polydura cover. Universal pattern of light gridline pages. Code: 03522

£6.50 17

720 square miles of solace Welcome to Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

From the rolling lowlands of the south to the northern peaks, there is a magic and wildness to this landscape. The lochs, rivers, woodlands and mountains of this National Park offer rare beauty that is relatively easy to access. The park is shared by otters, capercaillie, ospreys, native roe deer and red squirrels, yet is only an hour from around 50% of Scotland’s population. Scotland has four hours more daylight than London in summer, so June and July are favourite times to visit. August brings the purples of Highland heather, September and October the reds from the dramatic rowan and birch, and winter the stillness of the heavy snows.

Loch Eck, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, Scotland. 18

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Loch Eck, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. 20

Visit or call 0800 840 1412


Uncompromising performance, understated looks.


You can rely on the best British design to guard against the most unpredictable summer weather.


Rohan were at the heart of developing the classic layering system over thirty years ago. The principle of a wicking base layer under insulation, protected by a waterproof shell, is as true now as it was then.



Men’s 1. Atlas Jacket Code: 03556

£145 £48

2. Microrib Jumper Code: 03589

3. Wayfarer Shirt Long Sleeve Code: 03601 4. Element T Code: 03593


5. Stronghold Trousers Code: 03439




Go to for the full story.


Women’s £197 £95 8. Stria Polo Code: 03171 £46 9. Fusions Code: 03440 £57

6. Hilltop Jacket Code: 03506

7. Icepack Vest Code: 03514

Go to for the full story.







Getting the gear right for your adventures makes all the difference. And you won’t meet a friendlier and more knowledgeable lot than our Glasgow shop team. Here, they pick a few of their favourites. Kirsten


Men’s Wintershadow Jacket

Men’s Freight Vest

“We get our fair share of weather up here. And I can see this new Wintershadow flying out. It’s a stylish all-rounder, perfect for the blustery autumn that’s bound to be on its way.”

“Perfect for keeping all your important stuff close to your chest. This is a favourite for guys who travel for their living; people like photographers, journalists and tour guides.”

Colours: Black shown, Blue Steel Code: 03456

Colour: Vine Code: 03560




Men’s Bags “If the designers changed them, there might just be a few of our regulars starting a revolt.” Colours: Carbon shown,, Ink, Mirkwood Green, Heritage Grey, Storm Cloud Code: 00030


Men’s Element T “The Element T looks simple enough, but it’s better than cotton in pretty much every way possible. Our technical fabrics are now the best they’ve ever been.”



Colours: Dark Fig shown, White, Deepwater Blue, Winter Green, Red Umber Code: 03593


Thanks to for a great image. Photographer: Stephen Kelleghan

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A big thAnk you A huge thank you to everyone who donated to Gift Your Gear in March. The response, once again was overwhelming.

Thousands of fleeces, walking trousers, waterproof jackets, rucksacks, hats and gloves have found new homes this year but we’re collecting again soon.

When you first discover wild places, something very special happens. And the moment you get hooked on the mountains is especially magical. However, the cost of decent outdoor kit can be a barrier. To solve this, Rohan have been working with Gift Your Gear, set up by Rohan co-founder Sarah Howcroft that allows you to breathe new life into your old gear.

Possible beneficiaries should take a look at to see what the criteria is and then e-mail Sarah Howcroft at

Gift Your Gear gets functional kit you no longer use into the hands of people that need it most, by working with youth groups, charities and community organisations. To be part of it you just need to bring your unwanted clothing, boots or accessories into your local Rohan store when the scheme next runs in the autumn.

Keep your eye on for exact dates in autumn – it’s a perfect chance to re-organise your wardrobe whilst helping others discover and enjoy the great outdoors. And don’t forget, you can donate any brand of outdoor kit. It would also be great to get as much children’s gear as possible, so don’t restrict the big clear-out to your own wardrobe!


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Rohan Weekend 25-28 October 2013 Selworthy, Exmoor South West Coast Path, Exmoor


Selworthy Beacon


£329 son per per

The Yarn Market, Dunster

There’s little surprise that the last Rohan weekend was a runaway success. Like-minded people, together sharing their love of the great outdoors in a perfect setting. And HF Holidays got everything right, putting on talks and organising the walks and activities. 24

We thought it would be a good idea to do it all again this autumn and it would be great if you could be part of it. Selworthy on the northern fringe of Exmoor is the perfect location and once again HF Holidays together with the Rohan team will be your hosts.

We would like to invite you to join us from 25–28 October staying at the beautiful Holnicote House and together we can turn the autumn Rohan get-together into another memorable adventure.

Visit or call 0800 840 1412

Fri 25 October Arrive from 2pm

Option 2: Easier Walk – 5 ½ miles with 900 feet of ascent.


Afternoon Somerset cream tea and welcome to Holnicote House.


Three-course evening meal.

A short coach ride takes us to the hamlet of Bilbrook. We follow the Macmillan Way to Withycombe, and through the Deer Park to Dunster, with time to visit the castle.


Join an expert for an introductory talk about Exmoor.

Option 3: Harder Walk – 9 ¼ miles with 1,350 feet of ascent.

A choice of three graded walks, taking in the stunning scenery around Selworthy village and the South West Coast Path.

Walking from Holnicote House we head to Luccombe, and then to the viewpoint at Webber’s Post. We contour around Dunkery Hill to Wootton Courtenay, climbing up to a ridge with fine views of Wales, eventually descending Grabbist Hill into Dunster.


Afternoon tea and cakes on return to Holnicote House with time to relax.


Drinks reception.



Three-course evening meal.

Meet The Rohan Chairman – Colin Fisher’s talk.


Relax in the bar or test your knowledge at our evening quiz night.


Four-course gala dinner followed by live music.

Sat 26 October

Sun 27 October Option 1: Sightseeing.

Mon 28 October Depart after breakfast.

Includes a morning ride on the West Somerset Steam Railway and an afternoon visit to the picturesque Dunster Castle and fine medieval village.

How can I book?

The weekend is exclusive to Rohan customers and our last one sold out in record time, so our advice is to book early to avoid missing out. Call HF Holidays on 0845 470 7558. For more information and a detailed itinerary please visit: Your weekend hosted by Rohan Chairman Colin Fisher includes: • Accommodation at Holnicote House, Selworthy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights • All meals, with breakfast, picnic lunch and evening meal • Afternoon cream tea on arrival • Four-course gala dinner with drinks reception • A great selection of guided walks or sightseeing excursions • Ride on the West Somerset Steam Railway • Admission to Dunster Castle • Talk from National Trust Rangers • Quiz evening • £329 per person.

Holnicote House

For the past three years, HF Holidays has been awarded winner of the Guardian and Observer Best Large Tour Operator and was also named by Which? the consumer champion as one of its Recommended Providers for holidays in 2012 and 2013. HF Holidays – the UK’s largest walking and leisure activity holidays company – has been organising outdoor holidays for 100 years.


men: 2013 Highlights We can only show you a glimpse of the full Rohan range here. To find out more, call into one of our shops or visit

Mountain Guide Jacket

Atlas Jacket

A waterproof shell for the trekker, hillwalker or skier. £188 Code: 03504

A super versatile mid-length waterproof jacket. £145 Code: 03556


Canopy Cape long

Wintershadow Jacket

Tailwind Jacket

Windshadow Jacket

Crossborder Jacket

Technical waterproof cape.

Lined, shower resistant and totally windproof. £145 Code: 03456

Super-lightweight windproof jacket, perfect for cycling. £85 Code: 03358

Ultra-lightweight, shower resistant and totally windproof. £95 Code: 03254

The technical alternative to a classic Harrington. £125 Code: 03250

Freight Vest

Spark Vest Offers core warmth in an extremely compact package. £65 Code: 03089

Microgrid Stowaway Jacket

Microgrid Stowaway Zip

Microrib Jumper

Multi-pocketed and multi-functional travel vest. £115 Code: 03560

Technical fleece jacket. £70 Code: 03322

Our best-selling fleece top. £60 Code: 02915

Code: 03248


An incredibly light, versatile fleece top. Code: 03589



Worldview Shirt

Freelance Shirt

A technical travel shirt you can wear every day. £65 Code: 03273

Smart, technical shirt for travel and everyday. £62 Code: 03369

overland Shirt Short Sleeve. The definitive adventure shirt. £59 Code: 03611

Progress Polo

Element T

A classic polo with technical performance benefits. £46 Code: 03434

A classic casual T that also works as a technical base layer. £30 Code: 03593


Trailblazer Convertible Technical walking trousers. £90 Code: 03363





Stronghold Trousers

The original multi-functional outdoor trousers. £57 Code: 00030

The benchmark in multiactivity lightweight trousers. £68 Code: 03260

The ultimate trekking trousers. Code: 03519

Rugged, durable and ready for anything. £70 Code: 03439


Visit or call 0800 840 1412

Coming Soon

Elite Jacket

Escapist Jacket

Hilltop Jacket

Globetrotter Mac

Elite Stormer Jacket

One of the very lightest 3-layer waterproofs available. £225 Code: 03043

Waterproof, phenomenally breathable and lightweight. £185 Code: 03227

A top-specification, longer-length waterproof. £197 Code: 03502

Town looks and mountain technology. £225 Code: 03425

A no-compromise waterproof cycle jacket. £195 Code: 03245

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Countrywide Jacket

Field Jacket

Envoy Jacket

Windshield Jacket

Kombi Jacket

A full-on winter coat. Stylish and tough. Code: 03450

Rugged, yet lightweight multi-pocketed jacket. £155 Code: 03559

Technical, machine washable travel suit jacket. £235 Code: 03561

The perfect balance of wind resistance and warmth. £125 Code: 03459

Town looks and mountain technology. Code: 03158



Coming Soon

Gridlock Top

Wayfarer Shirt

Perfect mid-layer for travel, outdoor and everyday. £42 Code: 03536

A technical travel shirt you can wear every day. £59 Code: 03601

overland Shirt long Sleeve Our most technical travel shirt. £65 Code: 03602

Ether Windshirt

Fieldwork Shirt

Ultra-lightweight shirt for travel. £70 Code: 03375

A classic mid-weight shirt in a performance fabric. £65 Code: 03441

Coming Soon

dry requisite Trousers

dry Explorers


Smart, waterproof walking trousers. Code: 03436

Technical walking trousers with BiteGuardTM protection. £80 Code: 03364

Core Silver T

Elite overtrousers

Smart, technical T-shirt for travel and everyday. £36 Code: 03079

Compact, super-lightweight, waterproof trousers. £145 Code: 03044


Grand Tour Chinos

Jeans PlusTM

Envoy Trousers

Bags Shorts

Smart looking travel and trekking trousers. £57 Code: 03571

The best chinos we’ve ever worn – or ever seen. £68 Code: 03204

Classic denim jeans with a technical edge. £75 Code: 03573

Technical travel suit trousers. Code: 03572

Bags – but shorter!

Waterproof chinos. Code: 02891




Code: 00354



women: 2013 Highlights To see the full autumn collection, including all the alternative colours, call into one of our shops or visit



Windshield Jacket

Icepack Vest

Pathway Cardi

The perfect balance of wind resistance and warmth. £125 Code: 03462

Offers core warmth in an extremely compact package. £95 Code: 03514

Looks like knitwear, works like fleece. Code: 03463

Coming Soon


Mountain Guide Jacket

Atlas Jacket

A definitive waterproof shell for the trekker, hillwalker or skier. £188 Code: 03508

Waterproof protection with an understated appearance. £145 Code: 03557

Microgrid Stowaway Jacket

Microgrid Stowaway Zip

Multi-purpose fleece jacket. £70 Code: 03191

Our best-selling fleece top. £60 Code: 02921



Stria Top

Essence Cardi

Essence T long Sleeve

Essence T

Classic performance in a polo. £46 Code: 03171

Everyday good looks, mountain performance. £35 Code: 03448

Classic button through cardi in a high-performance fabric. £40 Code: 03446

The perfect T shirt for travel or everyday. £35 Code: 03447

A classic casual T that also works as a technical base layer. £30 Code: 03595



Fleet leggings

The natural choice for British walkers. Code: 03234

Trailblazer Convertibles


Outdoor trousers with the comfort of jogging bottoms. £57 Code: 03099

Technical walking trousers. £90 Code: 03360

Technical walking trousers with BiteGuardTM and sun protection. £80 Code: 03361

Technically-tailored, multi-sport leggings. Code: 03262

Jeans Plus Straight leg

Jeans Plus Boot Cut

Light, comfy and fast-drying. £75 Code: 03580

Classic boot leg jeans. £75 Code: 03581

Stria Polo long Sleeve


Coming Soon



Crossover Trousers


Supremely comfortable for trekking and travel. £65 Code: 03575

Lightweight technical chinos. £57 Code: 03440


Visit or call 0800 840 1412

Coming Soon

Hilltop Jacket

Elite Jacket

Cascade Jacket

Globetrotter Mac

Canopy Cape Short

A top-specification, longer length waterproof. £197 Code: 03506

One of the very lightest 3-layer waterproofs available. £225 Code: 03046

A great summer weight, longer length waterproof. £175 Code: 03558

Town looks with mountain technology. £225 Code: 03426

Complete protection for the jungle or summer festivals. £77 Code: 03249

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Headland Zip Jumper

radiant roll neck

Sanctuary Shirt

leeway Shirt

A light, warm and tough casual fleece. £65 Code: 03464

Technical winter layering piece. Code: 03544

Highly-protective technical, outdoor shirt. £60 Code: 03607

Designed for travel, outdoors and everyday. £57 Code: 03371



Coming Soon

Essence Shirt long Sleeve A great looking technical shirt. £49 Code: 03449

Coming Soon

radiant dress

Jeans Plus Skirt

Elite overtrousers

dry roamers


A lightweight, versitile travel dress. Code: 03444

A simple design in our clever denim. £57 Code: 03523

Ultra-compact, lightweight, waterproof trousers. £145 Code: 03047

Waterproof trousers for outdoors and everyday. £100 Code: 03437

Offering durability, comfort and weather protection. £79 Code: 03319


Towards the summit of The Cobbler. 29


footwear and accessories: 2013 Highlights Clothing is just one part of the Rohan story. To see the full range of footwear, luggage and accessories, and to find out more, visit

Men’s Brasher Fellmaster

Ether Pole Super-light alloy trekking pole. Code: 03335


Women’s dharam

Waterproof leather boot. £135 Code: 03489

Women’s Ecco Biom lite lace

Designed for trail walking, multi-activity and everyday use. £120 Code: 03343

For travel and everyday wear. £100 Code: 03396

Eagle Creek Flashpoint duffel Medium

Eagle Creek Pack ItTM Folder 18

Super-durable 59 litre kit bag. £80 Code: 03389

Designed to store 8-12 shirts. £24 Code: 03381

Bags Belt

Escaper Cap

The original Rohan belt, with a quick-release buckle. £7 Code: 00035

The packable sun cap.

Men’s Traveller GTX

Men’s dharam

Women’s Bhutan

Smart and tough for adventurous travel. Code: 03490

Functional, technical shoes for walking and travel. £120 Code: 03300

Designed for trekking and hillwalking. £135 Code: 03340

Axiom 90

Men’s Stravaig 35

Women’s Stravaig 28

Wheeled duffle for serious load lugging. £225 Code: 03220

Rugged four-season walking and trekking daysack. £85 Code: 02998

Perfect for everyday use and three-season walking. £65 Code: 03035

Washbox Small

light Cell 10

Compact expedition washbag. Code: 03009

Super-light organiser bag for personal belongings. £15 Code: 03017

Eagle Creek Travel Towel large



Code: 03295


Incredibly quick-drying. £22 Code: 03423

Available in-store only


Eagle Creek Pack ItTM Custom Bottle Set

nite Ize® S-Biner® Ahhh

Handy travel bottle set. £18 Code: 03384

Multi-functional utility clip. £4 Code: 03500

recta Elite Compass

leatherman® Wingman®

JetscreamTM Whistle

The benchmark compass for enthusiasts and orienteers. £33 Code: 03538

A hard-working, pocket-sized multi-tool. £40 Code: 03499

Effective emergency signalling device. Code: 03501


How to buy Shops

We have over 50 shops – to find your nearest one and to check opening times visit or give our Customer Service Team a call. Whichever shop you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and you’ll get some great advice. You’ll also be able to see a great selection of clothing, shoes and luggage – and of course, try it all on!


You can view the entire range with easy and totally secure ordering. You’ll also be able to read about all the relevant technologies for each product and there’s a detailed list of features and benefits. While you’re there, why not check out the Rohan Souk – the best place to grab the biggest bargains. You can sign up for our email newsletter to ensure you’re the first to hear about all the latest news and offers. And you’ll also find Rohantime, a forum to share ideas and opinions with other enthusiastic Rohan wearers.


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Delivery Our standard charge is £4.95 to mainland UK addresses; you should have your parcel within three working days. Please call for a price, or check online if you need next-day or worldwide delivery. Alternatively, we also offer a Deliver to Store service. You can pick your order up from one of our stores with no delivery charge. Someone from the shop will give you a call when it’s ready for collection.

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The Rohan No Nonsense Guarantee Rohan products are designed and manufactured to be as functional, comfortable and durable as we know how. If for any reason they don’t live up to your expectations, we will be amazed, disappointed and keen to know why. We will then offer you a replacement, a refund or a repair. Damage from wear and tear will be repaired for a reasonable charge.


25% EXTRA FREE If you’ve ever wanted to sit down on a wet rock to eat your butties or cursed at the rain running down your jacket onto your thighs when you’re walking, you may have wondered why so many waterproof jackets are cut so short. The answer is fashion. They do look great – sporty, lightweight and cut down. Perfect if you need easy access to your climbing rack that hangs from your waist harness.

Men’s Hilltop Jacket Colours: Asphalt, Indian Ink Code: 03502

But not so good for the rest of us, that 99% of jackets are designed around an activity that less than 1% of us do. The Hilltop is a real waterproof jacket for real walkers who don’t want half measures and know that a longer jacket dramatically cuts the number of times that you need to hip hop your way into overtrousers. We don’t care if short jackets are all the rage this year, we care if they work.

Women’s Hilltop Jacket Colours: Woad Blue shown, Dark Fig Code: 03506



Rohan - August 2013 Magazine  

Rohan - August 2013 Magazine

Rohan - August 2013 Magazine  

Rohan - August 2013 Magazine