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therogznews FEBRUARY 2018

Be real!

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IT’S 2018! Let’s kickstart the year with celebrating our pets, people and our unique Rogz lifestyle - to be the most enjoyed pet brand on planet earth and beyond!



The stuff legends are made of.




Control Issues?


Our solution ... the Control Lead. for erratic strong pullers. ShocLocTM Locks out Shock absorbing webbing


Lily - Juanita Birkwood

Phoebe - Dorothea Hoffman

Moana Lisa & Mia - Clara Correia


water play




with rogz Blacky - Melissa Schmitt




Catz will always be cool.


be Real Rogz encourages authenticity When you invest in a lifestyle that feeds your soul, you become a better version of yourself. There are diverse lifestyle choices that encourage individuality. In this issue, we feature a Rogger from the Engine Room who is finding her mojo despite personal challenges and we hope it inspires you to persevere and be the you that is unique. Whether it’s running marathons, cooking up a storm at home, crafting woodwork, teaching dancing, climbing summits, raising money for a good cause - as long as it raises your mojo levels, just do it!

For the love of clothes-making Eunice Zoleka Mtwesi has been a ROGZ Machinist since 1997. In fact, together with Sipho, they were the very first machinists. Apart from sewing ROGZ Beltz as her daily job, Eunice also volunteers to sew clothes for other Roggers like little Aliyah, Andre Williams’ granddaughter who needed an outfit to wear to her Culture Day at school recently. Eunice is a REAL pillar of strength for the women at Rogz, and is a true example of a REAL mom, a REAL lady, a REAL South African woman, with a REAL passion for clothes-making.

Local is lekker!

“ Do what you love, and do it often.”


When did you start sewing? My mom was a machinist but she didn’t teach me. She had a machine at home so I used to sneak in to use it when she wasn’t there and broke so many needles! She would get cross, but I kept on teaching myself. I started making clothes just for me, then my sister, then for others. When I moved to Cape Town I got my Matric Certificate at a school in Salt River, then I started work at Rogz. I was the first person to use Ouma Veda’s sewing machine!

Why did you start sewing? I grew up in the Eastern Cape. Life was tough. I am now a single parent to 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I have educated them and brought them up by myself. Sewing makes me happy and helps me deal with the challenges in everyday life.

What are your goals? I sew at home but have a small sewing machine that keeps breaking and I would love a bigger better one. I live in Khayelitsha and people often ask me to make them clothes. I thank God for helping me and talking care of my family.

Do you have any words of wisdom to other women? Don’t be lazy. Follow your passion as it will make you happy. Remember that women are powerful!


turbo loves rogz

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From Wesley, the owner of Turbo, our Pop-Upz hero: “ I found Turbo on Gumtree, a mistake litter that happened between the next door farmer’s dogs somewhere in Caledon.

He goes with me everywhere in the car. I had clients who told me that I mustn’t bother coming to their house if I don’t bring Turbo! He’s a PSA-PDC titled personal protection dog and he saved my girlfriend from an intruder on our property recently. But he is also the most loving dog - my nieces climb on him and pull his tail and ears and play with him and he’s just the most content and neutral dog. He’s been my best friend and my partner from the start and although I’ve had dogs my entire life, I’ve never had a dog this special. He loves to lick people, he loves the farm, he loves riding on my motorbike with me, and he absolutely loves the beach and water and dams and balls and toys and tug of war, and doesn’t even pay attention to other dogs. His favourite toys are the ROGZ Grinz ball and the Pop-upz toy. I’m a professional dog trainer (@landsharkza, Facebook and Instagram), which helped in getting him to the point where he obeys any command you can think of. When I’d had him for a month or so, I knew that he needed to have a job and a purpose. His purpose is protecting his family, especially his mom while I’m away, and his fun job is his adverts!


Taika - Sonja Jaarsveld


living life


to the max

Amy & Rose - Inez Dengscherz


Abby - Lihandra Prinsloo

Eddie - Carolyn Chalton

Ushi - Lynne Chandony

Bacardi - Lia De Lange

Jacob - Marcelline Deborah

Amy - Inez Dengscherz

Oliver James - Lezelle Raath

Jindi - Pieter Bezuijen

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Keeps you warm or dry in the cold or rain.



Thank you to all our fans and photographers who contributed to this special edition by capturing the love between pets and humans enjoying the Rogz lifestyle and living life to the max all over the world!

Our Journey continues...

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2463 rogz news feb 2018 fa issuu