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therogznews FEB/MARCH 2017

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TO EVERYONE FO R ANOTHER SPEC IAL YEAR! looking forward to being a part of the World’s M next year. ost Enjoyed Pet Brand ov

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Lots of love Paul aka Agent O



GETTING BACK INTO SHAPE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND! It’s the beginning of a new year and you’re all fired up with New Year’s resolutions, setting goals to make it a productive 2017! Sound familiar? Whether you are the type to set resolutions, or prefer to approach each year with a vague idea of improving on some areas in your life, one goal which is a positive lifestyle choice, is deciding to get back into shape, and who better than with your best friend - your dog. You probably weren’t the only one spending too much time lying in your

hammock under a palm tree, or on the couch in the snow, snacking on too much delicious very unhealthy festive foods. I bet you Fido was right by your side, happily helping himself to titbits thrown his way. Yes, of course some of you spent your holidays upping your exercise, running or cycling every day with your dog, relishing the extra time to spend on getting your six-pack into perfect shape. Well done! The truth is, you are in the minority. Do not feel guilty. Rather feel inspired to change the pattern. Instead of sharing

snacks together, share a beautiful evening together getting your heartbeat to race a little faster, and enjoying the company of your four-legged friend right by your side. There are many ways to get into shape and ROGZ is there with you every step of the way. Firstly, choose a comfortable ROGZ harness and lead that suits your dog so that he has an enjoyable experience and doesn’t feel like he is being restricted, but at the same time, he is safe. Our Utility range is particularly suitable with the reflective stitching to make your dog more visible.



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Choose from our great selection of ROGZ Yotz to interact with your pet. Get wet and cool off at the same time - the beach is a wonderful playground. Go for a jog in the shallow waters and throw our RFO for him - you get a cardiovascular and arm workout simultaneously! The same applies to a river or lake if you aren’t lucky enough to live near the beach. Take advantage of the great outdoors near you, and go for an invigorating hike with him. Breathe in the fresh air and take a moment to feel peace.

If it’s cold in your hemisphere at the moment, put on some warm exercise gear, grab your bike and have a fun bonding ride together whilst enjoying the winter scenery.. For those of you who hate the water or just don’t live near it, grab a Scrubz, Flossy Grinz or Cowboy and skip onto your lawn with him jumping with excitement! Throw, fetch and pull our ROGZ Yotz together. Chase him around the back yard. Do some pushups or situps whilst he plays with his toys happily. Try some squats inbetween throwing his toy and waiting for him to retrieve it.

And afterwards, get some nice fresh watermelon that you have frozen and share this heathy snack with your pet for a wonderful post-workout treat! Actually there are lots of healthy snacks to enjoy together, whether it’s fresh, baked or frozen. Remember, you will also both need lots of fresh water to rehydrate.

Well done - you have taken the first steps to a better version of you and your pet!


rogz noticeboard RWHQ ends 2016! December 2016

We ended our Mochalicious year at RWHQ with Roggerz gathering at Mike’s Kitchen, receiving awards, sharing stories of the year and getting ready for a well-earned festive break!

Worker of the Y ear Awa Magube rds - 1s ni, 2nd: t: Bong M 3RD: W iwe ele Nkw akhosandile G obingca entsha ,

ards er Aw Monique k r o ved W 2nd: Impro vid Jones, uls Most a a D e o iell S en 1st: G s, 3rd: Dan m Willia

Workers Wor ker of the Year - Xo la Tshaka

RWHQ opens 2017! 11 January 2017

Roggerz at RWHQ were given an inspirational presentation by Directors Captain Chaos and Agent O to kickstart 2017, with lots of yummy blue goodies to eat - Bring it on!

Looking forward to an awesome 2017 - Bring it



IT'S A BOY! 9 January 2017 We celebrated the beginning of a new life with the birth of Nicholas Henshilwood. Our very own Johnny Jetlag is now the proud father of two boys - Michael and Nicholas - with wife Kate. For sure, John is already training them to be junior Springbok rugby players...

Valentine's Day at RWHQ 14 February 2017


atefulnes Graham’s gr message.

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Reece, De nise & So nja in the Vale ntine’s sp irit.

Roz & Dez enjoying th eir Valentine ’s choccie s.



PASSION Because there’s more to business than just doing business.

PETS are our primary passion. Our main objective is to make ROGZ the Most Enjoyed Pet Brand on Planet Earth and Beyond! But that doesn’t only mean to priviledged pets. We are very aware of the plight of thousands of homeless, badly treated pets who are in desperate need of our help and attention. ROGZ and our Distros help pets globally every year. Here are some of the stories from 2016:

Fallen Angels receives ROGZ Beltz for special project

Fallen Angels is a registered NPO in Melkbosstrand focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of domestic animals. Any animal that is forgotten, abandoned (abused), lost, lonely, emaciated and neglected (FALLEN) is considered to be a Fallen Angel & therefore part of the focus. “ROGZ has been helping Fallen

Angels for a number of years already. This festive season, we donated a large number of leads and harnesses to help with a particular project,” says Agent O. According to Iva Lopes de Sarria: “Our aim was to walk all the dogs: 200 of the 242 dogs were walked by Christmas. Some wouldn’t walk being too shy or scared which is why it’s so important to get them used to us. People were on holiday but we got there. Our goal is to get all dogs walked once a week.” “The walking team has actually grown after New Years and we now have a few very passionate youngsters involved who have their own network and that will grow even further.” Iva explains the importance of

ROGZ donating Beltz: “Most of the medium ones have been permanently allocated to the adoption day as they are the right size for the puppies. The large leads are used for taking the dogs out on walks. If anyone is interested in helping Fallen Angels in any way, whether volunteering, or making a donation, or dropping off any unwanted items at their Charity Shop, please go to:

Peak to Feng Walk for HK Dog Rescue HKDR was founded in 2003 for the specific purpose of saving dogs and puppies from the Hong Kong Animal Management Centres, where around 7,000 dogs and puppies are destroyed every year. Some are family pets that had been abandoned on the street or in country parks, while others have been directly surrendered. Many are the result of irresponsible owners not de-sexing their pets, or are those born to abandoned or stray dogs. Shirley Yap of Arrowana Trading, Rogz Distributor in Hong Kong, decided to participate in the Hong Kong Peak to Fong Walk in November 2016 to raise funds for this worthy cause. Well done Shirley!

#Bring Gobi Home mission The Power of Social Media! In June 2016, Dion Leonard (an Extreme Runner) crossed paths with a little stray dog (later named Gobi) during a 250km ultra marathon across the Chinese Gobi Desert. Gobi ran 125km of the race in the toughest of conditions during which they formed an unbreakable bond and Dion vowed to #BringGobiHome to Edinburgh, no matter what. By the end of the race Gobi was famous and went missing when his old tattered lead broke. It caused a fuss but he was found and Shirley Yap’s friend, Kiki, heard about this and gave Gobi a set of ROGZ Utility. Gobi has since been “adopted” and has gone to Scotland.

Just another show of Pet Passion from Roggerz from all corners of the globe!




with ROGZ google drive?

Some people just naturally understand technology. But there are many who, try as they may, just don’t get it! For those of you who are still struggling with the new concept of our ROGZ Google Drive, read on. With ROGZ Extranet serving its purpose for almost 15 years, it became obvious we needed to upgrade and move with the times. Doing it the old-fashioned way was comfortable, but not a very effective way to connect Distributors with our Marketing tools. We needed to align our brand with the fast paced environment we find ourselves living in and so ROGZ Google was born. Over 5000 ROGZ files and Marketing material are now available to view and download from literally anywhere in the world at anytime of the day! Accessing our tools has never been easier, all you need is an internet connection and the link. All product catalogues, product and lifestyle photography, movies and more, are stored on a drive in the cloud! By aligning ourselves with Google Drive, the world leader in cloud storage and universally accessible information, we are at the cutting edge of the latest advances in this technology. We continue striving to empower our Sales teams around the world with easy access to ROGZ Marketing tools. So whether you’re promoting Yumz to Polar bears in the arctic, or selling Grinz to Meerkats in the bush, every cloud does have a silver lining!

Anywhere. Any time

Marketing Tools in the


5000 Rogz files

to View & Download

Why Google? Over 300 million users. World leader in cloud storage with information univ ersally accessible & useful. Rogz Google empowe rs you through easily accessib le marketing tools for greater product knowledge.

What happened to our Extranet?

Rogz Google replaces our extranet platform and allows us to keep up date with the latest technology. Google offe rs added value through its online support and cros s platformsynchroniza tion.

Click here and jump on boar

What’s on Rogz Google?

Brand Manuals, Catalog ues, Technical Guide, Roovies Product photography Packaging photograph y Lifestyle photography Product Catalogues Adverts, Sportimals & UPC lists.

Contact marketing@r

should you need a para



d Rogz Google



of pets enjoying ROGZ around the world.


South Africa


South Africa


United Kingdom






Because there’s more to business than just doing business.




The ROGZ Academy goes from strength to strength, positively affecting lives in our local community. Here are some recent stories:

Contact or see our Blog. Check out the Academy roovie on

Simbulele inspires! We are proud to announce that Simbulele has advanced to Grade 10 at Milnerton High School! She finished last year with a remarkable set of achievements: • 1st position in Grade 9 for English Home Language. • 5th position learner in Grade 9, TOP ACHIEVER award This year started with a big responsibility as she was chosen as RCL leader, which is also known as under prefect. This is an important challenge for her. RCLs learn ways of improving their people skills and how to build teams by understanding the people who form part of them. Being a member of an RCL encourages learners to become more civic-minded and take more interest in the governance of their schools. Simbulele will discover the qualities needed by good leaders and learn about different leadership styles. We wish you a fantastic and successful 2017, Simbulele! “The road to Success comes through hard work, determination, and sacrifice”


ROGZ Intern Exchange Program (RIEP) The ROGZ Intern Exchange Program (RIEP) is an off-shoot of the ROGZ Academy which focusses on opportunities in education. Says John Henshilwood, Sales Manager for Europe: “I never had those opportunities as a youngster, and we thought it would be a good idea for us to allow customers, suppliers and close friends to send their kids to visit us in Cape Town, to experience life and culture in South Africa and especially at RWHQ. In turn, maybe we will send some of our kids overseas to broaden their horizons and further their life skills as well” Previously Maurice Brackmann, Tano and Carla Gerke from Europe have visited Rogz. Recently Julia Font, daughter of Jordi (Comercial Dimac, Spain), was with us for over three weeks. Julia is a student teacher, and spent a few days each at Sophakama Primary, Elkanah House and Rondebosch Prep, in order to experience the teaching environment in different cultures and socio-economic circumstances South Africa has to offer. It was a great experience, not only for Julia, but for the kids and teachers as well. She improved her English, learnt a lot from all she saw and did, and even taught our youngsters a few words in Spanish! Julia explains: “What I enjoy most is learning about young children: What are their interests and motivations? How do they feel? What should we (as professionals) do to improve their education?” Muchas gracias Julia, we appreciate the vibrant input and energy you showed on your visit last year!



let’s sneak into the npd studio... Captain Chaos and 3DP like to keep their NPD team working on secret missions. We snuck into their studio to try and find out what the latest project is but they were elusive and hid most of the evidence. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what 2017 brings!



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Hamish in love with the 3D printer!!


Tributes OUPA RAUBENHEIMER Oupa passed away on Christmas Eve 2016 at the age of 92. He has been a part of ROGZ since its inception in 1995 and not only is he the father of Captain Chaos, he is an intrinsic part of the ROGZ mojo. We honour his memory and his ARAness in all that he did. We also honour


Irené a

Irené’s brother, who passed away in August 2016.

nd Oup


Joey’s adventurous spirit played a huge role in inspiring both Irené and Paul to follow their dreams, and ultimately starting ROGZ.

At our recent ROGZ 2016 YEF lunch.

Irené, Ou

pa & Joey

making aul in 1996 P d an a p u O factory. the original shelves for

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”


TYRONE WILLIAMS Tyrone passed away tragically in September 2016, eldest son of Bruti and Debbie. Tyrone used to play on the factory floor in the early days of ROGZ. Our hearts go out to the whole family and we are thankful

Bruti a

nd Tyro


that Tyrone lives on in his precious daughter, little Aliyah. iyah

“Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure�

Tyrone and Al

LUMKA MDITSHWA A Rogger since 2013, Lumka sadly passed away in November 2016 due to ill health. This is yet another reminder of how short and precious life is. eing part Lumka b n ROGZ fu

of the


And Our Journey continues...

2350 - FEB 2017 -

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