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Idyllic pampering... Discover the spring magic of life...

The summer clarity of an endless sky...

The Idyll of Nature

The Idyll of the Orient

Find the best from nature's abundance in our natural services. Experience the medicinal effects of natural goods through golden oil massage (Argan oil), massage with stones from Pohorje, Shea butter, natural peelings and wraps, which will lead you to profound relaxation and improved well-being.

The beauty of the East is represented by refined oriental traditions. Become wrapped in the mysticism of the countries of the Far East. You will enter a world that offers an oasis of perfect peace, where peace and professionalism go hand in hand in the company of beauty and harmony. Thus, you will be able to leave your everyday worries behind for a while.

Evoke the feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. Awaken the tenderness and warmth in you.

The touch of water is the source of life and youth.

... in all seasons of the year Breathe in the autumn...

Cold, silent and white winter...

Follow the season and calm down your spirit, strengthen your life energy.

This is a time when we deepen our relations in the atmosphere of pleasant warmth and gentle words.

The Idyll of Beauty

The Idyll of Romance

To be surrounded by beauty and be beautiful yourself is a desire reflecting the innate sense of each human being for having a balanced inner and outer beauty. Have an unforgettable experience and try floating with the help of selected music played through water. Experience the feeling of zero gravity, simply wonderful.

A luxurious bath will lead you to an oasis of peace. You will both feel relaxed and full of energy. Visit the terrace with your loved one and relax in the Finnish sauna infused with the lingering scent of mountain herbs, which will make your day and enrich the moments you spend together.


The Idyll of Nature Unique experience in Slovenia Massage with Pohorje herb bags (Permanent Contour ® treatment)

Pamper your senses with our unique massage. The natural properties of enticing herbs and exquisite oil mixture at a constant temperature and simultaneous use of the Permanent Contour ® device will most definitely evoke the feeling of contentment in you. The active ingredients of the bags filled with the aromatic Pohorje herbs are beneficial and create a sensation of warmth. Based on the advanced technology with a combination of Swedish massage techniques and carefully selected alkaline oils they will nourish and moisturise your skin, leaving it looking visibly improved. Let the intoxicating smell of herbs guide you to the land of carefree moments. 60 min full body massage 30 min a half massage 20 min facial massage

60.00 € 35.00 € 25.00 €


Granite stone massage combines aromatherapy with the benefits of traditional stone massages and reflexotherapy. Using the massage oil in combination with specific scented oils for special therapeutic effects - lavender (calms), neroli (invigorates), and rosemary (relaxes) - you will be able to achieve complete relaxation. You will feel your stress and pain disappearing, giving way to new energy, which will flow through your body with each move of the therapist. 55 min

57.00 €


A full body and facial massage with Argan oil, which is extremely rich in nutrients. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This massage is in particular recommended to everyone with skin problems. 50 min

48.00 €

Vitamin massage with Shea butter

Enjoy the special experience of body and facial massage with rich Shea butter and royal jelly. 50 min

45.00 €

Massage on heated Pohorje stone

The massage offers complete relaxation. The enticing aromas of mountain flowers and herbs will take you far away... 50 min


Idyll - a world of different massages Water lily moisturising treatment

The Secret of Sothys

Sea and mineral salts will cleanse your skin thoroughly. The massage mask with water lily, green tea and essential oils is beneficial for the skin and has anti-oxidative effects. Try this facial mask and the ginkgo biloba mask for the eyes and you will shine.

Deluxe facial and body treatment is a result of intensive research in the field of skin ageing. This outstanding prestige product line fights biological skin ageing. The line is suitable for women who want a complete anti-ageing treatment for the face, body and spirit.

55 min

70 min

70.00 €

Hanakasumi Japanese ritual

This relaxation ritual combines both biological and mechanical peeling using special peeling gloves and full body relaxation massage (cherry blossom, rice and lotus extracts). 55 min

55.00 €

"Sanje v dežju" ("Dreaming in the Rain") massage

The scent and touch of this relaxing and soothing massage with marula oil and Shea butter will lead you into distant dreams. 30 min

25.00 €

120.00 €

Seasonal body treatment

The seasonal treatment is a true invitation to well-being and freshness. Let the delicious aromas and tastes take you far, far away... 60 min

55.00 €

Soap treatment with coconut fibre peeling

Let go to the dream world of softness and olive soap bubbles. 30 min

28.00 €


Complete relaxation through pampering Full wellness massage

Full body massage relieves muscle tension and increases circulation. 50 min

A paradise of enticing aromas

38.00 € Anti-stress massage with lemon balm

Half wellness massage

Back massage relieves muscle tension in the shoulder girdle and the entire spine. 20 min

28.00 €

This full body massage with the aromatic oil of lemon balm provides complete relaxation of the body and spirit. The pads with pleasantly heated mountain herbs will give you the opportunity to dream away. 50 min

48.00 €

Hot volcanic stone massage

The warmth of volcanic stones relaxes the muscles faster, which will lead you to a world of relaxation and peace. This massage is recommended to everyone suffering from muscle and joint-related problems (patients with rheumatic diseases).

Relaxing aroma massage

60 min

55 min

60.00 €

Mountain foot massage

Try this massage if you want to invigorate tired feet after toilsome days, hiking trips, ski adventures, etc. The massage increases circulation and relaxes the muscles. Treat yourself, your feet will feel as light as a feather again. 20 min

17.00 €

(Rose, coconut, orange, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.) This is a full body massage with aromatic oils of your choice, which will create a perfect harmony of the body and mind. 45 min massage + 10 min rest 50.00 €

Eve Taylor aromatherapy

The lymph drainage, acupressure and classic massage techniques, which include a selection of special aromatic oils (for relaxation, invigoration, anti-cellulite), will leave your body feeling fully rejuvenated. 60 min


Pampering from far away lands Sawaddee, Thai anti-ageing ritual

(body peeling + wraps + massage) 100 min

75.00 €

Oriental ceremony

Relaxation massage with herbal sheaves and volcanic stones (nutmeg, ginger, grapefruit and orange).

55 min

55.00 €

Traditional Thai massage 50 min 90 min

47.00 € 59.00 €

Thai massage with selected oils 50 min 90 min

50.00 € 62.00 €

Thai massage with warm herbs and oils 50 min 55.00 € 90 min 65.00 € Thai foot massage 40 min

38.00 €

Thai head, face, neck, shoulder and back massage with warm herbs and oils 40 min 45.00 € Thai sports massage 50 min

58.00 €

Thai relaxation for businessmen 25 min

35.00 €

Traditional THAI stretching 25 min

25.00 €

THAI FIT 50 min

55.00 €

Thai back massage for future mums-to-be 25 min 30.00 €

Tip: Have the 50 min Thai massage in combination with a reservation for the Thai foot massage and enjoy a 20 % discount on the price for the total package.

A Touch of India ABHYANGA

The Indian massage of ancient origin with a selection of warm oils will help you restore the sense of complete inner peace. It increases lymph circulation, stimulates the immune system, while strengthening and revitalising the body. 60 min 90 min (facial massage included)

55.00 € 62.00 €

Garshan massage with salt

This traditional Ayurvedic massage combines a peeling treatment, leaving your skin fresh, and the lymph drainage elements, which stimulate the lymphatic system, remove toxins, reduce cellulite, etc. 90 min

65.00 €


MUKABHYANGA (traditional Ayurvedic facial massage)

This facial, neck and décolleté massage uses special techniques and different oils, which have a cleansing and refreshing effect. The massage prevents the development of wrinkles and reduces their appearance. Moreover, it stimulates the chakras, thus contributing to a deep and intensive relaxation. 30 min (no wrap) 60 min (with wrap)

25.00 € 37.00 €

(A fango wrap enriches the skin with minerals, cleanses the pores and regenerates the skin cells) Prishtabhyanga (Ayurvedic back massage)

This massage relaxes the back muscles, releases the blocked energy and revitalises the body. It is recommended for back pain, as it relieves back tension and strain. 45 min

40.00 €

Padam abhyanga (Ayurvedic foot massage)

This traditional Ayurvedic leg and foot massage is beneficial for the skin on the feet, relieves the feeling of fatigue, and promotes restful sleep. 45 min

40.00 €

Hasta abhyanga (Ayurvedic hand and palm massage) 45 min

32.00 €

Body treatment in the soft pack system (water bed)

Have an unforgettable experience and try floating with the help of selected music played through water. Experience the feeling of zero gravity, simply wonderful. “IDILA” (“IDYLL”) mysterious massage

Dive into the world of dreams and let go to the charms of a mysterious surprise in an embrace of idyllic familiarity. Let nature take care of your body and soul... 30 min

45.00 €

Detox wraps with spirulina algae

Cleanse yourself of toxins and reduce stress. Allow your body to be pampered with top-quality treatment enriched with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

30 min

Dry skin wrap with Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) oil

Pamper your skin with all the nutrients necessary for health, which will be absorbed rapidly with the help of floating on water and heat, thus accelerating the effect of the treatment. 30 min

35.00 €

Nourishing Cleopatra's wrap

Do you crave soft, smooth and silky skin? The natural oil extracts represent the precious ingredients of this pleasant body wrap, which will take you back to childhood. 30 min

42.00 €

35.00 €


A slim body and beautiful skin Body peeling of your choice

(a mild chamomile, Mediterranean and coconut peeling) The selected peeling removes the dead cells and leaves your skin as soft as silk. 30 min

20.00 €

Drainage mask - full

The detoxifying wrap helps to speed up the reduction of cellulite. 70 min

45.00 €


The application of cinnamon wraps accelerates the decomposition of fat cells, thus reducing the size. 80 min

52.00 €

Lipo – Detox anti-cellulite treatment

A complex made from the black elder extract prevents excess water retention and reduces the fat tissue. 60 min

39.00 €

Anti-cellulite treatment with green coffee

This unique treatment reduces cellulite, has a slimming effect and is beneficial for the facial tonus. The gentle lymph drainage techniques promote the natural ability of the body to burn fat, improve the metabolism and prevent excess water retention. 60 min

57.00 €

Anti-cellulite treatment with algae

(algae peeling + algae wrap treatment) Your body will be covered with a warm algae blanket, which releases stress and toxins from the body. Your skin will feel and look moisturised, young and more radiant. The professional algae treatment detoxifies and improves circulation, while also improving the tonus of the problematic body parts (waist, thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks). Your skin will feel and look softer immediately after the treatment. 60 min

67.00 €

Tip: For a more effective result we recommend: * LPG Cellu M6 device * steam sauna before the slim body and beautiful skin treatment 20 min 11.00 € * SOFT PACK – water bed 20.00 €

Facial treatments PEVONIA BOTANICA Cosmetics Ultimate refreshment for the face

The face reflects our life and therefore we must pamper it with only the best, namely a complete treatment adapted to individual needs. This treatment includes peeling, in-depth cleansing, a massage, application of a nourishing ampoule, and a mask. Your skin will shine and look fresh immediately after the treatment. 90 min

65.00 €

Special masks with targeted action

These special masks, with a characteristic rapid and intense action, help to solve different problems, and are also suitable for men with sensitive skin. The results are visible after only one treatment. 60 min

75.00 €

Mini facial treatment 45 min

39.00 €

A rapid and complete face renewal

Nourish your face. Your skin will feel smooth, calm and clean immediately after the treatment. 30 min

Prestige treatment with the LPG device for skin regeneration

The innovative formula is a result of a recent scientific research conducted in the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation and several years of experience in the field of cosmetic ingredients. The lack of polysaccharides is reflected in visible signs of skin ageing. Therefore, the Pevonia Botanica product contains not only collagen and elastin, but is also rich in polysaccharides, which stimulate the skin, restoring its elasticity and firmness. Treatment with the LPG device provides for facial skin cell regeneration, improved blood circulation, skin ventilation and a glowing face. 90 min

116.00 €

Anti-ageing treatment for men

Stop the ageing process by undergoing treatment with proven effectiveness, designed especially for men. Caviar with a rejuvenating effect and Escutox® for skin renewal will nourish your skin with wholesome anti-ageing ingredients for a healthy and youthful skin. 60 min

66.00 €


Facial treatments SOTHYS Cosmetics The secret of Sothys - a prestige facial treatment

The mysterious Sothys facial treatment is a special ritual, which offers not only general relaxation but also anti-stress and anti-ageing effects. 80 min

90.00 €

Seasonal facial treatment

The seasonal treatment is a true invitation to well-being and freshness. Its delicious aromas and tastes will take you far, far away... 45 min

40.00 €

Anti-ageing facial treatment with C-Collagen & Hyaluron

A relaxing programme adapted to different skin conditions. The combination of natural carriers of antioxidants provides optimum protection against oxidative stress, restores cell communication for DNA protection, reduces visible signs of ageing, and rejuvenates the skin. 75 min

60.00 €

Special treatments

Everything for beauty

SOTHYS Cosmetics Flash Beauty facial treatment with vitamin C

A fast, professional therapy, which promises immediate results and is suitable for both men and women and for all skin types. The treatment and use of aromatic essential oils will leave you relaxed and relieved of everyday stress. Your skin will shine and feel lighter, more elastic and soft. The treatment includes essential oils and a vitamin complex, which have medicinal and stimulating effects on the skin. 50 min

35.00 €

Active Contour eye and facial treatment

This treatment is recommended for age wrinkles around the eyes and is performed simultaneously with other facial treatments. The result is a radiant and firm skin, leaving the area around the eyes smooth and relaxed. 45 min

Special eye treatment

25.00 €


15.00 €

Plucking and shaping of eyebrows 10 min

7.00 €

Eyebrow tinting 10 min

6.00 €

Eyelash tinting

6.00 €

Make-up 40 min

20.00 €

35.00 €


Luxurious baths for two with sparkling wine Choose a luxurious bath and fill your souls. The colour, selected to suit your state of well-being, will attract you, making you feel relaxed and full of energy. Visit the terrace with your loved one and relax in the Finnish bio sauna, which will make your day even better and enrich the moments you have spent together. A divine romantic bath

The magic of dappled light and the scent of selected oils will take you far away from everyday worries and fill you with fresh energy. 60 min

49.00 €

Moments for two

Enjoy life together and experience pampering provided for you two only. The enticing citrus bath will make your skin soft as velvet. 60 min

49.00 €

A refreshing touch

Be embraced by thousands of drops of thermal water. Breathe in the aromatic essential oils of eucalyptus, white tea plant and peppermint, and relax. 60 min

49.00 €

A touch of nature

A pinch of herbs will restore the perfect balance of your body and spirit. Complement your evening and have a pleasant end of the day. 60 min

49.00 €

Tip: To make your day even more perfect we also recommend that you add a Finnish sauna to your bathing experience. Additional payment for sauna in offer of 60 min bath 11.00 € Additional payment for extra 30 min of sauna 22.00 € Additional payment for an extra hour in wellness suite 39.00 € * “Love goes through the stomach” Make your day and enjoy a special culinary experience in a romantic candlelight atmosphere.

Culinary offer for luxurious baths Small snacks along with a glass of sparkling wine Specially prepared for each person separately in a shape of four small appetisers:

* * * *

Prosciutto with melon Sautéed young cheese on a salad with dressing Shrimps on Tyrol sauce Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella and virgin olive oil

Price for two plates

10.00 €

Spicy treats along with a glass of sparkling wine and a glass of top-quality wine "Moje srce" Served as cold cuts:

* Steak Tartar with garnish and crispy toast * Prosciutto with olives * Selected cheeses with grapes or seasonal fruit (strawberries, apricots) Cold cuts for two persons and two glasses of top-quality wine Moje srce (My Heart)

24.00 €

Fruit & Cheese & Nuts:

* Fruit plate and three types of cheese accompanied by nuts Cold cuts for two persons

12.00 €

Sweet moments:

* * * *

2 chocolate cubes 2x fruit cream 2 slices of strudel of the confectioner's choice A glass of Muscat

Price for two persons

14.00 €

Chocolate dreams:

* Chocolate soufflé * Orange cream * Hazelnut ice cream Price for two persons

10.00 €


The rituals of harmony

A Day of Pampering for her

A Day of Pampering for him

* * * *

* * *

Bathing in the thermal pools Cleopatra's Wrap in a Soft pack (30 min) Mini facial treatment with Pevonia Botanica Cosmetics (45 min) Spa Basic manicure (45 min) 96.00 â‚Ź

Bathing and a visit to the Sauna Village Anti-ageing facial treatment for men with Pevonia Botanica Cosmetics (60 min) Spa Basic manicure (45 min) 90.00 â‚Ź

Eternal Youth ritual

A Girlfriends' Day

* Bathing in the thermal pools * Cleopatra's Beauty Wrap * Seasonal facial treatment with Sothys Cosmetics

* * *

Price for two persons

75.00 â‚Ź

A visit to the Sauna Village with herbal peeling Vitamin massage with Shea butter Flash Beauty facial treatment with vitamin C and Sothys Cosmetics 156.00 â‚Ź IDIL A, WELLNESS & SPA

Daydreaming for two…

“Idila” (“The Idyll”) ritual

“Najin trenutek” (“Our Moment”) ritual

* Body peeling in a steam sauna * Bath with a "4 Seasons" bread roll along with a glass of sparkling wine and dry fruit with nuts * “Orientalska ceremonija” (“Oriental Ceremony”) massage (60 min)

* * *

200 min

180 min

177.00 €

Body peeling for two “Kokosove sanje” (“Coconut Dreams”) bath along with a glass of sparkling wine and fresh fruit Relaxing aroma massage (55 min) 167.00 €

“Dotik ~arobnosti” (“The Touch of Magic”) ritual * Body peeling in a steam sauna * Cleopatra's Bath with chocolate sherbet * Chocolate wrap (20 min)

120 min

112.00 €

“Popolno idili~no razvajanje”

(“A Perfect and Idyllic Pampering”) ritual * A divine romantic bath * Thai massage with selected oils for her (50 min) * Traditional Thai massage for him (50 min) 120 min


“Sanje v dežju” (“Dreaming in the Rain”) ritual * Lemon balm bath * “Sanje v dežju” ("Dreaming in the Rain") massage on a heated Pohorje stone (30 min) 120 min

86.00 €

Gift Voucher The quality of life depends on relaxation and time dedicated to oneself. Pamper your loved ones, acquaintances or business partners with a gift of enormous value in terms of the fast tempo of the today's life. Simply decide to give them moments of daydreaming, a smile, well-being and relaxation in the privacy of

Idila Wellness & Spa Centre in Terme ZreÄ?e.


Information Idila, Wellness & Spa Centre is designed exclusively

for your relaxation. In order to enable the conditions for realising your desires, we kindly ask you to respect other visitors of our Centre. Please, respect the privacy and the desire to relax of all our guest. Therefore, speak quietly and turn off your mobile phone or set it to a silent mode. In such a manner you will be able to achieve the perfect level of relaxation. Reservations: We advise you to make a reservation for our services you wish to use, by telephone or personally at our Reception Desks a few days in advance. * IDILA Reception Desk: 03 757 6 344, * Pool Reception Desk: 03 757 6 268. Thus, you will help us to conform to your wishes regarding the hour and date of commencement of our services.

Cancellation of the reserved service: Please, cancel the reserved dates at least 5 hours before the commencement of the service you made the reservation for. If you do not cancel and/or use the reserved service, you will be charged 50 % of the full price for this service. Arrival: As before the commencement of the service we would like you to prepare for it, relax and calm down from the everyday hustle and bustle, we advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the treatment begins. If you are late and your reserved date is followed by another client, it may happen that we will have to shorten your treatment or even postpone it until the next available date. Payment for the services: After the service has been performed you can pay for it at one of our Reception Desks. If you are staying at our Hotel, the payment for the wellness services can also be transferred to the hotel room account and paid for at the departure at the Hotel's Reception Desk.

Prices valid from 26.11.2011 until new prices published ( We reserve the right to change prices and programs. Prices are in â‚Ź and include VAT. IDILA, WELLNESS & SPA

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