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CHOOSING RIGHT KIND OF TRACK SHOES If you look around, you will find a big variety of track shoes that offer assistance on different tracks. Because of different nature of sports fields and tracks, choice of shoes become important. So, you need to realize that there is no universal shoe that can cater to all fields. Generalized shoes can work at amateur level where the skill and body requirements are not that high. However, as you transcend to the professional level, it is important that you get the right gear. This can have a great impact on how you do in an activity. Athletes can choose from a variety of footwear available for them For instance, you can find shoes for high distance and low distance running and jumping. Each of these shoes have specialized spikes that have unique functions. Some have spikes while others do not have spikes. For those of you who don’t know what the spikes are, they are small pointed metal points that are attached to the bottom of the shoes for traction and grip. You can find spikes that are as long as one inch in size. You need to analyze what you need from your shoes.

FOOTWEAR FOR SMALLER DISTANCE (WITH/WITHOUT HURDLES): Sprint shoes are designed so that they can give maximum performances over short distances like 100 - 400 m. These shoes are quite lightweight and have spikes on the frontal half of the shoe which provides the necessary traction and grip. For races that involve hurdles, hurdle spikes work best. Such shoes have special features for shock absorption and support that make it easy for athletes to jump and run.

SHOES FOR MID DISTANCE AND LONG DISTANCE: : Š 2012 | Different Track Shoes For Different Needs


Mid-distance kids shoes are more long distance oriented. They work well when used for eight hundred meters to 1 kilometers distance. They have cushions and padding to keep the feet comfortable and have a quite different build than the shoes made for longer distances. Athletes that need to cover more than 3 kms at one time should go for long distance shoes. These shoes prevent fatigue and provide required comfort during physically demanding activity.

FOOTWEAR FOR POLE VAULT AND OTHER TYPES OF LONG JUMPS: Pole vault/long jump/triple jump require that the participant be light on his or her feet while being swift. These two parameters must be considered if the above mentioned activities are your domain. These features enable an athlete to remain quick and attentive at all times. They have spikes at the heel and toe regions which can only be observed in shoes used for javelin throwing.

LONG SPIKES SHOES FOR THROWING Javelin shoes that are used for throwing are quite sturdy and heavy duty shoes. These shoes have very long spikes that are spread on the bottom soles.

MULTIPURPOSE SPIKES: Finally, you can find multi-purpose spikes that can be used for all types of activities. These shoes are best for training sessions. All these shoes can be found on different shoe stores. You can also check various websites to get a pair of right sports and formal shoes for your needs. It is better that you know your needs well before paying for such footwear. Online Web 2.0 Version “Different Track Shoes For Different Needs” You can read the online version of this press release here. © 2012 | Different Track Shoes For Different Needs