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Brooke Holm, b 1987, is an Australian-American multidisciplinary artist whose work investigates the unique and complex connections between humans and the natural environment through large-scale photography and sound. In her youth, Holm connected with photography as a means to observe the natural world she encountered while traveling cross-continentally between parents. These encounters sparked her deep appreciation for Earth’s landscapes and her subsequent investigations into the tension and bond between humans and nature. Searching for atypical ways in which to portray the world, she took to the skies to photograph landscapes from helicopters and planes. Holm has participated in solo and group shows worldwide, has self-published a book ‘Sand Sea’ and was invited to photograph at various NASA facilities in the US. She attended The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency in the Arctic in 2019 and a studio residency at MASS MoCA in 2021. Holm is currently based in New York where she continues to exhibit her work, pursue research, projects and residencies to further examine the complex relationship between humans and the environment.

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Photography, Sound Design

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