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Mormon Woman Caught with 12 Pounds of Marijuana in Mexico Written by Phil Diaz

May 29, 2013 | Last Updated on Friday, 31 May, 2013 12:33 Yanira Maldonado was arrested in Mexico with 12lbs of marijuana last week and has been in a Mexican jail ever since. Maldonado is a Mormon mother of seven who was traveling home by bus to Arizona from her aunt’s funeral in Mexico when she and her husband were stopped at a military security checkpoint. Maldonado’s family has gained the case national attention through the use of social media. The family is hoping that the case will be dismissed, but it was found in Maldonado’s husband’s emails that the family has tried to pay the Mexican government $5,000 to dismiss the case, with no luck. As of right now, there is little evidence to suggest that the drugs were planted by anyone else and Maldonado may be facing serious drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking in the United States has been on the rise since the 1990’s and the demise of the Cali and Medillion drug cartel monopolies. Mexico controls 90% of the United States cocaine supply and the more the U.S. cracks down on the cartels, the higher the rates of crime and drug violence are in both the United States and Mexico. This catch 22 situation has left the U.S. scrambling for solutions when it comes to regulating the drugs that are frequently trafficked across the border. Drug trafficking from Mexico into the United States is not a new phenomenon, as Mexico has been supplying the U.S with illegal substances ever since the prohibition era. The United States Justice Department considers the Mexican drug cartels to be the largest organized crime threat to national security and whether or not Maldonado is guilty, she may have a hard time garnering the sympathy of U.S. government officials, who have yet to comment on her situation. United States citizens have been buying drugs in Mexico for decades, as it has been said to be as easy as buying a Coca Cola. Recently, there has been an influx of coverage regarding the simplicity by which people can buy prescription drugs in Mexico. Prescription drug abuse in the U.S. is at an all-time high, and as doctors crack down on writing prescriptions for scheduled opiates and painkillers, U.S. citizens have started to look abroad for their addictive, dangerous prescription drugs. Although they are not as heavily regulated in Mexico, getting caught with these drugs without a prescription in the U.S. has serious legal consequences. Beyond the legal concerns associated with drug abuse, the addictive components of illegal substances lead to devastating, life altering consequences. The act of finding drugs in another country is by nature extremely dangerous and, as proven by this case, can leave you far from home in a foreign jail with an uncertain future. If you are someone you know is in need of a substance abuse treatment program, contact us today for information.

Mormon woman caught with 12 pounds of marijuana in mexico  
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