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Matthew Perry Speaks About His Addiction, Sober Living and Recovery Written by Spencer Kinard

May 31, 2013 | Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 June, 2013 09:46 Former friends star Matthew Perry is speaking out about addiction this month as he was recently honored by the Obama Administration with the Champion of Recovery award for his work in the addiction field. Perry battled a serious drug and alcohol problem throughout his tenure on the show “Friends” and was admittedly a “sick guy”. The media often covered his stints in rehab and he says that the negative coverage he received helped aid him in his recovery from addiction. One of his homes in Malibu has been transformed into a sober living house for men, and Perry continues to remain sober and help other alcoholics and addicts in need of treatment. When battling an addiction, giving back to the community is an integral way of staying sober. Without helping other addicts and alcoholics, as suggested in the 12th step of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, an individual will have a very hard time staying sober. That being said, Perry is taking the right steps in protecting his sobriety as well as giving back to others. In early recovery, many people find it difficult to step away from their own problems and do something to help another person in need. One of the most important steps you can take in your recovery is to lend a helping hand to someone in need. This enables you to get outside of your own head as well as experience the world through another point of view. There are many people with problems in this world, and for someone who has had a lot of problems; it’s always helpful to be able to see the world through someone else’s perspective who has also struggled. Many substance abuse treatment programs are integrated with local community outreach programs that help bring addicts and alcoholics into the community in order to help make it better. By doing this, the individual is able to step outside of themselves as well as create meaningful relationships with people in need. This dynamic, namely, knowing that someone is depending on you, is one of the most effective ways to keep a person sober. Without giving back, many people do not feel wanted, needed or fulfilled. This emptiness can lead a person back into addiction and living a life that they were previously unhappy with. Matthew Perry is a great example of someone who beat the odds and is working hard to maintain their sobriety through doing the next right thing. It’s always refreshing to hear of a celebrity taking productive, rather than destructive steps when it comes to addiction, recovery and sobriety.

Matthew perry speaks about his addiction, sober living and recovery