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Handling Stress With a Substance Abuse Treatment Program January 7, 2013 | Last Updated on Friday, 17 May, 2013 13:42 One of the reasons people turn to drugs and alcohol is Stress. Stress can bring even the strongest man or woman to their knees. It is essential to learn to deal with stress in a healthy way, even more so when the person is in Recovery. The substances we used were a shield from our feelings and the stressors present in our lives. Everyone has stress. It can come from internal as well as external sources. The pressure from our own self to do something can be even greater than the pressure we would get from someone else. Triggering Recovery People who are in early Recovery tend to not cope with stress very well. They tend to be easily overwhelmed by problems and can have trouble functioning in a normal capacity. These issues can lead to relapse, which could cause death. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that the person in early recovery learn to handle stress and deal with everyday situations in a positive manner. It only takes one bad batch to suffer permanent damage or death. Stress Relief Methods I have some experience in recovery and will share some of the tools I use to deal with stress. One of my biggest ways of handling stress is listening to music. For me, music is a good way to express how I feel and get it out. I can’t play any instruments, but just listening to a few songs can take me out of however I am feeling and help me get my triad back in balance. The problem comes when I am doing this and I am interrupted. Then I can become resentful of whoever questioned me or interrupted me and it takes a little longer to get back to a good place, so try to do this when you are sure you won’t be interrupted for a little bit. Sober Environments Another way I typically deal with stress is by removing myself from the situation and doing something to change my focus. If I have enough gas in my car, I like to go for a short drive. There is a beach nearby and like to drive by the beach, listening to my music and just watch the people and the waves. Sometimes, I will park and go down to the shore and just look out over the water. The sound of the waves is incredibly peaceful to me and it’s comforting for me to know that there is something so much bigger than I am out there. Enjoying Hobbies The last method I will share for dealing with stress is losing yourself in something. I use books, movies, and games to lose myself in. Some people do it with sports, jogging, or art. It’s really all about what you like to do. Losing yourself can be as simple as lying down and watching the clouds go

by. The trick is to stop focusing on whatever is causing you stress, which can be really hard to do, and instead focus on whatever you’re doing. These things may seem obvious or simple, but often times when we are stressed out, even the simplest of exercises can be difficult so I figure why go for something complicated which would be even more so when you are already stressed.

Handling stress with a substance abuse treatment program  
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