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Thomas’ Voice

Summer 2022

Our summer 2022 newsletter is designed to thank you for your support and to highlight some of the ways your generosity has enabled orphan children and young adults of Mozambique to benefit from your kindness and donations through the work of the Thomas Marshall Education Fund. When the Thomas Marshall Education Fund (TMEF) was set up some 13 years ago following a tragic road accident when Thomas Marshall, a bright, lively and popular teenager died, nobody could have foreseen the immensely positive outcome the charity would deliver.

With an overall population of 32.8 million, the areas where TMEF provides support range from the capital Maputo in the south of the country with a resident population of 1.1 million, the 3rd largest city (Nampula, population 743,000), the 5th largest city (Chimoio, population 373,000) and smaller locations such as Vilankulo a coastal town with a population of just over 24,000 and known as the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago.

And that outcome is down to you - the people who kindly aid and encourage us to bring together activities that raise money to support the youngsters of Mozambique, and help to empower them to make a sustainable living and support their communities. Life in Mozambique, situated on the east coast of the African continent, is very difficult. Widespread economic insecurity, political instability, civil wars, terrorist activities, corruption, the mismanagement of natural resources and natural disasters themselves, make survival and living a challenge. Mozambique is one of the ten poorest countries in South Africa. Formerly a Portuguese colony it became independent in 1975. The country has a long Indian Ocean coastline and is bordered by South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland (Eswatini), Malawi and Tanzania.

The starred locations show where the Thomas Marshall Education Fund is currently providing support or has provided support in the past.

TMEF works with transformational engineer Francois Rauch and his wife Alta. They are based in Mozambique and are able to assist the youngsters directly, to fulfil their future dreams by equipping them with the educational and life-skills for the future. It is not easy for Francois and Alta to operate - the aftermath of two cyclones, ISIS activities in the north and COVID variants throughout the country linger and hamper projects. Never-the-Iess such is their determination and vigour that the monies we raise are put to excellent use and we hope the following brings the consequences and impact of your giving to life.

Alta & Francois

Providing educational and financial support for 19 orphans and young adults, we sent over Christmas shoeboxes full of goodies for seasonal celebrations. Masala Luzea in Northern Mozambique spoke for all when she sent a video message to say how much they were appreciated. We also provided the orphans with food for Christmas. Masala Luzea

Joyce has been supported by TMEF from the beginning as an orphaned baby and has now qualified as a Chemist. She was working with a Non Government Organisation in Beira in the Nampula province, but was recently made redundant when the company closed and she is currently seeking another post.

Joyce & Alta

Armindo Mutomdo is in his third year of studying and is currently doing his practical unit in paediatric medicine in Chimoio.

Armindo Mutomdo Chando Marko in Chicote is studying in the eleventh grade of his high school and is progressing well

Chando Marko

Madelitso from Nshapa village is limbless, born without arms or legs. When he was found, both his parents were dead and it was his school that contacted Francois and Alta about his situation. He is a very clever little boy and by the time their pastor visited him his first request was to "please change my name immediately". Originally called Longani, which means, in the local language, "God laughs at you" he was re-named and baptised Madelitso. In the local language this means “Blessing”. His granny helped look after him and he was taken into an orphan care programme. TMEF aided him with a wheelchair to make him more mobile at school and in life and he continues within a school programme with great impact in the community. He is currently 10 years old and in Grade 4 and top of his class. Francois and Alta have found him a Christian widow who looks after him and takes care of him daily. But his schooling still needs specialist help and we would like to continue to support his future development.

Madelitso & Granny

We send through clothing and educational materials which are put to good use. Many of the youngsters we support study medicine. Medical students were given kits to continue their studies, this included stethoscopes and other equipment to help them fulfil their studies and achieve their exam grades. With your generosity, these remarkable children and teenagers are able to become outstanding professionals and give back to their communities in Mozambique. Through TMEF, dreams are becoming fulfilled for young people. Most importantly, your generosity has given them the biggest gift ever - an opportunity. Quite simply - thank you. Guy, Wendy, Pat, Roger, Clare and Katherine Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the other Trustees of TMEF


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