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Thomas’ Voice The newsletter of the Thomas Marshall Education Fund supporting the young people of Mozambique to enable them to make a sustainable living and support their communities


Edition 2 August 2020


COVID19 Unfortunately the Coronavirus Pandemic has already hit our fundraising this year with The Marsh Demons of Iken being postponed. This collaboration with our young friends from Rust and Stardust, Orford and Bawdsey Schools will be rescheduled for spring 2021 once the pandemic problems have eased. Our annual T4Thomas All Day Garden Party was also cancelled so we organised a successful and rewarding alternative LockdownT4Thomas which provided homemade cakes delivered to people’s doors in our vintage Morris Traveller or many were collected from Bart's’ Hall. See details on page 3.

The newsletter provides regular updates on our charity fundraising and where the funds are being spent to further our aims for improving the lives of the young people in Mozambique. Fundraising activities are organised throughout the year to generate income which is passed directly to Mozambique to support the aims of the fund. All trustees are unpaid volunteers and no expenses are taken from the fundraising except event costs.

Although our public events are being compromised this year as a result of the Coronavirus restrictions we are still working at raising funds for our vital work in Mozambique.

Page 11 of this newsletter details some of the ways that you can help.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Trustees Lockdown T4Thomas Events update TMEF Presentation Help us raise funds during the Covid19 Pandemic

2 3 4 5 11 Registered Charity Number 1154635




The constitution of the charity was adopted on the 31st July 2013 when it was registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The Charity’s objects are to advance the education and training of young people living in rural Mozambique through the provision of grants and services to enable them to make a sustainable living and provide active support within their communities.

Wendy Marshall Charity Secretary

Guy Marshall Charity Chairman

Pat Walker Treasurer Clare Spencer

Trustee Katherine Silver-Murphy Trustee Roger Hipwell Trustee Francois and Alta Rauch African Bush Friends The trustees and a group of generous donors and volunteers organise fundraising events during the year to help to achieve the objects of the charity by the provision of suitable premises and equipment to enable the State of Mozambique Educators to achieve their task. The fund also assists the poorest students to access these facilities. The welfare and safety of the young people of Mozambique is a primary consideration of this charity in all its activities.


Unfortunately, we had to pull the plug on this year’s T4Thomas. However, we had a plan. Supporters may not have been able to come to Chantry Cottage, but we would come to them or they could collect cakes and tea bags from a distribution point. This year we offered a homemade cake supply service to be available on Sunday 7th June. Our generous friends simply had to ring or email with their orders and these were boxed up ready to be delivered by Auntie Mo, a beautiful vintage Morris Traveller or collected from Bart’s Hall. The choice of cakes was: Thomas’ Tiffin - Chocolate Brownie - Lemon Layer Cake - Mincemeat Fruit Cake - Sticky Toffee Cake - Rocky Road Chocolate Guinness Cake - Gooseberry and Orange Cake - Carrot Cake - Ginger Cake - Victoria Sandwich So here was an opportunity to treat yourself, offer someone you love a treat or say thank you to a kind neighbour. Despite some foul, unseasonal weather LockdownT4Thomas brought joy to the many cake-eaters of Orford and its environs. Friends and neighbours gathered to enjoy an occasion as around 25 deliveries and 50 collections of homemade cakes each with complimentary tea bags were completed in this highly successful and rewarding TMEF event. The response was brilliant.

“Thank you for today’s tea party and for delivering. We hope it was a great success, albeit not quite ‘normal’. This afternoon, we paused the day, we sat, ate some delicious cake, chatted and counted our blessings. Thank you TMEF for making that happen. Very best wishes to you all.” “Dear neighbours Thank you for our heart-warming gathering over tea and delicious cakes provided by TMEF. It was a lovely hour and very good to catch up.” “Big thank you to everyone at TMEF for a delicious ginger cake and tea. Made a cheery break on a very wet afternoon.” 3

So, how did we do with our lockdown plan? Well, we received approximately seventy five orders for cakes with roughly two thirds opting to collect from the Covid19-secure, suitably decorated collection centre at Bart’s Hall and the remainder being delivered by Auntie Mo. During the preceding week, Orford was a hive of industry with trustees and volunteers begging, borrowing and acquiring in other sometimes bizarre ways the ingredients for the cakes on the menu. This at a time when there were shortages of eggs and flour as a result of panic buying and stockpiling during the early days of the Covid19 pandemic. Come Sunday morning all cakes were ready and our small team of volunteers worked themselves to a frazzle cutting and packaging an amazing total of 450 slices of delicious home-baked cakes whilst all observing the government guidelines in place at that time. To produce this amount of sugary sweetness the band of bakers got through the following: Butter 12.5 Kilos, Sugar 18.5 Kilos, Eggs 164, Flour 15 Kilos, Chocolate 3.6 Kilos, Dried Fruit 5 Kilos, Biscuits 400 grams Brazil Nuts 300 grams

Black Treacle 1.2 Kilos, Lemons 52, Guinness 2.5 Litres, Preserved Ginger 4 Jars, Oranges 2 Plus Spices, Carrots, Baking Powder, etc., etc., etc. As a result of all the hard work of the trustees and volunteers and the generosity of our supporters we raised ÂŁ3200 plus gift aid of approximately ÂŁ450 on donations from Lockdown T4T. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. TMEF is in the fortunate position of being granted funding by The Brian Mitchell Charitable Settlement to support our fundraising activities. This donation and other similar sponsorship monies are held in designated funds and are used to support activities and projects which are intended to improve the ability of the charity to generate funds for its primary aim, advancing the education, training & life skills of the young people of Mozambique. LockdownT4Thomas costs were covered by this generosity. 4

Events update

Although government restrictions have been lifted on car boot sales and similar events, we believe that part of the fun of bric a brac sales is the opportunity to rummage through the diverse range of items for sale. As we are not confident that this can be done safely in the current circumstances, we have reluctantly cancelled this year’s Fumble in the Jumble in Bart’s Hall. All being well, we shall reschedule for next year.

The Marsh Demons of Iken was scheduled for earlier this year just as the Covid19 pandemic struck so this Arts Council funded collaboration with Rust and Stardust and Orford and Bawdsey Schools was postponed. We have been in contact with the Head of Bawdsey Primary School who tells us that they have to keep the children of different classes and from different schools separated, according to the guidance for September so far. She is not sure - neither is anyone else - how long that will go on for either. Our view is that rescheduling for this year is a little hopeful and it would be a pity to disappoint the children again. With any luck, by the end of this year things will have improved and we will have a better idea what can be possible for next year. We will therefore set a provisional date for late in the spring term 2021 with a review in December to consider whether this is feasible. This will give Rust and Stardust something to go back to the Arts Council with to check whether their grant will still be available for the rescheduled project. 5

The trustees of the Charity decided this year that we should provide some information for our African Bush Friends, Francois and Alta Rauch, to help them explain the background of the Thomas Marshall Education Fund to the young students that we support in Mozambique. You will see that, although we do work hard to raise funds, we make sure that everyone enjoys themselves.

Presentation prepared by Clare Spencer and Katherine Silver-Murphy.







All this is done in the background - this means the donation amounts they display represent the amount the charity will receive - a 5% donation means a 5% donation.

How do we get our supporters shopping via Give as you Live Online?

At the Thomas Marshall Education Fund we are constantly looking for ways to generate much needed funding for improving the future of young people in Mozambique during these strange and challenging times.

Every charity gets their own dedicated join page on the Give as you Live website. So supporters can quickly sign-up and start raising funds. It can be done with only a few clicks using either the iOS app or the online system through the Give as you Live website:

Our LockdownT4Thomas was a tremendous success and we are now considering how we can manage other events that are planned for this year if restrictions are still in place. However, there are other ways in which supporters are helping us raise funds. Our arrangement with People’s Fundraising provides an online platform for donating directly to the fund with Gift Aid being automatically recovered.


Will we know who is raising money for us?

An increase in the popularity of online shopping has also helped to provide funds through Give as you Live, a free and easy way to raise funds for Thomas Marshall Education Fund, simply by shopping online.

Through Give as you Live Online reports we will be able to view how funds have been raised and who by subject to GDPR rules. All Give as you Live Online reports are GDPR compliant so we will only receive supporter information if they have opted-in to share their information with us. Why use Give as you Live Online? So, in summary, Give as you Live Online provides a simple to use, no cost facility to allow anyone who wishes to financially support a charity to do so whilst doing their everyday online shopping.

What is Give as you Live Online?

By shopping through Give as you Live Online our generous supporters can raise free funds for our charity. Give as you Live Online currently works with over 4,000 popular high street retailers, as well as dozens of insurance, energy, broadband and utility providers. Supporters simply sign up to Give as you Live Online and use the website or iOS app start page to browse retailers and make a purchase. Once they have shopped a free donation is raised for the charity.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

KEEP IN TOUCH www.tmef.org.uk

Where do the funds come from? As a ‘thank you’ for bringing customers to their website, the retailer pays Give as you Live Online a commission - they then turn this into a donation for the Customer’s chosen charity.


If their services are free, how do they make money? @tmefcharity

Put simply, they make their money through the retailers - part of the commission they receive from the retailers is retained by them to cover their costs. They donate 50% of the commission they receive to charity, with the other 50% being used to fund the on-going development of Give as you Live Online.



Details on Page 3

Registered Charity 12Number 1154635

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Thomas' Voice - The newsletter for the Thomas Marshall Education Fund  

The newsletter provides regular updates on our charity fundraising and where the funds are being spent to further our aims for improving the...

Thomas' Voice - The newsletter for the Thomas Marshall Education Fund  

The newsletter provides regular updates on our charity fundraising and where the funds are being spent to further our aims for improving the...


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