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February 5,  2012  

Greetings Friends!   I  struggle  with  where  to  start  in  trying  to  sum  up  last  year  and  give  you  my  thoughts  on  real  estate  in  2012.     There   are   so   many   issues   that   could   be   addressed   at   length,   but   I’ll   try   to   keep   this   as   short   as   possible.     Central   Indiana   real   estate   has   not   been   impacted   as   severely   as   many   other   areas   of   the   country,   but   we   certainly   feel   the   same   pressures   including   high   unemployment,   pay   cuts,   bank   foreclosures,   short   sales,   low   appraisals,   mortgage   approval  difficulties  and  lack  of  confidence  in  government…  and  the  list  goes  on.    People  are  concerned,  scared,  and   cautious.   On  the  positive  side,  homes  are  selling  in  our  marketplace.    In  fact,  homes  that  are  priced  properly  and  in  good   condition   with   appropriate   updates,   are   selling   rather   quickly.     Those   houses   that   are   overpriced   and   in   need   of   repairs  or  updating  are  lingering  on  the  market,  but  this  is  true  even  in  a  strong  economy.   Enclosed   is   a   2010   vs.   2011   market   update   prepared   by   the   Metropolitan   Indianapolis   Board   of   Realtors   comparing   our   major   marketing   areas.     Generally   speaking,   in   most   of   the   categories   measured,   the   markets   remained  reasonably  consistent.    Days  on  the  market,  however,  increased  in  most  areas  last  year.   Based  on  all  that  I  hear  and  read  from  the  “experts”,  I  don’t  expect  to  see  much  change  in  the  market  this  year.     Foreclosures  and  short  sales  will  increase,  thus  preventing  property  values  from  increasing.    The  Fed  intends  to  keep   interest  rates  low,  probably  staying  in  the  3.25%  –  4.25%  range.   The  Bottom  Line:  This  is  still  a  very  good  time  to  buy  a  house!    If  we  haven’t  bottomed  out,  we  are  close  to  it.     A   word   of   warning   though   -­‐   in   tough   times   like   this   it   is   even   more   important   than   ever,   whether   you   are   buying   or   selling,  to  have  an  agent  you  trust,  with  years  of  successful  experience,  on  your  side.    There  is  too  much  that  can  go   wrong  in  today’s  world  to  rely  on  an  unseasoned  agent.    With  that  being  said,  please  don’t  forget  about  me  when   you   hear   of   friends   or   family   in   need   of   real   estate   services.     If   they   have   any   questions   about   the   process,   have   them  call  and  I’ll  help  in  any  way  possible.    If  you  would  like  to  review  my  Marketing  System  for  Results  or  Buyer   System  for  Results,  please  let  me  know.    With  Andee  and  Sheila  as  invaluable  assistants,  and  Cheryl  as  a  tremendous   resource  for  marketing,  we  are  ready  to  tackle  any  real  estate  issue.   I  appreciate  the  trust  and  confidence  that  you  have  placed  in  my  team  and  me.    For  those  of  you  who  referred   buyers  or  sellers  to  me,  I  can’t  thank  you  enough.    You  are  the  lifeblood  of  my  business  and  I  could  not  enjoy  the   success  I’ve  had  without  your  help  and  support.   Wishing  you  all  a  happy,  healthy  and  prosperous  2012!!   Regards,   Roger   If  you  closed  on  a  property  in  2011,  I  have  enclosed  a  copy  of  your  HUD,    just  in  case  you  misplaced  the  copy  you  received  at  closing.  


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