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Why Cloud-based SMTP Server is Useful for Online Businesses?


hole of the business world has accepted emails as the primary source of marketing. Many businesses have their marketing strategies based on emails. As the email marketing is widely in use and accepted around the world, a reliable email communication between marketers and consumers is need of the hour. An erratic and unreliable email communication causes a missed sale, an annoyed customer or disaster to the

business activities. It has been noticed that even SMTP email server does not function properly all the times and can get slowed down or bring the email transaction to a standstill. So, if you want to completely eradicate the slow email connection, cloud servers could prove to be quite useful.

Reduced Time, Expenses and Resources

Many businesses go with in-house mail servers or traditional hosts. Though it makes sense but does not guarantee of success all the times. If one prefers to connect with a reputed and reliable cloud SMTP server, they are assured of good performance of all the email-related things. The cloud services helps you stay on top of whitelisting and blacklisting, upgrade analytics and

infrastructure, integrate with ISPs and also assists in freeing up resources to be used in other business processes. Shifting to the cloud based mail server promises to save lots of money to the businesses. It can prove to be quite precious business move to all the businesses, particularly to small businesses.

Steadfast Email Delivery

Your customers or vendors may get annoyed on any sort of delay in email delivery. It does not matter to them that around 20 percent of all the sent emails are not delivered to the intended recipients. Under such scenarios, businesses should connect to an email server which guarantees email delivery as well as lets you know of their long term strategies. Most of the server providers are indulged in ISP monitoring and watch out for white=labelling and feedback loops quite keenly. To

maintain a control level, unique IP addresses are given to the email marketers.

Reputation Management

Online businesses are benefitted in many ways by the services of reliable and trustworthy cloud-based SMTP server, which also helps in maintaining a positive reputation of the businesses. It is not a secret that a lot of regular ISP email addresses are hacked and used for spamming purposes, keeping the email owners in the dark. In the case of reputed businesses, spoofing of email addresses can shatter their reputation in the business market. The cloud-based email servers keep their focus on monitoring and preventing spoofing.

So, online businesses of every size are hugely benefitted by the services of cloud-based SMTP servers because of their competent features and trustworthy services. 1st Image source: 2nd Image source: 3rd Image source: 4th Image source:


Why Cloud-Based SMTP Server is Useful for Online Businesses?  

Online businesses of every size are hugely benefitted by the services of cloud-based SMTP servers because of their competent features and tr...

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