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• 賴逸敏 • Lai Yat Man

• 水墨紙本設色 • Ink and color on paper

Studio 003

AMY 6127 4888

• 92cm x 244cm

挖掘空間 人長大了,才知道世界很大,愈來愈覺 得自己擁有的空間不足。選擇踏上視藝 的路,對此感受更深。

Mine Space Not until I had grown up did I realize how big the world was and how insufficient was the space that I possesed. I have had such strong feeling since I engaged myself in art making.

狹小的空間,創作起來總是不自在。 究竟這小小的空間可以容納甚麼?

You are cramped when working in a tiny space.


What can be stored in a tiny space?

看可以打開一個甚麼的空間。 I try to work with some little squares to explore my hidden space.

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Creative Graduation Book Design  

Creative Graduation Book Design Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU

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