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Frank To

James Madison High School

JROTCNewsletter Message from LTC Keith Lochner USEFUL INFORMATION: JROTC Website: ain/9976 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wear your uniform every Tuesday! Don’t forget! Bring your PT clothes for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If not, you will lose points! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Need the calendar? Here’s the link to the Warhawk Master Calendar: /41215 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Study your General Knowledge Packet! Go to the JROTC Website above and download and print the packet if you lost it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Print out your packet for every class day (Thursday). The packets are on the calendar. **Make sure you print out the right one. There is a packet for LET 1 and 3 and another for LET 2 and 4.**

First let me thank each of you for your dedication to the program. It is not easy making this 20 legged octopus work without you. During the first two grading periods we have accomplished much but still have much to do. This year we are engaged in supporting the core curriculum requirements and in particular the writing expository. We are introducing self-defense and continuing with all of our other programs. We have assembled a great battalion staff who is working diligently to make our program the best. Some things I want you to remember, wear your uniform correctly and with pride, many great Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Be prepared for each lesson and participate, you just might learn something new. Finally, remember you represent the school this program and yourself. So BE-KNOW-DO the right things even when no one is watching.

LTC Keith Lochner |

Hello! Hello everyone! My name is C/1LT Frank To. I am the S-5 Public Affairs Officer for the 2013-2014 school year. This is a newsletter that will contain information about past and upcoming events. I hope you enjoy reading this beautiful newsletter. This year we had a great start! It’s so great to see many motivated LET 1’s this year. I see a lot of you attend the events which is very awesome. Thank you for taking your time and attending the events. Let’s keep up the good work! Good luck cadets. - C/1LT Frank To


Frank To

James Madison High School HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE The Holiday Food Drive is an annual service learning event we have at Madison High School. Students and cadets from throughout the school come together and collect can and nonperishable food for  the people in need. It is truly a great opportunity to help out the people in need because they cannot afford the luxuries some of us can. It is also a great way to reflect on what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is great to give back to the community. We cadets are here to help! Ends 12/19.

BDP/BDI/ BDS Training Best drilled platoon, best drilled individual, and best drilled squad is coming up. The very best, James Madison High School AJROTC, is hosting it this year. The cadets have been attending rifle training and attempting to sharpen their skills. The cadets have been training for weeks, even during the break. They plan to do their best and win. They will show the other schools that they are not messing around. Our battalion executive officer, C/MAJ Melissa Abanes and our battalion commander, C/LTC Emanuel Baeza, have been working with the dedicated cadets and training them. They put a lot of time into this and will hopefully place. Good job for all your hard work and dedication cadets!


Frank To

NEW S-2 INTELLIGENCE OFFICER As you guys know, our former S-2 has resigned. After a tough decision, the instructors finally picked a new one. The picked someone who was dedicated and had the experience. Our former Battalion S-2 Assistant and Echo Company First Sergeant has been chosen to be our new S-2 Intelligence Officer. Congratulations to C/2LT Arman Ramos. All your hard work has paid off.

New Promotion System The rank of Staff Sergeant and above will be required to appear before a board and complete a drill, command, and interview portion of the board. Packets to attend must be printed out online and turned in before the set due date. They must be completed and bear C/ Emanuel Baeza, Master Sergeant, and C/Jonathan Brigg’s signatures. Briggs then proof reads with Master Sergeant to thin out the herd of anyone who automatically shouldn’t be promoted. The ranks of sergeant and below must be achieved by recommendation of a class leadership member and or the direct approval of an instructor. Officers must speak with LTC for more details.

REMINDER CADETS **IMPORTANT INFORMATION** 1.) Remember to check the Warhawk Master Calendar daily se you know what we’re doing on a certain day. Also, make sure you what the class is about on Thursday. Make sure you read the Student Learning Plan and that you are prepared for the following day. 2.) Remember to check the JROTC website ( Page/22892) daily because the instructors work really hard to update it. As great cadets, we need to know what’s on the website and if there are any changes made. For example, we need to know if there are any changes made to the knowledge packet


Frank To

Frank To

DECEMBER CALENDAR UPCOMING EVENTS Here is a calendar with dates you need to know. Sunday 1

Monday 2 PT

Tuesday 3

Wednesday 4

Thursdays Friday 5 6 PT

Saturday 7

Holiday Food Drive 8

9 PT

10 Uniform Day

11 PT

12 Class Day

13 PT


19 Class Day

20 PT


26 Class Day

27 PT


Holiday Food Drive 15

16 PT

17 Uniform Day

18 PT

Holiday Food Drive 22

23 PT

24 Uniform Day

25 PT Winter Break



31 Winter Break

December 14th – Regulation Drill Competition (BDP/BDS/BDI) December 19th – Picture Yourself at Madison **For more information, check out the online calendar:**

Frank To

NEWS FROM OUR BATTALION COMMANDER C/LTC EMANUEL BAEZA With November over, everyone should know that JROTC is about now. During the past month, Madison ROTC began preparing for many events including the canned food drive and BDP/BDS/BDI. Remember to keep bringing canned foods and motivate your friends to help the needy. The food drive ends December 19th, and we still have a lot of cans to bring! Our BDP/BDS/BDI competition will be held on December 14 th, and our cadets have shown dedication and courage by participating in this event. If you see anyone from the competing teams, encourage and motivate them to represent our school distinctively! I have talked to the instructors and I am proud to say that we have most cadets suiting up proudly in uniform representing our program in school. KEEP IT UP WARHAWKS! and continue being motivated. Get ready for a busy holiday month, and most importantly, stay ACTIVE, stay ATTENTIVE, and stay MOTIVATED!!

WHAT THE XO HAS TO SAY C/MAJ MELISSA ABANES I hope everybody had a save and wonderful thanksgiving break. The food drive is still going on so remember everyone bring in cans. For staff, best drilled platoon is coming up soon and we will have a staff meeting on that afterschool. Keep up the good work and remember staff, lead by example.

NCO NEWS C/CSM JONATHAN BRIGGS This month will be full of opportunities for cadets to prove their skills and to become an NCO. With the fast approach of BDP and other events senior leadership and the instructor look for dedication and those cadets who stand out among others. Another promotion board will follow this month, dates will be posted prior. Remember to consult your class leadership for more information, but everything still remains online for you to read. GI Parties will be conducted in a new order, a bi-weekly term of cleaning for each class period. Class leaders will elaborate more in the following days. I hope to see many returning cadets at the next promotion board and many new cadets working to become promoted as well.

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