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Frank To

James Madison High School

JROTCNewsletter Message from LTC Keith Lochner USEFUL INFORMATION: JROTC Website: ain/9976 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wear your uniform every Tuesday! Don’t forget! Bring your PT clothes for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If not, you will lose points! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Need the calendar? Here’s the link to the Warhawk Master Calendar: /41215 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Study your General Knowledge Packet! Go to the JROTC Website above and download and print the packet if you lost it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Print out your packet for every class day (Thursday). The packets are on the calendar. **Make sure you print out the right one. There is a packet for LET 1 and 3 and another for LET 2 and 4.**

First let me thank each of you for your dedication to the program. It is not easy making this 20 legged octopus work without you. During the first two grading periods we have accomplished much but still have much to do. This year we are engaged in supporting the core curriculum requirements and in particular the writing expository. We are introducing self-defense and continuing with all of our other programs. We have assembled a great battalion staff who is working diligently to make our program the best. Some things I want you to remember, wear your uniform correctly and with pride, many great Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Be prepared for each lesson and participate, you just might learn something new. Finally, remember you represent the school this program and yourself. So BE-KNOW-DO the right things even when no one is watching.

LTC Keith Lochner |

Hello! Hello everyone! My name is C/1LT Frank To. I am the S-5 Public Affairs Officer for the 2013-2014 school year. This is a newsletter that will contain information about past and upcoming events. I hope you enjoy reading this beautiful newsletter. I hope you had a nice semester cadets. I hope all of you have accomplished your goals during the first semester. The second semester started not too long ago and I wish you all luck. Make sure you guys (LEADERS) study your knowledge packet and get your uniform measurements drilled in your head. Lead by example cadets! - C/1LT Frank To


Frank To

James Madison High School Orange Glen Competition was an amazing experience. This is my second time participating in this event. I am a part of Unarmed Drill Team Platoon and 4man and have been practicing so much for this competition. Participating in this event was so great because I got to show our creative and unique routine with my team. My favorite part of Orange Glen was exhibiting and performing the 4man routine. Unarmed Drill Team is my favorite team and I look  forward to competing next year. - C/ Frank To

Orange Glen Competition – Drill Competition The cadets that are on teams including Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, and Armed Drill Team have been getting reading for the Orange Glen competition. They have been training and practicing everyday for weeks, trying to perfect their routine for the competition. The cadets even came to school on Saturday just to practice. Thank you for all your hard work cadets. Orange Glen took place on 1st of February. It is a competition that consists of an inspection, regulation, and exhibition for each of the teams. During the inspection portion, drill sergeants asked the cadets general knowledge while trying to test their military bearing. Regulation took place afterwards. Regulation consisted of marching, facing movements, and more. Afterwards, there was exhibition. The cadets have been practicing a unique routine created by the team for the exhibition portion. Color Guard, Unarmed Drill Team, and Armed Drill Team were looking sharp during the competition. The Unarmed Drill Team’s routine consisted of amazing beats and sharp hand movements; it was truly awesome. Again, congratulations and thank you cadets for all your hard work. Congratulations to 4man Armed Drill Team for placing third. Your hard work definitely paid off.


Frank To

Color Guard: State of the City Address On January 15, our Color Guard team was called out to present the colors at the State of the City Address headed by the Interim Mayor, Todd Gloria. His assisstants told our team that he personally asked for Madison High School ROTC to present the colors since Madison was his Alma Mater! A message from the Color Guard Commander, C/CPT Roger Regge Galac My team was overwhelmed not just because of the fancy dressing rooms they put us in, but the fact that the Interim Mayor of San Diego asked for our team to present the colors. The best part of this was that he eventually came by our dressing room and and talked to us! We also took several pictures with him. We learned that he was the Battalion Commander of ROTC in James Madison in 1996!

REMINDER CADETS **IMPORTANT INFORMATION** 1.) Remember to check the Warhawk Master Calendar daily se you know what we’re doing on a certain day. Also, make sure you what the class is about on Thursday. Make sure you read the Student Learning Plan and that you are prepared for the following day. 2.) Remember to check the JROTC website ( ge/22892) daily because the instructors work really hard to update it. As great cadets, we need to know what’s on the website and if there are any changes made. For example, we need to know if there are any changes made to the knowledge packet Squad leaders, make sure the cadets in your squad have their uniform squared away. Make sure they look sharp and the measurements are on point.


Frank To

Archery Competition Archery practices have been held to prepare for the Archery Competition at Hoover High School. Madison was looking for the best of the best. They had a shoot out to see who would attend the competition. The top three males and females would attend this competition. Madison JROTC High School Archery Team conducted a district competition at Hoover High School on the 11 th of January. They placed second overall team. Congratulations to our archery team for all their hard work. Also, congratulations to the archery team commander, C/ Matthew Guerra for placing second out of all the cadets that participated in the event.

Academic League Competition at University City High School


Academic League Competition took place on the 30th of January at University City High School. Academic League competition is where a team consisting of a Freshman LET 1, Sophomore LET 2, Junior LET 3, and a Senior LET 4 compete against other schools in an academic competition. They answer questions together and try to accumulate the most points. At the event, our very own Madison AJROTC competed along with Morse and University City High School. At the end, Madison placed second, tied with Morse High School. Congratulations to them!


Frank To

FEBRUARY CALENDAR UPCOMING EVENTS Here is a calendar with dates you need to know. Sunday




Thursdays Friday

Saturday 1 Orange Glenn


3 PT

4 Uniform Day

5 PT

6 Class Day

7 Self Defense



10 PT

11 Uniform Day

12 PT

13 Class Day

14 15 Lincoln Day Holiday No school


17 18 Washington PT Day Holiday

19 Uniform Day

20 Class Day

21 Self Defense

26 PT

27 Class Day

28 Self Defence

No school 23

24 PT

25 Uniform Day

**For more information, check out the online calendar:**


Frank To

NEWS FROM OUR BATTALION COMMANDER C/LTC EMANUEL BAEZA Welcome to February Warhawks. Now that second semester is officially underway, I would like to express the importance of you guys maintaining your integrity high! By now everyone should know uniform regulations, knowledge, and everything dealing with ROTC. NO EXCUSES! I would like to congratulate ADT 4 Man for their achievement of 3rd place in Orange Glen, but our mission is not over!!! We need to stay strong throughout the whole year and enforce discipline! Respect above all else!! Keep your grades up, and get ready for Cadet Ball!!! for your BC for king!

WHAT THE XO HAS TO SAY C/MAJ MELISSA ABANES Happy February everyone, I hope all you cadets like your grades this semester. February is a pretty hectic month for us staff with cadet ball, Accreditation Assistance Visit, and SOP's getting updated. I am open to any questions on the SOP for you guys and I will try to hold meetings twice a week until our formal briefing. Keep up the good work staff, make sure to be on top of your game and lead by example.

NCO NEWS C/CSM JONATHAN BRIGGS Second semester is beginning and many of you are becoming accomplished cadets, first and returning cadets. Please remember that promotion voard is monthly and if you have any questions ask me or your class leaders. I am prpud to see many cadets with more awards they earned this past semester. Remember that although the year is half over we still are working hard on many events and activities. Please continue the good work and keep the classroom, range, and armory clean.

Frank To

Cadet Ball 2014 Gatsby’s Gala

$50 a ticket

Cadet Ball is a gathering of cadets from JROTC schools. It is an event to honor military traditions and more. At the event, there is a color guard performance, a speech before the meal, a delicious three course dinner, more speeches afterwards, and an introduction of the royal court winners. It is a fun and awesome event where you can make new friends and interact with other cadets from other schools. You can also have fun with the friends that you already have. There is a fun dance as well. There are also special guest speakers and an appearance of the brigade Color Guard and Honor Guard. This year’s theme is the Gatsby’s Gala; it is based on Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The theme is based in the 1920’s; it’s an old fashioned theme. The color scheme is: BLACK, GOLD, and GREEN. The theme focuses on the “era of dreaming.” Tickets cost 50 DOLLARS a person and you can also bring one of your friends or significant others. Also, you can sign up to hopefully be a part of this year’s Royal Court. Cadet Ball is a lot of fun and you should definitely purchase your ticket!

Purchase your ticket for an amazing experience

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