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Frank To

James Madison High School

JROTCNewsletter Message from LTC Keith Lochner USEFUL INFORMATION: JROTC Website: ain/9976 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wear your uniform every Tuesday! Don’t forget! Bring your PT clothes for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If not, you will lose points! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Need the calendar? Here’s the link to the Warhawk Master Calendar: /41215 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Study your General Knowledge Packet! Go to the JROTC Website above and download and print the packet if you lost it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Print out your packet for every class day (Thursday). The packets are on the calendar. **Make sure you print out the right one. There is a packet for LET 1 and 3 and another for LET 2 and 4.**

First let me thank each of you for your dedication to the program. It is not easy making this 20 legged octopus work without you. During the first two grading periods we have accomplished much but still have much to do. This year we are engaged in supporting the core curriculum requirements and in particular the writing expository. We are introducing self-defense and continuing with all of our other programs. We have assembled a great battalion staff who is working diligently to make our program the best. Some things I want you to remember, wear your uniform correctly and with pride, many great Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Be prepared for each lesson and participate, you just might learn something new. Finally, remember you represent the school this program and yourself. So BE-KNOW-DO the right things even when no one is watching.

LTC Keith Lochner |

Hello! Hello everyone! My name is C/1LT Frank To. I am the S-5 Public Affairs Officer for the 2013-2014 school year. This is a newsletter that will contain information about past and upcoming events. I hope you enjoy reading this beautiful newsletter. I hope you had a nice break cadets. I see a lot of you attending the community service events. Thank you for taking your time and helping out. Also, thanks to those that participated in the Holiday Food Drive. Let’s keep up the good work! Good luck cadets. - C/1LT Frank To


Frank To

James Madison High School Regulation drill competition was great. I was a part of the Varsity Color Guard team, and it was a great experience! After practicing for endless weeks, it was great being able to perform in front of a huge crowd being able to represent ourselves as Madison Varsity Color Guard and to be able show the amount of practice our team put together. I cannot wait next year to be able  to come back and show that we will always be on top! - C/ Albert Vu

Regulation Competition (BDP/BDI/ BDS) Regulation Drill Competition is when the JROTC schools send their best cadets to compete in this competition. This year, Regulation Drill Competition was held on December 14, 2013 and hosted by Madison AJROTC. Our cadets came to school at seven in the morning to prepare for this major competition. They made sure that there uniforms were looking sharp, their shoes were polished, and overall prepared for the competition. This competition consisted of Best Drilled Platoon (BDP), Best Drilled Squad (BDS), Best Drilled Individual (BDI) for each LET level, Freshmen Color Guard, and Varsity Color Guard. The cadets prepared for weeks for this competition. They showed lots of dedication and practiced as much as they could. Even winter break practices were held. Madison performed the best they could and did their best. Congratulations to all the people that participated! Also, thank you volunteers for making this happen. Volunteers came as early as seven in the morning to help set up. Thank you for your hard work. The other instructors were impressed by how diligent the volunteers were. At the end of the competition, we placed second in Best Drilled Individual LET 4 (Andrew Duong) and Best Drilled Squad. Congratulations to those that placed! Your hard work definitely paid off.


Frank To

HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE The Holiday Food Drive is an annual service learning event we have at Madison High School. Students and cadets from throughout the school come together and collect can and nonperishable food for the people in need. It is truly a great opportunity to help out the people in need because they cannot afford the luxuries some of us can. It is also a great way to reflect on what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is great to give back to the community. This year we collected 1440 pounds. Thank you cadets for participating in this event! This holiday is the time to give back and this could not have been done without you. Hopefully we are able to feed many people with all this food!

REMINDER CADETS **IMPORTANT INFORMATION** 1.) Remember to check the Warhawk Master Calendar daily se you know what we’re doing on a certain day. Also, make sure you what the class is about on Thursday. Make sure you read the Student Learning Plan and that you are prepared for the following day. 2.) Remember to check the JROTC website ( ge/22892) daily because the instructors work really hard to update it. As great cadets, we need to know what’s on the website and if there are any changes made. For example, we need to know if there are any changes made to the knowledge packet Squad leaders, make sure the cadets in your squad have their uniform squared away. Make sure they look sharp and the measurements are on point.


Frank To

PYAM – Picture Yourself at Madison PYAM (Picture Yourself at Madison) is the day where students from Innovation Middle come to Madison to picture themselves there. During PYAM, the students from Innovation Middle came to our school. We had volunteering cadets help out during this day. Their job was to guide them to Madison and back to CPMA. Also, they showed them how great James Madison High School and our JROTC program was. There was also a brief presentation about JROTC for the students. The Public Affairs Officer, C/1LT Frank To, presented the information about JROTC. He talked about the variety of teams, summer camp, and more. At the end, the students seemed to enjoy their time here at Madison. You could tell just by looking at their faces. Hopefully we were able to impress them. Great job cadets and thank you for volunteering!

Community Service: San Diego Police Dept School Saftey Patrol Party


During this community service event, Madison JROTC cadets supported the activities throughout the event. Color Guard presented the colors and the cadets worked in conjunction with the San Diego Police Department officers in running events. Cadets received five hours of community service for their hard work. Thank you to the cadets that participated in this event. They really needed your help.


Frank To

JANUARY CALENDAR UPCOMING EVENTS Here is a calendar with dates you need to know. Sunday



Wednesday 1

Thursdays Friday 2 3

Saturday 4

Winter Break 5

6 PT

7 Uniform Day

8 PT

9 Class Day

10 Self Defense



13 PT

14 Uniform Day

15 PT

16 Class Day

17 Self Defense



20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

21 Uniform Day

22 PT

23 Class Day

24 Self Defense



27 Class Day

28 Uniform Day

29 Class Day

30 Class Day



Academic League Competition

**For more information, check out the online calendar:**

Frank To

TEAM NOTIFICATIONS Hello cadets. I hope you all had a fun Winter Break. Now it's time to focus on another competition, Orange Glenn. We will take 2 teams with us: A male and female Varsity team. We will need to take everyday from now until competition day to practice. With our hard work and perseverance, WE WILL PLACE. – C/CPT Regge Galac Unarmed Drill Team is one of the teams formed of cadets from JROTC. We use our hands and feet to make various beats by stomping and clapping. The team goes through different competions through out the year competing against other schools using a routine filled with different beats. The beats are all super easy to learn, along with the routine. I've personally made close friendships through joining UDT, and also bonded really close with the team. Being on the team won't only give you more opportunties in the future, it will also help you make good friends! – C/CPT Deanna Gangstad Orange Glen, our first competition is going to be February 8th, I'm going to need everyone's full participation and 110% for us to be ready by then. Practices are going to be Monday through Friday excluding Wednesdays. Saturday practices are to be determined, but expect them as competition comes closer. The 20th will be off for MLK birthday, and practice this week will be optional because of finals. (NOTE: MUST COME AND TALK TO ME DIRECTLY). Finally, if anyone is having any troubles with anything that is being taught, come to me or any of the squad leaders during lunch, we will be glad to help you. – C/CPT Duong


Frank To

NEWS FROM OUR BATTALION COMMANDER C/LTC EMANUEL BAEZA Welcome to 2014 Warhawks! With the year half way done everyone should be up to date on how ROTC is ran at Madison. We expect everyone to not only follow the ROTC standards, but to pass them through everyone and everyday life. December and 2013 was a tough year for us, but after a fall, we stand up to get better and to keep figgting to make this program better. In 2014 our new years resolution is to improve Madison AJROTC in all aspects, in order to make this program better not only for the rest of the year, but for more years to come! I hope you all enjoyed your break, but now it is time to get to work! Hooah!!

WHAT THE XO HAS TO SAY C/MAJ MELISSA ABANES Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic break. We have a lot of events coming up for us so staff; we’re going to be busy. We are going to get ready for our inspection that is coming up so get those SOP updated. That is all from me. Remember staff, always lead by example.

NCO NEWS C/CSM JONATHAN BRIGGS Changes continue to take effect this month cadets, the GI Party system will continue by class period. They are held every friday and your class leaders will inform you when your class is up for duty, but remember to check the board anyways. Promotion board is being held again this month remember any cadets who wish to reach the rank above sergeant will need to attend and follow the proper guidelines to do so. The demerit and merit system will not be in effect until further notice. Welcome back for break cadets and continue to keep up the great work.

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