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West Wales Rally Spares Sponsors The R.A.C. Rally Championship 2013

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Introduction Colin Heppenstall Championship Manager West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship


elcome to the spectator guide for round five of the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship, the Red Kite Stages. Originally, of course, the Red Kite Stages would have been the inaugural event in the championship on its original January date. However, heavy snow left the team at Amman and District Motor Club no choice but to postpone. With a foot of snow covering the stages, it would have been impossible to run the rally. However, here we are in September ready for the event to run on its revised date and everything is looking good. The classic stages are reported to be in top condition and the pace at the front of the championship is sure to be fierce. On round four, last month’s Neath Valley Stages, Marty McCormack and Phil Clarke took their third win from four rallies after a fabulous day of competition against the similar Ford Escort Mk2 of Nick Elliott and Dave Price with the result decided by just seven-tenths of a second. To show just how competitive things are at the head of the championship, Jason Pritchard/Dale Furniss and Matt Edwards / Sam Collis finished within 20 seconds of McCormack and another epic contest is in prospect on the Red Kite. The right result for McCormack and Clarke could settle the title in their favour, but anything could happen on classic stages in Crychan and Cefn Llwydlo. We look forward to bringing a strong contingent of championship contenders to the rally and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the rally for all their hard work. From the organising team through to the marshals, timekeepers, rescue and recovery crews: without them we could not go rallying. After the first four rounds of the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship, I am absolutely delighted with the way the championship is evolving. Great entries, fierce competition, sporting atmosphere and a real sense of fun are the key features of the championship and we are already working on plans to continue developing the championship in 2014 and beyond. I’m looking forward to another great day’s rallying on the Red Kite Stages! With best regards Colin


The West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship 2013 6 Rounds


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The Championship Paul Lawrence Championship Press and PR Officer


arely a year ago, the West Wales R.A.C. Rally Championship was little more than an idea amongst a group of competitors. Yet now, as we head for round five, the Red Kite Stages, it is a thriving and growing part of British rallying. Colin Heppenstall, the man behind the Roger Albert Clark Rally, is the driving force for the series but says that it is competitor demand that was the catalyst for the development of the championship. “Competitors, many of them members of the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club, came to us and asked us to put a championship together,” said Heppenstall. “We consulted with a range of interested parties and have had excellent support from the MSA. Cars in Categories One, Two and Three are running in full accordance with the current MSA historic regulations and we are accommodating a range of other cars, including those from the early 1980s, which is set to become the next chapter in the story of historic rallying.” The Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club has developed the championship, which focuses on historic rally cars complying with MSA historic regulations. But, significantly, it is also opening up the chance for the next generation of cars to join the historic fraternity. Following the unfortunate cancellation of Rally North Wales, the 2013 championship is running over six one-day gravel rallies in England, Scotland and Wales. The championship caters for cars from MSA historic Categories One, Two and Three as well as cars prepared to FIA Appendix K. Additional classes accommodate cars built up to the end of 1986 as well as other pre ’87 cars that do not fully comply with historic regulations.


The Championship... More than 60 crews lined up in Newtown for the first round back in March and the quality of historic entry was described as the best ever seen for a British championship event. The final count showed over 35 BDA/BDG engined Escorts in a field that also includes cars from Lancia, BMW, Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo, VW, Singer, Opel and Talbot.

Of course, this is still early days for the R.A.C. Rally Championship, for the Red Kite Stages is still only the fifth event in the story. But what is already clear is that competitors and spectators are giving the championship a big thumbs' up. The future is very bright indeed!

Paul Lawrence


The Red Kite Stages Round Five Sunday 8th September 2013 Five Special Stages, all new for 2013 45 Special Stage Miles


West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship TV Partners


Rally Introduction Gareth Thomas, Clerk of the Course


elcome to this the 2013 Red Kite Historic Stages and this our new date for this year due to the unforeseen cancellation earlier in the year.

Once again we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued backing in these difficult times, and the competitors for their support in making the Red Kite Stages a friendly, no-nonsense event with classic stages around the Llandovery area. We would also like to welcome registered competitors in the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Rally Championship. Our commitment has been not to cancel the event but postpone it due to the atrocious weather that affected the original date in January. We hope that all that entered will now re-enter along with others to make the event a success. We hope to see you for a good day’s motorsport on the 8th September 2013. The Organising Team Amman and District Motor Club

PREVIOUS WINNERS 2007 Terry Brown/Paul Willetts (Ford Escort Mk2) 2008 Julian Reynolds/Ian Oakey (Ford Escort RS 1800) 2009 Terry Brown/Den Golding (Ford Escort Mk2) 2010 Terry Brown/Martin Jones (Ford Escort RS) 2011 Julian Reynolds/Ian Oakey (Ford Escort Mk2) 2012 Not held Regulations are available on our website.:


Driver Profile:Marty McCormack


he driver at the head of the West Wales Rally Spares R.A.C. Championship is a true ace in a Ford Escort Mk2. We chatted to Marty McCormack about the 2013 season.

After a meteoric rise to fame is his native Northern Ireland and in historics over here, McCormack battled his way up the modern rallying ladder. He won the British Junior Championship, competed with Citroen, won the Ulster Rally outright and competed in a Super 2000 in Corsica when he stood in for the injured Patrick Flodin. But the sorry state of the European economy dealt his career a massive blow and he sat out most of the 2012 season trying to find a budget. At the end of the year he decided to return to the Roger Albert Clark Rally in the Ford Escort Mk2 that had first propelled him into the spotlight. The result was an epic, and ultimately victorious, battle with Steve Bannister, which was only settled on the final stage of a gripping three-day rally. Shropshire-based co-driver Phil Clarke was a key part of the success.

“Gareth Lloyd from West Wales Rally Spares put me in touch with Phil and said he was the guy I needed,” said Marty. “We hit it off from the start and we’ve been good friends ever since. He is a class act. On the RAC last November we just came back with a bang and it was an incredible fight with Steve Bannister.“ “This year I’ve just been taking it as it goes. I’m still trying to chase a few things with the modern rallying. I’ve not given up by any means, but there are not many supported drives out there. At the end of the day, I am a realist. I’m

13 27 now and if something doesn’t happen soon, it’s not going to happen. “ “I’d like to be doing WRC2 in a R5 car: that’s what I need to be stepping into. There’s no way the family and the business can do that, but we can go and run the Escort comfortably, so it’s not a bad life and I have a lot of fun. I was very disappointed last year, but this year I see what I have and I’m very grateful for it. I really enjoy driving the Escort.” “I plan to keep on rallying for a long time. I have good

sponsors for the Escort, including Kumho tyres and John Moynihan Rallying. Alan Sherwood has been an absolute gem with the engines. I couldn’t do it without them. I love my rallying. There’s nothing better than going down a stage in a rally car with the Escort dancing around!” See Marty and Phil in action again on the 8th September it should be another exciting watch.

Marty was talking to Paul Lawrence

14 Day

Event Schedule Time


Additional Info

July: - Regulations available and entries open. Entries Close 7th September Saturday


Service Park Opens

R.A.C. Hospitality & Media Desk open


Noise Check / Scrutineering

*Function Room Castle Hotel

Documentation opens*


Noise Check / Scrutineering

R.A.C. Hospitality & Media Desk Closes

7th September


Documentation closes Sunday


First car leaves the start at Llandovery Mart Ground

R.A.C. Hospitality and Media Desk re-opens

Spectator Stages


SS1 Crychan

The running order for the Red Kite is as follows.

See Pages 16 / 17 for details


SS2 Cefn Llwydlo


Service Llandovery Mart

8th September

SS3 Details not published 12:01

Service Llandovery Mart


SS4 Crychan 2


SS5 Cefn Llwydlo 2


Service Llandovery Mart

The Historic competitors will complete one loop of stages, whilst the modern cars complete a separate loop. And then this will be reversed. The organisers thank you for attending and hope that you have had a great day’s sport. Come back and see us ion the Championship in 2014

SS6 Details not Published 15:22

1st Car Finishes


Prizegiving Castle Hotel Llandovery


Rally HQ Closes

R.A.C. Hospitality and Media Desk closes, see you next time!


Spectator Information Control / Stage



Historics MC 1






Cefn Llwydlo






Cefn Llwydlo





(Same Stages as above different Stage Numbers).





Cefn Llwydlo






Cefn Llwydlo


N.B. A Trophy rally will be added to both events to allow competitors who have the misfortune to retire on stages 1 & 2 to continue on the event from stage 4. They will only be eligible for any award in the Trophy rally and not in the event they have entered. Full details will be included in the Final Instructions.

Please note that rallies are often held in remote locations therefore, if you are spectating on this event we strongly advise you to download the spectator guide before heading into the forests, as there may not be a strong mobile signal at all localities. The organisers cannot be held responsible for the lack of mobile device coverage to enable downloading.


Spectator Route


Spectator Stage Maps


Event Preview Coming Soon! Event Preview and full entry list will be added once seeding has been completed


Seeded Entry List Coming Soon! Event Preview and full entry list will be added once seeding has been completed





The Championship Team would like to thank All the Marshals, Competitors, and Helpers - we couldn't do this without you.

All that remains for us to say is we look forward to welcoming you to this event. Let’s all hope for a safe and enjoyable weekend’s sport. Please comply with all marshals instructions Please take your litter home and keep the forests clean for everyone!

Regular results updates will be available throughout the event on

Twitter @Amcrallyresults

Red kite spectator guide v1 0 22 08 13  
Red kite spectator guide v1 0 22 08 13