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TEK Three: Transfer of Experience & Knowledge

What is TEK Three?

TEK Three is an integrated training program that combines interactive class work, customized scenario simulators, and continuous training opportunities and support to help an organization reach its full potential. The program uses the expertise that already exists within an organization to train employees to become more efficient and better decision makers. • 910.478.5400

What You Could Reduce Human if Error in Your Organization? Human error due to poor decisions costs organizations time and money. An effective decision maker has the ability to quickly evaluate situations, assess possible outcomes and then make the decision that best resolves the situation. With proper training, decision making is a skill that can be practiced and improved upon. TEK Three Onsite Workshops The purpose of the Time Critical Decision Making Program is to help individuals and teams better understand how good teams solve problems in a crisis. Our emphasis is on team thinking and decision making. The TEK Three method uses scenario based training to help individuals and teams practice decision making while allowing for hands on application of the methods being taught. Participants in the program will learn: • The Advanced Team Decision Making Model • Team Decision Making Skills • How To Reduce Error Through Team Work • Conflict Resolution • And more…


Decision Scenario Simulator An important element to the TEK Three program is a self-paced Web-based training tool called the Decision Scenario Simulator. The Decision Scenario Simulator is customized to your organization so that your employees are getting the experience of making time-critical decisions on scenarios they could encounter in real life. Each employee has personalized access to work through scenarios, learn from expert decision makers, debrief with trainers and learn as a team.

The Team Leader selects an existing scenario or creates a new one and assigns it to his/her team

Team Members receive an email alerting them to the scenario and the deadline

Team Members log on at their convenience, read the scenario and answer the questions

Team Members review answers from their teammates and enter the forum for further discission

Team Leader hosts a brief meeting in which the scenario and responses are discussed

Workshop Facilitators

TEK Three Solutions workshop facilitators come from backgrounds in healthcare, aviation, education and the United States Military.

Among them is the leader, Matt Currin. Matt served 14 years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as one of the first fleet aviators to fly the V-22 Osprey. Currin developed and implemented an Aviation Training initiative for the V-22 TEAM LEADER

Osprey. Currin’s program transformed the way the

Marine Corps trained all aircrew for the V-22 and CH-53E. Currin was the lead Project Manager for Implementation and Training for the 48 million dollar Department of Defense contract. Today, Currin is a leading consultant for many leaders in a variety of industries as well as the Department of Defense. He is a subject matter expert in: • Time Critical Decision Making • Managing Risk and Resources • Communication • Teamwork • Command and Control within the structure of a team • Information exchange and questioning • Human error and avoidance • Scenario based training • Briefing / debriefing He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UNC – Greensboro. He resides in Winston-Salem, NC with his wife Tisha, and three children. • 910.478.5400

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