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PRELEASE APPLICATION & AGREEMENT APPLICANT NAME (first/middle/last): ______________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________________ PHYSICAL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________ BIRTH DATE: __________________________________________________________________________ SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: ______________________________________________________________ DRIVER’S LISENCE NUMBER (and state issued in): _____________________________________________ MONTHLY INCOME (salary/student loans/child support/alimony/grants/stipends):___________________ WILL YOU NEED A COSIGNER (if yes, indicate name/phone/email address)? ________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT (name/phone/email) ________________________________________________ HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? __________________________________________________________ MOVE IN DATE: ________________________________________________________________________ NUMBER OF BEDROOMS NEEDED: ________________________________________________________ WILL YOU HAVE A PET (please indicate breed/weight if applicable): ______________________________ PREFERENCES (floor, building, floorplan type, direction, etc.): ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ The undersigned _______________________________________________ ( Applicant ) and Affiniti Management Services ( Landlord ) agrees as follows: 1. Applicant(s) shall pay to Landlord $100 as a nonrefundable i(f application approved ) admin fee and $30 for an application fee (non-refundable) for 800 South Apartments, located at 830 S Robberson, Springfield, MO 65806 ( Premises ) 2. If the application for occupancy submitted by Applicant is approved by Landlord, then Applicant must enter into a written lease agreement with Landlord for the Premises within seven (7) days. If Applicant(s) refuses or fails for any reason to enter into a written lease agreement with Landlord for the Premises, then Landlord may retain all the pre-paid fees. 3. If the application for residency submitted by Applicant is rejected by Landlord, then the $100 admin fee will be returned to Applicant by mail postmarked within 30 days of Landlord's denial of Applicant's application for residency.

Applicant Signature: ____________________________________

Date: _______________________

Landlord Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _______________________

Affiniti prelease application 2018  
Affiniti prelease application 2018