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Lakeshore Living in the Okanagan 32


Staging and Designing Tips


Southwind at Sarsons


South Bay Landing


Royal Treatment


Furnishings Make the Home


Outside With Flair


Cypress Point at Black Mountain Golf Course


Wood Lake Villas


Nelson Homes


The Pool Life


Destination Homes


Life at Gallagher’s Canyon


The Rise


Crystal Heights


Gallagher Lake Village Park


Okanagan Real Estate Review


Denis on Design




Giving Back





Publisher: Raymond F. Oelrich

Pure Granite Rocks!


Phantom Screens–BC Interior


Kelowna Klosets


The Roofing Store


Flooring Canada


Milgard Windows


Culligan Water


Aluminum F/X


Fanny’s Furniture

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Retraction: On page 29 of the Spring issue we inadvertently used a photo in the Claymasters story that belonged to Leonard Trump from Clay Interiors. Sorry for the confusion. Okanagan HOME Magazine makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes; however, it cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions to story, ad or photo content. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, including distribution by any electronic method, including email, website or other distribution without the written consent of the publisher. Upon publication, Okanagan HOME Magazine acquires Canadian Serial Rights and copyright to all content included in this issue.



HOME Summer 2011


$ A

tion on page 4 verifies the photo, the rightful owner and my official apology, even though I did not insert it. But as publisher I am responsible. Ironically we also had one (now former) client submit an ad of someone else’s work, knowing full well they themselves did not do the work. They DID take the photo, which somehow made it OK to send to us for insertion, pretending it was their work. When I heard of this I asked the client, and at first they denied it, but finally admitted it was not their work, so I banned them from any further publication. I will do this with anyone that is dishonest about representing their work in their ad. To this end, now all client’s ads and photos will be verified, to the best of our ability, to assure our readers the advertiser’s work is fairly represented in print, and it is their own.

ll of us buy, rent, lease or occupy real estate in this world. All of us! Everyone on Earth lives in some sort of home; whether it is a single family, multifamily or other type, we all have one. For most, it is a combination of bedrooms, bathrooms and ‘living rooms’, which make up the home we live in. Some are large and grand, others smaller and simple, yet we all have a home. For the less fortunate their ‘home’ may be a spot under a bridge with no roof overhead, but even among the homeless, some parcels are more valuable and desirable than others. I spent some time in Africa a decade ago and marvelled at how peaceful a family felt, living in a small shack, in a shantytown of similar shacks, all with earthen floors. These homes were 20 ft. square, or about 400 square feet, a little MOVING smaller than the average two car garage in Kelowna, holding entire families in one room. Most had many children playing in the ‘yard’ as the mother hung up laundry to dry overhead. I would say on average they made less than $50 a month, considered a good wage in that part of the world. The average family in that country has nine members living in a one-room home. Most did not ‘own’ the home or land, we truly never do, despite what the records show. We just occupy it, in a way controlling the use and title, but in the end someone else will live there 100 or 1,000 years from now anyway, and we won’t even know their name. Even the prisoner in jail occupies space; ‘For the place I stay, with part of my life I pay,’ but he or she too occupies space on Earth. The point is, enjoy your space, inside or out, owned or rented; it is your home, so make it the best one possible to enjoy for as long as you live there. Like some of our clients, I too sell ‘real estate space’, but in a publication, to the advertisers that support us. The magazine you are holding cost us on average one dollar each to print and distribute. This issue marks the first time we printed 100,000 copies, and our total cost is over $100,000, so since you got it for free, please support those that supported us. Call them, visit their stores, models or showrooms, tell them how much you like their products, buy something, and help jump-start the Kelowna economy. Embrace your home, improve it, enhance it, and make it special, no matter who holds the title. One last point needs to be mentioned. Sometimes we inadvertently use the wrong photos in a story. It happens and the last issue had one client’s photo used in another client’s story. I apologize to both. The retrac-






Visit our Award Winning Show Homes Today! Located in the Heart of Old Glenmore, walking distance to the lake and cultural district.









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11 SILVER TOMMIES Valux Homes Ltd. and the Bridges at Glenview Pond team are honoured to have received 11 Silver Tommie Awards for the Final Phase of this exciting project. Bridges at Glenview Pond is comprised of 34 single family homes with 27 of the homes backing directly onto a private park with 2 ponds and a creek. The homes are custom designed to compliment each client’s unique desires and lifestyle with the exterior architecture mimicking the heritage homes of the past.




1358 Glenview Avenue, Kelowna, BC



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come through the of 2011 and the reugh less than specicate that a change strate what is hapventory levels, unit n median prices. At the end of the first quarter there were 1,524 homes for sale compared with 1,567 in the first quarter of last year (-2.7%). The inventory of apartment strata numbered 945 compared to 1,091 last year (-13%). Townhouses had 493 units compared to 449 last year (+9.8%). Over all, this year’s 3,583 residential units were less than last year’s first quarter inventory by 4%. The number of units sold was down for the quarter from the same period last year. There were 404 single family homes sold in the quarter compared to 453 in the same period last year (-10.8%). There were 147 apartment strata sales in the time period compared to 174 last year (-15%). Fewer town homes sold as well with 106 this quarter compared to 130 (-18%). It is clear that even though selection has been good and rates have been stable, the buyer is waiting for

the right moment to pounce on a deal. This quarter, $292 million has been spent on residential real estate compared to $348 million in the first quarter of 2010. The money in this market seems to watching this event from the bleachers waiting for a signal to get in to the game. Markets turn when the rate of change either becomes extreme and unsustainable or slows to nothing. Examination of the median prices shows the median house price this quarter has dropped from $432,000 to $424,000 (1.85%). The strata apartment has dropped from $233,750 to $232,000 (-0.64%). The town home median has dropped from $320,000 to $316,000 (-1.35%). All of these rates of change are almost negligible and are approaching zero. The large adjustments and bumps have already happened. For example, if one waited from March of 2010 until now to purchase an apartment condo they would have saved less than $2,000 while paying rent for one more year! Our market lacks some of the fundamentals driving the newsworthy Vancouver market so our buyers lack the same sense of urgency that exists in the urban environment. The urgency will appear when the change in median price goes positive. When will that happen? It’s getting closer and closer and when it does we will no longer be “bumping along the bottom.” (





am often asked what the home design process is and when the designer should get nvolved. No two home design projects are the same, but the fundamental process ed in designing your home will follow a al format. ally, even before the lot is purchased, you should schedule a design consultation meeting. An exceptional design emerges from the natural setting and special characteristics of a lot and an experienced designer can identify the potential and limitations of a building site. By examining the orientation of the sun, driveway approach, views, soil conditions, site services, and unique site-specific features, a designer can assess the compatibility of the lot and your design preferences. Also, consulting a designer before you purchase a lot will ensure that you are aware of regulatory setbacks, building restrictions, and other limiting factors before they impede the design of your home. In addition, a design consultation meeting may alter your ideas of what your home will look like. Collect images that capture the styles that appeal to you, but allow the designer to offer original ideas. Flexibility during the preliminary design stages will ensure that your home does not become another reproduction. Rather than

imitating a pre-existing design, let your lot influence the design solutions. It is important to create a list of the rooms that you require and to identify their primary functions, as well as to outline your current lifestyle, family demands, foreseeable future transitions, budgetary limits, and investment goals. With this information, your designer will be able to implement your specific requirements and tailor your design. Only after the facility programming has been established, bubble and flow diagrams can be created to identify space relationships. Following these are concept drawings and scaled preliminary designs, which will eventually evolve into a 3-D model. At this point the design remains fluid and can be adjusted to suit. Once the preliminary design is approved, the necessary consultants, such as geotechnical and structural engineers, will assist in the development of the design until a permit set of drawings are completed. The final stage of the design process is to create the complete working drawings, wherein refined details like window and door schedules, millwork elevations, electrical and lighting plans, and stair and railing details etc. are included. There is no cost or obligation to have an initial consultation with a designer. I encourage you to involve a designer in your project as early as possible to ensure the realization of its potential. (



HOME Summer 2011






ater damage has actually taken over fire as the number one cause for insurance claims. So – how can you protect yourself and your home? The most important tip is for you and your entire family to know where the main water shut-off valve is located and how to shut off household water supplies in the event of a sudden pipe or hose break. Check it annually to make sure it is operational. Inside Your Home: Water leaks can happen anywhere but occur most frequently in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Hot Water Heater – Most water heaters last 10 to 15 years. Check yours for leaks and corrosion. Rust is a sign of imminent tank failure. Hot water heaters should be installed on the lowest level of the home and always located next to a floor drain. If installed above or adjacent to finished spaces, they should be placed inside a drain pan which is piped to the floor drain. Washing Machine – Inspect hoses regularly for wetness around

hose ends and signs of bulging, cracking or fraying. Replace the hose if a problem is found or every three to five years as part of a regular maintenance. Steel braided hoses have a longer lifespan than other types. Leaving the water on when not in use places the washing machine hoses and valves under constant pressure. Dishwasher/Refrigerator – Periodically check under dishwashers and refrigerators (ice/ water dispenser models) to see if the hose connection to the water supply line is secure and not leaking. Check for evidence of leaks. Look for discolored, warped, or soft flooring materials or water damage to nearby cabinets. Sink – Re-caulk around sinks paying attention to slow-draining pipes. This may indicate a partially blocked drain. Check the under-sink pipes for signs of leaks. Showers and Bathtubs – Discoloration or soft areas around floors and walls near showers or bathtubs may be your first indication of a leak. Check caulking at joints where the walls meet the floor or new sealant. If the shower walls or floor are tiled, a leak may develop if there are cracks or missing areas of grout. Never leave the house with dishwashers, washers or dryers still operating. Many homeowners have returned from holidays to find their washer hoses have burst, flooding their home (

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he description of a safe place to live can be dramatically different for everyone. For instance a safe place for women and children leaving an abusive relationship may be the Kelowna Women’s Shelter; for a sexually exploited youth it may be NOW Canada; for individuals experiencing homelessness perhaps Inn from the Cold. According to Wikipedia, the term “affordable housing” is used to describe dwelling units whose total housing costs are deemed “affordable” to those that have a median income. A commonly accepted guideline for housing affordability is a housing cost that does not exceed 30% of a household’s gross income. Habitat for Humanity and Society of Hope are a couple of organizations addressing the need for affordable housing in our community. Unfortunately, not everyone has a median income, for some affordable might be The Kelowna Gospel Mission. There are several organizations in our community that offer

people a safe, affordable place to live and in order to succeed they rely on help from their community. One way of contributing to organizations that work towards successfully securing safe, decent and affordable housing for people is through The Central Okanagan Foundation. We can facilitate gifts for donors to any registered charity. We establish endowment funds for legacy giving, memorial funds to pay tribute to a loved one, designated funds to benefit a specific charity and donor advised funds for those who want to be more involved! We can offer you advice on your contribution. We are connected to and knowledgeable about our community.


“For our own success to be real it must contribute to the success of others.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

THE TERRY FOX RUN FOR CANCER RESEARCH LOCATION: Mission Sportsfield in Kelowna (Lexington & Gordon) REGISTRATION: 10am working together


to outrun cancer

Bring your family, friends, dog & water bottle!

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 1 888 836-9786






ontracts of Purchase and Sale for real estate must be in writing. As lawyers, we unfortunately often see the contract after subjects are removed or very close to the closing day. Many “terms” are discussed between the parties or just assumed to apply, but never reduced to a written contractual term. These include such “terms” as the requirement for the seller to leave the property reasonably clean and free of trash, or the confirmation from the seller that the buyer may indeed put a pool in that backyard. What’s even more concerning is that sometimes the contract does not even set out important things like whether or not the price includes HST, is subject to HST or is HST exempt. Omissions such as these are the most common sources of disagreement and the remedy isn’t a simple one. If the parties cannot resolve the issue, they must walk away from the deal or complete the deal one way or the other.

This is often followed by a law suit. The legal rule is well established: if the term isn’t written into the contract, you cannot rely on it. So, the solution is just as simple: if it is important to you, ensure that it is in the contract. The same legal rule applies to changes. If something in the original contract is going to change, it must be in writing. For example, if the purchaser has a home inspection and asks the seller to fix certain minor issues, then if you don’t add this to the contract, you may not be able to enforce this against the seller if the seller does not make the fixes. While most people are honest, it is amazing how many times a verbal discussion is not remembered by both parties the same way. My rule of thumb – “a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”






ith the fluctuating cost of fossil fuels and a revitalized focus of the environment, it’s no wonder the home and business owners are increasingly turning to geothermal technology as the solution for their heating and cooling needs. Regardless of the weather conditions, how sunny it is or if the wind is blowing – geothermal energy is ready to be used, 365 days a year! So let’s review the numbers and environmental advantages. Return on Investment The energy cost savings of geothermal heat pumps can often pay back the purchaser’s initial investment in as few as five years. A home or business owner’s return on investment could be anywhere from 15-25 percent. Compare that with the increasingly popular solar energy alternative at 13 percent. Those who do their homework will quickly see that geothermal is a wise investment. Cost-Effective Geothermal technology can dramatically reduce annual costs for heating, cooling and hot water by as much as 75 percent

compared with ordinary furnaces and air conditioners. And who doesn’t want to save money these days? Eco-friendly Geothermal energy doesn’t generate pollution and doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some of the geothermal heat pumps on the market today are the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road. That’s significant incentive for environmentally-conscious home and business owners concerned about harmful greenhouse gases, having access to clean air and minimizing their ecological footprint. Energy Efficient Geothermal systems have always been touted for their energy efficiency and over time the technology has evolved to make them even more so. Some of the heat pumps on the market today have an energy efficiency rating of nearly 500 percent. For every dollar of electrical energy these pumps use, they generate almost five dollars of energy output to heat and cool a home or business. Reliable Geothermal systems are among the most reliable energy sources available on the market today. When installed correctly, they can provide home and business owners with years of comfort.


-BLFTIPSF Okanagan - J W J O H  J O  U I F

Photo courtesy of Campion Boats by Shaun Talbot



he Okanagan is defined by its lake; the long, silver sliver draws residents and tourists who marvel at its beauty and its moods, at the sun glinting off the water and storms that whip the water into foamy froth. While few of the people staring at the lake — whether from a park, their dock, through floor-to-ceiling windows or opened Nana doors — know Navaho chants, they know the feeling: “Beauty behind me, beauty before me, beauty Photo courtesy of Campion Boats above me, beauty below me, beauty all around me. ” Kelowna Valley Insurance ( cover keeps your beautiful things protected. A boutique insurance broker, they have access to major international insurers, and can provide coverage for unique property and liability exposures. “We even have four different boat insurers available so no hull value or speed will be turned down,” says Don Shidelka, branch manager. And then there’s the lake itself. “There’s beauty in front of you that changes,” said Jane Hoffman, a Realtor who has a home on the lake. “It gives back to you in some respects. People buy it (lakefront property) because

Photo courtesy of Campion Boats

it gives them a calming feeling; they gravitate to it to be in touch with nature because that lake is moving, and, like glass, reflecting. It’s like living on acreage — a huge acreage of water — but you don’t have to look after it. You wake up and go to bed with that water and various moods it gives you throughout the day.” Many of Hoffman’s clients are Albertans who once camped or RVed on the lake and now, having gained some affluence because of the oil boom, want to buy there. “They use it now and when they retire, they’ll live there full time. A lot of people who bought five years or 10 years ago and are retiring are upgrading their houses or tearing down and building their final home on the lake.” Some of those people call Denis Apchin president of Apchin Design Corp. ( Some of the award-winning designer’s favourite homes are on the lake, including one he lived in for three years before the client was ready to move from Toronto. “Most of my waterfront clients build vacation homes looking for a resort style living experience. They put in tennis courts, putting greens vanishing-edge pools, and spas. They enjoy being


connected to the lake not only for all the water sports but also for touring the valley by boat. They like to go to Naramata and Penticton, to visit wineries”. Some clients Apchin designed for have built elaborate outdoor kitchens and BBQ centers because they wanted to spend as much time as possible outdoors, watching the lake, feeling the breeze, and being in nature. Goddard Design’s intention is to “create a harmonious relationship between the natural surroundings and the experience of being in the house,” says Norman Goddard, owner. “Creating secondary views and spaces to balance and augment the primary view, layering circulation to create anticipation of the lake view, balancing different qualities of light, detailing exterior covered areas to provide a visual link to the surroundings all while respecting the subtle nature of the landscape–these are important in our work,” he says. And then there’s the water itself. Grayson Syryda gets clients up and down those cliffs. The owner of Silverspan Trams ( re-

places long, winding stairs with hillside elevators that allow easy access to the lake. “Flat land on the lakeshore is disappearing, so people are going to steeper incline stuff and they’re looking to us for a solution.” Syryda’s mentor, engineer Wayne Danforth, put in the first tram in 2002 when he was asked by a client if he knew how his wife, who had mobility issues, could get up and down the stairs. After Syryda graduated with a civil engineering diploma from Okanagan College, the Fort. St. John native went to work with Danforth, and shortly after bought the company. “It’s mainly an Okanaganonly kind of thing: they’re expensive, they’re lavish, but they’re not strictly for the wealthy because we have clients who strongly debated the benefits of our product before finally deciding it was the appropriate decision. It doesn’t make sense to put in stairs when you can get a lift.” Syryda said most of the trams are installed in summer homes, “but you wouldn’t know that by the size of the properties. They have things I can never dream of having. It’s a different kind of

0LBOBHBO)0.&4VNNFS living; it must be a nice kind of living.” Brenda Richardson saves Lakeshore clients valuable time so they can enjoy the lake and their vacation. “There are some pretty grand homes out there that aren’t even people’s primary residences,” said Richardson, co-owner of Synergy Landscape Design. ( “Those have a lot of charm and beauty and are, I imagine, peaceful places to live. “Typically, people who own those homes tend to do them up to live outdoors; it’s where they spend their time. There are more living rooms, if you will, out in the garden: fire-pit area, fireplace area, a place where they go down close to the lake. I’ve even seen some of them where they bring beds and sleep on the dock. They have kitchens along the waterfront. These are some unique homes and some have not been easy to do. They’re 300 feet up the cliff.” David Jurome of MacDonald Realty ( has been a Realtor in Kelowna for over 30 years. He grew up on the lake and learned first-hand the benefits of an active waterfront lifestyle.

“There’s always something to do on the lake. Most lakeshore property owners and their families are into boating, sailing, fishing and water sports in general,” Jurome says. “And when you’re not using it you enjoy the beautiful views and ambience of living next to the water. The lake offers a very desirable lifestyle and it’s the defining part of the Okanagan.” The long-time Realtor said many people who buy on the lake are prepared to pay a premium for lakeshore property as they value the lifestyle. They also see it as an excellent investment. “The supply of lakefront property is limited and as the valley population continues to grow in the future, demand will always be strong and this will put pressure on property value to rise. If you’re a long-term thinker, you know the demand factors will always be there and this makes lakeshore property a good investment.” Whether it’s a home, condo or recreational lakeshore property, it’s a great spot to invest. Market conditions have softened in the past couple of years and now there are some excellent opportunities to buy on the water.


Photo by Decorating Den






BY LISA M. ROBINSON Photo by Hunter Douglas

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind, as well as the body.” – Benjamin Franklin howing a home can be likened to having an interview with a prospective buyer. First impressions can mean everything, and the customer is always right. Therefore, preparation is key. The seller must be careful not to distract the buyer with clutter or unnecessary items. Cleaning, organizing, and storing unused items will make it easier for a viewer to see the home. Yard clean-up, repairs and minor renovations can also give a viewer a good first impression. You can either do the work yourself, or hire a professional home stager to come in and fix it up. As you approach your driveway, are there unsightly weeds, broken branches, or garbage lying around? Do you get the impression that the place is well looked after? Try picturing how it will look to someone driving by or coming to look. Mow lawns, trim hedges, remove weeds from along the driveway and walkways. Freshen up flower beds, spread flower pots around and up to the entryway to add colour. You can always take these with you when you move. If you are working and don’t have time, then hire a landscaper to keep up the lawn, or create something simple that will appeal to a potential buyer. Does the house need new siding or painting? Even washing the siding will improve the home’s appearance. Clean out and repair gutters. Make sure the front door is clean or newly painted, door bells and door knobs are repaired, and windows are cleaned, inside and out. Since the entryway is like the eye of the home as the viewer walks in, make sure coats are hung up, shoes are neatly stored, floors cleaned, and walls are washed or freshly painted. Light candles with the smell of fresh baked pumpkin pie or banana bread to welcome visitors. Having your floors professionally cleaned can make the viewer see that you care for your home, and get rid of unwanted stains and odours. Throughout your home, repair anything that is broken, or get rid of it. Replace light bulbs or outdated lighting fixtures. Clean, repair or replace counter tops. Paint, clean or fix cupboards or replace them. If you are thinking of renovating, the kitchen and bathrooms will add the highest resale value to your home, according to experts. Clean, repair, or replace old worn out furniture. Some furniture outlets actually rent furniture for a nominal fee. This might be a good idea if you were planning on getting rid of your old furniture anyway. Spruce up bedrooms and bathrooms with new bedspreads and towels. Clean off dressers and counter tops. Fresh cut flowers in a nice vase can add a special touch to a room. But there’s more to it than that.


Photo by Center Stage


Turtle Island Gallery - (, located in the heart of the cultural district in Kelowna, has been doing business for 15 years now, specializing in authentic beautiful northwest coast Aboriginal art. Owned by Georgette Johnson, the gallery features some of Canada’s foremost Native art: original paintings, limited edition prints, ceremonial masks, totem poles, stone and wood carvings . . . a feast for the senses—your’s and prospective buyers as well. Whether your style is contemporary or more traditional, Johnson will have something to compliment your home . . . and captivate your heart. Your home or room does not have to have a Native theme to it to display these gorgeous works of art. Bright colours and curved lines can fit any decor, and are conversation pieces.


Center Stage Decorating - Home staging is “the art of making a house feel like a home,� says Tammy Cunningham, owner of Center Stage Interior Decorating ( “Better than that, it can make a home look bigger, brighter, cleaner and more inviting if we didn’t have pets or kids or ‘real life’ getting in the way.� She says light coloured furniture and beautiful art and accessories, as well as everything having a place, are things that professionals can help with. “We depersonalize each space so there are no personal photographs and no personal clutter. Home stagers show off the home’s potential,� she explains. “Furniture is placed how the builder intended it, not to suit your own personal lifestyle. My favourite saying . . . ‘the way you live in your home is NOT the way you sell it!’�


0LBOBHBO)0.&4VNNFS Decorating Den Interiors - From the design concept to completion, a professional interior decorator can “save you valuable time and money,� says Arlene Marshinew of Decorating Den Interiors ( She has a few tips for helping you work with the decorator you choose: Do your homework! What are your colour preferences? Styles? Basic priorities? Look through design magazines. What catches your eye? Start a notebook or file of ideas you like best! Give some serious thought to your budget. Having some sort of guideline in place will save you valuable time. Think hard about your functional needs as well as your decorating desires for your rooms. Think about your functional needs as well as your decorating desires for your rooms. Working with a professional decorator should be a totally enjoyable process with a beautiful end result!

Olive Tree Designs - “It is rewarding to express ourselves, a feeling, or something as simple as a thought through design,� says Carley Sawka, Olive Tree Designs ( “A professionally staged home increases appeal to potential buyers and involves more than just a trip to your local hardware store. While staging will improve the look of your home, it is not only decorating but marketing a product. Staged homes often will appraise at a higher value and spend less time on the market than those that were not staged,� she says. “It addresses the psychological barriers to home buying and a skilled designer can create scenery that appeals to the senses. Designed decor does not need to be expensive to make an impact, especially if you focus on accents. Staging is an art of creating atmospheres that fosters the power of first impressions. It goes beyond de- cluttering and cleaning to ‘staging’ a space for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.�








Blinds by Design Nine - “Hunter Douglas is the leader in the window fashion industry,” tells Shirley Burton of Blinds by Design Nine ( “Blinds are functional for light control, privacy and energy efficiency, and offer aesthetic benefits visually and acoustically.” Great for staging. Hunter Douglas window coverings range from hard surface woods and aluminums to soft Sheer fabrics, silhouettes, luminettes, roman shades, duettes honeycomb and screen shades control the UV rays and maintain a view at the same time. “Custom-made draperies are the latest edition,” she says. “The latest colour and texture collection of fabrics make a fashion statement for today’s coverings while being an integral part of the home and add much value.” Blinds by Design Nine is a Dealer Select, Showcase, Centurion and Alustra dealer of Hunter Douglas window fashions, and Burton says she is able to assist the homeowner to make the best choice for the best value for window coverings for their home.

Dorothy’s Fine Art - Art is a lovely way to get a home ready for sale, or even just for you. “If you love the Okanagan landscapes,” says Dorothy Tinning of Dorothy’s Fine Art (, “and enjoy the scents, colours, textures and peacefulness and spiritual depth of our valley, then maybe an original paining or limited edition giclee on canvas is a consideration when decorating your home.” And Tinning would know. “As an artist, I like to represent natural space and colour at the same time. It is also important to create perspective that creates illusions of depth on a flat surface. “A great painting gives pleasure to the viewer, allows one to imagine and enjoy memories or associations regarding life at its best.” Tinning goes on, “Maybe it was the last time you stood on one of the hills of grasslands and sage, or paddled the lake, or picnicked in the grasslands. “Choosing art is a very personal endeavour and I always like to assist clients in making sure that one of my paintings really works in the space they have chosen.”




Grabs your attention, right? The obvious first question is, move on to what? Well we started our initial planning of Southwind at Sarsons ( way back in the last decade; in 2003 to be exact. The initial phase was occupied in 2007, and our second phase was wrapped up in 2009. So, why move on you might ask – well the market changed, and we are left with some remaining homes. We want to start the final phase of Southwind, or one of our other projects, like McKinley Landing, but before we feel comfortable to do that, we want to get a bunch of excited homeowners into our last remaining homes in the second phase of Southwind.




he good news is that there remains a great selection of homes available in the second phase for homeowners to choose from. Even better news is that these remaining homes have been re-priced to sell out in 2011, with savings on some suites over 50% from their initial 2008 launch pricing. Southwind is located in the exclusive Lower Mission neighborhood in Kelowna, British Columbia. A five-minute walk from

public beach access on Okanagan Lake, and a 10-minute walk from shopping and dining amenities. Southwind is ideally located for those who want the convenience or amenities and ‘lock and leave’ lifestyle, without being in a busy downtown environment. With one bedroom plus den from 846 square feet to lake view, and three bedroom penthouses as large as 2,263 sq.ft. the range of homes available is tremendous. These same homes have been the recipient of over 15 Tommie Awards – an award that is provided for excellence in a number of areas, presented by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association.


There is a reason why these homes have been recognized for excellence. Beginning with a location rich in history, great onsite amenities including an ozone pool and hot tub, gym and meditation gardens, no details were missed. High-end construction includes a two-, five- and 10-year warranty, geothermal heating and cooling included in your strata fees, premium finishes such as concrete topping on all floors, rough-sewn timbers used as exte-

rior accentuation, and solid one-inch granite counters in all suites that ensures homeowners longevity and durability in their new residence. From the Forest (, a Kelowna-based company specializing in reclaimed wood products and specialty glass materials, provided all the beautiful 10mm glass shower doors, and gorgeous mirrors throughout the Southwinds at Sar-



sons project. Beyond superb quality materials, From the Forest provides the finest in installation craftsmanship for stunning projects like Southwinds. The project features kitchen and bath cabinetry by Century Lane Kitchens of Kelowna (www.centurylane. net). Three finishes are offered on maple with two stain colours and an antique white lacquered product. A contemporary feel was created utilizing such details as 3” wide door rails, a simple flush crown molding and a framed panel detail on the backs and sides of the islands. All components manufactured in the Kelowna factory are machined on state of the art CNC machinery with finished staining and lacquering being performed on an automated flat spray line with a heated curing process. “The result is a strong, sturdy cabinet with an extremely consistent and beautifully finished final product,” says Century Lane’s Ward Quering. Neway Landscape did the Gold Tommie award-winning landscape. They did patio paving stones, deco-


rative retaining walls, landscape lighting and water features. To walk past it and have a peak shows it to look very well put together. Sawchuk Developments Co. Ltd. ( was brought in at the very outset of Southwind at Sarsons to work with the team that Green Projects had assembled for the project. By remaining present at each of the design phase meetings, they were able to provide continuous dialogue and feedback on design costs, constructability issues, timelines for construction and current market conditions. So, with all of this luxury that was designed for a 2007 market, but at 2011 prices you might be asking yourself, “wouldn’t the

product speak for itself, why are the edgy marketing slogans necessary?” The reason we have chosen the marketing slogans we have is that we are endeavoring on a ‘Sell the Truth’ campaign. In this particular case, we are excited to move on to our next project, but won’t until we have finished selling our homes in the second phase of Southwind. Apparently selling the truth is working, as beginning this campaign with 32 homes, we are proud to announce that we are just now doing a public launch with only 27 remaining. Five happy homeowners are proud to have received great homes at great prices in the past two weeks. So, please come by and see how you can move in, so we can move on.



HOME Summer 2011



lark Omand had skyscraper views while working as an investment banker in London, New York and Toronto, but he prefers the vision from his first-floor office in Vernon. He thinks it rocks. Omand owns Pure Granite Rocks! (, the 2009 Vernon employer of the year, which has worked on some of the best bathrooms and kitchens in B.C. While granite and quartz rock for a lot of people, the fastest growing part of Omand’s business is as engineered stone, such as eco and Glass2, which are high-performing Woodstyle Homes “Green” products made of recycled material. “We’re on the cutting edge of that right now. We’re setting up a new showroom in our manufacturing facility to showcase them.” After Omand, who earned his MBA in New York City, was transferred to Toronto, he knew it was time to move on and started looking for a small business. Luckily, because he loves the Okanagan, he heard about one in Vernon, and bought it five years ago. “I took a small, low-tech granite company, which employed

Huntington Developments

seven people to the most high-tech countertop fabricator in the Okanagan Valley, currently running at 23 employees.” While most of the work is done by computerized machinery, old-fashioned, hands-on artisans do the finishing touches. The artistic melding of new and old techniques soon caught the eye of award-winning Okanagan builders. “In 2008, we installed countertops into six projects that won Tommies. In 2010, we worked with two kitchens that picked up Tommies and in 2009, in addition to the Tommies, we had two projects that went on to win province-wide recognition in the form of CHBA Georgies, including one that took “Best Kitchen in BC over $100k.” That kitchen is in a house built by Woodstyle Homes of Vernon, which has also won 15 Tommies. Owner Donovan Imbeau picks Pure Granite Rocks! because of the customer service and product selection. “They go out of their way to make sure it works out. Clark is always working to make the company better, but it’s also his personality: you can tell he’s a passionate guy who enjoys what he’s doing.” While Omand likes winning award-winning projects, he’s also happy helping someone pick out a vanity for a bathroom reno.



HOME Summer 2011



llow yourself the benefit of living in your outdoor retreat without the hassle of insects or solar glare. Since 1992, Phantom Screens ( has provided retractable screening solutions to its customers and is now a supplier of motorized Executive Screens for use on decks and patios, as well as for use in large window applications for sun and heat control. Ron Somers, vice president of sales and marketing at Phantom Screens, says, “We have always

placed high value on Phantom’s ability to give our customers premium quality customizable retractable screen solutions that perfectly fit their home and lifestyle.” The people of the Okanagan Valley are fortunate to have Levon Symonds as their authorized distributor, having 13 years experience with Phantom Screens. He helps customers in their research and purchase of their own motorized screens. “In the Okanagan, it is quite common for people to want the large motorized Executive Screens to enclose their decks and patios to protect from sun and insects, Symond says. “Wind and sun sensors combined with timers make it easy to leave the screens unattended while yyou play out on the lake or work, and come home afterward to a shaded, bug-free environment where you can enjoy your BBQ aand relax.” Although charcoal and grey are the most common ccolours chosen, there are many other colours available as well. “With the many different types of architecture in the Okanaggan, motorized Executive Screens can be planned for and placed in new buildings, or major remodels using a recessed implementa tation. This means that the mechanisms and side tracks of the sc screens are completely hidden without affecting the architectural aaesthetics of the building. When you are not using the screens, th they can be retracted into the housing without disrupting the vview,” Symonds says.


HOME Summer 2011

When a client wants Phantom retractable screens, but does not want to disrupt the existing building structure, the screens can be surface mounted in a protective housing that is carefully matched to the architecture of the building. When not in use, they are completely retracted into the housing out of view and harm’s way. Symonds says, “Executive Screens can be integrated into every type of architectural style, including wood, brick, stucco, natural stone and concrete.” These screens are able to cover a single opening up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet high, and as small an opening as 27 inches in width with heights depending on the particular application. There are many different levels of sun control and openness factors to choose from for any particular setting or situation. They are easy to maintain and store, they reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption, and give the clients extra privacy while not compromising the use of natural daylight, ventilation,


or views of the surrounding area. Phantom retractable screen solutions have a limited lifetime warranty and are known for their after-sales support. While the majority of screening requests are residential, they have also completed commercial projects in the Kelowna area such as the Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Honda car dealership, and Schell Dental Ceramics. Ron Somers tells customers: “We don’t just sell screens, instead, we help our clients merge indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing and promoting the exterior living experience while blending the home and landscape around it. We have always placed high value on Phantom’s ability to give our customers premium quality, customizable retractable screen solutions that perfectly fit their home and lifestyle.” With such dedication to quality and service, Phantom Screens is a first choice solution to your screening needs.




)0.& 4VNNFS up from Penticton and breaks around my house; you can see the storm front coming up. We have a whole variety of birds and fish; it’s a naturalist’s dream living here. It’s quite a beautiful development. I think Tom would be pleased. It’s a very special place.” The waterfront community—with a private sandy beach, lakeside salt-water pool and hot tub, clubhouse with a gym and games rooms—is a gated neighbourhood close to schools, shops and restaurants. Every house has boat moorage and shares in the beauty of the lush landscape and lake side setting. The 30 homes in South Bay Landing were custom built by Kelownabased Rykon Developments, which also built Manteo Resort in Kelowna and the Sonoma Pines subdivision in West Kelowna. Koeda Hardwood Floors ( is the local business that did amazing flooring at South Bay Landing. Koeda combines expert workmanship with the finest products and customer satisfaction as its guiding principle. “We handcraft and custom make wide plank hardwood floors using environmentally friendly European hard wax oil as the finish. Koeda is much like a chef with no specific menu, creating your signature dish,” says Phil Taneda, of the company. “We spend time with the client to find out exactly what they want using their input and imagination and working with them to make it all come together. The company is known for having a personal feel and creates a sample first adding texture, distressing, hand scraping and even acid etching the wood to create wonderful unique one-of-a-kind floors for each customer.” South Bay Landing enchanted the Realtors originally hired to market it; Jane Hoffman and Kristy Huber of Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Group (, worked alongside the developer, Adrian Block, and were drawn into the magical subdivision when it was still raw land.

“I loved that property,� Jane says. “It was unbelievable to market; it was such a beautiful property. Through the whole process, I kept saying to myself, ‘I should have a place here,’ but I didn’t want to stand in the way of other people because there was such a high demand. Every day I went to that property, it re-inforced what an amazing lakeshore site it was. But when one of my clients decided not to proceed, I thought, ‘this is my opportunity.’� While Kristy fell under South Bay’s spell as well, she was apprehensive about buying because she thought most buyers would be retired, or looking for a vacation home. “I wasn’t sure that I, with a young family, would fit in. There was some hesitation, but it’s in a great neighbourhood with access to Anne McClymont Elementary and I quickly found out other young families were identifying with the proximity to amenities and I thought this would be a good investment. It’s easy care; you just lock up and go.� As for the owners at South Bay, Kristy comments: “Some owners live here year around and other come and go throughout the year. It’s an ideal summer-vacation

spot without the maintenance.� One of the designers in the project was Felix Westerkamp from Bauhaus Designs ( who designed a dozen of these fine homes. While Jane lives on the lake, Kristy’s house is just steps away. “It would be lovely to see that water, but you can walk 50 feet and sit on the beach.� Says Kristy, “We have the use of all the amenities and access to the beach and waterfront.� When you step inside each of these homes, you are reminded that each is custom built and unique. Jane Hoffman Group is currently marketing 4 homes in South Bay Landing ranging in price from $1,799,000 to $2,595,000 and each will attract a different type of buyer. Truly setting South Bay Landing apart from other gated communities, is the state-of-the-art wharf that offers boat moorage for each home. “It’s a special thing to be able to walk out of your front door and step onto your boat for an evening cruise down the lake� says Kristy. “Very few lakeside communities offer this convenience - it’s what makes South Bay so desirable.�


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Royal 40


HOME Summer 2011

Treatment B y

R a y m o n d

P h oto g r a p he d


o e l r i c h

S h aw n

Ta l b ot

“For a man’s house


HOME Summer 2011


any men make their home a castle, but how many build two castles side by side 30 years apart? Not many, but one unique couple did just that. They bought not one, but two fine view lots on Mount

Royal, built their first home in 1983, the second, on the adjoining lot just last year. Both homes were built by owner Ron Bartz, the former owner of Glenmore Millwork, located at the base of Knox Mountain. Ron was so impressed with the area he bought two lots, side by side and saved one to build on later. Both homes were designed by Denis Apchin ( nearly three decades apart.

is his castleâ&#x20AC;?

- Sir Edward Coke




HOME Summer 2011

“Ron and Evelyn owned Glenmore Millwork in 1980 when they supplied the windows and interior doors for the first house I designed and built in Kelowna” Denis said as we talked over coffee about his four-decade career in home design and building in Kelowna. “Glenmore Millwork ( continued to supply numerous houses for me in the coming years. I assume Ron and Evelyn liked my plans that were coming across their desk so when it came time for them to build their own house in 1983 they hired me to design their house. Ron originally bought two lots side by side in the Mount Royal subdivision and held

the second lot all this time. Then during Christmas 2008 Ron approached me to design their new house on their adjoining lot. I was very honoured and grateful for the opportunity to design their second home.” “Denis designed my first home 28 years ago and I am very happy with his designs,” owner Ron Bartz agreed. “The first house was a unique design for its time however it has become somewhat dated by the use of materials of the time,” Denis added. “The new design has a Prairie influence with large functional overhangs and is more timeless in design. There was a challeng-


HOME Summer 2011

ing cross slope on the curved corner lot so the decision was to make the driveway approach from the lowest point of the lot and set the main floor elevation so a second garage could be built under a suspended concrete slab of the main garage,” Denis explained as he showed me the photos of the second home, pointing out various features of the second home. He pointed out the upper and lower garage can park seven vehicles inside without looking out of place in the neighbourhood. The new home features 18 rooms with several bedrooms and six bathrooms in a total of 5,200 sq. feet. DF Robinson Construction was the contractor that built the lat-


ter home with Ron. “I believe in having hands-on approach as a contractor, so that I can ensure quality craftsmanship to the home owner’s specifications every step of the way,” said builder Duncan Robinson. “From the site excavation to the construction of the 16’ tall back concrete walls, the finished product is well worth the challenge posed by the ideal siting of this home. Strong relationships and communication with the home owners, architect and sub-trades were the key for this project to become the home it is today,” Duncan confirmed. “Yes, the house has a traditional feel with modern convenience



HOME Summer 2011

and melds in with the architecture of the neighbourhood,” Ron added. The home has a self-cleaning, energy efficient glass wine cellar, granite counters, state-of the art kitchen with warming ovens, cooling drawers, high efficiency stove and oven and fridge. “It was our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Ron and Evelyn in contributing all the granite work in their

dream home” Gerry said about their home. Stone Quest Granite ( is proud to stock the largest selection of some of the most premium quality granite in the Okanagan. “Evelyn and her designers were very hands on with deciding what granite to go with as well as the lay-out of it. They were here at our shop so often that we joked about offering them part time employment”. “We realize that there is much more to granite and engineered stone than people may know, and our knowledgeable staff tries to make every customer as educated as possible so that in the end they are happy and comfortable with the decision they have made. We are sincerely happy that Ron and Evelyn are pleased with the end result.” The Bartz agreed, “The work they did was just fantastic and we love the kitchen.” The cabinetry and millwork were done by Okanagan Classic Cabinets and Millwork (www.OkanaganClassicCabinet.blogspot. com) owned by Don Banman and Son-in-Law Matt Leveck.


HOME Summer 2011

“We considered it a privilege when the Bartz’s asked them to do some unique cabinetry in their new home,” Don said. “We feel we brought a wealth of experience into the equation in the production and installation of the Bartz job. “It was an awesome responsibility to bring the dreams and desires of the Bartz’s into functionality and affordability. The reward for us is when the job is complete as planned,” says Don, “because we produce and finish our own product we are very able to build what’s needed. We wish the Bartz’s many years of enjoyment in their new home.” This home has a very unique look to it on the exterior. Scooby’s Masonry did all of the masonry work on the home which contributed to that look. Their company was established in 2003. Chad Ivan, the owner of the company was born and raised in Kelowna. He learned the trade from his grandfather and uncle who were masons in Kelowna so masonry is in his blood. He specializes in high end projects with natural stones being the major-


ity of their work, which also includes any masonry need: cultured stone, brick, glass block and concrete blocks. “We did all of the interior and exterior rock work at the Bartz residence. The rock was a K2 stone product called Ocean Mist Ledge stone. We laid it with a tight fit joint in a horizontal manner,” said Chad. Both Bartz’ residences enhance the neighbourhood of Mount Royal and will always be a ‘castle fit for a king AND queen’ for decades to come.



)0.& 4VNNFS 




tep inside a tiny cottage nestled in an orchard or a majestic lakefront estate and take in your surroundings. Regardless of size, a homeownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s selection of furniture says a lot about them and their lifestyle. Furnishings and accessories are put together to create a roomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s character, which in turn gives you a glimpse into the character of those who live there. Are they laid back, artistic, active or formal? Do they love to congregate in a big kitchen or settle in on sumptuous leather chairs in front of a roaring fire? Is theirs a home designed for entertaining?




)0.& 4VNNFS

Bones & Stones Decor - is Kelowna’s most unique home decor store. From the moment you step in to our store, you’ll feel like you stepped back in time. Your eyes will be filled with wonder as you browse our incredible selection of minerals, fossils, fine art from local artists and you will also love our selection of unique jewellery. Bones & Stones Decor ( is a gem in the heart of Kelowna. For home and office decor and exquisite personal treasures, you will find fine art, natural jewelery and museum quality fossils and minerals. We carry a selection for the novice to the expert collector. Our home decor products are real conversation pieces. Looking for that WOW piece? It can be found at Bones & Stones Decor. New shipment of crystals and minerals has arrived! Kelowna’s finest crystals, minerals, and fossils are now on display at Bones & Stones Decor Ltd.

Pebblecreek Custom Design Furniture - “Once you choose the furniture pieces to build your room, the furnishings and accessories are what pull it together,” says Jennifer Seib of Pebblecreek Custom Design Furniture ( “Along with our 100% BC-made furniture, Pebblecreek carries a variety of home décor and accessories that make your house feel like home. From lighting and mirrors to artwork and décor, we have an array of items that will complement almost any home.” “We were able to furnish our beautiful home overlooking the lake with solid-wood furnishings that evoke the quality and craftsmanship of a by-gone era, but are definitely in keeping with the times,” says Carmen Schneider. “Jennifer helped me find lovely decorative pieces to finish it all off, blending effortlessly what we already had with items from Pebblecreek to create an environment that truly welcomes all who enter our home.”


)0.& 4VNNFS

Advantage Blinds -Since window coverings were invented, they have played an integral role in controlling the environments in our homes. They are an investment that needs to be functional and also fashionable. With all the different design styles and tastes it is important to choose a window covering that matches the dĂŠcor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When dealing with contemporary designs, it is favorable to choose a product that will maintain clean lines and an open feel,â&#x20AC;? says Colin Hsu of Advantage Blinds (www.advantageblinds. ca). â&#x20AC;&#x153;Screen shades are a very popular contemporary choice because of their excellent functionality and sleek appearance. With traditional designs, textured fabric selections are commonly seen because they have the ability to soften a space and make it feel cozier.â&#x20AC;&#x153;Just remember that while design is number one on the priority list, the proper window covering should also provide privacy, control heat and glare and provide views when needed. Window coverings not only determine how you see the world, but how the world sees you.â&#x20AC;?

In Style Home DĂŠcor -Mona Mueller at In Style Home Decor & Furnishings ( says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;We pride ourselves in carrying a wide variety of reasonably priced solid wood furniture to enhance your living space. From contemporary solid maple made in B.C., rustic beetle kill pine made locally, to rustic pine, alligator juniper and equipale imported from Mexico, In Style has a little something for every home. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whether renovating or redecorating, from end tables to magnificent live edge dining table up to 3â&#x20AC;? thick, we carry a wide variety of unique furniture pieces that compliment most decorating styles. We can also provide an extensive variety of accessories to enhance your home, yard and outdoor living space such as indoor and outdoor pottery, lighting, copper sinks and table tops, forged iron mirrors, metal yard art, weather-proof canvas art and talavera. In Style Home Decor & Furnishings is your interior designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best kept secret.â&#x20AC;?



-*"( *"( "'""'( (#"''$ .'"&(")"(#" " #!#&(  *"'$'(&#)"( "(+"#+#*&"'" ) '(&#"& (#"'$'+(#)& "('-$&#*"(#$%) (-$&#)(' ")"&'("" "('"*) "'


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Marshall’s Home Furnishings - James Marshall, proprietor of Marshall’s Home Furnishings (, says today’s look is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional designs. Marshall’s Home Furnishings has hundreds of designs that work well individually or mixed with other pieces. In place of the traditional matching seven-piece-bedroom-suite, for example, today’s bedrooms might include a fabric headboard and a media unit with drawers in place of a dresser. Living rooms can be pulled together with a variety of couches, chairs and accessories of varied colours, textures and sizes. Colours are an important backdrop for any furnishings. Hot wall colours include blue, browns, gray or gray-blue and taupe, to name a few. Furnishings, too, are full of colour. Look for couches and chairs in vibrant colours like orange, purple, yellow, red and green. A solid colour sofa will come to life with bright toss pillows. Marshall’s offers their on-site designers to work with clients to achieve the look they want. Almost everything can be customized, allowing you to dress up or down anything from a chair to an entire room. You can even mix and match different woods. “Regardless of the size of the home or the individual budget, you can freshen up a room. Coffee tables, occasional tables, fresh paint and a few new accessories can accomplish that with ease,” says Marshall.


)0.& 4VNNFS



hether in the planning stages for building, or just renovating, Kelowna Klosets ( will help you organize your home or business. Bedrooms, pantries, offices, storage rooms and garages are just some of their specialties. For total home organization, Kelowna Klosets works directly with the customer. They will either come to your home for an estimate, or work from your blue prints to create storage spaces that fit your lifestyle and needs. Craig and Linda Jaffray, owners of Kelowna Klosets, handle the sales, design and installation, and oversee all company operations from Vernon to Osoyoos. Craig Jaffray says that with the large degree of variation in quality of melamine furniture board on the market, “We have made a choice to use only the best board available for qual-

ity and strength, as well as extremely low emissions, and from companies that have sustainable forestry practises. As well we only use seventy-five inch melamine board as it is stronger and looks better.” A wide range of finishes, colours, hardware, and accessories are available to customize closets and storage areas to suit tastes and budgets. Some ideas for customers are fold-down ironing boards, slide out mirrors, belt and tie racks, and wine and spice racks. Jaffray confidently says they guarantee their products for as long as the customer owns them. Kelowna Klosets “specialize in total home organization, with a variety of wood and wire finishes to suit any lifestyle and budget. We’ve been organizing the Okanagan for over 10 years, and have the experience and expertise to handle almost any project. Our installers are very experienced and professional, and our finishing practices are above and beyond industry standards. Our installers also have the ability to do on site modifications and customization that most other companies can’t do.”

Living g 7



)0.& 4VNNFS

Sun Country Furniture - Carol Dodge, the founder and president of Sun Country Furniture (www.suncountryfurniture. com), has been traveling around the globe for the last 16 years in the search of the most skilled craftsman and artisans to secure the highest quality and most compelling outdoor furnishings available. Often called the “furniture hunter of Canada”, Dodge has unearthed treasures from throughout Asia her entire career. “Most of the world’s best furniture manufactures are in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other parts of that continent,” explains Dodge. “I am thrilled with this year’s collection of teak, cast aluminum and outdoor rattan features some extraordinary items including some pieces that are eco-friendly, perfect for a green outdoor living experience,” she adds. “Most outdoor furniture stores buy their inventory through a middleman which adds to the expense of an item, however,

thanks to long-standing relationships with overseas manufacturers of some of the best patio furniture manufacturers, we can buy top-quality furniture factory direct from the source, resulting in substantial savings to consumers.” The benefits to the consumer of Dodge’s around-the-world shopping treks are access to new, cuttingedge products, one-of-akind-items and the best furniture, decorative items and artefacts, at affordable prices. Their collection for 2011 features the latest Sunbrella Fabrics. “Outdoor furnishings extend the living space of a home to the backyard add a fire pit new for this year and you have created ambiance well into the evening,” explains Dodge. “We like to think of ourselves as complete ‘backyard outfitters’ and we are confident that we can make a patio or backyard as beautiful and well-appointed as the inside of a home and be the envy of the neighbourhood.”


)0.& 4VNNFS

Valley Pools - The sound of spilling water vanishing over the edge . . . a glassy reflection of the sky overhead. The drama of up-lit trees and a floating patio, steaks on the custom-built grill, and friends and family gathered around the sunken fire pit. “Our custom water creations go well beyond ‘a swimming pool.’ In fact, they’re outdoor destinations,” says Gene Brown of Valley Pool and Spa ( Good design and construction are not limited to high-end pools. There is a vast selection of pools to choose from and fit most budgets. Pools come in various shapes and sizes as well as finishes. Concrete, fibreglass or vinyls are the most popular choices in the marketplace today. Design for the pool and yard is equally important as the home design itself. “Do the sightlines flow from the house...across the yard...from an upstairs window?” asks Brown. These minute considerations are important when choosing a water vessel. “We try to bring the indoors out to the yard by pulling materials used inside such as tile, stone and colors. This helps the flow of the home.” Is the style of the house being brought to the pool?

Van-Kel Irrigation - The Okanagan is all about the outdoor living experience. Van-Kel ( is all about providing you with the tools to create that experience. From concept to completion Van-Kel can help. From a simple landscape enhancement, to a total property overhaul with irrigation, timer, pond, waterfall, drainage system and complete mood enhancing lighting package, look no further. Van-Kel is your one-stop wholesale for everything you may need. Van-Kel Irrigation is the Okanagan’s oldest and most trusted provider of irrigation, landscaping and outdoor lighting solutions. With over 40 years serving British Columbia, Van-Kel has earned the reputation of providing the industry’s premier service and expertise. If you have “the vision” of what you want but don’t have time to create it yourself, rest assured that Van-Kel’s extensive relationships with the Okanagan’s leading designers and contractors can jump to the task, creating your dream yard in the most effective and economical manner. Please drop by our brand new store to meet our team. You won’t be disappointed.


)0.& 4VNNFS

Timberhaven - Founded by Scott Ross in 2002, Timberhaven ( is headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia. Building homes since 1989 Scott established his style after building a one million dollar spec home to showcase his passion and vision for post and beam style construction. Timberhaven Homes has a successful history of designing and constructing post and beam style construction, each project is promoting an architecture that evolves out of combining the relationship between the site, the building and the needs of the clients, delivering a one of a kind product every time. Our style is hands on, on site, maintaining quality control on each project, focused on providing exclusivity to the client and their building site, never building the same house twice. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re seeing more and more outdoor kitchen areas,â&#x20AC;? Ross says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;More outdoor living areas.â&#x20AC;?

StoneMakers North - Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing like lounging in the yard and hearing the trickle of a waterfall or hosting a barbecue on a new decorative patio. Now available in the Okanagan Valley, StoneMakers North ( designs and builds hardscapes from concrete to emulate any style of natural stone. Invented and tested in the United States, the process signifies a sea change in choices for the hard elements in a landscaping plan. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a brand new option for people who want a unique and creative outdoor feature that looks just like real stonework,â&#x20AC;? says StoneMakers North president Mark Ilott. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more flexibility in the design phase and anything the customer can imagine can usually be built in a few days.â&#x20AC;? StoneMakers North already has projects dotting the landscape around Kelowna â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a retaining wall here, a water feature there â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and the concept is catching on fast.



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Wicker Land - Bring comfort, style and everlasting beauty to your outdoor space. Casual Living at Its Best! The popular new line and items these days are our New Wrought Iron collections with natural stone top tables and matching fire table. Fire table are increasing in popularity due to the fact that they allow us to spend more time outdoors, especially on a chilly Kelowna summer evening. OW Lee, the premium luxury name in casual furniture and accessories. Beautiful handcrafted wrought iron and aluminum patio furniture including dining, Deep Seating, Fire Tables. Create an outdoor living space that is as comfortable as your living room. At Wicker Land ( we allow you to pick and choose pieces, frame colors and fabrics to suite your personal style. We have hundreds of indoor/outdoor materials that are UV and fade resistant (5 Year No Fade Warranty), you can leave the cushions out all spring, summer, fall and even hose them off to clean them.

Wicker Land Patio

Okanagana g ’ss Largest g Patio Furniture Selection

All Weather Resin Wicker, Cast Aluminum, Wrought Iron and Recycled Plastic

2573 Hwy 97 North

(One Block North of Costco on Hwy. 97)

(250) 862-2011

TRL Landscapes - According to Tim Roth, owner of TRL Landscapes, his company creates remarkable landscapes with minimal impact on the environment. By creating a unique underground reservoir system that collects rainwater from the roof and eaves of homes it is easily one of the most brilliant water conservation ideas yet. The water is stored underground and is then tapped back into the homeowner’s irrigation system. This unique method is what separates TRL from the rest. From using natural rock for retaining walls and stairs, to using rainwater for irrigation, they take advantage of every natural resource. Having your backyard torn up for the installation is frightening for some people, but TRL insures that everything will look back to normal once they are done. “Although we are a small company with over 1.5 million gallons of water saved last year alone, it has a huge impact on our community.” says Roth. TRL Landscapes is ‘Saving the Okanagan one raindrop at a time’”


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Martin Lofts - In an era where developers squeeze every last unit into a project maximizing density in hopes of big profits, the concept of outdoor living space has gone by the way side. Tim and Ted Olenczuk, developers of Kelowna’s multi award winning Martin Lofts ( saw a need for a more euro approach to condo living. They sacrificed density to incorporate splendidly large, engineered patios for their loft units. With outdoor spaces as large as 900 sq. ft. a loft owner can have the lock and leave lifestyle of condo living, an amazing downtown location and through a set of patio doors awaits an outdoor oasis like no other in this price range. Built to handle a full size hot tub, a couple large citrus trees, the most elaborate patio furniture and your Okanagan pre-requisite sun loungers this perfectly private patio was made to entertain. The remaining five loft suites with new 2011 pricing, can have you relaxing on the patio of your ultra chic downtown loft for under $500,000. For more info contact the luxury sales professionals at Vantage West Realty.

Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd. - ( will help you realize your backyard visions by offering the ultimate in innovative, unique, green, products and quality customer service and satisfaction. The Okanagan contracting company has been operating for 20 years under Norm Kneller’s direction. Rafter 4K understands everyone’s needs are different and will take the time to listen to your ideas and help design a fun, relaxing, functional space. Along with landscaping, decks, pergolas and staircases, some of the newer sought after features that will help transform your back yard creation or renovation into that perfect oasis are; outdoor kitchens, cabana bar/entertainment areas, a pool change house or storage building, fire pits and water features. Norm reminds people “create the perfect setting with some well placed privacy fencing or some custom designed furniture to put your personal signature on it”. Whatever your desire, Rafter 4K is here to listen and get you relaxing economically in your own backyard. Contact us today for a free expert consultation!

Valley Canvas & Awning - Combine fuctional elegance with decorative appeal to enhance the architecture of any home. They are the perfect addition to any residence and protect interior drapes and furnishings from fading. They can be used to extend your living space over pool and patios. Awnings conserve energy by shading windows and reducing indoor temperatures. Because awnings prevent the sun’s heat from entering your home, they can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25 per cent. “Our deck awnings use an engineering concept called ‘lateral arms’ which retract and extend over your living space as and when you need the shade,” according to the Valley Canvas web site ( “When not in use they retract out of the way to create unobtrusive convenient shading.” These lateral arms are the most popular style of retractable awning for decks and large outdoor spaces. They mechanically draw the fabric off a rotating drum, keeping the fabric nice and tight all the way.


0LBOBHBO)0 Tile and Stone Factory Direct Flooring ( has given new meaning to the words “Factory Direct”. Boasting the largest selection of cash and carry inventory of tile and stone flooring in the Okanagan, we now also specialize in all the most current styles of flooring. When you visit our new 11,000 sq. ft showroom and outlet centre you will find carpet, vinyl, cork, hardwoods and laminates. And to add to the strong structure of signature lines is our talented staff of educated flooring consultants who will teach you what you need to know about “flooring” your home. “The current economic climate is certainly making customers more wary of how they spend there hard earned dollars” says Shane Brown, manager. “We certainly respect and appreciate that the decision to buy floors merits trust and respect, and we certainly want our clients leaving


2720 HWY 97 - Across from Jacobsens - 250.868.8501


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Welcoming and elegant, the development’s attached homes boast spacious living with luxury finishings, soaring 9 and 10 foot ceilings and large outdoor living spaces. The open concept makes the homes airy and spacious. Private outdoor entertaining is the signature element of all homes with each residence specifically designed to maximize outdoor living with generous walkouts, patios and decks. Spectacular panoramic views showcase the forest, Lake Okanagan, ponds, and the Black Mountain Golf Course. On the exterior, Cypress Point homes are steeped in exceptional architecture and craftsmanship with rich earth elements including stone and timber accents. There are nine remaining distinct home plans that are intelligently configured with master bedrooms on the main floor, large pantries, and if you want it there are plans with office space, HD movie theatres, and large recreation rooms for pool tables and more.

Prices start at $448,800 for a fully finished four-bedroom 2,474 square foot home, including central air, double car garage, stone fireplace, granite and hardwood. The craftsmanship is second-tonone. “For me it was the price, peaceful location and quality of the home,” says Corey O’Neil, Rohit’s representative in Kelowna living at Cypress Point himself. Cypress Point homes are proudly offered by the award winning “Builder of the Year” Rohit Group of Companies that draws on more than 25 years of experience to ensure your complete satisfaction. Rohit Communities expanded into British Columbia just two years ago from Edmonton and has already picked up numerous Tommie Awards. The company is known for superior craftsmanship and innovative design. If you have not been to the show homes, it’s worth your while to check them out. Beautifully crafted, elegant finishings and stunning views . . . imagine yourself home.




he Roofing Store (www. opened up its newest branch in Kelowna in the summer of 2010. The roofing material displays show off the amazing variety of roofing product choices you can select for your home. Whether you are re-roofing an existing home, or building your dream home, there is something for everyone. You will be amazed at how much better curb appeal, looks, and style can be created by choosing a triple layer shingle instead of the typical thinner shingles used by builders today. For only a little bit more you can create outstanding curb appeal. Executive class homes can have concrete tiles or wood shakes installed on them to create the desired architecture. “But with today’s fire restrictions and cedar shake’s fire hazards, one should not use wood shakes anymore in our region,”

says Ken Lillejord, president and CEO of All Weather Products – The Roofing Store. “But Luxury Look Ultimate texture shingles such as CertainTeed’s Landmark TL or Presidential TL Ultimate, you can have Class A fire rated roofing shingles, along with the ultimate of roofing thickness and texture. The bonus you receive is that the roofing can stand up to punishing winds and storms significantly better than typical ‘builder’s grade’ economy class thin shingles. What a great choice.” Another featured item of The Roofing Store is its custom sheet metal shop. They can shear and break many types of sheet metal, and they specialize in custom-made flashings made to order. All Weather Products also manufacturers its own metal roofing profiles. Every order is custom-cut specific to the lengths you require for each home, cabin, or commercial building. Our Snap ‘n Lock panels are easy to install, they have hidden fasteners, and are cut to the exact length you require. It’s just that easy! The Roofing Store is a one-stop shop for all your roofing needs. Great selection, fabulous showroom, good advice and great value!


)0.& 4VNNFS



erry Hildebrandt still has the thread and needle he used when his dad taught him to hand-sew carpet when he was 10. And he still uses the advice his father gave him on how to treat people, and how to run a successful company. “Dad told me a long time ago, ‘love people and use things,’ and I try to do that,” said the owner of Kelowna’s Flooring Canada, a merchandising and buying co-op with 500 stores in North America. “A guy has to follow his gut and have a sense of what is the right thing to do.” While the mechanics of his business is selling and installing flooring, Hildebrandt sells something more important

— peace of mind. “When you buy from me, if there’s a problem, whether an installation problem or a product problem, you phone one number.” While many people harped on the economic downturn, Hildebrandt used it to examine his values and business. “The recession has been a huge eye-opener and helped me centre and think about the company. We’re a medium to high-end company and we have to charge for what we’re doing and we’re not apologizing for it.“I did a tally on the sales staff and the average is 25 years in the business, and, as a result, people are getting good advice. I don’t have to worry about mistakes; we make them, but that’s the way it is.” Because of experience mistakes are few and when he or an employee makes a mistake, they fix it and learn from it because accountability is high on Hildebrandt’s list


)0.& 4VNNFS

of values. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The other day a supplier shipped me wrong tile. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t their fault; it was here a day or two. I should have opened the box when it first got here. He screwed up, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m still the one accountable. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a process, and guess who put the process in place and guess who is not following it? I had a heart to heart with my staff, and told them thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something I want to change about myself and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to be accountable to my own process.â&#x20AC;? Hildebrandt hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t planned to be a businessman with a philosophic attitude; he was going to be a lawyer, but after a year at college, decided to check other options. While he was mulling over those options, his dad suggested he work as a carpet installer. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was an installer for 3 1/2 hours and the installers came back to the office said we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want him anymore. I hit the walls a few times and we had to repaint the room. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dad said. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;after lunch put the samples in the car, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a salesman,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and I never stopped.â&#x20AC;?


When he got tired of being a travelling salesman, Hildebrandt accepted the invitation from a client to take over his company, which he sold three years later, and bought the Kelowna store in 1994, with a partner, who he bought out three years later. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He still works at the store and is my go-to guy for advice.â&#x20AC;? Most businesses talk about customer service, but Hildebrandt backs it with superb warranties including Confidence Plus, which ensures if within 60 days after installation of his best products, customers changes their minds, he will replace it and pay for labour, no questions asked. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We do a lot insurance work and when they need something, they need it done quickly and the contractor involved in the claim needs us to show up on time and do a proper job.â&#x20AC;? He takes that kind of attention and accountability with every customer, no matter how small. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have customers who are surprised when we show up on the days we said we would. Our customers come to us because of the care they get from experienced people.â&#x20AC;?






eanna Stone grew up in Alberta, but spent her summers in B.C., and dreamed of owning lakefront property. Stone now lives in Kelowna and has achieved her childhood dream of owning a house on the lake, one she shares with her Alberta family. While Wood Lake Villas, a 20-townhome complex on Wood Lake outside Kelowna was built by an Alberta developer for Albertan vacationers, Stone lives there yearround. Her family — parents, sisters and their family — arrives on the May long weekend and stays until the September long weekend. “We were looking for something on a lake and Okanagan Lake is much too expensive,” said Stone, a lawyer at Pushor Mitchell in Kelowna. “Wood Lake is a nice ski lake and that was what we were looking for.” Stone and her family were impressed by the location, the development, the beach, the lake — regarded by many as the best water-sports lake in the Okanagan — and the two-storey townhomes. “The quality of the finishings was the big thing. We have a Subzero fridge and a Wolf range, which I think Oprah Winfrey has. All the finishings were amazing, all high quality, even the fans and blinds in the bedrooms. The guest bedrooms are full size, so when my family comes out for two months, they aren’t cramped. “The dock was another big thing. We have our own slip and private beach. Compared to Okanagan Lake property, it was three-quarters to half the price.” Each unit in the gated community has a grade-level entrance at the front and a large patio at the rear, a double garage with one stall deep enough for a ski boat. The 2,000 square foot units also includes nine-foot ceilings on the main floor, gas feature fireplace, three bedrooms and three designer bathrooms. There has been liberal use of granite, tile and hardwood on countertops and floors, maple cabinets, wrought and maple banisters and a steam shower. External finishings include hardy siding

and natural stone accents and concrete slate roof. Ben Duckworth, project manager for builder Scuka Enterprises, was impressed with the dock, and the high-end development in general. “There’s a lot of detailed tile work, especially in the master ensuites with river-rock pebble tile floors and mosaic tile pieces. The exterior finishes are also high end: they have tile roofs and stone work on the front facade of each unit. “The ground prep was also unique. It was technically engineered because of the ground conditions on the beach. Everything was over-dug and we put down geo-grid, a plastic mesh laid on the dirt, and we brought in rip-rap base.” The appeal of Wood Lake Villas isn’t restricted to the hot, summer days and the worship of sun, sand and water. While Stone’s family spends most of the summer at Wood Lake — for the boating, the golfing and the wineries — they also come during the winter for a week of skiing. Silver Star is 45 minutes away while Big White and Crystal Mountain are an hour’s drive. Even though the community is new — it was built in 2008 — Stone said the sense of neighbourhood is already developing, helped by the fact that some people from Alberta, who own most of the homes, knew each other before buying. “During the day, the kids will be playing on beach, and families are out in the driveway chatting. Everyone is happy to be there.” Chris Cameron and his family are always happy to be there — five weeks in the summer and weekends in winter. Eventually, he’ll be there full time. “We used to have a condo next door,” said the Calgary accountant who has been coming to the Okanagan for 20 years. “Wood Lake Villas is a beautiful place to live; the backyard is like your own oasis with shrubs, flowers and trees and a view of the hillside. We water-ski, golf, bicycle, walk, barbecue and now we can play tennis with the new tennis courts within sight. “It’s a great place to raise a family and/or vacation. There are tons of facilities and lots to do. We will eventually retire here.” Tom Styles has been coming to the Okanagan since he was a

0LBOBHBO teen and with his wife, Marisa, and their three children for 10 years. He and his family have stayed at the big resorts on Okanagan Lake and even owned at the Outback in Vernon, but sold to move into Wood Lake Villas. He also loves the fact that he gets two lakes for the price of one because Wood Lake is connected to Kalamalka by canal. When he has the time and inclination, he can hop into his boat and cruise all the way to Vernon. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wood Lake is a much better lake for water sports.â&#x20AC;? said the Calgary Realtor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We prefer it over Okanagan Lake hands down because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s much calmer and not nearly as busy. We can put our boat out in the spring and leave it there; thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no other place you can do that when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sharing boat slips. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Another reason I like it there: weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re close to the airport and I can zip away if I had to. We have the best of both worlds: itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s quiet and peaceful, yet close to restaurants and shopping in Kelowna. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in a small complex where we not dealing with a lot of owners; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like a small community.â&#x20AC;? That was Eric Proppeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Walter Zukâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s intention when they developed Wood Lake Villas. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mr. Zuk and a group of us owned it for 25-30 years, but it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t until the land was fully serviced that it became apparent it was an ideal situation for a multi-residential development,â&#x20AC;? said the Calgary architect, who designed the complex. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We chose not to develop to full density, but to consider the privacy and the quality of lifestyle for the purchasers and tenants. We tried to give them the same feeling as they would in a single-family home or cottage. We tried to do low maintenance, but having said that, we did high-end finishing in terms of the quality.â&#x20AC;? Quality is what drew the Gerry Fraser Group ( to take on the job of marketing the 20 townhomes, of which 14 have sold. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the best waterfront value in the

)0.& 4VNNFS

Okanagan for quality and price,â&#x20AC;? said Fraser, who has been selling real estate in the Okanagan since 1993. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There were selling in the $3-$3.50 a square foot range when most waterfronts were well above that and not necessarily offering as good a quality. Price plus quality equals value.â&#x20AC;? Fraser said the development is convenient for Albertans because the airport is only five minutes away. Most families arrive at the beginning of July and the husband will go back to Alberta to work. â&#x20AC;&#x153;At 5 p.m. on Friday when the WestJet flight comes over Wood Lake, the wife hops in the car and by the time she gets to airport, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s standing at the curb. Five minutes later, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re back at the lake.â&#x20AC;?

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!"!6 '!/1$/$#""-2,1!,10"  (")0-,3$,2$"$*-4,!   444+!")!6"!"1-**%/$$   "1$*    "%!5   



HOME Summer 2011


NELSON BY KERI-LYNN OELRICH A Better Way to Build rom its humble beginning as a lumber yard in Lloydminster, Alberta Nelson Lumber Company has evolved over the past 6o years to meet the needs of Western Canadians. Founded by brothers Ray and Austin Nelson in 1949, Nelson Lumber started out as a small lumberyard and retail store. Realizing that there was a large demand for more than just lumber and good advice, Austin moved to Edmonton in 1953 and established a second location at the site where it currently sits today. Eventually Nelson Lumber expanded to three other locations as well in Bonnyville, Slave Lake and Grande Prairie. Nelson Homes ( divisions can offer you a myriad of home plans to choose from. Plans include floors, walls and roof trusses, among other components, and are all manufactured at Nelson facilities across the province. Their talented designers and manufacturing staff, as well as superior quality products, ensure your home is designed and built right.


With over 60 years of home building experience, Nelson Homes has emerged as a leader in the housing industry. They have delivered over 40,000 homes to families in Canada, the USA, and have exported house packages as far away as Asia and Europe. They provide a complete home buying service, beginning with fabulous home designs and sensible floor plans, to the manufacturing of the home components and the delivery of a complete panelized home package. Their housing solutions range from starter homes to exquisite executive styles. They also build cottages, retirement homes, and multi-unit dwellings, such as duplexes, adult living complexes and special care homes for seniors. Their product line-up includes the famous Nelson panelized home package, plus a line of modular homes and ready-to-move homes. You can even have a home theatre if you so desire! They invite you to browse through their collection of home


HOME Summer 2011

plans, keeping in mind that their talented designers can customize any plan to suit your needs. When you build a Nelson Home you can count on their commitment to quality, craftsmanship and integrity. You can be assured that your new home will be a home to be proud of. The Nelson Panelized System is a complete framing system. Built with top-grade Canadian kiln-dried lumber, the components are factory built using state-of-the-art technology. This allows you to be your own builder! Manufacturing in factories keeps roof trusses, wall panels and stairs out of the elements of nature, thus resulting in less warping, twisting, shrinkage and swelling. It will provide straighter walls and fewer problems with nail pops and ceiling and corner cracks. The cost savings are substantial: less labour to put up a structure equals as much as 60% less framing time. Nelson Homes offers a guaranteed price up front so there are no surprises and no costly overruns. Reduced materials wasted results in economic and


environmental benefits for the buyer. As with other types of building, there are strict building standards and codes to adhere to, along with thorough inspections along every stage of development. This leads to a safely constructed home, as well as less stress for owners. With foundation work being completed before the package arrives, you can move in sooner and pay less interest. All framing components are included including: floor system, roof trusses, wall panels complete with framed openings for windows and doors, sheathing, roof finish and shingles. Also included is siding, soffit and fascia, windows and doors, insulation, drywall and accessories, baseboard, casing, closet shelving, interior doors and hardware, etc. There are hundreds of options and plans to choose from! â&#x20AC;&#x153;We just love our Nelson Home that we had built 15 years ago. The quality was top notch. Even our building inspector




HOME Summer 2011

commented on the quality of your product as being above any standards set in our area. The Nelson representative at that time was more than helpful in every way. Even when the lumber prices went down, the savings were passed on to us, even though we had already ordered our home. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The construction of the home was quick and efficient, the contractor was excellent, and even during construction, suggested small changes that helped with the overall final product. If we were to build again we would definitely be calling Nelson Homes.â&#x20AC;? ~ Mick & Katherine Berisoff Nelson Homes are sold by Authorized Nelson Homes representatives who are located throughout North America. They also deliver homes internationally.


The Nelson Package System is the best way to get the home of your dreams, on time and on budget. Since 1949 Nelson has been building dreams for people just like you. Brian Wess (250)868-6030 Authorized Dealer

View plans at:


3 & / 0 7"5 * 0 / 4 MILGARD WINDOWS AND DOORS


ilgard Windows & Doors, ( a Masco company based in Tacoma, Wash., offers a full line of wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass windows and patio doors for builders, dealers and homeowners. When youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to buy or replace doors and windows, you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go wrong with Milgard Windows and Doors. Our determination to be the industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best extends to everything we do. So when you want doors and windows that last, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the only place you need to look. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why. Nobody pays more attention to materials than Milgard. Where many other window companies donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have control over the entire process, we do. We temper our own glass, we make our own insulated glass units, and we produce our own vinyl and fiberglass. This gives us the ultimate control over quality. Take Milgard fiberglass doors and fiberglass windows, for example. Their base material, fiberglass, is nothing new. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been floating boats and adding strength to ladders for years. But until recently, the complex profiles required for window designs have been impossible to successfully attain with fiberglass. Milgardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s R&D team faced this challenge and engineered a fiberglass window and door system thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s virtually impervious to

water, cold, heat, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. The end result: efficient windows and doors that maintain their beauty in every season, in any climate. With Milgard, you get to enjoy all the benefits of windows without any of the inefficiencies. You will reduce your energy use and spending while making your home more comfortable year round. Plus, you can be confident that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made a great investment. According to Remodeling magazine, the return on investment for replacement windows is 99.2%. Equally important, Milgardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s high performance windows will make your home more saleable in the future. In the same way you assume that all houses have windows, tomorrowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s buyer will assume that all windows are energy efficient. Milgard vinyl doors and vinyl windows have won Builder magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Best Quality in the Nation Award six out of the last ten years and their National Most Used Vinyl Window Award four times. We were also named Number One in the West the last four years. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve also won both Professional Remodeler magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Professional Builder magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Most Preferred Vinyl Windowâ&#x20AC;? Awards three times. What these awards mean to us is that we are doing things right. What they mean to you is that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re getting windows you can count on.

   - ) ,' ! 2 $ Â&#x201E; M I L G A R D  C O M



The Pool




f you want to swim in the Okanagan you have several choices: the ‘big pool’ that stretches forever along the shore on both sides of the lake, various public pools, your neighbours’ pool or your own pool. Whether you splash and frolic in the warm waters of the pool, relax on your floating lounger, or just sit on the side and sip iced tea, who doesn’t love a pool? “This is the life,” my 8-year-old says, inside his inflatable dolphin. His sunglasses reflect the bright Okanagan sun as he splashes around, taking care not to go into the deep end or out of my reach. I sat back in the lounger and looked out over our yard, dramatically transformed from the traditional ‘grass and fence’ cluster that dominates our neighbourhood into the ‘center of kid’s activities’ for a six block radius. It is amazing how many new friends you suddenly make when you have a pool! My husband settled into the adjoining chair and heaved a sigh of relief, thankful a week of hard work was behind him and he could relax and watch the setting sun while he let the day’s stress unwind. As he closed his eyes ‘just for a moment’ as he was fond of saying I thought back on the day we both decided to invest in our own pool. It seemed like such a daunting task and decision, but in reality it was easier than we imagined and went smoothly from start to finish. By the time my ice cubes had melted and it was time to dry off the kids my husband was fast asleep. I covered him with the only dry towel left and slipped into the kitchen, thankful we had a place to unwind and entertain all at the same time, in our own house, without having to go to the public pools in town, a hotel or someone else’s. There is nothing like having your own pool; once you have had one you want one forever. We are blessed in the Okanagan with a variety of pool companies that cater to every type of home and every budget, from the basic to the unbelievable so kick back, grab a cold one and take the ‘pool tour’ with us. Enjoy!

Photos by Valley Pools and Spa


Valley Pool and Spa - The sound of spilling water vanishing over the edge . . . a glassy reflection of the sky overhead. The drama of up-lit trees and a floating patio, steaks on the custombuilt grill, and friends and family gathered around the sunken fire pit. “Our custom water creations go well beyond ‘a swimming pool.’ In fact, they’re outdoor destinations,” says Gene Brown of Valley Pool and Spa ( Good design and construction are not limited to high-end pools. There is a vast selection of pools to choose from and they fit most budgets. Pools come in various shapes and sizes as well as finishes. Concrete, fibreglass or vinyls are the most popular choices in the marketplace today. Design for the pool and yard is equally important as the home design itself. “Do the sightlines flow from the house . . . across the yard . . . from an upstairs window?” asks Gene Brown. These minute considerations are important when choosing a water vessel. “We try to bring the indoors out to the yard by pulling materials used inside such as tile, stone and colours. This helps the flow of the home.” Is the style of the house being brought to the pool? Pools can offer many different design and architectural features as well. Infinity pools, in which the edge of the pool disappears

into the horizon, are beautiful especially for homes with views. A perimeter overflow pool displays stunning reflections that are like a work of art both day and night. Add a fire bowl to the pool wall and you have created a warm ambiance second to none! The Okanagan climate is ideal for a back yard pool, and a significant percentage of homes in the region boast in-ground pools. With today’s advancements, pools have become an important part of the landscaping of a home, a focal point of beauty. Practical applications have been developed through the use of automation. A pool can be monitored off-site. If something goes amiss with the pool, the dealer will be alerted and will take action immediately. Chemical injection systems have been developed to be monitored from your iPhone, if so needed. Or, maybe you just want to raise the temperature of your pool with your iPhone! Construction of a new pool will take three to six months. You don’t have to wait until spring to have a pool installed; many clients install their pools in late fall or winter to be ready in time for the warm weather. Pools can range in price from $45,000 to well over $200,000. With a little careful planning, you can have your back yard turned into a home resort!

valley pool and spa: the sound of spilling water vanishing over the edge . . . a glassy reflection of the sky overhead.


Interior Pool and Spa - James Robertson of Interior Pool and Spa ( sells and services several types of in-ground pools. He says a vinyl liner pool is the most popular choice in the Okanagan, and a well tended pool will last up to 15 years before replacing the liner. There are numerous patterns to achieve the perfect look for your back yard. Salt water pools have also become very popular in recent years, and it is usually easy to convert your existing pool to salt water starting at $1,500.00 Automatic pool covers are amongst the new advancements in technology. Not only do they provide protection for children and animals, but they are also very heatefficient, Robertson says. Also offering a wide range of spas, we are proud to carry two of the highest quality hot tub brands. H20 Spas is a Canadian company which produces quality products with passion and comfort in mind. South Pacific Spas offers smaller, more affordable hot tubs perfect for apartments and condos.

Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd. - Rafter 4K Contracting Ltd. (, has been helping families realize backyard visions in the Okanagan for 20 years and plans to continue offering the ultimate in innovative, unique, green, products and quality customer service and satisfaction. The company has matured into a general contracting company that will not only build your swimming pool, but will help design and manage your entire back yard creation or renovation; a pool change house, cabana/entertainment area, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, to name a few possibilities. According to owner Norm Kneller, the most common request he hears when sitting down with a prospective pool client is the desire for easy maintenance and safety. Many of our pools incorporate features such as; in-floor self cleaning systems, salt water or UV sanitizers, and solid power covers. Norm says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;power covers are the least expensive insurance you can buy, and they cut operating costs by decreasing water and heat loss and keeping the pool cleanâ&#x20AC;?. Some of the other hot items this season are; LED light shows, deck jet water features, hidden equipment bunkers, as well as inpool benches, bar stools and diving rocks. Whatever your desire, Rafter 4K is there to listen and get you relaxing!




eventy-five years–that’s how long Culligan (www. has been providing the purest and best tasting water available to their customers. Culligan water provides their services in 100 countries with over 800 certified dealers around the world; they offer residential, commercial and industrial equipment. Culligan is building a great reputation for not only their phenomenal product but for their great customer service. They have pioneered the water treatment business and hold many patents on their equipment, something few water companies have gotten to. Culligan Kelowna is the only bottled water company in the valley that processes water to meet NSF standards, thus guaranteeing quality of their water through

mandated diligence and third-party testing and inspection. Culligan dealers are supported by a team of engineers and product specialists as well as ongoing training and certifications. The Culligan Kelowna staff has a combined industry experience of over 50 years and hold several certifications. They provide a free water analysis and treatment recommendations and carry the best warranties in the industry. Culligan provides a complete line of water treatment equipment including water softeners, iron and sulphur filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, de-chlorination, ultra-violet bacterial protection as well as bottled water and bottled water delivery. “The Culligan Kelowna team of water professionals is here to service all your water needs and provide solutions for all your water concerns,” says Culligan Kelowna’s sale manager Ken Powell. With all of the bottled water companies out there today, are you going to be choosing Culligan for your next sip?



Destination Homes has a vision beyond the present state of our economy. Destination Homes ( president, Don Erdely, is approaching the future with optimism and a plan. “Rather than put the brakes on in a sluggish economy,” says Erdely, “we want to give the consumer what they really need—affordable new homes. That’s why we’ve selected four of our most popular mid-sized home plans and competitively priced them in order to meet the current economic climate. We understand budgets are tight and we want to make owning a new home a realistic option for people.” Whether they are building an entry level home or an executive home, Destination Homes is committed to providing the level of sophistication and high standards buyers have come to expect from one of the Okanagan’s premier home builders. “Just because we’ve lowered our prices during these tough economic times, doesn’t mean we’ve lowered our standards,” Erdely explains. “I’ve been in the home building industry in the Okanagan for more than 25 years, and I know how important it is to use quality products and reputable tradesmen in new home construction. Our family takes great pride in building a home for your family.” So, can family and business mix? According to one customer, the way Destination Homes runs its family business is worth recommendation. “Don walked us through the process and went to great lengths to ensure he could build the house we wanted for a price we could afford before he made any promises,” says Keith & Karen Quesnelle. “Whether we were dealing with Amanda in the office or Travis in the field, we felt like we were with people who truly cared. The house came in on budget and we absolutely love our beautiful new home!” According to Erdely, having happy clients is paramount to surviving in a sluggish economy. “Much of our new home construction and renovations come from a client base that’s drawn largely from referrals and previous clients,” he says. “We want people to be excited with their new homes and tell as many of their friends as possible. Nothing is better than a referral from a satisfied customer.” In addition to keeping clients happy, the team at Destination Homes strives to find other ways for new home purchasers to save their hard earned money. For example, Destination can arrange for the building lot to be purchased directly from the developer and then Destination Homes is commissioned to construct the home. With this method there is no property transfer tax on the home construction, only on the purchase price of the building lot. This translates into thousands of dollars in savings. “Although you hear a lot of people say they would never build again after having built a custom home,” say clients Heather and Greg Burgess, “our experience has left us saying just the opposite. We are more than happy with our finished product and would encourage anybody to deal with Destination Homes for a stress-free, enjoyable building experience!”


)0.& 4VNNFS

In a time when budgets are tight and people are trying to do more with less, choices become paramount. In order to provide as many options as possible, Destination Homes has, for a limited time, lowered the price on four of their most popular mid-sized home plans. Three of these competitivelypriced plans are quality built, walkout ranchers with a minimum of two bedrooms on the main floor, two full baths and large covered decks. Finished living spaces range from 1,345 to 1,643 square feet. The fourth custom plan is an attractive, grade-level entry or walk-up home, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two covered decks. All the homes offer attached double garages. House prices range between $221,000 and $275,000, not including the building lot and HST. Destination Homes has several lots available that will

accommodate these specially priced homes. Using a $165,000 lot as an example, Destination Homes can provide any of these four plans to a purchaser for under $480,000 including the lot and HST. The level-entry plan can be purchased with the lot and HST in the low $400â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Finding the right home plan is important, but so is finding the right location. If a client doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t already have a home site selected, Erdely and his team suggest building in Lake Country at The Lakes. This prestigious family development straddles a natural plateau above the shores of Wood Lake and Okanagan Lake and is renowned for its stunning lake and valley views. Covering more than 300 acres, it enjoys all the advantages of a rural setting, yet itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only minutes away from the urban amenities that people depend on. Lake Country






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offers all school levels including French immersion, while UBCO is just a short distance away. For the city lovers, both Kelowna and Vernon Centre are within a 15-minute drive. This puts schools, health services and major business centers within a short commute from the development. As for life at The Lakes, there are numerous things to do for the whole family. There is hiking, biking and walking trails throughout the community, as well as scenic viewpoints, picnic areas, a pond, a waterfall and boardwalk. Green spaces, parks and undisturbed treed areas weave throughout the neighbourhood. Currently, there are 15 home sites available, all with views, ranging from the low $150â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to the $190â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for the premium lake view building lots. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When all phases of this project are complete, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be about 1,250 families at The Lakes, Erdely explains. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is a fabulous master-planned community that has a great mix of single family homes as

well as some commercial outlets. I encourage people to come up to The Lakes and take a look around. In this market, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to find prime Okanagan real estate that has this much to offer at a price that families can afford.â&#x20AC;? In fact, Erdely is so committed to the development, Destination Homes is constructing their new show home at The Lakes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think choosing to build our show home now supports our belief that the only way to get through these tough times is to push forward and make things happen. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no point encouraging others to build if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not willing to break ground ourselves.â&#x20AC;? Destination Homes has the ability to innovate very quickly, which I think is a real strength of the company, says Erdely. The show home, slated for completion in May, will feature Destinationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest innovation, created to take the stress and hassle out of selecting features and options for your new home. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done



SHOW HOME Ç&#x2018;Ó&#x201A;źȺ-Ç&#x2018;LÉ&#x161;ËŞFÇ&#x2018;ŇżÓ&#x2026;Ň&#x2026;̢OĚ&#x2018; Î?Ó&#x2026;SDÓ&#x2026;Ň&#x2018;UÎ?ÍĽĚ´[FČ  Ň&#x2030;Î&#x2022;Î?ͨŃžBDÍ&#x2022;BHÉ&#x161;


250.707.1752 www.HomesByDesĆ&#x;naĆ&#x;


Life$"/:0/ at

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hris Robinson has designed almost 2,000 homes in his 32-year career, but he distinctly remembers a house he did at 3997 Parkland Dr. in Gallagher’s Canyon. And he designed 95 per cent of the 500-plus houses in the village built around a renowned golf course. He said the design process works better if the owners are involved; the more involvement, the better the design. “People tell me their objectives and we come up with solutions that are cre-

ative, with good use of space and structurally sound,” said the owner of Robinson Design (, who also designs for Jenish House Design, which sells plans all over the world, including China and Japan. “They often say there is something about a plan that just doesn’t work for them, so together we find a solution that fits their lifestyle. We probably spent more time on this house than most. “This client was an engineer that had very specific ideas, with


amazing attention to detail.â&#x20AC;? The house is quite high tech. It has a sub floor and all the wires were run under the floor, which is unusual for a house. High tech today is low-tech tomorrow, but he provided for future technology and has allowed this house to remain high tech.â&#x20AC;? Realtor Gerry Fraser ( shares that feeling. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This house is at the very top of the pyramid in terms of technological advancements. This home offers: geothermal, infloor heating, wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, workshop, luxury spa ensuite, two patios, power awnings and a boiling rock-water feature.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;What struck me was the overwhelming quality and attention to detail. It stands out in a community of excellence. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s elegant, yet warm and bright, and, I know this sounds schlocky, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cozy.â&#x20AC;?

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom rancher also has two fireplaces, a den, family room, games/media area, and 12-foot ceilings where quality and craftsmanship shine through. Lisa Howard had the job of adding elegance to that quality and the craftsmanship. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is a warm old-world, style with a Tuscan influence and rustic cream travertine floors run through most of the living spaces,â&#x20AC;? said the interior designer who operates By Design Ltd. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We designed simple, but added elegant drapery panels in luxurious fabrics to frame the garden views. The den is the ultimate man room, with a rich, cherry desk, floor-to-ceiling library shelving and a discreet, built-in mini bar,â&#x20AC;? said Howard, who was the principal interior designer for Gallagherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Canyon homes for 12 years, and is now also a certified sustainable building adviser. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The kitchen features antiqued chalked cabinets and a unique



 250-861-6612 201 - 1561 SUTHERLAND AVE. KELOWNA, BC V1Y 5Y7


range canopy and stone backsplash, and the expansive ceiling heights allowed us to add more details, such as the coffered ceiling in the living room.” The amenities don’t end at the door because there are a wide variety of features in the village centre: indoor swimming pool, swirlpool, fitness centre, sports courts, billiards, games and club rooms, craft and meeting rooms, library/lounge, gardens, verandahs, fountains and patios. And there is, of course, golf: an 18-hole course, a nine-hole course, and a double-ended driving range. Nature also did its part by adding the spectacular canyon that gave the community and golf course their names, miles of hiking trails, Mission Creek and great views from everywhere. Those things keep Fraser living there. He came for a job, but stayed for the community. “I’m a Prairie boy and what I find so remarkable is the sense of community. Gallagher’s is the Okan-

agan’s friendliest hometown. You go out for walks and everyone wants to stop and talk. “There are lots of community functions, and special functions to welcome newcomers. It’s an exciting and interesting place to meet people from all over North America and the world. People from all walks of life, including Canadians who served as ambassadors and trade commissioners, live there.” “We sold the first lots out of a trailer parked on the driving range. I’ve worked and lived there since Day one,” said Fraser, who was chosen as the best salesman in new home construction by the Canadian Home Builders Association. Fraser, who estimates he sold, or re-sold 250 houses in the village now runs his own realty group out of Macdonald Realty in the Mission, but he still sells houses at Gallagher’s, including the gem at 3997 Parkland Drive.




uyers move to golf course developments for different reasons. Homeowners that come to The Rise ( are no different but they all have one thing in common-they LOVE the view. Golfers often want to live ON the course, not just near the course, and they have plenty to choose from at The Rise in Vernon. Where else can you combine an amazing Fred Couples Signature Golf Course with a world-class winery? “The Vista Lago Villas are perfectly situated in The Rise where residents will enjoy the sweeping vistas of the valley and Okanagan Lake,” says Jacob Kuiken, general manager for Trico Homes Vernon. These 12 semi-detached villas feature granite countertops in the kitchens, designer selected finishings, soaring 10’ ceilings and all levels are fully developed.” Many buyers choose living on a golf course for the view, the proximity to nature and some for the quiet solitude that mountain living brings and of course, the golf. This corner of the world has some of the most amazing attributes that makes living in the Okanagan truly special in many ways. “We presently have three new homes started in various stages of development and four villa units by Trico Homes Vernon. There is a lot of activity on site. Prospective buyers are returning to the sales centre. We have only 11 lots available for sale at this time ranging from $165,000 for a city lot up to $799,000 for our 1.8 acre “Wolf’s Lair” lot” according to Leona Snider, president of Okanagan Hills Development. “As construction is moving towards more sustainable practices and green building methods, we are seeing an explosion in the demand for natural finishes crafted from old traditional and non-toxic materials,” says Gerry Monty of Claymasters Kelowna ( “As a part of the shift in the building industry towards awareness of how we as humans are affected by the materials used in our houses, Claymasters Kelowna takes responsibility to educate about the non-toxic alternatives to the more commonly used finishes in today’s construction. That was our approach at The Rise,” he continues. “Trico Homes’ project at The Rise and Vista Lago is a great addition for Vernon” remarked Ken Smith, owner of


0LBOBHBO)0.&4VNNFS Okanagan Glass, a proud supplier to this project ( “It will show case the design and building capability of one of the North Okanagan’s premier builders. Vista Largo as well as Sierra Gardon and their custom homes on Turtle Mountain have helped draw people to Vernon because homes owners know that they are getting finished product that they can be proud of”. Ken continued, “Okanagan Glass is proud to be a team member of Trico Homes and to be part of winning combination”. Trico Homes ( was recognized in 2008 as one of Canada’s “50 Best Managed Companies” for the 6th consecutive



year is proud to build at The Rise. Aligned in their respective visions they have come together to create and build a strong vibrant community. Trico has begun building 12 units located on Cordon. The professionally landscaped outdoor living spaces with decks create the perfect setting for entertaining. The Tuscan-themed architecture with tile roofing, stone details and acrylic stucco is in keeping with the vision of the area which boasts a Fred Couples Signature Golf Course, winery and vineyards. These units starting at $399,900 are at the best value for product at The Riseâ&#x20AC;?. Come for the view, the golf, the winery or the collection of great homes and neighbours, but you owe it to yourself to take in the view from The Rise. When you live here you truly do â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;rise above the restâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.


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HOME Summer 2011



















































Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clear


HOME Summer 2011



rystal Heights ( invites buyers to come check them out. “It’s a huge opportunity for people who would like to move out of a condo or other rentals into their own home,” said Crystal Heights’ sales co-coordinator, George Wilson. “We have great development incentives. Crystal Heights is children and pet friendly and people can enjoy recreational opportunities from their door. “The thing that grabs people the most is the quality of the homes and the development,” said Wilson, who has been in the construction business for more than 40 years. “Quality is a buzz word everyone uses, but it’s built-in at Crystal Heights.” The family-oriented community of 104 semi-detached homes is perched atop a Lake Country


hillside looking down on vineyards and wineries, Okanagan and Wood lakes. “We’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city and close enough to the cultural events: five minutes from three lakes, 10 minutes from the airport, 12 minutes from UBCO; 20 minutes from the centre of Kelowna; an hour from Silver Star and Big White.” There are eight floor plans — from two bedrooms and a den, to three bedroom with a walkout basement — that maximize livability and usable space, something for every type of discriminating and discerning buyer and range in price from $309,000 to $454,000. “Three show homes are open, each with a different floor plan. They’re standard. “The finish you see is what you get”. There are minimal options; we’re not big on saying it’s $300,000 and by the time the smoke clears, it’s $400,000.” The homes, which are complete with



HOME Summer 2011

landscaping and fences, were designed specifically for the Okanagan: large, open layouts, bright, outdoor spaces and fenced yards. Standard finishes include natural gas, forced air including air conditioning, all stainless steel appliances, gas ranges, microwave, dishwasher, full thickness granite countertops in the kitchen and powder room. The quiet family neighbourhood fits into the masterplanned community of The Lakes, which will eventually have 1,200 homes.“Master planned communities are becoming more and more popular,” Wilson said. “They offer security of design compliance, well laid-out roads, lighting, and pride of neighbourhood.” And since it was designed as a community, schools, shopping and transit are moments away. Even though modern amenities are close, so is nature — Over 60 per cent of Crystal Heights will be left as green space — and recreational possibilities abound. Whether it is water skiing, swimming, mountain biking, skiing, golfing, Crystal Heights is the perfect base for a year round

active outdoor lifestyle. When residents come back from a hike, a mountain-bike ride or a day at the beach, they can kick back and relax because their home is wired for entertainment. There are Shaw Cable jacks in living rooms, family rooms and all bedrooms and dens for television and high-speed Internet. The wall above the fireplace is pre-wired with cable, power and component cable conduit for easy installation of flat screen TVs.Crystal Heights is being developed and built by two prominent B.C. developers — The Citimark Group and Western Construction. “They’re professionals, have built thousands of units and understand and respect the buyers’ needs. Because the developer is also the builder, if you have issues, you’re dealing directly with the person who signed the warranty. When you visit the show home, you will experience the quality and the care given by the developer.” Make Crystal Heights at The Lakes your home for your future.

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Limited release of move-in ready 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Opal homes priced from

Open 11 - 4 daily (except Fridays) Stillwater Way @ The Lakes


George Wilson 250-764-1102 250-718-3388

Grand Opening Special:

We pay the HST and include at no extra cost a washer & dryer, alarm system & built-in vacuum!* * Net HST only. Limited time offer only. Ask a sales representative for full details.




Full information at



HOME Summer 2011

lifestyle BY KERI-LYNN OELRICH Lifestyle. Nature. Freedom. f their tag line is any indication–lifestyle, nature, freedom–this 100-home development fits in with Okanagan living quite well. Located in the heart of wine country, Gallagher Lake Village Park ( is just minutes away from Penticton to the north and Oliver and Osoyoos to the south. The South Central Okanagan development has available recreation at Gallagher Lake, Skaha Lake, Osoyoos Lake and Lake Okanagan. Shopping is close by in Penticton and Oliver, with big name stores like WalMart and Rona. There are six 18-hole golf courses within a 30 min-


ute drive, as well as over 50 local vineyards and wineries. Sounds like a great place to live, right? Well, there’s more. These single family homes range in price from $149,500 to $209,500. “The bottom line is that most people are looking for a warm, safe place they can call home and not break the bank in the first place,” says Jim Gardner, the entrepreneur behind South Okanagan Modular Homes, the builder for this project. His wife, Susanne is his partner and assists with interior design. “Some of our clients are downsizing from the mega homes and want a simpler lifestyle,” Jim explains. “They like the safety and comfort of living in a community that is close enough to all the amenities but away from the hustle and bustle of larger centres.” Other customers are first-time buyers, and their homes provide a way for people to get into their first homes, and usually pay less per month than they would renting. The big differences from the homes here and other homes is that they are easy on the pocket book and the speed of delivery. With six floor plans ranging in square footage from 972 to 1,480, there is plenty to choose from. Initial design to delivery is 10 to

Gallagher Lake Village Park


HOME Summer 2011

12 weeks! Every unit enjoys: use of an outdoor recreational community garden, recreational vehicle and boat storage, walking trails, local water, sewer and fire protection and Green Car share program initiatives. The Green Car share program is not the only thing green at Gallagher Lake Village Park. Modular homes are, by their very nature, Green. The design

Now you can have it all! The home...the savings...the lifestlye Live in the heart of wine country minutes away from Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos. Activities like fishing, golfing, hiking, and fine dining are right at your fingertips. Call Matt or Karen today day at 1.888.498.6588 or visit to find out more about the options and attractive price points.


and construction of the homes save energy and natural resources, as well as protect the environment. A Green home such as this uses less water as well, creates less waste and promotes the well-being of homeowners. As the homes are factory built, any chance of weather-related damage (in particular mold damage from wet lumber) is eliminated. Now you can have it all!




ith current home design trends focusing on the use of wood to accent home exteriors, homeowners may inadvertently forget that soffits and fascia can highlight a home’s appearance. Until now, wood has been the preferred product to create a warm accent on many homes. Aluminum F/X ( can now supply you or your contractor with Powder Coated Woodgrain Aluminum Tongue and Groove Soffit and Fascia products. Brothers and partners, Peter and Bruce Middleton, saw a need for a lower cost, reduced maintenance and more environmentally friendly soffit and fascia product that was still able to provide the homeowner with the desirable aesthetic benefits of natural wood. Hence, Aluminum F/X! “We have perfected an aluminum version of tongue and groove soffit and fascia that replicates the look and feel of several different types of wood. The finishes are a woodgrain powder

coating with proven durability that has been tested and developed the world over,” Peter says. In comparison to solid wood, Aluminum F/X products are priced competitively, are easier to install with virtually no waste, and come already powder coated in your selected colour, eliminating the need for either paint or stain. “The available colours are those that are commonly used on exterior features in new home construction and renovations, and one has to look twice to believe it is not real wood. They have a warm and textured appearance, are virtually maintenance free, as well as bird, pest and fire resistant.” The Aluminum FX line can also be suitable for interior applications. Peter continues to further the product and searches for new applications. Ted Olenczuk from Hi-Lite Exteriors highly recommends Aluminum F/X products and the Middleton brothers. He says, “In my dealings with them, I have experienced great quality and service. They have very good workmanship and products.” Experience the warmth, beauty and texture of real wood with Aluminum F/X.




ver 27 years ago, Ed and Bonnie Huber purchased Auntie Fanny’s Giftware in downtown Vernon. When a shift in the giftware market occurred in 1992, necessity dictated that they changed their product focus to furniture. That small gift shop in Vernon has grown to become one of the Okanagan’s top quality manufacturers of home furniture and kitchen cabinets. In their quest to offer only the best to their clients, Fanny’s Furniture ( has been creating their own lines since 1998. This is a family business and as Ed Huber points out, it involves family decisions. “In the beginning we were buying our furniture from manufacturers in Vancouver. The quality was always a problem for us. I was always on the phone complaining about the delivery times and quality until one day in 1998, one of my suppliers said to me I should think about building my own furniture because I was so fussy. That night, Bonnie and I talked it over and two months later we were building our own furniture. We called our manufacturing plant ‘Huber’s Furniture.’” he explains. The company’s factory in Vernon makes solid wood furniture in oak, maple or pine. Their creations include furnishings for the dining room, bedroom, entertainment units, coffee and end tables, desks and more. They have a choice of five stains in maple, nine stains in oak and nine in pine. In all, they offer about 350 products in their custom furnishing line. In addition, Fanny’s Furniture features sofas and chairs made in Calgary by Birchwood, and their mattresses are made in Vancouver by Restwell. “What really makes us stand out in the crowd is the fact that we are the only furniture store in Western Canada that sells both furniture and kitchen cabinets in the same factory. Our cabinet division is called Kekuli Bay Cabinetry,” Huber explains. The secret to their success lays in their family approach and the combination of each of their own strengths. Prior to starting up the business, Ed had eighteen years experience in retail, as a manager at Safeway. Bonnie had the financial background, via 15 years as an accounts manager at ScotiaBank. To complete the picture, son Ed Jr. took over the operation of the factory. He had a lengthy history operating a company that was manufacturing window and door frames. “Another key to our success is that we are not afraid of the ‘RC’ factor – resistance to change. Plus, when an opportunity comes along like getting into kitchen cabinet manufacturing we jumped on that train. Now cabinets are a full fifty per cent of our business. Like they say, ‘the harder we work, the luckier we get,’” says Huber. There are several prevalent trends when it comes to home furnishings and cabinets, according to Huber. He describes the current trend as ‘less is more.’ “What I see is that customers are buying less small


pieces and buying larger pieces that make a statement, like one large mirror instead of four or five smaller pieces for a feature wall.” Previously, Oak was the wood of choice for the majority of people who were purchasing furniture. Now, though, many homeowners are choosing maple for their kitchen cabinets, and that trend is following through to the selection of wood for their furnishings. Until about five years ago, light colored oak with raised panel doors were very much in style. Today, dark stained maple with flat panel doors in the ‘shaker’ style is the most popular choice. This trend holds true in both furniture and cabinets. The Shaker and Modern lines are now the best sellers in Fanny’s Furniture. Like any major purchase, cost and quality are key when buyers are making a selection. Fanny’s Furniture has a number of cost-savings they pass on to their clients. Most important is the fact that they do manufacture their own products, so there are no mark ups for wholesale and retail outlets in their Kelowna store. In addition, they have managed to find a silver lining in the economic slowdown of the past

couple of years. “Our prices on maple furniture have dropped by 25 per cent due to the recession,” Huber notes. “Maple is the main wood used in kitchen cabinets and there has been a dramatic reduction in new house construction. This has resulted in an over supply of Maple wood on the market. We don’t know how long this reduction will last, but as long as we are buying wood at a lower price we’ll pass on all the savings to our customers.” With 40 people at their Vernon factory and five at their retail store in Kelowna, business is brisk. They also sell to about 25 other furniture outlets, many in Alberta. Sales in 2010 were up 15 per cent over 2009 and in 2011 so far, they are up 30 per cent over last year. As Huber puts it, succinctly, “The recession is over for us.” In their business, satisfied clients results in repeat business. Fanny’s Furniture reports that up to 75 per cent of their customers have purchased from them before. Huber sums it up. “We have been in business so long, we’re seeing the next generation of customers. Their parents have been our clients, and they’re after the same quality.”

Canyon Desert Golf Course Villas from the low $300,000’s

Set along the lush fairways of the Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Resort in Oliver – the wine capital of Canada – the Canyon Desert Golf Villas offer a limited selection of desert-inspired homes that are as sensible as they are stylish. Designed to celebrate the active lifestyle, this latest Bellstar community combines the best of golf resort and residential living under the warmth of the Southern Okanagan sun.

Two & Three Bedroom Villas Starting in the low $300,000s with NO HST & PTT

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Register today at Or Call Susan at 1.877.798.3498 | Visit the Canyon Desert Golf Villas Sales Centre: Visit our Sales Centre Today! 37041–71st St., Oliver, BC

Tuc-El-Nuit Lake

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The developer reserves the right to make modifications and changes to building design, specefications, features, floorplans and pricing. E&OE.


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71 St




Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course

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Okanagan Home Magazine (Summer 2011)  

Informative, vibrant and inspiring, Okanagan Home magazine showcases the most innovative products and services of Okanagan home designers, b...

Okanagan Home Magazine (Summer 2011)  

Informative, vibrant and inspiring, Okanagan Home magazine showcases the most innovative products and services of Okanagan home designers, b...