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Welcome to 2014, Roehampton! With this New Year and new term, we bring you great news: for those of you who were there, Freshers’ Fair 2013 was voted as the 2nd best in the country by BAM thanks to you. If you, like many others (including me), went into Freshers’ Fair with the best intentions of joining loads of societies, but actually ended up getting involved in none, do not fear. This new term is the best time to do something about those failed intentions. Hop over to page 23 – it’s not too late to join one (or two, or three…) See page 6 for Esther’s tips on how to keep all your New Year’s resolutions and how to make better, manageable resolutions in the future. Had money problems last term? Well, read page 8 and consult the Money Doctor on how to make the most out of your new student loan installment – it may even help you save £1000 a year. You can also learn how to make pasta more exciting with Celia and Rob’s pasta tips (page 26), how to make the most of your time at uni (page 20) and find out about work opportunities (page 12). Make this term the best yet, Holly Barker Editor

Fresh Magazine

Roehampton Students’ Union Lawrence Building | Froebel College | Roehampton Lane | London SW15 5PJ Tel: 0208 392 3149 Email: 3

THE SABBS Wade Tomlinson SU President

Hello fellow Roehamptonians, Welcome back! Although we have passed our first term I would like to remind you that Roehampton and the Students’ Union still have plenty to offer you. We have our weekly events schedule along with societies and sports teams that are always looking for new members. Keep an eye out for our various volunteering opportunities and please check out Fresh TV and Fresh Air Radio. If you’d like to become more involved in the Student Voice then check out our Students’ Union Council meeting dates at or

Rachael Blaney VP Welfare

Here is a short report of the



S.H.A.G Week

drop me a line at: wade.tomlinson@roehampton. We have a Student Senate coming up where we are searching for ideas to designate our student spend. If you have anything at all in mind then send it to any of our sabbatical officers; contact details are on the website. The RSU elections and Student Led Teaching awards are also this term. So, be sure to get involved! I hope you all make the most of your experience at Roehampton. If you feel as though we or the University could do a bit more to enhance your experience then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help out. We designate time each week to explore a campus and search for feedback. Wishing you a great term and for all you January starters, welcome to Roehampton.

During SHAG week, the RSU successfully distributed over 1000 condoms to students during the week. The Terrance Higgins Trust also joined us and did some chlamydia testing in the Union Bar, as well as distributing more condoms.

you are sexually active! We will be having more screenings throughout the year and you can find all details for Queen Mary’s GUM clinic and drop-in times online for more sexual health screenings. The RSU supplies condoms, and pregnancy tests for all students, so please come and pick one up anytime.

Thanks to everyone who took time

Don’t-Diss-My-Ability Week

to do a test – it’s very important that you look after yourself if

We had our Don’t-Diss-My-Ability week which was all about raising awareness via poster campaigns and social media. Working alongside our Fresh TV Intern, Hollie Abbott, we were able to get a group of students and staff to talk publicly about their disabilities and mental health for a short video. This will hopefully encourage

others to come forward and use our services here at Roehampton, in the knowledge that we have a great support network for all students. In October, I was lucky enough to go to an NUS mental health conference at The Royal College of Nursing alongside our student welfare officer (SWO) Hannah Desmond. We brought back some interesting ideas, including signing the pledge for ‘Time to Change’ .

Over £8,000 raised for Movember and RAG charities Paul Dabell VP Campaigns

COMING SOON Society for parents at Roehampton I am currently in the process of setting up a society or group for Parents who study at Roehampton. At the moment, only a few have got in touch, so it would be great if you could spread the word. It’s so important that parents feel supported whilst they study here. The year ahead promises to be eventful, with LGBT Weekend at the end of January and International

Please send across an email or drop into the RSU for any advice or support during the New Year. It’s going to be a cracker Rachael.blaney@roehampton.

GET INVO LVED Naked Calendar which has both a male and female picture for each month (your choice which you look at) made up of Roehampton Students. These are currently on sale from the RSU for a bargain price of just £6, all proceeds of which will go towards our RAG total. We also have one of our Sabbatical team, Rachael Blaney, who is running the London Marathon on behalf of Caudwell Children’s charity and she would be very grateful of any donation or support any of you can give her.

Thank you to all students who have taken time to raise money for Movember and our RAG charities. Last term we raised over £8000 (Movember alone accounting for over £4000 of this!) and just under £1000 raised for our three chosen RAG charities: Regenerate, Missing People and Caudwell Children. Part of that fundraising has been made by the (nearly)

Women’s Day in March. Both Matt Hudson and Jayne Tucker are busy planning these celebrations so get in touch with them if you would like to get involved!

The aforementioned Movember was a great success as can clearly be shown through the funds raised (please do not forget the real reason for Movember which is awareness of Men’s Health, check those balls fellas!). During S.H.A.G week we gave out a couple of thousand condoms as well as countless of you were checked for STI’s.

Look out for a return of ‘Love your body, Love your mind’ Campaign in the New Year where we will yet again be encouraging you to look after yourself physically and mentally whilst studying, living and partying at University. We don’t want you to overdo it now do we. If any of you would like to get involved with any Campaigns or raising money for our RAG charities please feel free to get in touch with me at Paul.Dabell@ or simply come up to our office in the Students’ Union! 5

s ' r a e New Y ions t u l o Res

88% of those wh enter January o armed with their New Year’s resolution will s fail within a mattadly er of weeks.

January has officially arrived. The annual opportunity to begin afresh, turn over a new leaf and embark on your New Year’s Resolutions is here. Although you may think the deadline has passed for making resolutions, there is still time.

sure our resolutions will endure the year, it is imperative to set small achievable goals and to persevere. The reality is we will slip up but as the well-known saying goes, it is not about how we fall, but how we get up.

According to statistics a shocking 88% of those who enter January armed with their New Year’s resolutions will sadly fail within a matter of weeks. After the excess of Christmas – indulging in one too many Quality Streets, spending outrageous amounts of money in the sales, and slacking off all responsibilities – it makes sense to make a New Year’s Resolution and give life some order.

Resolutions revolving around only self-denial and restriction – “I am giving up Facebook”, “I am giving up my credit card and all of my store cards”, “I am giving up alcohol”, and from those tired of cringe-worthy bad dates, “I am giving up dating” – are tiresome and doomed to failure. Anything involving the word “don’t” or “mustn’t” is negative and a challenge to the rebel within us all.

So why is it that by the end of January the gym membership you signed up for is already looking a little bit dusty, not to mention a financial burden you could do without? How many times have those well-intended resolutions been reduced to a distant memory? Is it because our New Year’s Resolutions were hastily made on New Year’s Eve night, spurred on by one too many drinks? Or were they given careful thought, but perhaps were a little too optimistic for the brutal realities of life? A New Year’s Resolution is no match to the power of habit. As much as we wish we could transform our personality overnight, radically reinvent our bodies, spend less time glued to our iPhones or miraculously stop our drinking habit; our ingrained habits are difficult to break, and it takes time to develop and establish a new pattern of living. So, before embarking on a New Year’s resolution, be realistic and patient. Let’s be frank, we will not go to bed as a beached whale, and waking up with a booty like Beyoncé’s. To make



I believe a more lasting and effective resolution is to shift the focus from giving up, and instead

insist that I have piano lessons as a child. This January could be my chance to stop regretting and start learning.

I believe a more lasting and effective resolution is to shift the focus from giving up, and instead focus on adding in. Because where is the reward in restriction?

focus on adding in. Because where is the reward in restriction? If you are considering shedding some pounds, instead of undertaking one of those pointless fad diets, how about signing yourself up and training for a charity run? Or if you are feeling really adventurous why not the London Marathon, too late for this year, but why not get training for next year? Not only would you raise money for a great cause and develop a habit of exercising regularly, you would also improve your long-term health and save pounds on that expensive gym membership. Alternatively, you could join a cookery class or open the latest celebrity cookery book that is sitting on your shelf from Christmas. Impress your friends and learn to cook enjoyable, healthy dishes, instead of buying unhealthy, overpriced and calorific takeaways. This would achieve a double whammy of two resolutions, saving money in addition to shedding the Christmas bulge! If weight loss is not your New Year’s Resolution, maybe becoming more social and making new friends is? It is not too late to join a society. Interested in developing your hidden talents? How about picking up some music lessons? I always bemoan the fact that my parents did not

How many times have you felt guilty on holiday as others confidently converse to the local inhabitants in their own language, whilst you flick through your phrase book and hope that with a few gestures thrown in you will get by? Why not invest in the Rosetta Stone language software or or check out the University of Roehampton ‘Languages for All’ programmes, and become fluent in Italian, German, French or something more exotic? The possibilities to broaden and develop are endless! If you begin the New Year by adding in, you could gather some new friends and also discover a hidden talent. Increasing not decreasing is the way to New Year’s Resolution success. And remember, “You are not too old [or too young!], to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis Written by Esther Dark

You are not too old [or too young!], to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis 7

HAVE YOUR FINANCES TAKEN A BIT OF A HIT ? Read on and see if we can help to change that! January is never a healthy time for bank balances, but it is a time for fresh starts. A new year has begun, and we’re all thinking the same thing:

How can I live differently this year? What changes can I make to improve my life? “Saving money” is one of the top five resolutions Britons make each New Year but 75% will desert the idea by 10 January! Is it possible to turn frugality into a sustained lifestyle that doesn’t get discarded two weeks into the year? Where do you begin? Whether you’ve splurged your money on mulled wine or elf outfits, most students are waiting hungrily for the next instalment of their student loan.

According to a recent survey, a quarter of Britons have a meagre £100 to last for the rest of the month, so, if you’re in that 25%, then we’ve got the solution.

The way to start is by budgeting We know what you’re thinking: “Budgeting? How boring!” But making a budget truly is the first step in developing a more sustainable lifestyle. And with the right attitude, it can actually be fun. At the heart of it, a budget is a plan that helps you to become aware of your current spending habits and empowers you to change them where they’ve become unhealthy.

Why is that fun? Because it puts you back in control of your finances. Saving money begins with knowledge — knowledge of how much cash is coming in and how much cash is going out. Setting limits on your spending isn’t a chore, it’s a choice. You are in control of your financial future, and with a budget it becomes possible to get back on track. It takes willpower and self-control to stick to a budget, but the rewards are well worth it. For one thing, saving money becomes much easier when you know exactly where your money is going. And in order to make the most of a frugal lifestyle, you need to be aware of how your money is being used.

Creative Budgeting Ideas 1. Get the entire household or flat involved and

make a game out of who can spend the least in a month. List everyone’s names on a board and keep track daily of how much each person has spent. Bills that benefit everyone in the house, such as rent and groceries, will be equally divided among all players, even if only one person actually paid for it. This is a good way to evaluate each person’s spending on luxuries.

2. Every time you pay for something and go to

write it in your budget, round the expense up to the nearest pound. Then put the change in a jar and watch your money grow as the months go by. This is a good way to “trick” your budget and save some extra money!

3. Use the envelope system. Once you’ve set

a budget for each spending category (food, household, etc.), withdraw that money from the ATM and put the cash into separate envelopes for each expense. Then, pay in cash wherever you go. Once the envelopes are empty, you’ve used up your budgeted amount for the month. This is a good way to track your progress and see how much money you have left! Sometimes it feels like there’s never enough money coming in, regardless of how meticulously you’ve planned, scrimped and saved. Other times, it feels like all the fun things in life are “too expensive” to indulge in. How can we cope with these problems? For one thing, budgeting shouldn’t be a financial prison. We’re all humans and need to treat ourselves once in a while, so you needn’t feel guilty about every little splurge. By allowing yourself a few smaller luxuries, it becomes easier to cut back on larger ones. Moderation is the key. So on the back of that the Money Doctors wants to set you a challenge! In each edition of Fresh we will give you a personal challenge to manage your money differently from what you may be used to. Some of the steps may be familiar to you, while others will take you out of your comfort zone. But if you stick with the challenges, by this time next year you will have learned some extraordinary things about yourself and your finances. But best of all, you will have started to pay off any outstanding

debts and started to save some money! Keep track of your daily spending. Start by writing down your purchases as soon as you can. When you get that sudden urge to buy something you haven’t budgeted for, think twice. Ask yourself,” Do I really need this”? Will I still want it a month from now? Will I be just as happy with something cheaper? The Money Doctors have an electronic budget planner and daily tracker on line to help make this a much simpler task. Take the time to watch where your money is going and see if you can save at least £4 or £5 every day. How will you get there? Eliminating expensive habits that you can’t afford is the first step!

1. Buying a drink at the coffee shop will set

you back roughly £2.29 every day. If you cut it out of your routine, that’s already 25 percent of your daily savings goal.


If you smoke, you could save £8.00 by eliminating that 20-pack of cigarettes. It’s good for your health too!

3. Bottled water costs an average of 9.5p

per litre, if you buy the store brand, and that’s almost 40 times the cost of tap water! Little cutbacks like these can add up fast. Try it for yourself and see the savings. Written by Nicky Reid, Money Doctor

GOALS To save £120 a month or £1,440 a year, you just have to save £4.00 a day! To save £140 a month or £1,680 a year, you just have to save £5.00 a day! So let’s start the Money Doctors financial challenge now! 9


What is better the Film or the book? Harry Potter… How I live Now… Twilight… Which comes to mind first, the film or the book? As an English Literature student, I have come across many film adaptations of the books featured on my reading lists. Overloaded with essays, I am often tempted to view the film, rather than read the book. So, I want to pose a daring question: when given the choice, has anyone else been tempted to disregard the book and opt for a movie night instead? I am expected to read and finish on average a whopping three books a week, some are daunting 600 page Victorian novels… Oh Dickens! When I saw the likes of Brideshead Revisted, The Hobbit and Holes, appear on my reading list for this academic year, an enticing thought flashed across my mind; why not rely upon the movie to get me a good grade, instead of laboring away at the book. Although drawn to this idea at times, I have not succumbed and I am proud to say that I have read all of my books from beginning to end, only satisfying my curiosity to watch the film afterwards. Obviously the book is always, in my opinion, undeniably superior to its film remake. This is probably true in everyone’s opinion, as we make a book our own in our imagination. Imagining how the characters would appear and interact makes the book more personal. Did anyone ever think the supposedly emaciated, impoverished Katniss Everdeen portrayed in The Hunger Games would look as beautiful as Jennifer Lawrence, suspiciously

looking as if she has just been through make up? No matter how brilliant the castings of films are, it never compares to the characters we envisage, as we read.

Obviously the book is always, in my opinion, undeniably superior to its film remake. This is probably true in everyone’s opinion, as we make a book our own in our imagination. Inevitably, when a director interprets their own ideas of the book, it will always fail our own interpretation, in spite of its million pound budget and accuracy to the book. Or does it? The complicated and broken narrative of Fight Club, which left me dumbfounded at moments, is easily understood through David Flincher’s 1996 film adaptation, and Brad Pitt wasn’t too bad to watch for two hours either. It annoys me, when my friends completely criticise a director’s hard, creative work, as rubbish, finding fault with events that have been omitted or added and poor casting choices. To my surprise, even though The Lord of The Rings Trilogy lasts over 11 hours in its extended version, it still misses out some material from the book. Alternatively, it would be terribly embarrassing to start raving about the female elf Tauriel in Peter

Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit in seminar, when in fact Tolkien was clearly a tad anti-feminist and included no active female characters in the book. However, I do not think we should be so quick to sound like book reading toffs when we go to the cinema and instantly proclaim to anyone within hearing distance, “the book is so much better!” Of course the book is undeniably better, (Film students may disagree) but we should start asking what we can learn from these adaptations. After reading Markus Zusak’s beautiful, internationally acclaimed book, The Book Thief; I was just a little over excited when I saw the trailer of the film last week advertising its release at the end of January. However, I am slightly apprehensive, as I know it will be impossible to recreate the well-drawn characters, which I loved, their internal thoughts and my own visualisations. How can it possibly be condensed into a couple of hours? Yet, this will not stop me from going or make me slam the film, because in the end, it is someone else’s interpretation. I am looking forward to the reality it will bring to the impression left by the words of the book. Films help us appreciate the book by giving us a deeper visual experience. Why not give the film a chance, benefit from your student discount, and get down to the cinema! However, I still remain, firmly “team book” and I advise everyone if you can- read the book first! But, bite your tongue, and do not spoil the ending for your friends! Written by Esther Dark 11

The Fair is designed and organised for Roehampton students on initial teacher training courses or any student considering a career in teaching. More than 35 organisations from London boroughs, faith school boards, academy groups, specialist recruitment agencies and teaching unions will be exhibiting from 10:00am-2.30pm in the Hirst Building 001. The event is held by the University of Roehampton’s Employability & Entrepreneurship Service. It offers students a chance to find out how they can secure their Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) job after graduating, and more about what different employers in the teaching sector have to offer.

UR TEACHERS’ RECRUITMENT FAIR 2014 Tuesday 18 February 2014 (10:00am - 2.30pm) Hirst Building 001 On Tuesday 18 February, the University of Roehampton is holding its annual Teachers’ Recruitment Fair on Digby Stuart campus. 12 FRESH MAGAZINE

The Fair gives YOU the opportunity to meet and talk directly to potential employers, as well as the chance to network with established professional partners of the University. In addition, there are FOUR specialist presentations to hear:

• Applying to a Primary Pool • Teaching in an Academy – What’s the Difference? • What to Expect in your Induction Year • Teaching in a British International School However, make sure you book your place for each of these talks, which will be held in the Duschene Building, Room 004 throughout the day. Further details on the presentations will be made available at towards the end of the month. The Teaching Fair is open to current Roehampton students and recent graduates. The Employability & Entrepreneurship team will be on hand to offer advice and guidance on how get the most out of the Fair and signpost students in need of further help, advice and support on the day. So what are you waiting for! If you want to teach – then don’t miss the Teachers’ Recruitment Fair!


Interested in Camp America? Date: 25-01-2014 Time: Doors Open: 1pm Location: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE The UK’s biggest camp director Recruitment Fairs are coming to London on Saturday, 25 January - and you’ll find us at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, from 1pm (NEW LOCATION FOR 2014!!!) We’re bringing camp directors from all over the USA to meet and hire people just like you and the London fair is your chance to consider the camps and roles on offer; select the one that suits you and GET HIRED ON THE SPOT! That’s right; you could arrive as a hopeful - and be leaving part of the CA family! You’ll not only know where you’re going for the summer and your definite start date, but you’ll also have met with your Camp Director – and could possibly meet others who are going to the same camp as you! Can it get any easier than that? You’ll also get the chance to meet the Camp America team, chat with staff that have been to camp, find out more about the programme and check out your after camp travel options! We have thousands of placements available on the day - so make sure you’re one of them!

The Employability Centre

If you are having difficulty or perhaps just want some friendly 1-to-1 advice and guidance in the lead up to an interview or application – then why not book yourself onto one of our drop in sessions. They run from Monday to Friday 12pm – 2pm at the Employability Centre on the Ground Floor of the Library.



FIND YOURSELF A JOB The dark evenings are creeping in, windows frosting over and student loans running dry after an eventful first term here at Roehampton. Restaurants are looking, bars searching, department stores trawling through applications searching for you – the “reliable, enthusiastic, and hungry to make some money student”. However, rest assured, we here at the Employability Centre are here to help you every step of the way. Visit our website employability and feast your eyes on our top resources on offer this year to help you find and secure the part time job you want

THE JOB SHOP Start your search on the JobShop, an online advertisement board where employers can post their latest vacancies or internships for full or part time work on both temporary and permanent contracts. Currently listed are opportunities with Ford, Asics, Boots, Easyjet and Mars Inc.

REGISTER WITH UNITEMPS If you live on campus or in the immediate surrounding areas and are looking for something part time and local – why not register with Unitemps, Roehampton’s very own on-site recruitment agency. Unitemps are currently advertising the 10 Departmental Internships as well as vacancies for personal and promotional assistants across London.

UR CAREERLINK The Employability Department recently launched their brand new resource UR CareerLink, a careers portal built around resource videos, tutorials and audio guides on writing Cover Letters, Interview Techniques and Networking. Register online to gain use of the C.V Builder, Mock Interview Simulator and the Job Search Engine. Sift your way through vacancies updated daily. Current opportunities include Selfridges, Urban

Outfitters, Harrods, Boots, Burberry and Harvey Nichols. It’s the perfect online guide for your job hunt this Christmas – so sign up today and start building your career. If you are having difficulty or perhaps just want some friendly 1 to 1 advice and guidance in the lead up to an interview or application – then why not book yourself onto one of our drop in sessions. They run from Monday to Friday 12pm – 2pm at the Employability Centre on the Ground Floor of the Library. Sign up at the reception desk to meet with an Employability Adviser for roughly 15-20 minutes. Sessions are booked on a strictly first come first served basis, and advisers are equipped with the knowledge and information to answer your most burning questions. So don’t turn down the chance to take advantage of this free career guidance service. Alternatively you can find a list of your Departmental Employability Advisers at www., so if you can’t make a drop in session, or perhaps want to talk to your specific EA then feel free to get in touch with your adviser and book an appointment that suits you.

FREE WORKSHOPS We also run workshops throughout the term. Each one dedicated to a particular process such as “CV & Cover Letters”, “Routes into Teaching” and even “Social Media: The power of Networking”. Sign up for your FREE spot on any of our tailored workshops at www.roehampton. You can always stop by and visit us at The Employability Centre on the Ground Floor of the Library where our team of dedicated staff will do their best to cater to your needs and assist or advise you in any way we can. Talk to an adviser, visit the Unitemps office, and learn about all of our schemes, events and initiatives that we run throughout the year and how to get involved. So what are you waiting for!

Start your future now. Visit the Employability Centre today and make this term a wealthy one! 15


Last term was incredibly successful for Fresh TV with lots of new programmes being created, students given work experience and a good relationship developed with the National Student Television Association.

We will also be having a weekend away, visiting Loughborough University for the annual NaSTA awards and conference in April. We are hoping for a strong turn out from the Fresh TV crews and fingers crossed we may even pick up an award!

A massive congratulations to Daniel Summers, whose Mini Heroes series was chosen as programme of the week by NaSTA.

If you would like to find out more about how Fresh TV can help support your career in film, media and entertainment then email:

This term we will endeavor to become bigger and better providing YOU with workshops, guest speakers and the handson work experience YOU need to boost your portfolios and CVs and break into the media industry.


Or for job and workshop opportunities follow us on Facebook! Good luck for the new term! Stay Fresh, Hollie Fresh TV Station Manager


7-8pm every Thursday Join Oli and Mark every Thursday from 7-8pm as they bring you the latest music and news, as well as focusing on unknown and up and coming musicians.


The Pre-Fez Show

9-10pm every Wednesday Kick off Fez the right way! Tune in 9pm-10pm every Wednesday with Michael and Thomas for the best chart and dance music to get you ready for Fez. Fancy a shout out? Want to request a song?

Get in touch by tweeting @FreshAir_RSU or Email 17



Get involved in sport and activity without the pressure of weekly training and fixtures. Hall Stars occurs fortnightly and the sports vary from fortnight to fortnight. Over 70 students attended over the last semester and we will be looking to make it even bigger and better this semester. To express an interest, please email 18 FRESH MAGAZINE


Recreational Sports

The following teams are top of their respective leagues:

This year we have had a large interest in both men’s and women’s volleyball. We recently lost narrowly to St Mary’s University volleyball team who play in BUCS. Roehampton students, John Church and Donata Baliukeviciute, have worked hard to promote volleyball both recreationally and competitively. The goal for the guys is to play in BUCS for the 2014-15 season.

W Badminton M Football 3 W Football 1 W Hockey Netball 1 M Squash 1 W Squash 1 Women’s football now have a 2nd team and women’s rugby have played two competitive fixtures having only been established this year.

Non-BUCS Competitions Roehampton’s Trampoline Team took to their second competition ever on 31 November. The whole team performed extremely well resulting in a 3rd place in the Novice Ladies category, 2nd place in the Advanced Men’s category and 1st place in the Uber Ladies Category. The team are now training hard for the competitions in the New Year, including BUCS in February. The Tag Rugby Team have been going from strength to strength and managed to secure 3rd place in their league after winning the 3rd place play-off match by 20 points to 7. The team are hoping to repeat this success in the Winter League starting in January.

Handball has been going really well this year and we have a new women’s team competing in LUSL. The team are coached by Juan Antonio Lorca who is completing his handball coaching qualification to provide better training sessions for the team. The team have played two LUSL fixtures so far, winning one and losing the other.

Hall Stars Hall Stars, new this year, has been very successful gaining positive feedback from all involved. Hall Stars has been endorsed by senior management as a great way to get involved in sport and activity without the pressure of weekly training and fixtures. Hall Stars occurs fortnightly and the sports vary from fortnight to fortnight. Over 70 students attended over the last semester and we will be looking to make it even bigger and better this semester.

so that those who do not live in halls don’t feel excluded.

5 Aside Football This term’s campus 5 aside football league has come to a close and congratulations to ‘When in Bede’ for defeating 2nd place ‘Made in Chelsea’ in a thrilling encounter on the MUGA. Last term’s competition saw brilliant displays from goalkeepers and captains alike, resulting in great fighting spirit and fair play matches. Sport Roehampton is excited to welcome teams to apply for this term’s competition and we are looking forward to witnessing further footballing excellence!

Half Price Sports memberships: If you have not joined or participated in a sport or activity at Roehampton already, you will be please to know that form January 9 2014 membership will be half price. The new prices are as follows:

OLYMPIC – £32.50, COMMONWEALTH £25 PLAY - £15.

Our first amendment is to change the name to ALLSTARS 19

IS HAVING A DEGREE ENOUGH TO SECURE THE FUTURE YOU WANT? ‘The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no men. Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. Today is a Gift that’s why it is called the Present’ Alice Morse Earle How important is an education in our lives? Does a good education result in the perfect future? Will a degree alone be a guarantee for future employment? We have probably all asked ourselves these questions before, especially being a university student. Yes, certainly education gives us more opportunities and opens up a whole new world right there in front of us. Having a degree doesn’t only mean that you have gone through years of education and you can handle the work load, but it also means that you gained an unforgettable experience while studying. Being a university student is a privilege, at least that’s how it used to be. That is why each young person who planned to go to university at the end of secondary school knew that it would be a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience. It would also require a lot of hard work and having some sort of a plan for after university. As a Roehampton student myself, I would definitely advise other students to start thinking about the future now. The present is the gift as it was once told, so why don’t we use this gift? We have time to think about what we want to do after we graduate. In my opinion, it would be very useful to do any kind of work placement that is available while you study. Even if it is for a short period of time, work experience will still be useful as it will give you a better idea of what to do once you graduate. It’s your chance to try out different careers.


In case Media students are reading this article then there is a module called Career Preparation followed by the Work Placement module, run by Jan Digby and Carol Prior, both very talented lecturers. Personally, I was very lucky to have chosen these modules as doing work experience was one of the most rewarding experiences at university. In some respects, university is a challenge, but in the end, this challenge makes us stronger and more confident. After graduating we know that we have all the relevant qualifications, and hopefully at least some work experience that will improve our chances of getting the job we have been dreaming about.

Work experience will still be useful as it will give you a better idea of what to do once you graduate. It’s your chance to try out different careers. So, all we have to do is just never give up, and keep fighting for the future we want. It might seem scary to be a fresh graduate stepping out onto a road of competitiveness and uncertainty, but university helps us to realise that we are worth what we dream of. It is true that there is always going to be challenges after graduation, but the truth is – life is a challenge itself; that’s why we have to do our best to stick to our goals and achieve them. University is the first and very important step and then it is us on a road of change and more adventure. So never give up because if somebody else can achieve what you would like to accomplish, then you can do it too. Written by Vita Tocilovska

Between a rock and a hard place(ment) I don’t know about you, but I often find it hard to be optimistic about the future. Perhaps this is the safest attitude to have; don’t expect too much of what’s to come, and then you will avoid disappointment. Yet as a young student, with a career in mind, having chosen a course based on that career (journalism in my case), isn’t this the time to be ambitious? Well this week I’ve taken a step forward on the road to becoming a journalist. I’m doing a placement at my local newspaper, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo. I’m here to learn new skills, write some articles, network with other journos and see how the publication works. So far (this is my last day) it’s been a whole lot of fun and I’ve been able to achieve, at least in part, each of these goals. The best thing without a doubt has been court reporting, something I really wasn’t expecting to do. The Crown and County Court is only five minutes away from the newspaper offices and I’ve loved going over there to take notes on sentencing hearings. It’s like “winning a raffle without buying a ticket” to quote the reporter I was shadowing yesterday, as the prosecution outlines the case for you and the judge usually provides some great quotes when passing sentence on more serious offenders. Big cases make great stories. In fact, the next two editions of the paper feature two major cases on the front page. Working in the office has been a lot more arduous. In the last weeks before Christmas there

are fewer people here and less going on, so while the journalists who are here are busy putting next week’s paper together, I haven’t had much to do. Fortunately I have been able to follow up leads and put some stories together for the website. I’d say it has been worth being here just to experience doing journalism for a whole working week rather than squeezing it in when I can with my uni studies. This, after all, could be my future.

This is the time to be ambitious. It’s also the time to take a look at the job market and see what’s actually out there.

So has my time here made me more optimistic about the future? Definitely. Like the placement I did last year with Hello! magazine in Madrid, it confirms to me that journalism is what I want to do and that I can do it. It increases my desire to get into the industry. On the other hand, it also forces me to be more realistic. Speaking to the guys here, you hear of all the cutbacks being made to the newspaper industry and the uncertainty they feel about their future. That still doesn’t put me off journalism, but it reminds me that I need to be savvy as well as proactive. So in answer to my first question, yes, this is the time to be ambitious. It’s also the time to take a look at the job market and see what’s actually out there. This is simple common sense really, but it’s easy to forget when you constantly hear about economic problems that affect your area. Being a journalist with an interest in politics and finance doesn’t help. Written by Nicholas Dawson 21

VOLUNTEERING MAD Projects Little Big Africa Update This academic year the team in RSU have been working really hard to organise the first ever volunteering Trip Abroad! Details of the trip were advertised in the last issue of Fresh but here is a brief overview and update! Five students have been selected (we are on the hunt for an additional male to join the trip due to programme requirements, so if you are interested send me an email!) and in January 2014 we will embark on some epic fundraising and training to get ready for the trip! Congratulations again to the students who got selected after the application and interview stages, you will all be fantastic! The trip we have chosen will be taking place during the summer of 2014, between June and August for 7 weeks and will involve students living and working in a small rural community in Uganda.

The work our students will be undertaking will involve building a 10,000 litre water tank for the community and then teaching and sensitizing the community how to use their water supply most efficiently. This development will mean that many more school children will be able to attend school rather than walking hours a day to fetch water. The Roehampton team will also train the community in fuel efficient stoves so that natural resources can be used more sustainably. The trip is a real life changing opportunity for Volunteers to positively influence the lives of a whole community and leave a lasting legacy. For more information email:



societies ty Roehampton Rainforest Socie at Re-freshers’ Fair

Orchard RU Outdo or Planet Film RU s RU Inspired P eople & Filming Pole Fit T Gaming a nd Role P hird Row Dance Players lay Roe Reading h Tag The Scout Art and Performan ampton s ce Laser Network Caribbea n De Internatio Alternative Asia bating A n Cider Ta fro nal Jap anese L Norwegia s ting GB n Music W riting Pa T+ Roecampton RU Inspire l e d st St John Am Socialist Women ine Solidarity 's society bulance Steel Ban Business C Male d F lu English Lit b Classics Deb irst Aid Food at er Philosoph ature Human Righ ing Education y Photog ts Life Sc ra iences Dance Al pha Chris phy Psychology Mature tian Union Conscious Islamic K ness Ah rishna lu Vincent D e Paul Hin lbayt Discover l ife St du Muslim Food Snow Wo S Hogwarts ports Rainforest a men's Society People & P nd Conser lanet and vation more.

The variety of societies at Roehampton is immense and there is something for everyone – so if you haven’t joined one yet head to: societies/ and check out how to be a part of the Society scene!

Try something FUN! Joining a society like Laser Tag or the Pole Fit Society is a brilliant way to do something enjoyable and exciting and push your boundaries!

Here are my top three reasons to make joining a society your number 1 New Year’s Resolution:

There is nothing that employers love more than seeing some co-curricular activities on your CV. It shows them that you made the most of your time at University and did something more than get an awesome grade – you’ll head to the top of the pile!

1. Meet new and like-minded people Being friends with your housemates and course mates is great, but why not expand your horizons and meet people who have the same interests as you!

2. Get out of your comfort zone

3. Enhance your CV

Finally, a big thank you to all the Societies – keep up the good work! For more information email: 23

Final year undergraduates...




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s e h t w.



Edible campus Final year undergraduates: complete the 2014 National Student Survey for a chance to win a £50 Amazon Voucher (5 available). Up to 100 free Summer Ball tickets for the department with the most respondents. It only takes 5 mins – fill it in today!



University of Roehampton London


Connect with Growhampton and find out how you can get involved VISIT WWW.GROWHAMPTON.COM



Fresh cooking with Rob and Celia


In our very first food article we stated that we wanted to share with you easy, healthy and cheap food recipes that did not include the famous student food: pasta. But it seems inevitable that pasta would show up sometime as it is easy, cheap and if you make it right it can be very healthy too. This article will give you tips on how to make pasta the right

Try travelling out of Italy for your pasta dish. Replace your regular tomato sauce with an Indian curry sauce. Or why not give it a Mexican twist with chillies, sweetcorn and coriander?

In pasta sauces, add a tablespoon or more of the water you have boiled the pasta in; the starched water will help thicken the sauce and give it a lovely smooth and almost creamy texture.



way and hopefully it will revitalise your pasta repertoire. We are going to take for granted that you all know how to cook pasta and that you all have some favourite dishes in mind, but we do wish to share with you some tips and ideas for your yummy in your tummy pasta dishes.

Have you ever tried to add about 1020g of dark chocolate to your tomato based sauce? We often do this to create a balance between the sweet and the salty. If you think adding chocolate sounds a bit too exotic, then try adding a pinch of sugar instead.

Leftover pasta? Make a salad using the leftover pasta, it’s delicious! Just add into your favourite salad.

Invest in a bottle of good extra virgin olive oil, and don’t be afraid to use it a lot whilst cooking pasta, in the boiling water, in the sauce and a drizzle when it’s done. Remember, there are a lot of health benefits to gain from using olive oil.

Use pasta in soups: small pasta such as macaroni, mini fusilli and mini farfalle are great to use in all kinds of soups for that little extra texture and filling. You can also use scissors to cut your regular spaghetti into small pieces.

Make your own tomato sauce: tin of chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, onion, garlic, salt & pepper - finito! Then add your own favourites such as minced meat, mushrooms, herbs etc. Remember to taste whilst cooking. Want to be a bit healthier? Then choose whole-grain pasta rather than regular.

Don’t be afraid to use vegetables you wouldn’t usually put into a pasta dish. We like to use carrots, peas, beetroot, sweetcorn, spring onions, leeks, courgettes … yes whatever really. But avoid using potatoes, no need to use carbs together with more carbs. Or Just keep it simple. Pasta with some pesto and olives…. Voila! And it tastes so good!

You can easily make a cheese sauce by using a flavoured (e.g. garlic) cream cheese. Just add in your pan together with onions and stir until cheese is melted.

Add a knob of butter in your pasta sauce; this will make all those lovely flavours get together and dance!

We love herbs! Basil, oregano, coriander and parsley are pasta lovers and our favourite herbs to use, dry or fresh.

*A lot of ready-to-use pasta sauces use palm-oil, which is very harmful to the environment, as an ingredient. Read the labelling to avoid using products containing palm-oil. 27

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EAST SHEEN,188 Upper Richmond Road West, SW14 8AN

020 8878 56 56

Opening Hours: 11am - Late 7 days a week. /DominosPizza


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Student ID may be required. *At regular menu price. **Free pizza must be equal or lesser value than the first. Excludes personal pizzas. Minimum delivery £12.50. Not valid with any other offer. See website for full T&C’s.

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