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Fresh January 2012


his term at Roehampton sees the annual RSU Elections take place, the chance for any student to take an officer role within the Union to help support and enhance others studying at Roehampton. The election will take place between the 5th and 22nd of March, a period of three weeks divided into

Nominations Week, Campaigns Week and finally the all-important Voting Week.

The annual elections are the only way you can become an officer of the Union and it works just like any other election. Each candidate must submit a nomination form stating that they wish to run in the election and specify which role they are campaigning for. Candidates then begin their campaign in the second week of the


Election period, this involves candidate question time on the Tuesday of that week. Each candidate is given a specific amount of time to address the student population on why they are the best person for the role in a bid to secure those important votes. They are able to campaign for the entire week and continue campaigning into the final week, Voting Week. This is when the mass student population at Roehampton can cast their vote on who they wish to be elected for each role. There are certain rules which must be carefully noted when voting, for example, each student must specify what college they wish to vote for when it comes to the college specific roles (College President and College Social Secretary). Students are then only able to vote for one candidate in each category. On the Thursday of Voting Week, the

candidates must stop campaigning at 12noon and all voting stations close. The votes are then counted by the Election Supervisors and Co-Ordinator. The Union strives to improve the experience of all students that attend the University of Roehampton, through a means of representation, support, activities and development. The Union strongly encourages all students to be as involved with Union as they possibly can and hope to see a high level of interest when the Elections take place. Last year saw a voting turn out of over 1700, the highest ever at the University, this year the Union will aim to beat that record again. For further information please contact a member of the sabbatical team, contact details can be found on page 4.

This issue of Fresh was printed on recycled paper. Please make sure you re-use/recycle it too, or at least leave it aside for someone else to read later. All content is available online at

Fresh Newspaper

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Steve Molyneaux - Editor in Chief & Production, VP Communications

Happy New Year Roehampton! This is the term where it all happens so I hope you’re all feeling refreshed after the Christmas break. We are currently working hard on a re-launch of Fresh Newspaper which will see a change from the traditional newspaper format to a more contemporary magazine format. We hope that this will encourage people to show more interest in Fresh and eventually get more students involved with the production side of things. Along with the format change, we have designed a new structure that will see the creation of several job roles. These job roles will be part-time so that students can work it around their studies, it will be a great opportunity to get experience in media production and inevitably be a nice edition to C.V’s. If you think you would be interest in joining the Fresh team for the re-launch (in March) please contact me ASAP so I can inform you of the job roles available and how you can apply. I’m also working hard on the ‘branding’ of college identity at the moment, through SUC and Senate it was highlighted that the sense of collegiality at Roehampton has been lost over the last year or so and therefore I’m working with the university at relighting that college spark we all loved. Check out the PROVISIONAL new college mascots in this edition of Fresh, any feedback you give will be much appreciated so we can move forward with the design work. Contact me on Steve Molyneaux, VP Communications & Engagement

Sam Kendall Kirby, Editor, Student Media Officer Hello guys! Welcome back and happy new year! So this is it for a third of us! The final term! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and got everything that wushed for. I didn’t, all I got was a teapot and granny knickers. Anyway, have a great term and goof luck! See you around. Love, as always,

Becca Newton, Editor, Student Media Officer Happy Y2K12 Roehampton! I hope you’re all as happy to be back as I am, is an emotional term for us third years, it’s all coming to an end but there is still plenty of fun to be had! There is just one more edition of Fresh Newspaper to come before it all changes, it’s official … we’re going ‘magazine style’. The new look Fresh will be launching in March, with much more information to come throughout the next few weeks. We want as many of you as possible to be involved with the relaunch so please let us know asap if this tickles your taste buds. I’m sure many of you will be seeing my face a lot more this term as my time table has been rather kind to me, but for those who weren’t so fortunate with lecture hours, work hard but play harder, after all this is the warm up term for SUMMER BALL! Love as always, your resident Northern Irish Newton xx

Brenda is back...

The Union Cafe has re-opened and with it see’s the return of Brenda. Although the food offer has been modified the atmosphere and friendly service that you love will remain as Alex Murray pointed out ‘ it was great to have Brenda back as that warm welcome, laugh that fills the café and puts a smile on your face each time you are served has returned’.

Despite efforts from all parties, the space behind and in front of the counter did not allow for the magic, it was time for a rethink. The new menu is more of a grab and go style to suit the space, providing tasty snacks at an affordable price and is still the only place to get a ‘cuppa’ out of a china mug ... the finest bone china at that. On Brenda’s return, she said “It was great to be back and seeing all the students again, I am looking forward to the new venture, please pop in and say hello” by Roehampton Students Union

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Fresh Newspaper


RSU President, Alex Murray

VP Communications & Engagement, Steve Molyneaux


Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good break and it wasn’t robbed by too many essays! A big hello to our new international students who are joining us this term, I’m sure you’re going to love it at Roehampton – and make sure you do as much as you can whilst your here. This term see’s the launch of the NSS, National Student Survey, which is targeted to all third year students. The survey only takes 5 minutes so please fill it out when you get a chance. This is a national survey and marks Universities on a national scale – the higher a University scores on the NSS the higher it sits on national tables, ultimately improving the value of your degree! There’s a lot on the agenda for the spring term. The Student-Led Teaching Awards have launched and nominations can be made at http://www. So if there are any staffs you feel need recognition nominate – it will only take a couple minutes. The RSU elections will also be hitting us during March. This is an opportunity for all students to run for any of the RSU sabbatical and officer positions. For more information about the elections, visit our website or come and see us! If you thought the last term went fast, you won’t believe how fast this one will go! Make sure you make the most of it. The ski trip is during the first week of the Easter break, if you’ve never been and want to give it a try – I 100% recommend it, you’ll have an amazing time!! Anyway, good to see people back, see you around. Alex

Welcome back everyone and of course a huge welcome to all the international students that are joining us for this semester! Judging by the craziness of Refreshers Week the festive break did its duty of gearing you all up for another term at Roehampton. This is perhaps the busiest and best term of the year, with so much going on from week one through to Easter. The main things to look out for in the coming weeks are the National Student Survey and RSU Elections. The NSS is a national campaign aimed at final year students and gives them the chance to shout about their academic experience at Roehampton. The campaign results are used to inform league tables that compare universities from across the country thus affecting the value of your degree. The RSU elections will take place in March this year, the important dates of Elections are included in the advertisement in this edition of Fresh and more information will follow in the March edition of Fresh. I hope you all have a great term and I’m sure, please keep engaging with the Union as we are here to support and enhance your student experience. Steve x

Contact us: RSU President:

VP Activities

VP Communications & Egagement

Welfare & Community VP Welfare & VP Community, Claire Fitzsimons

VP Activities, Baz Barrett Happy New Year! Hope you all had a relaxing Christmas & New Year, ate and drank until your little student bodies have been replenished, and generally had fun over what is seen as the most festive period of the year. Now back to the fun stuff! Hope you all had a fun packed re-fresher’s w eek and look forward to the very first term 2012 has seen at Roehampton. So, what’s on offer this term? The Amsterdam trip is filling up fast so if you haven’t booked your place then get yourselves up to the RSU with your £50 deposit. All the information is on www.roehamptonstudent. but just to refresh your memories: 9th-12th February. £160 and £50 deposit paid to the RSU. Other trips that are lined up this term are a theatre trip to see War Horse and a trip to Thorpe Park. Please see the website for up and coming details. In partnership with Sport Roehampton, we are now planning more classes/activities which will take place in Monte Hall to increase the participation of new and current sports for students. If you would like to know more about the events or would like to start up an event of your own then please get In contact with Baz Barrett at baz.barrett@roeha The Roehampton players are working hard with two productions in mind – a straight play and a musical. They raised £250 from a cocktail night they put on that will go towards the production. Keep supporting the players your eyes out for the up and coming productions and keep supporting their hard work! If you haven’t done so already, get your £90 deposit to the RSU reception now for one of the most popular trips in the calender…the RSU Ski Trip! 7 days of lush snow and a lot of apres ski. A trip not to be missed. Hopefully the January blues are on their way out, along with the deadlines and as the days get lighter and warmer you can look forward to an action packed secomnd semester. See you around folks, Baz

Hi guys, Hope you all had a lovely rest over the holidays and you’re ready to tackle the term! When I was a student, I used to refer to this term as ‘crunch time’ as it’s the last full stretch of lecture time before the big deadlines creep up. Many of you will experience that penny drop moment, when you get that sinking feeling and overwhelming realisation of your increasing workloads. If you ever get that feeling, the worst thing to do is panic! Being proactive by creating a study or research timetable is an effective way of showing yourself that all of your essays are manageable, and with a bit of timekeeping, you CAN get it all done! For those on placement, and are living in halls of residence, noise comes up as an issue often enough. Flat reps, it might be worth having a flat meeting and discussing what may become an issue during the placement period, and how to overcome them. Usually enough, general courtesy, such as those leaving early not slamming doors & keeping noise down after 11 so people can have uninterrupted rest, goes a long way in resolving the issues that continually arise around this time of year! Apart from the niggling issue of work, this term also hosts our RSU Elections! The elections are an exciting way of becoming more involved with the SU and making the most out of your time here! If you have any questions about what some our officer roles entail, please do ask! Furthermore, we’ve got some fun campaigns this term such as LGBT+ Week & R.A.G Week. Us Sabbaticals will be doing a number of humiliating things to raise some money for 3 outstanding charities, that do some real life changing and inspiring work. Lastly, the Body Image Programme will be rolling out this term so for more information about getting involved, please contact myself. The programme is the perfect opportunity to really go in depth about the subject of pursuing the ‘thin ideal’ promoted to us via the media. I’ve personally found the more I challenge the ‘thin ideal’ the more appreciation I have for my own body, and the qualities that really make up me, rather than just appearance. Remember, if you need anything, just pop up to my office or drop me an email. Lots of Love - Fitzy x

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Digby Stuart CP, Jess Beeken Hello Digby,

And welcome back to the Spring semester! I hope you all had a crackin’ Christmas and a fabulous New Year, I know I certainly did. Refresher’s Week was a great one this year and so I’m sure everyone’s already well settled back into the swing of things here at Roehampton. Unfortunately last term, due to the illness of a senior staff member at the college, the Digby Common Room saga was put on hold as such, as decisions regarding finance etc needed their approval. However, this term I sincerely hope that some improvements will be made to the Common Room to make it into a social space for us to use, and not just a canteen! At first these will be smaller and more basic improvements, but I hope to keep on pushing for more funding and better facilities and so in September 2012 the new set of Freshers will have a fantastic Common Room to welcome them. Frigby is only just around the corner – trust me, this term will fly – and so the Digby Lions will be holding some Frigby Fundraisers over the course of this term to raise money for the best event of the year! The boys are doing amazing this season, they probably have the best team the Lions have ever seen, so please, please, please, go to the events, be generous and just have an awesome time.

enjoy a London night out. At the same time try and think about how stretched you were at the end of last term and maybe budget a little better this time round. I know I’ll be trying that. All that remains is for me to wish you all the best for the remainder of this term. I truly love being a Froebel boy and as the weather gets warmer and the days longer, hopefully you’ll all be able to see just why this campus is so fantastic! In Froebel we trust…Love FJ

Southlands CP, Rory Kinnaird Alright everyone. Happy New Year to you all and welcome back. I hope you all had a great Christmas break and are now fully recovered. You should now be ready for this coming term and its various events without having to worry about those deadlines for the time being. Before we broke up for the holidays we had our annual Christmas dinner on Southlands. This was probably the most successful one this college has held. There was a three course meal provided for both staff and students in the Chapman Hall and we also had a medium bar open in the social space. It was really amazing to see so many people attended and interacted with each other which I believe holds us in good stead for this upcoming term. This term will hopefully be even better than the last and we hope to provide a variety of events for you to get stuck in with. We are really pushing for DVD nights and film nights for those who don’t enjoy going out or just want a change so you can all be part of the Southlands community. One event that we want to make really successful is our Southlands Saturday which is on the 24th of March, where we can celebrate our college’s history and for what it is now. We want all students to get involved with this and to enjoy a day at the college together. That’s all from me for now, see you all around.

Stay safe, work hard, play harder and keep on smiling! Lots of blue and yellow love,

Whitelands CP Wade Tomlinson

Your Digby CP, Beeken x

Froebel CP, Jon Carter HELLO FROEBEL and all you other excited little students that may be reading this to find out what is going on or simply to pass the time between lectures! We find ourselves at long last in the second term of the University calendar and things are beginning to get tense around Froebel. We have our Education students attending placement, some for the very first time so bear that in mind when coming home from Fez at 2am. The Zeebras are about to start playing again after the winter break so look out for lots of upcoming news from the Black & White Army captained by the illustrious Nouri Ezzine and led from the front with poise and expertise by the legendary James Charles Harris. From the 23rd of this month we have RAG week touching down at Roehampton as a chance for us all to ‘Raise and Give’. The crazier the idea about how to raise money the better, it could be a cake sale, a car wash, a strip tease or a simple inter-flat cook-off! Also try to remember that now our loans are in this is a time to enjoy London a little more, AD is talking about another trip to Roadhouse in Covent Garden which was a great night for all of those that went last time after the ice skating trip and there is a whole host of nice restaurants, great date nights and good ol’ piss-up locations around Putney, Kingston and Richmond, which means you don’t have to break the bank travelling and can still

Hello and welcome back you beautiful specimens! Hope you all had a good bit of time off and keeping up with those new years’ resolutions that we all know you won’t stick to anyway. Roehampton 2012 has a lot in store for you guys starting with what seemed to be a decent Refreshers week. Deadlines for trips away are getting closer, so get those deposits in (Sports tour, Amsterdam, Ski Trip etc...). Make sure you pay everything off while you’re still minted with a fresh loan. Whitelands college night will be back on soon as it’s attracting a lot of attention, Rachael, our Social Secretary, will be working with this. So if you have any ideas to make it better, contact her through the union. Keep an eye at out for the posters as usual, as there will be plenty of self set up student events, such as themed nights, strips and pretty much anything anyone will do in search of funding. Remember, work your nuts off...but enjoy your self while you are here! Wade Tomlinson, Whitelands CP, friend, psychiatrist, father figure, shoulder to cry on.

Mount Clare Site Rep, Rachael Hinge Heyy Mount Clare crew, I hope you had an epic Christmas! LOTS is going to be happening over the next few months like the open day (date pending) and more socials, so make sure you get involved! I’ll be sending round a questionnaire/survey thing in the next couple of days so it would be great if you could fill it in and get back to me about some more events over the next few months!! I hope to see you all around campus, and keep up the hard work - not long to go till the end!! Rach :) xx

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Fresh Newspaper

OUR INTERNS A message from the RSU New Media Intern Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a good Christmas and are now ready to settle back into uni life. Fresh Air (RSU’s radio station) has now completed its inaugural term serving your ears - and what a term it was, with the station getting bigger and better with each passing week. We’ve now got a great team of around 20 students working on ten different weekly shows and the enthusiasm and commitment from everyone has been fantastic. But it’s not too late to get involved. If you’re interested, please e-mail freshair@ with a little bit about yourself. Having ironed out the obligatory teething problems we had, you can now listen to Fresh Air live on your laptop by visiting www. and clicking on ‘Launch Live Radio Player’. The station runs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, with the regular studentpresented shows broadcast between 5pm-7pm every week day

Page 6

(see the website for the full timetable). Since my last blog, two news shows – ‘Prophets of Rock’ and ‘The Hub’ have been added to the schedule. ‘Prophets of Rock’, as the name suggests, is a blast through all the best rock, metal and punk, old and new, with Erica and Callum. ‘The Hub’ is an hourly show focussing on the latest going-ons, both across the University and nationally. Expect topical features, reviews and lively discussion about all aspects of student life, as well as doses of sport, comedy, cinema and music. We’ve also recently invested further money in the station by signing up with the IRN (Independent Radio News). This allows us to integrate news, showbiz and sports updates to our schedules. Their Net Newsroom package also gives students daily-updated sound-clips and scripts to use on their shows too. Finally, a big thanks to all our student photographers who helped capture the shenanigans of every RSU event last term. If you have your own camera, a keen interest in photography, and are interested in helping out this term (and earning a bit of pocket-money) then please e-mail richard. Keep on, keeping on Richard

OUR INTERNS A message from the RSU Volunteering Intern Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and NYE!

people and I can’t wait to get cracking on more M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Projects this term! So far there’s going to be fundraising, arts and crafts for sick children, a theatre trip for the elderly, reviving a sensory garden for the blind, and a trip to Legoland for underprivileged families …check out the volunteering page at www. for more info. and contact me directly on if you want to be a part of the fun!

Firstly I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to those students who gave up their time to volunteer last term –we had a great turn-out and certainly ‘Made a Difference’ in the local community. I couldn’t have wished for better volunteers and you all did an exceptional job! I have to admit the M.A.D. Tea Party for the elderly was one of my favourites – with special thanks to Aisling O’Connor, Ceili O’Connor and Simeon Entwistle for your amazing performance! But I was really happy with all of the Projects -we had some great laughs, met some inspiring

All the best for the term ahead, Donna X

Donna’s best pics...


Tea Party, N

ar Tea P ov 2011


20 v o N y,



Dec 20


Allotment Project, Oct 2011 Very Special thanks to M.A.D. Volunteers…

Aleata Elyn, Emma Stockton, Camille Poulet, Emma Derham, Katie Staddon, Sara Mohammed, Eva Percy, Richard Camp, Aleata Calkins, Roger Cherry, Sandra Williamson, Ryan Riley, Ashleigh Fallon, Rory Kinnaird, Sandra Bowmer, Steph Hynes, Sam Ursell, Imogen Wilson, Aisling O’Connor, Ceili O’Connor, Simeon Entwistle, Kimberley Wallis, Robyn Worley, Jess Ross, Candy McGowen, Emily Hiller, Nalucha Diana Sefu, Lauren Louise Guyott, Georgie Salmon, Jonne Andrikos, Frances Carpenter, Jan Erik Haavik, Isabella De Marchi, Azzy 'Onix' Bisgrove, Errol Johnson, Francesca Wilmott, Ingvild Miriam Willwerth, Eszter Hunyadkurti, Karina Jakovenko, Aman D'Nagra, Patricia ToroQuintero, Shweta Jain, Krupa Patel, Meeta Dattani, Sarah Lou Cursons, Ingrid Hatleskog, Jenny Whittak, Kine Odegard, Alicia Kidman, Chelsea Rolfe, Emily Wilkins, Kelly N/K

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What you need to consider when moving ll a s ’ t i r a e y is h T “ off-campus... changing - for the The university is putting in place some changes to help students find their accommodation for the academic year 2012/13.

We strongly recommend that you find your accommodation from Studentpad – - because all the landlords have signed a Code of Standards with the University, rents are reasonable and much cheaper than going through an Agent, and most of the landlords do not charge an Admin Fee (this is a cost of up to £150 per student usually associated with Letting Agents). In previous years, the race to secure accommodation used to start in January with the most organised groups signing with the most organised landlords. Throughout January a frenzy grows, creating a panic, and very often students sign up for the first accommodation they can get their hands on because they believe they have no other choice.

s t n e d u t s g Continuin t n u o M r o f can apply Clare

On Thursday 1st March 2012 4pm-7pm University of Roehampton will be holding an Accommodation Fair at the Digby Diner and will officially open the list on Studentpad for accommodation available for 2012/13. The main advantage to this is that all accommodation will be advertised at the same time. The Accommodation Fair will have lots of information available and representatives from the following organisations will be present to answer your questions: On Campus Accommodation Officers Off Campus Accommodation Officers RSU Off Campus Accommodation Officer Money Doctors The Community Police Environmental Services Council Safety Department Fire Brigade


What you need to do: Start forming your groups. Find out if anyone in your group is applying to be a Flat Rep. Make sure that everyone in your group is able to pay a deposit (usually equivalent to 4-6 weeks rent) Make sure that everyone in your group is able to pay for 1 month’s rent upfront

Warning It is a good idea to search the internet for accommodation to familiarise yourself about local rents etc, however, I give a strong caution here. Anything that is advertised as “really cheap and too good to be true” is usually a SCAM. Never pay any money before you view a property. Never send money via Western Union or Money Gram – another indication that it’s a SCAM. If you are unsure about anything to do with off campus accommodation, contact Maxina Pattison on 020 8392 4451 or email Alternatively, you can visit her in the Information Centre on a Tuesday or Thursday between 10am-4pm (no appointment needed).

. . . p i T p To n o i t a d o m m o c Wait for ac d a p t n e d u t S on by Maxina Pattison Off-Campus Accommodation University of Roehampton

be safe, be smart, wait for Studentpad accommodation

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Fresh Newspaper

Why Teaching Awards?

Teaching Awards are an amazing way of improving learning and teaching at your institution but to be effective you have to know why you’re doing it! For students

• • •

Raise the profile of good teaching making it more of a priority for staff across the institution Learn more about what students value in learning and teaching Empower students to get involved in improving learning and teaching

Improve student satisfaction in areas rated low on the National Student Survey, such as feedback and assessment For the institution

Identify and share teaching best practice and improve professional standards

Redress the balance of focus between research and teaching

• Promote the excellent teaching that is taking place at the institution Make your nominations at: or follow the link on the Roehampton Students Union website.

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What is it like being a student here? How does identity intersect with learning and teaching? Such questions have been central to a two year nationally funded project led by Professor Penny Jane Burke and involving university staff and students which aims to explore issues of student identity and learning and teaching. The findings will help in the training of new academic staff and help lecturers understand more about the student experience. Now moving into its final phase, February 21st sees the project hosting a special student seminar at Grove House from 12:30 – 3pm which asks ‘University Culture – how does it feel for you?’ With an introductory talk from Usman Ali NUS Vice President HE, the seminar will go on to explore: • what coming to university means to you • how have you changed • what aspects of identity are welcomed in the classroom and which aren’t • what kind of teaching connects with you personally

 I think it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something with my life  I’m proud to be a student and you know I love education. I love learning you know I think it’s a big privilege especially as my parents help me out.  I know in the media and things students are kind of seen as drunken people that don’t do anything but for me as a student myself it’s been kind of more about the learning experience and being able to engage in different types of learning and all the knowledge that you gain  That you can actually come into a class fifteen, half an hour late, or even an hour late, and just sign the register and walk off, and the teacher will be fine with it, or that you just sit with your cell phone, and just sleep during class, that’s a whole new world for me All students are welcome to attend the seminar. To book a place, please e-mail

After 64 individual interviews with students across Classics, Sports Science, Dance, History, Philosophy, Business Studies and Creative writing and focus group interviews with specially chosen Executive Student consultants and teaching staff, the student seminar will provide a further opportunity to hear what people have been saying. Typical comments so far include:

Bringing back collegiality

These are the provisional designs for creating official college mascots in a bid to bring back collegiality at the University of Roehampton. Through Student Union Council and Senate it has been highlighted that students feel the sense of college identity and ‘belonging’ has been lost over the last academic year, we aim to tackle this by working on ‘branding’ for each college that becomes official identification so that events such as Frigby and Shitelands can be further enhanced. Please let us know what you think of these ideas and what else can be done to bring back that college pride! You can comment on these online @ or drop Steve Molyneaux an email on

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NSS gets underway at Roehampton

Roehampton is gearing up for the 2012 National Student Survey campaign, giving final year undergraduate students an opportunity to shout about their Roehampton experiencewith prizes from ipads to photocopier voucher up for grabs. Run by independent research company Ipsos Mori, eligible students will be asked about their experience of teaching, assessment and feedback; academic support; organisation and management; learning resources and personal development when the survey opens, from January 2012 until April 30. The results are used to inform league tables which compare universities across the country, such as The Guardian, The Good University Guide and more. The results give us the chance to celebrate our successes, and highlight areas you think could be given a boost. Visit to fill it out and have your say.  Acting on feedback from recent surveys the University has drawn on its excellent history and reputation in teaching to ensure that teaching staff are not just designing lectures and seminars which are intellectually stimulating on subjects about which they are passionate, but that the approaches used recognise student experience as a valuable learning resource and encourage active engagement and processes of collective learning. Staff are aware that a major part of the learning

process is timely, clear feedback and have invested a lot of time considering how best to help students understand what is required in order to reach their potential. Involvement in a National HE Assessment Summit Programme means that students have seen changes to assessment methods, including more opportunities to learn about assessment requirements in class and prompter feedback. Formal assessment, handed in before the end of term, is now guaranteed to be returned in four weeks with many students receiving feedback even quicker. Building on already strong student-staff relations and an excellent virtual learning environment, students can access help and advice on their study and future careers from a range of people and resources including Personal Tutors, Academic Learning Advisers, Roehampton Students’ Union and Employability Advisers. Students are now playing a central role in shaping the University through Student Senate, the Programme Reps Scheme and involvement in the design of new academic programmes.  University life can be complex- and adaptability is the key for success. Organisation and management of courses comes down to efficient planning in timetabling, an area in which Roehampton

strives for excellence- from communicating any changes in classrooms to ensuring upgrades in facilities and IT across the campus, the University strives to ensure that each classroom is a fit for each learning experience. Constant engagement with students and staff has seen the creation of a personal experience when using the University Library. Above simply securing essential library resources, the Library’s has secured latest in IT resources and course-specific specialised equipment, open at hours suggested by the students themselves, complete with an in-house internet café. Library staff runs surveys, invite feedback through a suggestion box, and engage with students on matters such as preferred annuals and e-readers to ensure the library is stocked with not just historical archives, but also cutting edge research tools.  The University is committed to an allround student experience. All courses, their structure, their delivery and the resources included there in lead to a commitment to enabling students to become global leaders in a real world. Beyond the academic, resources are readily available to help each and every student to present themselves with confidence, boasting excellent communications skills and an ability to face the unfamiliar head on.

‘Mars Just Play’ Football sessions at Roehampton take place on a Friday evening 4-6pm for all our female students. Its a great chance for you to keep fit, meet some other students and have some fun. The session is for anyone it doesn’t matter if you have played before or not. Sessions consist of some light football training, some fitness training and matches! The best bit is its FREEE!!!! So come down join the banter and have some fun. Hope to see you soon.

Let us know your coming along by emailing:

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Roehampton e v a H u d r a e h r yo ? Ove ard he

strictly No NAME, NO SHA ME

Most of you have found the group on Facebook but there are still some of you that are missing out on some side-splitting, tummyaching and down right bizarre comments made here by your fellow students. We’ve all heard some random Lecturer to Student comments, Drunken Bop and Fez outbursts and embarrassing flatmate one-liners, so why not share them on Roehampton Overheard for the ‘LOLfactor’.


girl 1: it just remi nded me that i’m single girl 2: don’t worr y you won’t be sin gle forever boy: yeah, cos on e day you’ll get a cat

being on the University is like parents are dole.... but your proud of you.

pe of ur favourite ty Girl 1: “What’s yo dinosaur?” Dragon” Girl 2: “Erm.... a

Boy: “it couldn’t have been that ba d, you were with him for only 5 minute s”

Girl: : “I farted in front of him, blamed it on an im aginary dog and then sang to him ”

for use had no light The lift in Lee Ho ree girls th d an y Bo . ys a couple of da letely e lift goes comp in the lift. As th is a us of hope none dark.. Boy: Let’s rapist...

Girl1 “You think you’ve got issu es, my nan’s status just said ‘a dick a day keeps the vibrator away’ ”

By Stephen Smyth and Tasha

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Fresh Newspaper

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Dance graduates in the spotlight!

Dancer and choreographer Tom Bowes of Transitions Dance Company talks to FRESH about journeys, hard work and why it's important to be yourself... How well did the BA (Hons) Dance Studies course at Roehampton University prepare you for the working world?

The course is fantastic, it gave me a great overview and I feel like I am able to delve into anything dance related. I’m really glad I choose to go to a university to study dance. I was struggling with the decision of either going to a dance conservator or university; I definitely made the right decision. What makes Roehampton great is an eclectic group of people but all with the common interest in the arts… and teaching… and sport… and the odd biologist. The chance to mix with such people gives you the confidence and drive to push yourself, not to mention how awesome the tutors are and the dance department itself… I owe them a lot.

definitely helped me on my way.

just to be yourself. From what I can gather, in the contemporary dance world having a What does being part of Transitions good personality and the right attitude is Dance Company involve? just as important as perfect technique and pointy feet. I think something for everyone Two words… HARD WORK! Before I to remember from Roehampton is we have started I thought I was fairly fit and could come from an amazing university and have handle long days, how wrong was I. So gained a decent education, if anything this the average day consists of company is more than enough for anyone to succeed class starting at 9.45am where we do if you put your mind to it. contemporary dance techniques. Then we go straight into rehearsals working with If you would like to find out more about our choreographers to make our three Tom and Transitions Dance Company pieces that we will take on tour in the UK, check out the following websites: Italy and Denmark between February and June. Then lunch where we will have the odd costume fitting and then back to rehearsals to 6pm. Not forgetting a couple of fitness classes, ballet, lectures, seminars and workshops. What have the highlights of your role within the company been so far? Weird and wonderful costumes (including morph suits), impersonating the royal family on stage, being told to dance like a camp pussy cat, learning how to move my trochanter (don’t ask), the list goes on!

What journey did you take from graduating from Roehampton University last year to becoming a member of Transitions Dance Company? What are your future career aims? The journey between Roehampton and Transitions was much unplanned and almost spontaneous. It was the realisation that I wanted to carry on performing and making dance works that encouraged me to pursue dance further. I remember coming off stage from my final dance performance whilst studying at Roehampton thinking this can’t be my last ever performance. I had a chat with a few of the dance tutors who encouraged me (well almost made me) to audition for Transitions Dance Company. Next thing I knew I got my place in the company and was dancing with some of the best dancers and choreographers I have ever worked with. Saying that, the opportunities performing and choreographing that Roehampton gave,

I think my ultimate aim is to make contemporary dance works that people enjoy and would want to see more of. I would love to choreograph for a living and do the occasional performance on the side… but that is easier said than done.

Look out for next month's FRESH interview with 2007 dance graduate Jess Sayers who is now working as Company Manager for Wayne McGregor Random | Dance.

by Emma Tilley Roehampton Dance Correspondent

What advice would you give to current students at Roehampton University who aspire to gain positions like yourself within a dance company? The best advice I ever got was just go for it (strong possibility that came from my mum). Why not, you never know what will happen. Something I always stick by is

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Dance Company of Roehampton Alumni chosen to perform at ‘Resolution’ A Roehampton graduate’s performance has been selected to be shown at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre as part of Resolution!, the biggest European platform for new choreographers. Nikki Watson, a 2010 graduate, formed CODA Dance whilst studying at the University of Roehampton and has since gone onto produce works which have been displayed locally and nationally. Nikki strives to create work from her life experiences. Her productions are filled with adrenaline fuelled; fast paced low-flying floor work that seeks to challenge dancers physically and technically. Nikki’s latest production, ‘You remind me of someone I once knew’, will be shown at Resolution!. Around 18 months ago Nikki’s mother was diagnosed with the debilitating disease MS and this work is her response to the situation and a curiously changing relationship between two people. The piece is an adrenaline-fuelled duet danced by two Roehampton graduates, Kim Collins and Georgia Godfrey. CODA Dance will perform alongside two other emerging contemporary dance companies DO NOT DANCE UK, under the direction of Jose Campos, and Hamish MacPherson and Martine Painter. More information about CODA Dance can be found on the website. To book tickets to see CODA’s next performance visit

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Fresh Sport Expectations and exaggerations THE GARGANTUAN HYPERBOLE OF THE PAPERS IS SO INSANELY, UNBELIEVABLY, UNPRECEDENTEDLY IMMENSE!!! What is it about the sport press, and sports journalists, that they constantly have to exaggerate everything? Everything! Some player goes down a little too easily in a football match. SUDDENLY HE IS A DISGRACE AND SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE GAME FOR LIFE! Arsene Wenger kicks a bottle in frustration during a game last season. SUDDENLY HE IS ON THE BACK PAGES OF EVERY TABLOID IN THE COUNTRY! Manchester united are knocked out of the Champions League by FC Basel. SUDDENLY IT IS THE END OF AN ERA AND FERGUSON SHOULD RETIRE AT THE END OF THE SEASON! Who on earth came up with that? Every newspaper in the country. What a ridiculous notion, that United are knocked out of the Champions League, prematurely as they arrogantly state, and suddenly 24 years of hard work is cast aside and Fergie is ‘past it’. Let’s look back a tad shall we? Three finals, two victories and a treble in a pear tree. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. But of course a defeat to Basel one season after the consistent qualifying and reaching of the latter stages every other season completely undoes that. Who do the press blame? The signings that he brought in over the summer. Young, Jones, Smalling. All of them made their Champions League debut this year. Fair enough, maybe it was a risk putting them in such a high profile competition before they were ready. Hold on... what were the press saying about our Euro 2012 squad. We need more young players in. Players like...Young, Jones and Smalling. Ok, because the Euro’s is a much

lower profile competition. So they are representing the whole country instead of the whole of the London based Manchester United support. It’s easy in comparison apparently. On the subject of the tabloids exaggerating everything, I will look back over the last season and a half, and bring up topics I ignored at the time. Remember when Ross Barkley made his Premier League breakthrough? The back page headline that day was ‘Barkley’s premier league’. Cringe-worthy, but informative. Barkley made an impressive debut. One match. SUDDENLY THE WORLD IS HIS OYSTER, AND HE IS THE BRIGHTEST PROSPECT SINCE WAYNE ROONEY! He gets the ball and shoots from wherever he is on the pitch. That leads to missing a lot of chances. At best, he will be an average premier league player, unless he learns and improves on a lot of his game. Does the exaggeration stop there? Nope. Two words for you now...Jack Wilshere. Okay, the papers have a point. Wilshere is a special player, with terrific talent and will be a good player for England for years to come. But, according to the Daily Mirror and Daily Star on the day the Euro 2012 draw was made, he is our key man to winning the tournament. Really, Star and Mirror? Key? Not Wayne Rooney and all his experience, Steven Gerrard and his quality, Ashley Cole and his consistency and tournament experience? No, Jack Wilshere, who has had one season in the top flight and two England caps. I’m not sure I agree with his key man status. This kind of exaggeration puts unnecessary pressure on young players and experienced

managers. It is the reason England supporters have so much expectation going into tournaments, or why Manchester United supporters are probably now questioning their own players and manager, when they wouldn’t before. The papers build up immense expectations which are near impossible to reach, then they blame the players who they put the expectation on, when inevitably, they just about limbo under the bar that has been set. Then the papers turn around and blame England supporters for booing the team who hadn’t risen above those expectations. It’s an example of grave hypocrisy, and it can destroy some young players who do not have the mentality to handle the pressure. My advice is to make your own mind up. If you think Fergie is still right despite the exit from the Champions League, fine. It you think Wilshere, Jones, Smalling, Jack Rodwell and other young players will be good at the world cup 2014, but may not be so key in their first ever senior international tournament, fine. Don’t let the papers lead you to believe differently. That way, you won’t feel so let down when these players are not able to achieve the impossible as the papers say they should. By Kingsley Bates


“Three fi na two victo ls, ri and a tre es b in a pear le tr Sounds p ee. re good doe tty sn’t it...”

Discover The Perfection of Movement

Roehampton University together with A&V Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) club launching Aesthetics Gymnastics program. All welcome to try this magnificent and most beautiful sport in the world.  Aesthetics Gymnastics was formed by former Elite Rhythmic Gymnasts to let women of all ages to be part of Rhythmic Gymnastics. In comparison with Olympic RG program Aesthetics does not require extreme flexibility and apparatus (Ribbon, hoop, ball etc) handling, however it focused more on choreography and character of routine. Usually groups of 8-10 athletes performing a routine for 3-4 min, during which they have to show certain Gymnastics difficulties as well as tell a story and show the grace of dancing woman. We hope to form a team of professional gymnasts together with performers and just those who passionate about dance to be able to enter competitions up to World Championships. Today we are the first in GB who is starting this movement, but for at least 10 years there are competitions and events for Aesthetics gymnastics happening all over the World. Aesthetics is pure inspiration, passion, grace. Aesthetics will help you discover your hidden talents and you will learn to talk without words just with use of your body. It is good for professional dancers of all types to improve coordination and flexibility. It is perfect for girls who just want to build beautiful body and learn to use their muscles. Aesthetics has no limits and everyone will find something for themselves. Give it a try! Maybe you will be the next promise of British Aesthetics team? If you are interested in joining us please join our facebook page Roehampton University Gymnastics Club 2011/12 Sessions on Tuesdays 2-3pm Whiteland’s Sports and Fitness Centre.For more information please contact the sports office at

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Out With The Old, In With The New lly. ar’s resolutions persona Ye w Ne th wi e re ag y w I don’t reall nce at Christmas and Ne lge du -in er ov of ilt gu e Wracked by th sort their lives y as the perfect time to Year, people see Januar undage or cut m to shed the festive po gy a n joi r he eit d an t ou I won’t be ch as alcohol. Although su es liv eir th of t ou already things ning a gym (because I’m joi ed de in or ol, oh alc ank me giving up campus – no need to th on m gy ve cti eA Ro of s to my a member be making some change ll wi I !), ys gu ion ot for the prom to step back and a time when you need wardrobe. There comes ?” Although 5 identical white t-shirts ed ne y all re I o “D k, in could justify th , I highly doubt anyone ple sta be ro rd wa a e ar they wardrobe e case with a lot of my th is is Th y. an m so out in owning yself to do a huge clear m on up it ok to I re – and in and therefo bin bags of unwanted 4 t ou ab in ng lti su re December, is a notoriously thes. Because January some cases unworn - clo th my bank , I have vowed to do bo th on m ht tig lly cia an fin to people who our by selling them on fav a rs he ot d an ce n win for balan em than I have. It’s a wi th of t ou ar we e or m t for charity will ge won’t be doing my bit I k in th n’t do d an , es ity shop both parti a trip to the local char g in ak m be ll wi I e us either beca enough to go well; there’s more than with things for them as around! lling said hopefully receive for se With the money I will key pieces that e time to invest in som unwanted clothing, it’s Summer 2012 y big trend for Spring/ will last the year. A reall us, they will be hough they are gorgeo alt d an rs lou co l ste pa is tumn again. I come back round to au we en wh off ll pu to y me to stop trick vance but in order for ad in y wa g kin in th hion know I’m es that will be out of fas th clo on s ion cis de sh making ra g bag, I need they’re in the shoppin pretty much as soon as hat I will say of the bigger picture. W to always be thinking something, for ally have a craving for re u yo if at th is , gh ou th en seen on all k leggings that have be loo er th lea e m so ple ver you do exam period, then don’t whate e tiv fes e th er ov s leb a fortune the ce ess of course you have nl (u em th on ne tu for ers – spend a these one month wond y bu to st be s ay alw s to spend!) It’ imark or H&M from places such as Pr as I like to call them – , or even selling mind giving them away and that way you won’t lfil your once they no longer fu id, qu of le up co a for them fashion needs. this year and in that will last you for Good things to invest r. It goes with a well-fitted black blaze e lik gs in th e ar nd yo it for be tee you will be wearing an ar gu n ca I d an g in handbag, everyth ntial is a large durable se es r he ot An e. m co years to are also good t brown, nude and grey you to preferably in black bu I ese things will allow th w No d. un ro ar ye colours for all you for longer so ey on as they will last spend a bit more mon r to stick to what , but always remembe wn do es go ar we r pe st co e got more k me later when you’v an th l u’l yo d, or aff n ca you gym membership! money left over for that Kate Griffiths xXx

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ESSENTIAL Black blazer y Bayswater Brown Mulberr y dreams! handbag - In m


Britain’s love of accents has gone mad & I love it ! First came Geordie Shore, then Essex hit back with Towie and finally London decided it needed a bit of the action by showing the tanned vajazzles up with our fabulous Made in Chelsea beauties. So I guess it is only fair now that the North West gets in on the action with the latest edition of regional drama known as Desperate Scousewives. And I’m sorry, but I love it. Besides having a mad passion for northern accents; Made in Chelsea and Towie are not airing at the moment so what else is a girl to do? I don’t have Lauren or mark to scream at or Spaggie to be in agonies over so I choose Miss Elissa Corrigan and Co. Let’s face it when you know you have an episode of One Born Every Minute to get through later on with the highlight of New Girl the next day it’s nice to start your week with a bit of Scouse ringing in your ears. Or is that just me? This latest addition to British television focuses on

the lives and loves of a bunch of scousers who run riot around ‘The Pool’. Having visited the city of Liverpool a few times; a memorable journey on an overnight ferry back to Ireland (don’t ask). I can safely say I know none of the places they’re talking about. But then you don’t have to! The cast boasts ‘Britain’s most brutal blogger’ a rather podgy fella called Jaiden, I’ve never heard of him before and his blog isn’t actually that vicious- I’ve read worse on Roehampton Overheard to be honest. As well as this we have a long line of ex-beauty queens, models and hairdressers to keep the viewers entertained. With Chris and Mark’s second wedding at New Years and Gill’s constantly worry of will she be married now she’s hit the big 30 it’s all trashy drama which you just can’t get enough of.

tanned triangle new heights of hair extensions are being reached with each episode. And if Debbie O’Tool’s lockes aren’t enough then Jodie’s ‘Scouse Brow’ has me in hysterics, erring on the ridiculous but always managing to endear me further I am sorry to say I am viciously hooked on the guttural tones of this all singing all dancing dramatic cast from the North West. Check 4od for more!

the ‘Scouse Br

Needless to say there’s a love triangle. Just like the Mark-Lauren-Sam saga and SpencerCaggie-Proudlocke we now have Elissa-JoLayla to keep up with. It seems no regional drama is complete without one! Around this


‘Lyrically Incredible’ If Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Rihanna are leading the charts regularly, so should this man, Chris Merritt. Never heard of him? Not a surprise given that he is not in the charts or is never exposed in the music press. This is a pity because Chris Merritt is genuinely a musician who is worth listening to. His music, I will admit was difficult to get into when I first listened to it. I struggled with the irregular verse lengths and strange piano riffs. Then my friend who bought him to my attention nagged me to give him another chance; that his music would grow on me. I did as he asked, and I was surprised at the difference of trying it a

second time.

I should also mention his voice is also very good too. Lyrically, Merritt’s songs are incredible. He It is gentle and can hit a writes about subjects close to all of us; lack of variety of notes. He puts soul money, Karl Pilkington quotes which we all love. into the music, he emotes The lyrics are clever and make sense, and they well and he is very easy to allow the music make sense. It’s all extravagant, listen too. Personal favourite but it works, and the strange piano melodies, the tracks include: Cult of Karl, random guitar solos and electronic guitar riffs Mechanical mind, Beowulf work with the lyrics to create a melodic, gentle and Arizona. Give it a try, as and also heavy, fast music. It’s unexpected and my friend told me. 9/10. exciting, and no two songs are the same. He is unique in that he can produces completely by Kingsley Bates different songs, but you can still recognise it as a Merritt song. It has his distinctive touch. It brings old school rock and roll and contemporises it, gives it a pop feel.


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