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Scholarships at Roedean

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The Academic Scholars’ Programme


The Sports Scholars’ Programme


The Drama Scholars’ Programme


The Dance Scholars’ Programme


The Music Scholars’ Programme


The Art Scholars’ Programme




Introduction Scholarships at Roedean Scholarships are central to Roedean’s ethos, and all girls are encouraged to strive to realise their potential. Roedean Scholars play a vital role in demonstrating, modelling, and championing the values which are at the heart of making Roedean an exceptional school. They challenge themselves to excel, and benefit greatly from this experience.

We are looking for talented sportswomen who will lead on the pitch and on the stage; we want exceptional musicians who will also be highly skilled artists; we seek academics who can dance beautifully. Our Scholars will be leaders in our community, and will contribute to all aspects of school life.

We have high expectations of our Scholars, and, to support this, we provide them with tailor-made programmes, expertise, and guidance. Our aim is for Scholars to develop during their time at Roedean, to challenge themselves to exceed the high expectations they have of themselves, and to inspire their peers.

Are you excited by the idea of working with brilliant teachers, of benefiting from the programmes outlined here, and of challenging yourselves to undertake things which you may not even have considered? If you can see yourself described in these pages, then Roedean is the place for you.

We expect our Scholars to have a specialism in one area, whether that be Music, Sport, Art, Dance, Drama or the Academic, but we also hope that they will be talented and dedicated in a variety of areas.

Oliver Blond Headmaster


“We will encourage her to develop originality and creativity both in her character and in her thinking.� Oliver Blond, Headmaster


The Academic Scholars’ Programme All Roedean Scholars are able to access the academic enrichment programme as detailed below:

The Roedean Academic Lectures These are a series of lectures, seminars, or talks, which run weekly. We have a mix of external speakers, Old Roedeanians in key professional roles, and staff leadng these events. This academic year we have covered topics such as Geometry for Key Stage 3, Archaeology Rocks, Memory Mind Palaces, Postmodernism, an Analysis of French Poetry, the Theory of Knowledge, Maths, Growth Mindset, and Marine Biology. Visiting academics include: Cambridge prizewinners, Mr Nicholas Skilbeck (conductor), and Dr Peter Vardy (philosopher).

Academic Mentoring Projects Students from each year group are selected to undertake a year-long academic project supported by a key academic mentor. This initiative is aimed at developing the research skills, thinking skills, growth mindset, and essay skills of the Academic Scholars. It is currently overseen by the Headmaster, Mr Blond.

The Oxbridge Potential Programme This programme features training in interview techniques, intensive scrutiny of the application process, advanced first-year undergraduate essay writing techniques, practice interviews with Oxbridge Admissions’ Tutors, trips to Oxford and Cambridge, reading lists, and research preparation. We start identifying Oxbridge Potential students as early as Year 9.

The Year 9 iMind Project

Year 12 Discussion Lunches

Year 9 Scholars are asked to take part in a piece of research on any subject or field of their choice. They are mentored through a process which develops research skills, library referencing skills, bibliography skills, footnoting, and thesis writing.

These are a series of weekly lunches in which Year 12s learn the art of critical thinking, set the major ideas to have changed the world in their historical context, and learn how to enter into philosophical debate.


The Sports Scholars’ Programme The Sports Scholarship Programme has five key areas of focus:

Performance and Progression

Nutrition for Sport

Through the combination of outstanding teaching, personal mentoring, goal setting, and performance tracking, we will support your daughter and ensure she continues to improve in her chosen activities and can be the best sports woman possible. We will ensure she has access to expert knowledge from our highly qualified staff and external professionals to educate her to the highest standard in each field of expertise. Video and performance analysis will be covered. In addition, personal mentors can communicate regularly with external coaches to ensure training is progressive and systematic.

Correct nutrition for sport and physical activity will be covered throughout the year. This will be taught in a way that considers age, activity, environment, and the type of competition. Pre-, during, and post-nutrition will be included. This will be taught in various ways including lectures, seminars, and practical cooking sessions where Scholars create meals for their own sport with the Roedean head chef. Associate professional nutritionists and physiotherapists will also deliver some of these sessions.

Strength and Conditioning All Sports Scholars are provided with an individual and personal training programme by associate professional personal trainer and strength and conditioning expert, Louisa Thomas. This is created after an initial meeting between Louisa and the Scholar, after which the Scholar will have free access to the Roedean Fitness Suite to complete her programme and improve on net fitness. The programme is reviewed regularly to take into account fitness improvements, injuries, and personal goals of the Scholars. In addition, Scholars will regularly undertake fitness sessions and boot camps to improve their knowledge and understanding of the principles and methods of training.

Sports Psychology This will be delivered through various formats including: group seminars and workshops, personal mentoring, lectures, and practical sessions. Topics covered will include: anxiety, stress, motivation, teamwork, mental toughness, skill development and leadership. The Scholars will also work closely with the A level Psychology students.


The Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries Associate professional Paul Hagenbarth will work with Roedean PE staff to run several workshops throughout the year. Topics covered will include: warm ups/cool downs, footwear suitable for sports, layering and clothing, hydration and nutrition, common sports injuries and treatment, sports-specific injuries and treatment, braces, taping, asthma, and common injuries based on age and gender. These will again be delivered through a range of workshops, seminars and practical sessions.

Key Facts: • The Sports Scholarship Programme is predominantly run through Sports Academy sessions every Friday from 4.305.30pm. • The Sports Academy works with various internal and external professionals to deliver a bespoke and high quality programme that caters for all of our athletes and their specialist areas. • Attendance is expected at these sessions in addition to school squad training and fixtures. • There will be a focus group once a year for parents to meet with all of the PE staff and discuss the current year and visions for the future. • Each Sports Scholar will be allocated a personal mentor. • The programme is co-ordinated and overseen by Ms C Sidney, Ms K Andrew, and Ms A Kazem. • We will take Scholars to the University of Brighton to experience elite sports testing and environments at least once during their time as a Scholar at Roedean.


The Drama Scholars’ Programme Key Roles It is department policy that all teachers are aware of the scholarship status of pupils and that opportunities for extension tasks and challenges are part of lesson planning. It is expected that Drama Scholars will be exemplary in their approach to the subject and, as part of their own personal development, they will be required to play key roles in group tasks and offer support to other students when needed.

School Productions Drama Scholars will be expected to take part in all school productions and the aim is to ensure a range of challenging roles during their time at Roedean. They will also aid the directors in the general running of the productions, with tasks such as helping with communication to cast members and taking on roles of responsibility within rehearsals. Drama Scholars will also be expected to support all Drama events in the school. At Sixth Form level, Scholars will be expected to run and support drama clubs for younger pupils.

Programme of Events As part of the Drama department’s commitment to stretching and extending the skills and experience of Scholars, there is to be a specially tailored programme of events throughout the academic year.

There will be termly meetings for Drama Scholars and each student will be asked to keep a record of their Drama achievements and experiences at Roedean. Drama Scholars will be given the opportunity to attend the following events: • • • • • •

Workshops specialising in different performance genres and techniques delivered by Roedean staff. Workshops led by visiting specialists. Workshops at local theatres. Special theatre trips for Scholars. A Scholars’ Drama Production. Masterclasses.

Future Plans There are plans underway for both small- and full-scale productions for all the Scholars across the Performance Arts Faculty, combining the skills of Drama, Music and Dance students.


The Dance Scholars’ Programme dancing or helping with rehearsals, but it could also be getting involved backstage or with hair and makeup. On other occasions, such as Open Days, students may be required to perform a dance.

Biennial House Dance Competition

Co-Curricular Opportunities

It would be expected that the Dance Scholars are involved in the biennial House Dance Competition. Involvement could include being the House Director or Assistant House Director, positions which are usually offered to Sixth Form students. The Junior Scholars could develop their choreography skills by choreographing one of the required dances for the House competition.

Within the department, there is a very strong co-curricular dance programme which complements and works around the academic timetable. This includes the Royal Academy of Dance for Ballet, and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance for Modern and Tap, both from beginners to Advanced 2, and the Jazz Awards up to Gold. It is expected that a student with a Dance Award would participate in the lessons on offer at Roedean and progress through the dance examinations to help extend and develop their skills.

Three Trips per Year The aim is to offer up to three dance or theatre trips per year for a pupil with a Dance Scholarship or Exhibition award. Two of these would be dance or theatre trips which would help to develop their appreciation of dance further and also their creativity. The third trip may be a dance performance on location or it may be based on a different subject area aimed at supporting their dance development, for example a theatre trip to see an opera, or a trip to the V&A museum to study costume.

Performance Opportunities It would be expected that all award holders would participate in the Dance Showcase; this may be on stage


The Music Scholars’ Programme Champions of Music


Music Scholars are held in very high esteem at Roedean. They take a leading role in every aspect of school music, in both curricular and co-curricular work. They are regarded throughout the school as champions of music and enjoy a varied programme of musical participation and challenge. They will work hard and make excellent progress in their instrumental or vocal studies and inspire others to follow their example.

Music Scholars will look forward to taking Music at GCSE level in Lower and Upper Five (Years 10 and 11). Sixth Form Music Scholars will enjoy the challenges of Music A2 level.

Lessons Roedean offers a programme of some supported instrumental lessons, particularly for girls studying two instruments. We also offer a term’s free taster lessons on instruments such as the bassoon, the french horn, the double bass, and other instruments on application.

Performance and Rehearsals A typical Scholar might take a leading role in the orchestra, string chamber orchestra, band, choirs, and perform in chamber groups and appear as a soloist in concerts, according to ability. Scholars enjoy attending all weekly rehearsals, and they lead sections as appropriate. They help others to progress in their music-making.

Masterclasses and Concerts A series of masterclasses and workshops are held each year for our Scholars and other talented musicians, for piano, wind instrument players, and chamber music groups. There are opportunities to take part in solo and chamber music concerts in school, at the Chapel Royal, and at other venues in Brighton. Our Scholars frequently take the lead in our popular Gala Concerts in the Autumn and Spring terms and, also, as major soloists in concerto movements in our very high profile Brighton Fringe Festival concert held each year in May.


The Art Scholars’ Programme A Leading Role In the Art & Design department, Art Scholars are expected to take a leading role. In lessons, an Art Scholar will always be the first to display her completed prep task to the rest of her group and be prepared to enter into discussion about it. As highlighted at interview, Art Scholars will, as a matter of course, interact with other girls in their year who may need further help and support, and who would benefit from peer critique.

Display and Exhibition Scholars will be given the opportunity to display and exhibit their own work in the school and are normally on hand to support Art staff in the mounting of all examination exhibitions. They are also present to help officiate at all school and public exhibitions, and Open Day functions. The design of the school Christmas card is another outlet for an Art Scholar’s creativity.

Teaching Opportunities and Input There will be an opportunity for Art Scholars of any age to teach in the running of a weekly practical club for an age group of their choice, which will be lightly supervised in the case of a KS3 Scholar. This is also an opportunity for Pre-A Level students to be given co-curricular art lessons by Sixth Form Scholars. At Sixth Form level, a senior Art Scholar is always included in the staff list for the AS and A2 examination programmes. Her input is a valuable resource in helping to organise the course and in encouraging her peers. For KS4 pupils and Art Scholars, there is an Art & Design Challenge, whereby a ‘community’ project can be realised as part of a personal idea initiated in class.

Trips Various trips, workshops, and artists’ talks are run throughout the year and Art Scholars are invited to join in these events, even outside their normal year group. They are also encouraged to attend lectures at galleries and high-level art establishments in order to understand better what is on offer in higher education. A recent trip was to the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University. Art Scholars are also encouraged to put their debating skills to good use through the giving of presentations in and out of school, for example, we recently took part in the finals of ARTiculate, held at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


For more information or for details of how to apply, please visit our website. Roedean School, Roedean Way, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 5RQ Tel: +44(0)1273 667500 Registered Charity 307063

Scholarships at Roedean  
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