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OFF THE FENCE Off the Fence has grown alongside those who need them, helping them back to fulfilling and independent lives. They now operate across three main areas: homelessness, women at risk and schools and youth. They provide short and longterm solutions, through their two day centres, three outreach vans and 15 local schools. This work takes the support of just over 150 trained volunteers, staff and interns. The mission of Off the Fence is to eradicate social and spiritual poverty in Brighton & Hove. They engage with those who need them and those who want to support them to bring hope and transformation across the City.

OFF THE FENCE – FEMININE HYGIENE PACKS 2 6 T H O N LY A recent innovation that has been used a lot this year by Off the Fence has been to provide hygiene packs for female rough sleepers. They are extremely well received and help the women to feel cared for in a unique way. The items are put together normally in a cloth drawstring bag. You will be designing and creating unique bags before putting together the packs to be used by rough sleepers in Brighton and Hove.


OFF THE FENCE – WELL-BEING PACKS AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES 2 6 T H O N LY The Off the Fence schools team works closely with students who may be suffering from ongoing mental health issues, or who are struggling at a particularly difficult point in their lives, for example the transition between primary and secondary school. This group will work on a variety of projects to help support Off the Fence’s work in this area, including creating well-being packs for students struggling with their mental health, and creating fun educational resources to engage and support pupils who are finding things tough.

ST MARK’S ANTHOLOGY 2 7 T H O N LY In the morning, participants will be based at Roedean, developing some ideas for teaching and encouraging poetry and artwork from pupils. They will then relocate to St Mark’s Primary, where they will work in the classroom with pupils from Years 4-6, focusing on enabling them to share their stories and perspectives in an anthology of poetry and art.

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Roedean Festival Week  

Roedean Festival Week