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PUBLIC SPEAKING: THE VOICE AS POWER 2 6 T H O N LY This course will teach students some key principles for effective public speaking, including how to deal with nervousness, effective body language, dealing with pauses, pitch, and power. The course will be delivered through enjoyable group exercises that will help participants to develop confidence in public speaking. Towards the end of the day, students will be assigned topics for a short speech, which they will be given some time to prepare. In the final session of the course, participants will have an opportunity to deliver their speeches to the rest of the group and receive constructive feedback from the course tutor.

WOMEN AND POWER 2 7 T H O N LY This interdisciplinary humanities course starts with sessions that ask students to engage with a range of written and visual sources from the ancient world to the present day, and discuss their portrayal of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra. The course then explores representations of contemporary women in positions of power in writing and in the media, for example, the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Ultimately, the day’s sessions ask participants to reflect on whether influential and powerful women are still judged differently from – and less favourably than – their male counterparts.

USING TECHNOLOGY AND NEW MEDIA FOR SOCIAL GOOD 2 7 T H O N LY This workshop will introduce students to planning and executing a social media campaign across multiple platforms. Interactive sessions will cover the following areas: the relative merits of different social media platforms; setting up social media accounts; the scheduling and timing of posts; crafting content; and, making use of free resources.


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