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elcome to Roedean Moira House! My name is Rachel, I am in Year 12 and I have been a full boarder for about 2 years now. The House has a real sense of home. We can come down to the common room and there are people to talk to if we have an issue or just want to have a little chat. We have breakfast in the house in the mornings and are allowed one or two nights out during the week and at the weekend. We have very lovely housemistresses and they are readily available whenever we need them. There are a lot of activities that help us to bond and make new friends so that everyone is doing stuff together. There are a variety of trips every term on weekends to museums, shopping and outdoor activities. Through these activities I was able to meet new people and, with time, make strong friendships. I always look forward to ‘Hot Chocolate Wednesday’ and ‘FridayNight Film Club’. Being in the boarding house is another way to fit into your school community as you get to know a smaller group of girls really well. Everyone is accommodating and willing to lend a hand. Being surrounded by girls that can I relate to gives me a real sense of belonging.



At Roedean Moira House, there are full boarders, flexi- and weekly boarders, and day girls, but life is really no different for any of the girls. So, your family might live ten time zones away, or you might travel each week from somewhere an hour’s drive away, or you might have grown up just around the corner – the only real distinction is that the boarders have a bed in school! Roedean Moira House will be your home from home – we know that you will flourish and be successful if you are happy and relaxed. So we invested in Boarding last year by refurbishing Boston House, a beautiful building built in 1900 with many original features, to an extremely high standard. At weekends, there is a full and varied Weekend Programme on Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays, which caters to the interests of every girl – there are trips up to museums, theatres and galleries in London, sporting activities such as canoeing, bowling and the dry-ski slope and, of course, several beach trips, to name just a few. At Roedean Moira House, you can dip your toes into boarding by starting with weekly or flexi-boarding. As you move through the school and grow in confidence, you can then choose to board more often, so that you can spend more time with your friends and take full advantage of the brilliant facilities.

All pupils benefit from the collaborative attitudes of the boarding pupils and the diverse cultural experiences they share. ISI Inspection Report, March 2017

Tobi joined Roedean Moira House in September. We all fell in love with the school when we came for the Open day in January. Tobi is a very shy girl and I was a bit worried that she would be home sick, but the transformation I have seen in her has been amazing, she has grown so much in confidence as an individual and in her academic performance. She actually went on stage at the last scholars event to speak to the audience! She is enjoying boarding life so much that getting to speak with her is difficult, she has such a busy fun filled evenings and weekends.

Weekly boarding is becoming increasingly popular with girls whose families live in London or in Sussex or Surrey. They can get the most out of the educational and co-curricular opportunities from Monday to Friday and then go home to other friends and families at the weekend. They can also choose to stay for the weekend if there is an activity or trip they wish to join. We also have flexi-boarding and this could be a fixed night every week or if there are events happening and it is more convenient to stay an extra night we can accommodate pupils accordingly. Occasionally there may be a school trip leaving early or arriving back late and we offer accommodation for one-off nights subject to availability.


Parent, Year 7 Full Boarder


TV and DVD Player


Weekend Activities per term



Weekly Laundry

Excellent food Well-equipped kitchen facilities



Resident Common Resident Nurse Rooms There are a variety the house where you can work or Staffof spaces within


relax, play the piano, watch TV or do a puzzle. Boarders love to go to Swann Hall to dance or practise drama on the stage. Girls can also use the dance studio at the weekend or the sports hall for badminton, netball or table tennis. The gym is also open for older girls to work out and exercise. Although you will be fed very well in the School Dining Room, you also have the option of making yourself a bite to eat in the

Boarders are positive about the different food choices available to them at weekends and appreciate the healthy options provided. ISI Inspection Report, March 2017

My name is Cici. I’m a student on the Pre A-level course, the International Programme at Roedean Moira House. I’m very honoured to be a part of the school. There are many fun places in our school. For example, the Sports Hall, the classrooms, Top Lawn for football and the Science Labs. But my favourite place is the school’s library, which is big and bright. As a boarder, I think our boarding house is a big family. We have lots of activities at weekends, such as ice-skating, shopping and cycling. In the kitchen we always have fresh bread and snacks. When you feel homesick, you could talk to our lovely Boarding staff. They are very kind. They will help you solve problems and make you feel better. Cici, Pre A Full Boarder


Roedean Moira House prides itself on having outstanding pastoral care – you will develop a strong rapport with the House staff very quickly, and someone is always looking out for you. Relationships between the girls and staff, and the girls and each other are really important – they are happy and productive, and the girls respect each other and have high self-esteem.



FAQs for parents

Will my daughter have a ‘buddy’ in her House to keep an eye on her and answer any questions? Your daughter will be matched with a ‘buddy’, an older girl in House, on her first day. Her ‘buddy’ will be able to answer any questions, guide your daughter around the school, and reassure her about boarding life.

Who will be my main point of contact if I am worried about my daughter? When will my daughter be able to contact me? Your first point of contact should be the members of House Staff who are contactable from 7:00 to 23:00 each day. We advise the girls to make contact with home in the evening to maintain the flow of the day, but there are no restrictions; your daughter can call you at any time.

I am worried my daughter will be homesick. What will be in place in the first few days to keep her busy and distracted? There is a programme of induction in place for the first few days of the term, including evening activities, which encourage integration with older girls. Our aim is to ensure that the girls are kept busy, particularly in the evenings when they may think of home.

Will prep be supervised? What is to stop my daughter doodling for an hour and getting behind on her prep? Prep is supervised by academic staff 17:15 to 18:00 each day. Your daughter’s tutor will also be checking her prep diary on a regular basis, as will members of house staff.

for parents

If we choose flexi-boarding, are we committed to those nights for the whole term or year? And must they be consecutive nights? No, because we understand that flexibility is important to you; nevertheless, the House welcomes a pattern of when girls are staying, and as much notice as possible should a change be needed.

As a flexi-boarder, is my daughter’s bed her own? And how will laundry work for her? In most cases, it is, but there may be occasions when the bed of a flexiboarder who is not resident is reallocated – of course, girls always use their own bedlinen.

What is the policy on electronic equipment at night? This depends on the age of the girls, but excessive use is discouraged for all students. For the youngest girls, electronic equipment is handed in before bedtime.

My daughter will be having music lessons. Where and when will she be able to practise? There are numerous music practice rooms in the Music Department, and the House also has a piano where she will be able to practise in the evening, or any time really.

What do they do in the evenings? The girls complete their prep in the evenings, after which they are encouraged to get involved in activities, play sport or games to relax, and then prepare themselves for the following day.




Whether you are a day girl or a weekly, flexi or full boarder, you will be a member of a House Team, either Merlin, Excalibur, Pegasus or Vulcan.


Red is the colour of




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Although there is a friendly rivalry, the sense of community is most evident when the Houses come together for charity events throughout the year, and this community spirit is found in Boarding, where all Houses board together. It is the girls’ passion and drive which creates Roedean Moira House’s dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.

Yellow is the colour of


The year kicks off with the ‘Pyramid Festival’ - this is an opportunity for the girls to get to know each other and for girls to take a lead. The following week we then appoint Pyramid Captains and Vice Captains.

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House spirit is strong at Roedean Moira House – you will work that out pretty quickly when you arrive! The four Houses, or ‘Pyramids’ as they are often called, allow both Juniors and Seniors to join together in special form groups once a week for assemblies or team building.

Aspirational girls from over 20 countries around the world are attracted to a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, where they can challenge themselves to excel; you will join together in an environment where the mix of different nationalities and backgrounds is completely normal, and make life-long friendships. Girls of all nationalities are fully integrated in the boarding House, as was highlighted in our recent ISI Inspection Report:

Boarders are most appreciative of the diverse cultural experiences that they share, and along with their collaborative attitude provides an excellent role model from which pupils in the whole-school community benefit. ISI Inspection Report, March 2017

Girls who come to the school are attracted by the beautiful campus, with a view to the sea and surrounded by the Sussex Downs. Roedean Moira House is only a short walk to Eastbourne Beach and town centre, 40 minutes’ drive from vibrant Brighton, and a short drive to the famous cliffs of Beachy Head, but it feels tucked away and peaceful in the pretty town of Meads. Roedean Moira House’s historic main buildings are Boston House, School House and Dunn House, built in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, with many classrooms and bedrooms boasting a seaview through the original sash windows.

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Girls from


from London by train

from Gatwick by taxi


The school community benefits hugely from the diversity which comes from the combination of girls from the local area, international students, and British girls from ex-pat families; the cultural understanding and tolerance which this develops is so important in the modern world.


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Boarding at Roedean Moira House  

Boarding at Roedean Moira House