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Old Girl Name: Stephanie Year: 13, 2018 Roedean Moira House

Stephanie joined Roedean, Eastbourne as an academic scholar from St. Richard’s Catholic School. She Achieved A A A B in English Literature, History, Religious Studies and Spanish, and even secured an internship in the Houses of Parliament. She was the perfect example of a Roedean, Eastbourne girl: ambitious, diligent and creative, and we wish her all the best.

Mrs Ollie Barber, Head of Teaching and Learning

I joined Roedean, Eastbourne in Sixth form and I am currently on my gap year on an internship in Australia, working on some exciting projects focusing on brand architecture and digital communication strategies. Next year I will be going to university, either in the UK or the US to study history and modern languages. Unlike many other schools, I felt that Roedean, Eastbourne always went the extra mile to help make sure I had the best possibilities for my future and career. Especially the people who helped me with UCAS, and in my pursuit in applying to American ivy league universities. Aside from a plethora of amazing teachers, Roedean, Eastbourne exposed me to an education in what I see as caring and mutually encouraging community. Combined with small class sizes and a lot of personal attention meant I became more confident in exposing and defending my arguments, as lessons involved a lot of debate and discussions. I’ve left school with many strong friendships for life and the feeling that I had an unrivaled sixth form education. I hold very warm memories of my time at school, even during the stressful exam season, as I am truly grateful to have been in a really supportive environment.


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