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PERSONAL STATEMENT I am OPTIMISTIC. To me, there is no problem that can’t be solved. I am AMBITIOUS. After succeeding in being accepted into a top ranked design school, no goal I set for myself is too high. I am CREATIVE. I know being creative isn’t just about being artistic. It is the blending of artistic skill and problem solving techniques. I mix my great listening skills, witty humor and “cool-as-a-cucumber” attitude to come up with creative solutions.

FINE ARTS Various Projects, Various Mediums My ďŹ rst two years of college were spent in the Fine Arts school. I took various drawing, painting, metal sculpture and ceramics classes.

PORT O POTTY Color study and Design Problem

This project was a color study project. We were asked to design a port-o-potty and render it using complimentary colors. The port-opotty project was the ďŹ rst project to use color our freshman year.

in this assignment we were asked to

WEXNER WEXNER CENTER CENTER Columbus, Colu Co lumb lu mbus mb us,, Ohio us Ohio Construction Cons Co nstr ns truc tr uctitition uc on D Dra Drawings rawi ra wing wi ngs and AutoCAD ng Lesson Less sson ss on Thee intent Th inte in tent te nt of of this this project pro p roject was ro to lea learn earn ea rn A Aut AutoCAD utoC ut oCAD oC AD aand use it to develop develo de lop lo p co cons constuction nstu ns tuct tu ctio ct ionn document io of a w wel elll kn el know ownn bu ow buil ilildi ding. My di well known building. partner partne pa ner an ne and d I ch chosee to draw the Wexn We xner xn er Center Cente C terr desi te signed by Peter si Wexner designed Eise Ei senm se nmen nm en on on The The Ohio Oh State Eisenmen Univ Un iver iv ersi er sity si ty’s’s ccam ty ampu am pus. pu s. T The strong University’s campus. grid gr id rrun unni un ning ni ng through tthr hrou hr ough ou gh the building running deve de velo ve lope lo ped pe d fo forr Co Colu lumb lu mbus’ city grid. mb developed Columbus’


LITERARY CENTER Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio This project was to design a literary center for a traveling author to stay for 3 months at a time. The site was on Ludlow Ave. in Cincinnati, Ohio. The literary center I designed had a “fish bowl” like atrium in the middle where the author could stay and write. Anyone visiting the center could watch the author and their process.

LITERARY CENTER Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio The interior of the literary center was designed to put the author on display. The visiting author would work inside the circular atrium to be watched by the visitors of the center.

LITERARY CENTER Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio The exterior of the literary center ďŹ ts in well with the surrounding architecture. The facade is made of red bricks that are common in that area. Large windows on the south side of the building let in a lot of natural light.


DERAA Leh, India Eco-Resort Design This eco-resort in the Himalayas is built entirely on a bridge. It is a summer camp for college students looking for an experience of a lifetime. The dorms, cafe and lobby are all on this bridge that spans a river in Leh, India. The dorms of this resort are able to accommodate four students. By putting the bunk beds on the side of the room I was able to give the students more room to walk around and unpack suitcases.

DERAA Leh, India Lobby/Entrance The main lobby of the resort is an open space to give students room with all of their bags. The balcony at the top of the image lets students look out amoung the landscape while their teachers check them in to the resort.

DERAA Leh, India Cafe The cafe is completely open to the elements. The weather in Leh, India is very mild during the spring, summer and fall. The roof on the top level has grid pattern cut outs. When the sun shines through it gives the feeling of sitting under the shade of a tree.



AGING-IN-PLACE Cincinnati, Ohio Residential Remodel For this project I used an existing house that is owned by a baby boomer and remodeled it to better suit her needs as she ages. Her house was very broken up and felt small. She entertains her family of 30 and needed a bigger space. After the remodel the room feels much bigger. I added more storage and a long bench on the right wall to be pulled out when her family comes over.





BONOBOS LOUNGE Pave Competition 2012 Pop-up Retail Design This project was a pop up store for a men’s clothing store. It was to be built and taken down within a couple of months. The design of the store is that of a lounge for men to go to hang out, try on pants, and better the overall experience of shopping. Customers can choose what to try on by selecting items on a tablet. Those items would then be placed in the dressing rooms for them.





Jill Roebel portfolio  

A compilation of work from DAAP Interior Design school.

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