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Editor's Letter: Ruth­idy Says...

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Nice things to remember every so often:

Springtime in Ireland

Tipperary Riddles

Dreams ­ The Cranberries

C'est La Vie ­ B*Witched

I'm in the Mood for Dancing ­ The Nolans

This is a Rebel Song ­ Sinéad O'Connor

Empowering Wordsearch!

Check out this

handwritten essay from Fionn O'Shea! Lots of places to make us feel good... what's your favourite?

Orรกn's spell of distraction

Likes and Dislikes



Wake Up


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Unreal is a podcast about Irish history, stories, and tradition. Tyrant queens, circus scenes, witches, spells and serpents green. Ireland, where once such stories sprung, Ireland, where the past is on our tongue.

Coming this summer to all choice podcatchers! Visit and sign up to the Unreal newsletter, for more info and updates.

Irelands Zine  
Irelands Zine