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One of the many chores that are done around the house includes the care and maintenance of carpets. This relatively intensive procedure should be done periodically to ensure that the carpets remain clean and in good condition. The job becomes a little bit more hectic when a carpet contains stains, spillages and pet droppings or urine. Before embarking on any process of carpet care, one has to know exactly what type of carpet they are dealing with. Important features such as the material, color and quality of the carpet, determines the kind of maintenance to be administered. It is important to vacuum carpets a minimum of once every week. If the area that one lives in is dusty or near a heavy traffic zone, vacuuming may need to be done more often because of the large amount of dust. During this process, special emphasis should be paid to the hard to reach areas, which are likely to have an accumulation of dirt and dust. These dust particles are gritty and they could lead to cuts and tears on carpets. Where possible, try as much as possible not to place any other furniture on top of carpets. The indentations that are imprinted on a carpet from furniture usually do not go away even after cleaning. It is advisable to spread soil retardant on carpets with the use of a special applicator. This will enhance the reduction of soil particles on the carpet's surface.  In the event that a solution is being used to clean a carpet, it should be tested on a small spot to ensure that there is no discoloration or damage of any kind on the carpet. There are other kinds of cleaners for carpets including foam cleaners, which are mostly for domestic use. They are simply mixed with water and applied directly to the carpet, scrubbing of the carpet is necessary.  After cleaning is done, the carpet should be put out to dry and thereafter vacuumed to get rid of any residue that may have remained. Professional foam cleaning machines can also be used for easy carpet care procedures. Powder form cleaners can be used by spreading the particles evenly over the carpet and letting them to stay on the carpet for some time. The powder draws dirt from within the carpet and after 15 minutes or so; the carpet should be vacuumed clean. One of the most common cleaning modes is using shampoo cleaners although they are said not to be as effective as other methods. Protective clothing should be worn during these procedures because some of the cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals. After the process of cleaning, deodorizing should be carried out. This will ensure that not only the carpet but also the whole area will have a pleasant smell. Considerable care should be taken when dealing with carpets because the application of wrong solutions could ruin a good carpet. The technique used should also be right for the type of the carpet being cleaned. In cases

whereby a carpet may need advanced service, it is advisable to acquire the services of a credible cleaning company that offers efficient carpet care services.  

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==== ==== Get more great carpet care tips at ==== ====

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