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The price and quality of a carpet will range from inexpensive and short-lived to expensive and lasting a long time. Complete carpet care is important to maintain the carpet as well as ensure a healthy environment. Yes, there is more required than just running the vacuum over it when you think it's necessary. Weekly vacuuming is important to prevent recent dust, dirt and other debris from building up down deep within the base of each carpet fiber. High traffic areas should be vacuumed at least twice a week and an all carpeted areas should be vacuumed at least weekly. If there is a room that is rarely used, it could be vacuumed less often. Moving the vacuum back and forth just isn't enough. Moving the vacuum at a slower pace in a back and forth motion, making parallel rows, and then going back over the area in a side to side motion, again making parallel rows, is the correct way to vacuum. Complete carpet care includes more than moving the vacuum around once or twice a week. This regular cleaning will certainly help keep dirt and other debris from building up, but what about when food is dropped or stains occur? The carpet obviously must receive a deeper cleaning. When something happens to the carpet that is out of the ordinary, cleaning up the mess as quickly as possible is the key to keeping the carpet from getting dirtier. Don't rub the fibers, just blot the dirty area with a clean cloth to remove as much of the stain or spill as possible. To clean the area, there are a number of carpet cleaning products available on the market, or you can make a home solution. Try blotting a stain with a dry cloth and club soda. Straight white vinegar can remove coffee and chocolate stains. Blotting is recommended as it keeps the soiled area in that one spot. Rubbing will only push the food or stain into other fibers that are not soiled and this only makes a bigger area to clean. In addition, rubbing wears down the fibers and weakens them which will result in the carpet needing to be replaced sooner than expected. Having complete carpet care knowledge is as complex as it may seem, but it is important to know how to ensure that your investment looks good and lasts as long as possible. There are several things you can do on a daily basis to keep the life of your carpet going strong. One suggestion is to have a door mat at the entrance to your home; this includes the front and the back doors. These mats should be cleaned regularly, and if they are in need of repair or are no longer stopping dirt, replace them. Another idea is to remove shoes upon entering your home. Did you know bare feet can ruin carpet? It doesn't take a lot of time to implement complete carpet care tips for your carpet. The carpet is an investment in your home which you want it to be healthy and comfortable. By following the

complete carpet care tips provided by the manufacturer and/or installer, your carpet will last a long time and will not only help to beautify your home but keep it warm and comfortable as well.

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==== ==== Get more great carpet care tips at ==== ====

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