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Designer Statement I would not know how to begin talking about me from the point of view of a designer, considering I am just starting to become one. Think although I know and understand the basics, there are still a lot of things I need to learn and most important, experience. I think in this career experience is key, this will define the style we started building in our first year. I am a strong believer that inspiration comes from everywhere, and although platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr are really useful I think a good way to get inspired is by the people that surround you, music, or even your environment. I have never been the most creative person, but since I started studying design, I am n not able to picture myself doing anything else. Design is a pretty wide aspect, there are several areas to work on, and right now I am specially interested in graphic design, considering I am simultaneously coursing advertisement. There is something about communicating with people trough images or with a text, that goes further that what the text even says, that fascinates me. I am also really interested in digital illustration that makes me wanna learn more. This is why I think design is such an important part of our lives, DESIGN IS EVERYWHERE. Everything around as has a designing process. Design does not only make things look more appealing , it also makes them useful.

“Find something you would die for and life for it�

Flowers for you

2019-2020 Personal proyect ipad Pro / Adobe Illustrator Draw


May 2019 Visual Thinking Editorial design

Subway hands

Personal project January 2020 Ipad pro / Adobe Illustrator Draw

Reebok Classics Idol campaign. March 2019 Digital photography and ipad Pro

Vans Old Skool

February 2019 Visual Thinking Screws and skateboard

Classics collection. December 2019 Books redesign cover. Design Proyects. Ipad Pro / Adobe Photoshop

Rodrigo Muñoz Carrasco Graphic design + Advertisement


BIRTH DATE: 06/04/2000 ADDRESS: Calle Bahía de Santander 21F EMAIL: rodrigo.m.c@hotmail.es

SELECTIVIDAD: (2018) - Grade: 11,2 LABORAL EXPERIENCE HIPODROMO DE LA ZARZUELA. - Betting ticket office PRIVATE ENGLISH LESSONS - Teacher of extracurricular to primary students. LOVE THE TUENTIʼS FESTIVAL - Bartender of the Love the Tuentiʼs Festival June 2019. SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illusttrator, Adobe Indesign, Sublime Text, Rhinoceros 3D, Sketch Up, Autodesk 3D Max.

Profile for Rodri Muñoz

Portfolio final  

Portfolio final