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Public Space


Urban + Landscape Rehabilitation






Apartments + Offices

BLUE BONNETS Housing Development


PEDREGAL #8 Private Residence


Condominium Renovation

URBAN PARK Public Space

Queretaro, Mexico Academic Project

According to the basic needs of this district, the project’s proposal is oriented to provide inhabitants with a sufficient range of activities that offer a better quality of life (health, culture, recreation) and also a chance to acquire knowledge that can be useful for people’s professional development (workshops, libraries). Public spaces are necessary in cities not merely as spaces for leisure but as spaces that provide useful infrastructure for education, socialization, and contribution. The master plan design prioritizes principles like connectivity and permeability. It also enhanced mixed-use zones, versatility, and environmental reforestation. The proposal shows a clear exposition and connection among all the activities in the park. In the present, this lot has different natural paths used by locals; the project itself has many different paths merging all over the place, allowing people to see the park’s offer during everyday walks. In terms of social integration, the goal is to create a sense of community where people get to know each other. To promote “the outside” as a safe place where people can meet their neighbors, breaking down any social-economic wall.


Images: Left-Park Model Right Top- Park Plan Right Center- Permeability Study, Site Plan Right Bottom- Park Model


Arts and Crafts

Development Sports + Recreation

Links + Space for Encounter + Multi-use


Main Urban Road Paths (Shortcuts), Improvised Trash Dump

Main Urban Road 6

Community Health Entrepreneurship Jobs Culture Sanitation

Music School

Administration + Library

Arts + Crafts + Plaza


Museum-Gallery Ground Level

The museum-gallery is the larger building on the site. It aims to evoke the spirit of the park as a group of different scale connections. The building itself is one extra path, a ramp that hosts a large plaza below.

Museum-Gallery First Level

Exterior Perspective 8

Circulation Diagram

Museum Model 9

Municipality 47.2 km2


232,279 hab Urban

Urband + Landscape Regeneration


Valle de Chalco, Mexico Architectural Association Visiting School Post Developement with


Valle de Chalco, as many regions in Mexico City, used to be part of a great lake in preHispanic times. Remains of the lake are found on the west border of this land, where agriculture is one of the principal activities. Every year, Valle de Chalco has floods problems because the water level overflows causing several problems to people’s homes.

Urban 47.5%

3.7 km2


This proposal is strengthened by means of the generation of a hybrid drainage system extended throughout its territory with different intensities.


2010 Flood 16.5%

22.4 km2

The project proposes the use and rethinking of the linear structure of the streets of Chalco. This vital space consolidates it as urban fabric, through the use of its natural ability to collect and distribute water in the territory.

The system regulates -infrastructurally- water during the rainy season, generates -scenicallygreen spaces and linear parks with minimal maintenance and reinforces -socially- existing public spaces, flea markets, trade corridors, pedestrian walk, etc.


Street Area S1

2010 Flood Built Area

5.2 km2 17.16 km2


Site Condition Chalco Lake


Open Sewage

Water Flow Analysis

Risk Analysis Irrigation

Intensity Sewage




Urban Fabric Agriculture Water Bodies Urban Agriculture Green Zones Sport Zones Wetlands Urban Infrastructure

Xico Hill

Highway and Canal

Housing beside Chalco Lake


Proposal: Network of Superficial Drainage

Superficial Canals System Street Integrated to urban sewage network Current situation in Chalco streets Integration between streets and landscapes

Multifunctional Urban Landscapes

Convinience Store Elementary School

Convinience Store

Artifitial Topographies

Elementary School


Superficial Canals System

Multifunctional Urban Landscapes

Artifitial Topographies


Chalco Hill

Wetlands Area

Xico Hill

Main Sewage Spine

Proposed Park

“La C

Flood and Contention Zones



Xico Hill





BLUE BONNETS Housing Development

MontrĂŠal, QC, Canada Academic Project

Remaining as an abandoned plot in the city after the hippodrome of Montreal closed its doors, the city has the intention to use these 44 hectares for the existing demand of social housing within the main urban grid of Montreal. This location would provide accessibility to existing public facilities and transportation systems. This proposal describes the vision for a sustainable urban future based on the planned physical and societal introduction of continuous productive urban landscape. The proposal is a design concept advocating the coherent introduction of interlinked productive landscapes into a city as an essential element of sustainable urban agriculture. Central to the concept is the creation of multifunctional open urban green space networks that complement and support the built environment around it.

Blue Bonnets Acces 16

Housing Typology

UA Corridor

UA Corridor

Plan Blue Bonnets Site 17

Original Land

Back Yards (Urban Agriculture Lots)

Shifting Parcels Up and Down

Communal Gardens / Recreation Spaces

Central Green Spine


Creating Vertical Agriculture




Meters 5 5


20 20


40 40


NORTE 327 Appartments

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico Design and Construction Comission

The client’s requirement was a mixeduse building that includes offices, apartments and social-recreational spaces. The apartments’ design approach was mainly oriented to their capability of providing comfort with continuous, simple and basic interior spaces. Another key concern was the communication with the exterior (walkside-streetriver-landscape). The volume, formed by nine large boxes with patios allows good illumination and air ventilation; six of these apartments have large terraces located at the building’s front facing the river, where works of sanitation and remediation will rise the social, environmental, and economic value of the area. The offices component is located in the part of the building facing west. There are four small offices oriented to local entrepreneurs who look for a place in the neighborhood. This part of the building also has a large social terrace at the upper level.


Ground Level


Level 1 and 2


Exterior Perspective 21


Exterior Perspective 22



Exterior Perspective Phase 1 Built



PEDREGAL #8 Private Residence

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Design Comission (Unbuilt)

The project is a single-family house for a young couple and their two sons. The clients have a 90 sq. m lot, in a new residential development, where they plan to build their own house on a small budget. Despite the small area, the design was conceived for having generous outdoor spaces and diversifying activities to clients. From inside the house, at first level, users can appreciate the front and back ends of the lot. It was design pricipal to create an impression of a larger space, to expand the views and gives the illusion of a garden becoming part of the house interior. The general volume proposal is based in a stair form section that allows good ventilation and illumination, and generates appropriate areas for terraces.

Faรงade 24

Ground Level

Level 1

Level 2

Roof Terrace

Front yard

3D Section



RAMS-HORN Condominiums Renovation

Vail, CO, USA Internship at Pierce Architects West Elevation

The Rams-Horn condominiums were originally built in year 1968, a few steps away from the mountain at sky Village of Vail CO. This commission consisted in expanding the area of existing units and the addition of a fourth level. The exterior design was also renovated into an architectural style according to the context in its prime Village location. Faรงades are composed by heavy timber elements on a background of stucco, stone and wood siding. The shape of the building defines different locations and forms for balconies and niches, providing more light and views.

Exterior Rendering

For this project I worked on the architectural design documents and exterior renderings.

Main Access


Garden and Units

Rodrigo Pinto 514.581.6755

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