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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM

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From Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eve & Lilith International

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4 hours ago

Where did you go to college?

Eve & Lilith International just finished an amazing meeting with celebrity jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu.

What is your relationship status?

Stay tuned because beautiful things coming up!! — with Linne van Straten and 3 others. Photos · 37 Tag more photos

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Shirley Lagger Mijn broer had ooit samengewerkt met hem voor etiket champagnefles geloof ik.. See Translation 4 hours ago · Unlike · 2 Write a comment...

Sunny Jansen

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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM Maaike Verdonkschot

Rodrigo Otazu

8 hours ago

you're such a great generous person!!! LOVE IT!!!! X Gunnar Schendera

Jade Lew

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Rodrigo Otazu 9 hours ago Emilie Bouwman

Sylvana Simons

Edith Snoek


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago

Vondelpark about 2 months ago

Chelsea Market about 2 months ago

1 OAK NYC about 3 months ago

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Linne van Straten, Barbara Bergwerff, Corina van Gijzel and 10 others like this. Corrie de Graaf Whahahaha.......... 9 hours ago via mobile · Like Edith Snoek Very cool picture. I love it. xxx 9 hours ago · Like Melisa Gallego

DJ Lady Noir aka Viva ...

Stevie Wonder


9 hours ago · Like Inge Haayer ha ha wat grappig gefotografeerd 3 hours ago · Like Write a comment...

Michael Bublé



Rodrigo Otazu Yesterday

My friend told me " The best way to move forward.... to is let go of the people that are holding you back " #timeofmylike with #yasminwarsame — in New York.

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Rodrigo Now 2013 Born

Daniel Gustavo Sanchez shared Hippies & Beatniks's photo. Vanessa Vie Extension's likes I Love Fashion News's photo. Daniel Gustavo Sanchez shared Bob Marley's photo.

I Am Divine



Sharina de Vries likes Michael Weitgraven's photo. Claudio F Bodart shared Pichy Garciarena's photo. Dineshma Gajadin commented on Mango's photo: "I like the colours, classy outfit" Wesley Mystronald Markus and Manu Rau are now friends.

The Voice (film)

Sex and the City

Nacyra Kendall added a new photo to the album Mobile

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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM photo to the album Mobile Uploads.


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The Six Million Dollar...

Premie USA: EW

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Vanessa Vie Extension's and Karel Roeleveld are now Amir Saleh Sometimes it's just one person holding you back. We all have too friends. much to offer to this world to allow anybody, special in your heart or not, to keep you back and from succeeding to the fullest. Time to move forward! Anywho, Roy Beusker likes Barbera miss you Rodrigo!! Sterk's video Jun 15, 2013 1:24pm. Yesterday at 12:52pm via mobile · Unlike · 1 Inge Haayer true

The Little Prince

The Cardinal of the Kr...

Salem's Lot

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Calfucura Sanasi NICE NICE Yesterday at 2:56pm · Like Graciela Rios Saiz Bellos !!! Abrazos 18 hours ago · Like Write a comment...

Rodrigo Otazu The Unbearable Lightne...

The Stand


Amazing night with #yasminwarsame #rodrigootazu in #newyork #2013 #rodrigonewyork

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The Lake & Stars

Tabitha Simmons

L'Officiel. (Paris)




Groups · 14 Amsterdam Apartments 4 Rent 8,101 members Everyone's always moving house,...

XLSIOR Festival (Official Group) 8,607 members ▶▶ OFFICIAL DATES : WED. 21 – SUN....

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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM

Witzenhausen Gallery AMS| NY 899 members What Jacob Witzenhausen started 30...

Vogue Italia 3,722 members Founded in 1965, VOGUE ITALIA...

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Rodrigo Otazu Yesterday

My girl was hot between the best ! #rodrigonewyork #yasminwarsame

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Rodrigo Otazu Yesterday

#otazu #swarovski #love #instamood #fashion #fashionweek #follow #iphonesia #silver #jewelery #amazing #instafashion #magazine #photooftheday #picoftgefay #instadaily #igdaily #bestoftgeday #followme #style #new #hot #sexy #rockon #rock #rodrigootazu

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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM

Saskia Fung Loij Don Patron Ferry Van Der Nat Anna Drogouli Arnold AJ Jarvis Linne van Straten Thiago De Lemos

Turn on chat to see who's available.

Unlike · Comment · Promote · Share You, Claire van Vrijberghe, Corrie de Graaf, Calfucura Sanasi and 25 others like this. View 1 more comment Marcelo D'Onofrio Acá soy transgresor a su honor amigo¡¡¡ Xq lo soy! Grande Ro! Yesterday at 9:39am via mobile · Unlike · 1 Rodrigo Otazu Gracias Marcelo D'Onofrio i love my job ! Yesterday at 11:04am · Like Rodrigo Otazu The best way to move forward.... to is let go of the people that are holding you back. Yesterday at 11:22am · Like Antoine Bocquet my turn is next Yesterday at 11:54am · Unlike ·

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Rodrigo Otazu Yesterday

My wife #YasminWarsame #amazing !!!! Love ya xxx June #2013 #rodrigootazu #rodrigonewyork

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Rodrigo Otazu

6/17/13 6:13 PM Jessey A. Voorn-Power Gorgeous Yesterday at 10:13am via mobile · Unlike ·


Barbara Bergwerff beautyful Yesterday at 11:30am · Like Write a comment...

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