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University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th


Verlander Dominates as Tigers Snap Minnesota’s Winning Streak On the   236th   anniversary   of   this   country’s   independence,   the   hometown   Detroit  Tigers  beat  the  Minnesota  Twins   by  a  score  of  5-­‐1.  Reigning  AL  MVP  and   Cy   Young   Award   Winner   Justin   Verlander  pitched  a  complete  game  and   made   his   case   to   be   the   starter   in   the   All-­‐Star  Game.     The   game   was   delayed   for   2   hours   and   26   minutes   after   storms   encroached   on   Comerica   Park.   But   when   the   game   started   at   9:31   p.m.,   the   night   belonged   to   Verlander.   He   allowed   four   hits   in   nine   innings,   while   walking   one   batter.   He  struck  out  seven.  Out  of  115  pitches   thrown   that   night,   it’s   clear   that   Verlander  would  like  to  take  back  a  one   out   pitch   to   Chris   Parmelee,   who   drove   the   ball   412   feet   into   the   right   field   stands.    

in the  7th.    

By Tyler  Friedman  

The loss   to   the   Tigers   that   ended   the   Twins’  five  game  winning  streak  wasn’t   the  only  bad  news  of  the  night.  Leading   off   the   bottom   of   the   fifth,   Alex   Avila   hit   a   line   drive   that   struck   starter   Brian   Duensing   in   the   ankle.   Although   catcher   Joe   Mauer   threw   the   ball   to   first   to   make   the   play,   Duensing   had   to   leave   the   game.   Fortunately,   X-­‐rays   were   negative,   and   he   was   diagnosed   with   a   bruised  left  ankle.     Clearly,   the   combination   of   Independence   Day   and   Verlander’s   start   brought   many   fans   to   the   ballpark.  The  official  attendance  was   41,023   people,   which   represents   99.4%  of  the  regular  season  capacity  at   Comerica   Park.   In   addition,   after   the   game,   the   Tigers   hosted   a   fireworks   show.   Set   up   in   the   middle   of   center   field,   the   fireworks   delighted   the   patriotic   fans,   who   stayed   after   the   game.   Due   to   the   rain   delay,   ironically,   the  fireworks  took  place  on  July  5.    

That solo   shot   represents   all   the   offense   for   the   Twins   that   night.   The   Tigers’   offense   was   much   more   prolific.   In   the   first   inning,   Prince   Fielder   drove   in   Ryan   Raburn   and   Miguel   Cabrera   on   a   double.   Although   those   two   runs   were   all   the   run   support   that   Verlander     needed,  Miguel  Cabrera  feasted  on  poor   Twins   relief   pitching.   He   hit   a   solo   shot   to   center   in   the   6th   and   a   two-­‐run   blast  

Photo credits: ander-should-be-named-all-star-starter/

Thursday july 12th

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The Lady Gaga Saga By Julius Utama Cancelling Lady   Gaga’s   concert   may   have   been   the   FPI’s   greatest   victory   -­‐   but   not   for   52,000   “Little   Monsters”   disappointed   with   the   loss   of   their   freedom.   Indonesia’s   first   national   principle   reads   “Ketuhanan   Yang   Maha   Esa.”   Indonesian   fans,   on   the   other   hand,   suggest   “Ketuhanan  FPI”  instead.  

Indonesia’s first   national   principle   emphasizes   the   belief  in  sacred  values  that  will  lead  people  to  a  better   life.   However,   with   the   cancellation   of   Lady   Gaga’s   scheduled   concert   at   Jakarta’s   Gelora   Bung   Karno   Stadium   on   June   3,   an   outbreak   of   fan   cries   over   the   internet   suggest   the   government   change   their   principle  –  to  the  belief  in  the  values  of  the  FPI.   Continued on Page 7

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University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012

An Earthquake Hits China Again By Rodrigo  Juarez   A  6.6   earthquake  shook  northwestern  China,   leaving  over  22,000  affected.       The  earth   shook  in  China.  An   earthquake   measuring  6.6   degrees  on   the   Richter   scale   at  five   in   the  morning  rocked  Xinjiang,   an   area   situated  in  the   north-­‐west  Asia,  and  has   been   felt  throughout   the   region,   including   the   capital  Urumqi,   affecting   more  than   22,000   people.     And  that’s  despite  having  had  its  epicenter  in  a   mountainous   area;  the   earthquake  has   been   such   that  has   brought  tens  of   thousands  of   Chinese   citizens   from  their   homes,  but  out   of   all   of   them   there  have   only  been   24  injuries,   all  minor.  In   addition,   there   has   been  damage  to  buildings  and  roads.     The   Xinjiang  area  suffers   frequent   earthquakes,  due   to   friction  of   the  Indian   and   Asian  tectonic   plates,  although   most  victims  do   not   cause  earthquakes,   as   it   is   an   uninhabited   desert  area.    

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

Spain wins the Eurocup

By Rodrigo  Juarez  

The Spanish   team  managed  a   club  history.  It  has   a  triple  crown.  The  team  Vicente  del   Bosque  entered   the   history  of   world   football  by   winning  the   Euro,   World   and  European   Championships  in   a   row.     The  Red  laid   the   foundation  in   2008.  A  unique   generation   of  players  stood   in  Austria  and   Switzerland  with  the  aim  of  provoking  a  radical  change  based  on  touch   and  good   game.  From   that   point   of   view,   the  final   against  Germany   was   the  best   example  of   the   system,   which   was   to  respect  others   above  all   things.   The   combined  Luis   Aragones  sent   a  clear   message   to  Europe.  Things  would   change.  South   Africa's   World,  The  Red  again   left  with  their   mouths   open   to  all   fans.  Respecting   the  block,  Xavi,   Iniesta,  Casillas  and  company  took  to  Spain  a  title  that  never  before  had   risen  to   heaven.  And  the   treble  was   closed   in   Poland   and  Ukraine.  The   Spanish  team  had  no  difficulty  to  go  from  round  to  round.       There  is  no  other  like  Spain.  No  other  team  has  been  able  to  win  three   titles  consecutively.  Germany   was  close   to   getting  in   the  70's.  International   football  was  the  1972   European   Championship  and   the  1974   World   Cup.  In   1976  he  presented  a   historic   opportunity  ...  but  Czechoslovakia  won   the   final  to   Germany  on  penalties.     France  and  Brazil  were  other  teams  that  were  in  his  hand  Sunday  to  try   to  do  what  Spain  has  done.  In  the  case  of  the  Gauls,  'les  bleus'  took  the   1998   WorldCup   and   Euro  2000.  At   the   World   Cup  in   Korea   and   Japan  suffered  a  blow  when  falling  at  the  first  change.  

Texas Rangers lead American League into the All Star Game The Texas   Rangers   and   New   York   Yankees   dominated   the   American   League   voting   for   the   2012   All   Star   Game   that   will   take   place   on   July   10.   Kansas   City   is   the   location   of   the   annual   weekend,   which   includes   the   Home   Run   Derby   as  well  as  the  All  Star  Game.       Josh  Hamilton  of  the  Rangers  was  the   leading   vote   getter   and   will   start   in   the   game   for   the   fifth   straight   year.   The   superstar   made   his   mark   this   year   when   he   hit   four   homers   in   one   game;   he   currently   leads   the   majors   in   RBI.   His   teammates   Adrian   Beltre   and   Mike   Napoli   will   start   for   the   American   League   at   third   base   and   catcher,   respectively.   Four   other   Rangers   made   the   team   as   reserves.   Their   manager,   Ron   Washington,   will   be   in   the   dugout  for  the  AL  All  Stars,  because  the  Rangers   won   the   AL   pennant   last   year   and   represented   the  league  in  the  World  Series.  The  Rangers  have   the  best  record  in  baseball  with  50  wins.   The   Yankees   are   also   well   represented   in   the   All  

Star Game.   Shortstop   Derek   Jeter,   second   baseman   Robinson   Cano,   and   outfielder   Curtis   Granderson   will   also   start   for   the   American   League.   It   is   Jeter’s  13thappearance  in  the  game  and  he  won  the  MVP  in  2000.Both  Cano  and   Granderson  are  All   Stars   for  the   third   time  in   their  careers.  In  addition,  Yankee   ace  C.C.  Sabathia  was  chosen  to  participate,  but  he  is  currently  on  the  15  Day   Disabled  List.       Also   starting   for   the   American   League   are   Tigers   first   baseman   Prince   Fielder,   who   won   the   MVP   in   the   game   for  the  NL  last  year  as  a  Brewer;  Blue  Jays  outfielder  Jose   Bautista,   who   has   26   home   runs;   and   Red   Sox   Designated   Hitter  David  Ortiz.       Although   it   is   just   an   exhibition   match,   the   game   carries   much  more  significance  than  other  sports’  All  Star  Game:   the   winning   league   receives   home   field   advantage   in   the   World   Series.   Since   the   National   League   won   the   big   game   last  season,  the  St.  Louis  Cardinals  had  an  advantage  over   the   Rangers   and   they   won   in   7   games.   Clearly,   Ron   Washington   and   his   Rangers  representatives  will  put  considerable  effort  into  this  game  as  they  try   to  secure  home  field  advantage  for  their  league.  Then,  they  can  continue  their   focus   on   winning   the   championship   after   losing   in   the   World   Series   in   the   past   two  seasons.   By  Tyler  Friedman     Photo credits to: Hamilton -


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University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

It All Goes Down From Here After an  exhausting  28-­‐hour  flight  to  San   Diego’s   Lindbergh   Field   International   Airport,   I   disembark   into   the   arrivals   hall   to   collect   my   luggage.   For   most   of   the   passengers   on   this   flight,   their   journey   has   finally   come   to   a   long-­‐ awaited   end.   However,   for   me   –   the   journey’s  “just  begun”  as  I  head  towards   the  check-­‐in  desk  for  Delta  Airlines.  

itself. This   line   cost   me   another   twenty   minutes.  

“Final   boarding   –   Delta   to   Detroit  at  Gate  30!”  

I   had   previously   purchased   a   Delta   “Economy   Comfort”   seat,   which   on   their   website,   avertedly   said   would   provide   extra   legroom  and  priority  boarding.  This  sixty-­‐  

I have   only   arrived   ten   minutes   later   to   find   out   that   boarding  had  ended.  

Today’s journey   will   take   me   from   California’s   holiday   city   to   Detroit,   the   home   of   the   Tigers.   With   barely   any   sleep  on  my  clock,  I  could  only  hope  for   nothing   to   go   explicitly   wrong.   Nonetheless,   I   was   greeted   with   usual   fiasco  of  passengers  checking  in.   Delta   is   one   of   San   Diego’s   main   carriers,   and   the   sleepy   beach-­‐city   is   one   of   the   airline’s   major   hubs.   Recently,   Delta   has   decided   to   relocate   all   flights   to   San   Diego’s   Terminal   2   –   most   of   which   is   under  construction.  For  passengers,  this   meant  limited  shopping  choices,  meager   amenities,   only   a   single   security   checkpoint,  and  a  cramped  atmosphere.   To  make  matters  worse,  Delta’s  decision   to   wipe-­‐off   all   the   traditional   check-­‐in   desks   with   automated   kiosks   created   more   confusion.   Most   of   the   passengers   checking   in   today   were   elderly   passengers,   and   without   knowing   that   these   machines   were   touch   screen   and   there  was  no  remote  –  the  Delta  check  in   line  only  grew  longer.  

By Julius  Utama  

As a   sixteen-­‐year-­‐old   student   traveling   alone   to   partake   in   a   summer   study   program,   time   becomes   a   valuable   asset   –   especially   when   travelling   a   far  distance.   Passengers  are  eager  to  get  on   the   plane   and   get   out   as   quickly   as   possible   –   we   loathe  the  journey.  

dollar   fee   proved   useless   -­‐   by   the   time   I   finished   checking   in   the   flight   had   already   begun  to  board  (the  extra  legroom  was  also   a   fake-­‐out   –   all   they   gave   me   was   a   bulkhead   seat  that  had  a  wall  right  at  my  knee).   “Passengers   flying   Delta   to   Detroit   please   board   immediately   tog   ate   30”   was   repeatedly   paged   over   the   PA   system,   creating  more  chaos  at  the  check-­‐in  area.   Except   for   two   Delta   staff   at   the   baggage   check,  there  was  no  one  else  to  help.   As   I   ran   –   literally   –   to   gate   30,   I   was   even   more  hurried  by  the  announcements.    

After waiting   a   grueling   thirty-­‐five   minutes   to   reach   a   check-­‐in   kiosk,   I   have   only   to   learn   that   I   had   to   queue   for   a   separate  counter  to  check-­‐in  my  luggage  

What Delta   does   not   understand,   however,   is   that   Time  is  a  valuable  entity.  It  is   money  –  and  it  costs  a  lot.   Beyond  just  “getting  you  there   on-­‐time,”   there   is   definitely   a   need   for   better   passenger   services  on  the  ground.   Unless   these   improvements   are   undertaken,   Delta   passengers   will   continue   to   see  the  journey  as  a  burden.     “One   Great   Airline,   Together   in  Style”  starts  on  the  ground.    

Photo credits:

Ann Arbor’sBy THottest Club is…Zingerman’s Deli! yler  Friedman  

422 Detroit  Street   Ann  Arbor,  MI  48104   Open  week  round  from  7AM  –  10PM   734-­‐663-­‐3354     The   second   that   people   enter  Zingerman’s   Delicatessen,   they   will   be   immersed   in   the   distinctive  smell  and  will  be  nearly  overwhelmed   with  the   many   meal  combinations.  This  local  food   extravaganza   provides   a   meal,   perfect   for   any  

time of   day.   And   this   place   has   everything  from  pork  to  chicken  to   salads.   The   variety   of   food,   in   addition   to   the   generous   portions,   contributes   to   many   patrons’   positive  reviews.        For   breakfast,  Zingerman’s  offers   many   traditional   options,   such   as   French  Toast  and   bagels.   There   are  

many specialties   as   well   that   sets   this   deli   apart   from   all   others.   The   menu   is   divided   into   “Breakfast   Plates,”   “Specialties,”   “Bagel   Sandwiches,”   and   “Staff   Favorites.”  A   typical   breakfast   is  approximately  $10.       Continues on Page 5


University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

Controversial Survey: Abortion & Homosexuality By Rodrigo Juarez One of   the   things   that   I   was   surprised   about   when   I   came   to   Summer   Discovery   was   the   variety   of   cultures   and   religions.   Thanks   to   that,   I   couldn’t   hesitate   in   making   a   survey   based   on   issues   like   homosexuality   and   abortion.   Both   are   current   problems   that   are   present   nowadays   because   there   are   many   opinions  about  them.   That’s   why   I   thought   that   this   was   the   best   place   to   do   it   because   as   I   mentioned   earlier,   there   are   people   of   all   types   with  a  lot  to  say  about  it.     That   same   day   I   started   my   project   and   wrote   several   questions   regarding   the   above   issues.  Finally,   I   discarded   many   of   them   to   stay   with   the   top   four.   I   printed   78   and   the   next  day  I  passed  them  out  and  the  majority  of  the  people  who   participated   agreed   delightedly.   Finally   I   could   get   them   all   done  by  the  end  of  the  day.   The  method  I  used  to  make  the  survey  was  easy.  I  distributed   the  questions  during  lunchtime  in  the  cafeteria,  since  that’s  the   time  when  we  all  get  reunited  during  the  daytime.  

would you   consider   the   fetus   as   a   human   in   that   exact   moment?      I  noticed  that  this  question  was  the  hardest  to  answer   because  people  haven't  actually  thought  about  this  until   that  moment.  62%  said  that  in  the  exact  moment  of  the   union,   that   is   considered   a   person.   The   other   38%   didn't  agree  with  this  statement  and  said  no.      5th.  Question:  If  you  don't  see  that  as  a  person,  would   Pellentesque: you   consider   it   after   several   weeks?   If   so,   write   how   many.    This  question  focuses  on  the  38%  who  think  that  at  the   time   of   the   union,   the   fetus   is   not   considered   human.   After   rewriting   all   the   data   given   I   made   a   count   of   all   the   weeks   and   I   finally   came   with   the   answer,   most   of   the   people   who   participated   consider   the   fetus   human   when  it  has  around  12  and  13  weeks.  

Now I’m  going  to  analyze  all  the  questions  given  in  the  survey   and  all  their  answers.  

After doing  all  the  counting,  I  found  the  different  views   that   each   person   had   on   the   subject   and   as   a   result   I   have  seen  the  diversity  of  opinions.  

1st.   Question:   Do   you   think   that   the   government   can   remain   neutral  in  matters  of  morality?  


According  to  the  results  of  my  survey,  33%  of  the  people  think   that   the   government   can   remain   neutral   in   questions   of   morality   and   the   other   67%   think   the   opposite.   This   shows   that   most   of   the   teenagers   think   that   the   government   can't   participate  in  problems  that  are  involved  with  moral.    2nd.   Question:   Do   you   think   that   homosexuals   can   form   a   traditional  family?      After   questioning   several   people,   61%   of   them   think   that   a   family   formed   by   homosexuals   can   be   as   normal   as   a   traditional   one.   The   other   39%   don't   think   that   it's   possible.   This  shows  that  teenagers  are  very  open  minded  because  most   of  them  accept  gay  marriage.    3rd.   Question:   Do   you   think   that   an   abortion   can   affect   a   woman  psychologically?   The   results   show   a   big   difference.   92%   think   that   abortion   does  affect  psychologically.  The  rest  (8%),  think  the  opposite.   Most   people   believe   that   abortion   affects   the   woman   in   one   way  or  another,  because  you  kill  "something"  that  was  going  to   be   a   human.   That   generally   causes   remorse   in   the   women,   according  to  my  survey.  


Donec interdum 4th. Question:  From  the  union   of  the  sperm  and  the  egg,  

University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012 Continues on Page 5

Sandwiches are   a   large   attraction   at  Zingerman’s;   they   offer   corned   beef,   chicken,   turkey,   pork,   beef,   pastrami,   fish,   and   vegetarian.   In   other   words,   there’s   a   sandwich   for   everybody.   And   for   each,   there   are   numerous  specialty  sandwiches.  The   website   shows   the   composition   of   each   sandwich   and   sometimes   provides  a  picture.       Soups   and   salads   are   also   a   focal   point   here;   salad   additions   are   also   offered   for   $2.50.   Dressings,   sauces,  and   vinaigrettes   are   all  homemade  from   family   recipes   and  top-­‐notch  ingredients.  

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

Zingerman’s even  offers  a  section  made   up   entirely   of   Jewish   foods,   such   as   matzo   ball   soup,   potato   latkes,   and   chopped  liver.     There   are   meal   choices   designed   for   children,   even   picky   eaters.   There   are   smaller   sized   sandwiches   and   well   as   classics  like  PB&J  and  Grilled  Cheese.       The   deserts   are   featured   in   a   grand  style,  as  there  are  many  varieties   of  cakes  and  pies.  In  addition,  there  is  a   store  specialized  in  gelato  “Next  Door.”     The  deli  was  first  opened  on  March  15,   1982,   four   years   after   the   idea   was   conceived   my   Ari  Weinzweig  and   Paul   Saginaw.    

Time’s Ticking – Literally! Recently, the   Indonesian   Government’s   decision   to   entirely   unify   the   nation’s   time   zones   into   GMT+8  has  sparked  worry.  Despite  an   increasing   need   to   lessen   confusion   between   the   country’s   sole   international   ties   with   Singapore,   Hong   Kong,   and   the   rest   of   Southeast   Asia,   some   Indonesians   think   it   unjustifiable   to   round   up   5,200km   of   islands  into  one  time  zone  –  it  simply   has  never  been  done  before.    

Jakarta lies   within   the   Western   Indonesian   Time   boundary,   where   190   million   of   240   million   Indonesians  live.    

The Republic   of   Indonesia   is   the   largest   single-­‐nation   archipelago   in   the   world.   With   13,682   islands   –   about  6,000  of  which  are  uninhabited   –   it   is   Asia’s   fourth   largest   country,   with   a   total   area   of   1,919,440   square   kilometers.  

According to   Bagus   Sudibya,   deputy   chairman   of   Bali   Tourism   Board,   the   new   time   zone   will   prevent   confusion   when   tourists   travel   around   a   single-­‐time-­‐zone   nation.   Also,   the   single   time   zone   will   contribute   to   businesses   operating   in   more   than   one   time   zone   –   and   thus   increasing   productivity.  

The country   is   currently   divided   into   three   time   zones   –   Western,   Central,   and  Eastern  Indonesian  time.  Daylight   savings  time  is  never  used,  and  hence   each   area   uses   their   respective   time   all-­‐year-­‐long.   According   to,   Indonesia’s   major   trading   partners   include   China,   Singapore   and   Malaysia   –   all   of   which   are   an   hour   ahead  of  Jakarta,  the  country’s  capital   and  business  center.  

“[This means   that]   people   will   leave  their  homes  earlier  and  turn   off   their   electrical   appliances   earlier,”   says   Edib   Muslim,   spokesman   for   the   Committee   for   the   Acceleration   of   Economic   Development  of  Indonesia.  

Senior banker   Albertina   Dwita   Harliani   said   the   change   will   give   Indonesian   banks   more   time   to   trade   as   well   as   transfer   funds   denominated   in   the   Singapore,   Hong  Kong,  Australian  or  Japanese   currencies.   Officials   also   believe   that   the   move   will   help   cut   energy   consumption   by  1  to  3.5  percent.  

conceived by   Ari  Weinzweig  and   Paul   Saginaw.   In   1986,   the   original   building   underwent   an   expansion   to   provide  room  for  dry  goods.  In  1993,   the   first   mail   order   catalog   was   released;   employees   Mo  Frechetteand  Jude  Walton  led  the   charge  in  the  shipping  business.  The   deli   took   another   big   step   in   1996   when  its  catering  production  began.       Clearly,   thirty   years   after   its   founding,  Zingerman’s   Delicatessen   remains   a   hub   for   patrons   in   Ann   Arbor.   Its   various   selections   and   Jewish   charm   make   it   a   favorite   in   Michigan.  

By Julius  Utama  

Matching the   time   zone   will   also   help   the   Indonesian  stock  market.   The   Ministry   of   Transportation   estimates   that   it   will   take   a   minimum   of   three   months   to   prepare   the   nation's   aviation   industry   for   the   time   zone   change.   Flight   schedules,   ticketing,   shift   changes   and   plane   rotations   all   need   to   adapt   to   the   unified  time  zone.     But   the   change   will   affect   international   flights  as  well.  It  will  take  an  estimated  56   days   to   get   the   rest   of   the   world's   air   carriers   in   line   with   the   time   change,   Transportation   Minister   EE   Mangindaan   said  in  a  letter.   It   will   also   take   some   34   days   to   get   the   aviation  industry's  systems  and  operations   set  to  the  correct  time,  Mangindaan  said.     However,   not   everyone   is   pleased   by   this   decision   –   one   of   whom   is   former   vice-­‐ president  Jusuf  Kalia.   “There  is  no  country  in  the  world  spanning   5,000   kilometers   that   has   just   one   time   zone,  other  than  China,”  he  said.     “However,  China  did  that  in  1949  because   the   Communist   Party   wanted   to   have   full   control   of   the   country’s   territory.   So   it   was   a  very  political  decision.”    


University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012 Another benefit   Trade   Minister   Gita   Wirjawan   announced  was   that   the   unified   time   zone   will   increase  productivity.  

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

“Millions of   schoolchildren   would   have   to   leave   home   while   it   is   still   dark.   Their   safety   is   at   risk.   Who   will   take   responsibility?”  

“Is the   United   States   less   productive?   Is   Australia   not   productive?   Productivity   has   nothing  to  do  with  time  zones.  It’s   plainly  illogical,”  says  Jusuf  Kalia.  

The new   time   zone   will   be   effective   from   October   28th   onwards.   This   date   will  coincide  with  the  84th  anniversary   of   Youth   Pledge   Day.   In   1928,   young   Indonesians   gathered   in   Jakarta   where   they   pledged   to   be   united   as   one   nation   He  believes  the  shift  is  “a  mistake”   speaking  one  language.   that   will   benefit   a   few   thousand   people   but   disadvantage   the   Under   the   new   shift,   the   whole   of   majority.   Indonesia   will   be   under   the   GMT+8   time  zone.  

Above: Indonesia’s  previous  time  zone.   Photo  credits:  http://www.north-­‐  


By Rodrigo  Juarez  

Villages in  the  hills  steep,  underwater  caves,  amazing  deep  blue  sea,  large  vineyards,  olive  groves,  orange  and  lemon   trees.   That’s   the   Amalfi   Coast.   Located   in   the   south   of   Naples,   it   forms   part   of   one   of   the   most   beautiful   and   breathtaking  coastlines  in  Europe.  It’s  an  extension  of  more  than  80  miles  of  coastline  that  runs  several  villages  in  the   Gulf  of  Palermo,  Italy.  It  is  located  in  the  province  of  Campania.  The  Amalfi  Coast  is  a  place  of  rest  that  the  Romans   used  during  the  Roman  Empire,  but  it  was  in  the  Middle  Ages  when  people  started  to  build  villages  there.   Positano  and  Amalfi  are  the  towns  that  have  the  best  views  of  the  Mediterranean  Sea.  In  fact,  several  famous  artists   like  Wagner,  Picasso,  Klee  and  Luigi  Pirandello,  were  there  for  inspiration.   The  Amalfi  Coast  was  declared  a  World  Heritage  Site  by  UNESCO  in  the  year  of  1997.   It   is   composed   of   many   municipalities   of   which   Amalfi   is   the   most   important   because   it   has   many   important   monuments  like  the  religious  cathedral  of  San  Andres,  which  calls  attention  to  the  complicated  place  in  which  it  was   built.   It   is   characterized   as   Arabic   and   Romanesque   style,   keeps   the   remains   of   the   apostle,   and   is   located   on   top   of   this   stairway  pie.   The   beauty   of   the   Amalfi   Coast   with   terraces   suspended   over   the   sea,   the   typical   architecture   and   incredible   cliffs   force  you  to  visit  it  if  you’re  in  Italy.  This  unmatched  beauty  of  the  Amalfi  Coast  is  what  has  enchanted  travellers  from   all  over  the  world.  



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Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

sending open  threats  to  both  Gaga,  her   staff  &  crew,  and  her  “Little  Monsters.”    

The FPI,  or  “Muslim  Defenders  Front”,  is   an   extremist   Muslim   organization   intent   “We   will   stop   her   from   setting   foot   on   on   enforcing   Sharia   law   to   the   rest   of   our   land.   She   had   better   not   dare   Indonesia.   The   law   goes   against   any   spread   her   satanic   faith   in   this   country.   provocative  gestures  and  apparel.     Her  style  is  vulgar,  [and]  her  sexual  and   indecent   clothes   will   destroy   our   Indonesia   is   a   partial   Sharia-­‐law   nation.   children’s  sense  of  morality.  She’s  very   Unlike   Malaysia,   the   law   only   applies   to   dangerous,   ”   FPI   Jakarta   chairman   believers   of   Muslim   faith.   With   the   few   Salim  Alatas  exclaimed.   exceptions,  such  as  Banda  Aceh,  a  city  on   the   westernmost   side   of   the   country,   no   Isn’t   it   ironic   this   would   happen   to   an   Indonesian   would   be   forced   to   obey   the   artist   who   strives   to   prove   the   law  –  it  was  a  choice.   insignificances   of   difference,   and   the   Lady   Gaga,   however,   is   no   stranger   to   controversy.  She  brought  her  “Born  This   Way   Ball”   tour   all   over   Asia,   while   preaching   the   message   of   love,   equality,   and   freedom.   With   her   outrageous   performances,   dark   songs   and   empowering   lyrics   –   it   is   no   wonder   the   FPI   –   and   the   rest   of   Asia,   really   –   have   criticized  her  arrival.   In   Korea,   the   Korean   National   Rating   Board   demanded   a   censored   concert.   Lady   Gaga’s   management   denied   this,   which   eventually   lead   to   the   age-­‐limit   enforced   on   ticket   holders.   Only   ticket   holders   18   years   of   age   and   older   were   allowed  to  be  “Born  This  Way”.  The  lyrics   to   Gaga’s   hit   portray   the   exact   entity   being  taken  away  from  her  fans.    

importance of   unity   and   acceptance?   That  the  FPI  vowed  to  mobilize  30,000   demonstrators,   and   buy   150   tickets   to   protest  the  right  of  individuality?   At  this  point  of  the  Gaga  Saga,  fans  have   started   to   question   the   ability   of   the   Indonesian  police  to  intercept  violence   from  breaking.   Thing   is   –   the   Jakarta   police   have   previously   agreed   to   assist   in   the   selling   of   tickets   earlier   on   in   March.   The   52,000   tickets   sold   proved   to   be   Jakarta’s   greatest   single-­‐date,   single-­‐ location   concert   ever.   Despite   this,   the   Jakarta  Police,  who  were  responsible  of   issuing   a   permit   to   concert   promoters   around   a   week   before   the   actual   date,   began  questioning  the  aspect  of  safety.  

“I’m beautiful   in   my   way,   cause   God   Instead   of   increasing   the   mobility   of   makes   no   mistakes.   I’m   on   the   right   their   policemen   to   guard   the   concert,   track,  baby  I  was  Born  This  Way.”   members   of   the   Jakarta   Police   bluntly   denied   the   permit,   giving   into   Well,   Gaga’s   “way”   is   no   exactly   the   speculation  that  our  nation’s  Police  are   Indonesian  way.  Gaga’s  tour  was  planned   not   able   to   handle   threats   from   on   letting   her   explore   more   markets   in   independent  groups.   Asia.   She   has   been   to   Singapore,   Taiwan   and   Japan   countless   times   –   but   never   The  way  the  fans  view  it  –  not  only  are   Indonesia,   the   world’s   largest   Muslim-­‐ they   stripped   off   their   right   to   attend   populated  country.   the  concert,  but  the  right  of  security.   However,   just   two   weeks   before   her   final   The   way   Gaga   sees   it   -­‐     “The   Jakarta   Asian   date   in   Jakarta,   the   FPI   began  

situation is   2-­‐fold:   “Indonesian   authorities   demand   I   censor   the   show   &   religious   extremist   separately,   are   threatening   violence,”  the  star  tweeted.   But,   as   cliché   as   it   sounds,   Gaga   had   a  Bad  Romance  with  Jakarta.   She  was  “Born  This  Way”,  and  if  she   will   not   allowed   to   present   herself   this  way,  why  would  she  at  all?  Thus,   Gaga’s   management   officially   decided   to   cancel   the   concert,   exactly  a  week  before  the  date.   “We   had   to   cancel   the   concert   in   Indonesia.   I'm   so   very   sorry   to   the   fans   &   just   as   devastated   as   you   if   not  more.  You  are  everything  to  me.”   The   @ladygaga   tweet   was   followed   with   a   hash   tag   –   “#GagaSendsLoveToJakarta”   –   [her]   love  for  Indonesia  has  only  grown.”   Devastated,   Indonesian   “Little   Monsters”   gathered   on   June   3,   the   day  of  the  cancelled  concert,  to  hold   a   mock   funeral.   The   memorial   held   outside   Gelora   Bung   Karno   Stadium   symbolized  “the  death  of  freedom  of   expression  in  Indonesia.”   However,  the  Saga  is  not  over  yet.   “Lady   Gaga   fans:   stop   complaining.   Repent   and   stop   worshipping   the   devil.   Do   you   want   your   lives   taken   away   by   God   as   infidels?"   claims   chairman   Habib   Salim   Alatas,   in   celebration  of  the  “good  news.”   In   the   upcoming   weeks,   fans   would   stage  a  large  flash  mob  (which  went   viral   all   over   the   internet),   and   a   demonstration   outside   the   House   of   Representatives.  

Also, the   gay   and   lesbian   rights   group   OurVoice   plans   to   file   a   complaint   with   the   Indonesian   National   Commission   on   Human   Rights   (Komnas   HAM)   over   the   Gaga   debacle.     Little  Monsters  around  the  world  also  expressed  their  sympathy  for  Indonesian  fans   on   fansites   such   as   and   –   both   dubbed   Gaga’s   official  sites.   “This  is  not  just  about  entertainment  but  something  far  more  serious  than  that.  This   is  an  indication  that  we  have  lost  our  freedom,”  OurVoice  secretary  general  Hartoyo   said.     Continued on Page 8

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Hartoyo said   the   government   should   not   regulate   art   and   entertainment.  “The   music   we   hear,   the   books   we   read,   the   movies  we  watch,  it  is  all  regulated.   What   is   this,   the   stone   age?”   he   asked   Lady   Gaga’s   cancelled   concert   in   Jakarta   merely   brought   upon   any   consolidation.   Instead,   it   brought   on  more  backfire.     The   following   week,   Indonesian   council   of   Ulema,   or   MUI’s   chairman,   demanded   that   the   singer’s   video   clips   to   be   banned   from  television  as  well.     Other   activists   decided   to   criticize   Indonesia’s   own   “Raunchy   Shows”,   known  as  Dangdut.   “Lady   Gaga’s   onstage   antics   are   almost  tame  compared  to  this  act,”   claims   Robin   McDowell,   a   Jakarta   Globe  journalist.   The   cancellation   of   Gaga’s   concert   may  be  victory  for  the  FPI,  but  acts   as   an   eye-­‐opener   for   Indonesian   fans.     “Both   sides   need   to   see   the   truth.   No   one   can   satisfy   anyone.   If   you   don’t   like   it   –   then   simply   don’t   watch  it,”  cites  an  anonymous  fan.   Little   Monsters   may   have   lost   to   Big   Monsters,   but   “don’t   hide   yourself  in  regret,  just  love  yourself   and  your  set.”   No   matter   what,   “you’re   on   the   right   track   baby,   you   were   Born   This  Way.”  

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Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

This is How You Rap If you   ever   need   help   with   your   Trigonometry   or   Pre-­‐ Calculus   homework,   or   if   you   have   a   sucky   teacher  who  can’t  really   teach,   or   if   you   can’t   seem   to   memorize   everything   about   the   unit   circle   –   fear   no   more!   Roadside   Assistance,   formed   by   a   trio   of   10th   Graders:   Tyler   Friedman,   Jack   Fischer  &  Dan  Jablansky   have   come   to   the   rescue!   Soon-­‐to-­‐be   graduate  of  the  Summer   Discovery   2012   program,   Mr.   Friedman   shares   his   insight   regarding   math   parodies,   rap,   and   the   group’s  future  plans.   Who   knew   math   parodies   could   end   up   on   iTunes?   Roadside   Assistance,   first   formed   in   February   2011,   was   originally   created   for   a   math   project.   Little   did   math   teacher   Mrs.   O’Brien   of   Briarcliff   High   School   know,   that   to   this   trio,   a   green   light   for   creativity   meant   creating  a  rap.   “Instead   of   doing   a   poster,   we   could   be   creative,”   says   Mr.   Fischer.   “Tyler   and   I   have   been   [playing   around]   with   writing   parodies   –   Basically,   I   came   up   with   ‘This   is   How   You   Plot,’”   the   group’s  first  single.   As   High   School   Sophomores,   Roadside   Assistance   first   performed   their   project  

in front   of   their   math   class   in   March   2011.   After   receiving   a   high   grade,   the   group   decided   to   continue   creating   more   song   parodies.   What’s  more,  four  of  the   trio’s   parodies   are   now   showcasing   on   RapGenius   –   a   website   that   breaks   down   each   rap   into   both   its   literal   and  hidden  meaning.   “[Our   songs   are]   basically   about   trig,   [but   RapGenius]   tells   you   what   each   wrap   is   about,”   explains   Mr.   Fischer,  who  claims  that   most   artists   have   a   deeper   meaning   within   each  rap.   “[Even   with]   some   people   you   wouldn’t   expect!   I’m   a   big   Lil   Wayne   fan.   Some   people   just   think   he’s   out   of   his   mind,   but   he’s   actually   very   smart   –   he   has   a   degree   in   Psychology   from   U   of   Texas.   [His   songs   have]   a   lot   of   deep   meaning,   believe  it  or  not.”   “[However,]   our   [raps   are]   pretty   surface-­‐ level,”   says   Mr.   Friedman.   “Occasionally,  we  throw   in   a   few   puns   or   inside   jokes,   but   [never   any]   political  statements  like   some  people  do.”   Their  first  song,  “This  is   How   You   Plot”   was   one   of   their   more   easier   songs  to  write.  

By Julius Utama

“Since it   [was   our]   first   one,   I   worked   so   much   harder   on   it…[like   looking   for]   substance,”   Mr.   Friedman  says.   “Yeah,   some   of   our   earlier  raps  are  better   in   terms   of   math   concept.   Some   of   our   songs   have   [more]   math-­‐meaning   [to   them],   but   others   don’t,”   says   Mr.   Fischer.   When   asked   about   their   recording   process,   the   group   usually   divides   verses   to   each   person,   who   has   the   immediate   responsibility  to  write   his   own   rap.   The   group   then   returns   for   an   “unofficial   approval  process”  and   writes  the  chorus  line   as  a  group.   According   to   Mr.   Fischer,   the   writing   process   for   1   song   takes   about   “an   hour   or   two   of   work,   [and   a   further]   trivial   recording  session.”   “[Some  songs]  take  up   an   incalculable   amount   of   time”,   jokes  Mr.  Fischer.   The   recordings   of   songs   are   usually   done   using   GarageBand,   a   Mac   Continues  on  next  page  

University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012 application that   allows   artists   to   record   and   master   music   –   thus   giving   their   music  a  garage-­‐feel.  There  is,   however,   a   downside   to   making  independent  music.   “We   don’t   have   a   record   label.   We   have   a   distributor.   They   put   it   on   the   social   music   media   sites,”   explains   Mr.   Fischer,   who   proudly   calls  himself  a  “tech  geek”.   “There’s  no  chance  of  making   a  profit.  We  lose  money.”   But   even   during   their   last   year   together   as   High   School   Seniors,   the   group   is   still   pushing  to  create  a  third  and   final  album.  

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th Their first   two   albums   were   appropriately   titled   “Room   204”   –   where   it   all   started,   and   “October   Snow”   –   a   peculiar   occurrence   this   past   year.   Looking   ahead,   Mr.   Friedman   does  not  see  the  group  pursuing  rap  as   a  profession.   “It’s   a   fun   little   project   to   do   in   High   School.”   “It’s   a   great   hobby,”   adds   Mr.   Fischer,   “especially  to  write  a  quick  rap  song  for   [someone’s]   birthday   or   something.   But   I’m   not   going   to   be   a   commercial   rapper.”   As   the   Roadside   Assistance   chapter   closes,   Mr.   Friedman   reflects   on   their   music’s  benefits.   “We   have   gotten   an   easy   way   to   study   for   test.   We   can   always   sing   the   song,   and  it  will  come  back  to  us.”   Ultimately,   the   trio’s   purpose   was   always  to  “assist”  those  in  need  of  math   assistance   –   and   with   no   doubt   have   they  succeeded.  

Photos Courtesy of Roadside Assistance

“It’s been   really   fun   –   trying   to   find   something  to  rhyme  with  cosine.”   Mr.   Jablansky   could   not   be   contacted   for   this  interview.  

From Community Service to Musical Performances, Julius Utama Finds a Way to Express Himself By Tyler  Friedman   Straight   from   Indonesia,   Summer   Discovery   student   Julius   Utama   is   making   his  presence  felt  at  University  of  Michigan   in   many,   many   ways.   As   a   prospective   university   student   at   U   of   M,   Julius   has   immersed   himself   in   the   Ann   Arbor   culture   and   has   shared   his   distinctive   view  on  life  with  everyone  he  has  met.     Julius  was  born  in  Boston,  Massachusetts   in   1996   and   moved   to   Indonesia   a   year   later.   He   is   currently   enrolled   at   the   Jakarta   International   School   in   Jakarta,   Indonesia,   and   in   August,   he   will   be   entering   junior   year.   At   school,   his   extracurricular   activities   include   participating   for   the   Varsity   Swimming   team  and  an  advanced  a  capella  group,  as   well  as  being  a  musical  performer.    

What makes   Julius   extraordinary,   however,   is  his  volunteer  work  at  JabezKidz  Learning   Center.   Almost   every   Saturday,   he   attends   this   organization   to   help   children   learn   English.   A   Belgian   man   at   his   church   founded   the   program   to   aide   destitute   children.    

“It’s a   way   for  me  to  find  myself.  When  I  look  into  the  kids,  I   can  sort  of  see  the  creative  sense  and  innocence   possessed  [by  them].”    

“More than   half   of   the   population,   who   are   elementary   kids,   don’t   go   to   school,”   Julius   said   about   the   education   problems   in   his   home   country.     “He   just   basically   screamed   ‘Free  English  lessons.’”  

Julius started  volunteering  there  in  January  2011   and   noted   that   the   children   have   made   great   progress.   He   believes   that   these   kids   “are   smart   and   can   be   great!”   Now,   he   says,   the   kids   can   speak   fluent   English   and   are   able   to   talk   to   him   as   a   confidant.   Julius   and   his   students   have   relationships  “like  a  brother”  and  that  they  often   come  to  him  for  advice  on  all  sorts  of  things.    

Soon after,   almost   all   the   children   in   the   village  were  learning  English  at  that  center.   But   it’s   not   only   rewarding   for   the   pupils;   Julius  says  that  he  enjoys  teaching  for  many   reasons.  

This program   gives   Julius   an   “experience   that   can’t   be   described”   and   has   influenced   his   perception   on   life   and   his   future.   Although   he   does   not   know   what   occupation   he   wants   to   have,   Julius   definitely   wants   community   service  


University of Michigan, Summer Discovery 2012 As for  now,  Julius  has  two  more  years  at   the  Jakarta  International  School  and  will   soon   begin   to   look   at   potential   colleges.   University   of   Michigan   is   among   his   top   choices,   and   he   noted   that   he   will   “definitely   apply”   there.   He   will   also   consider  schools  in  the  UC  (University  of   California)   system,   because   he   has   a   second   home   in   San   Diego   and   is   a   resident  of  the  state.     Even   though   he   might   not   declare   a   major   immediately,   he   wants   to   consider   chemical   engineering,   communications,   and  teaching  as  potential  areas  of  study.   Julius   says   that   he   “wants   to   learn   everything,”   and   this   attitude   will   help   him   prevail   no   matter   what   topic   he   wants  to  study  in  college.  

Issue #1, Thursday July 12th

One last   thought   that   Julius   included   was   that   people   should   be   themselves.   This   idea   was   adopted  from  his  role  model:  Lady  Gaga.  He  finds   that   performing   music   is   the   ultimate   way   of   presenting   one’s   true   self   and   believes   that   her   shows   send   a   great   message   in   being   “who   you   are.”     In   college,   Julius   commented   that   he   would   like   to   have   a   mix   in   life   and   that   part   of   the   mix   should   include   music.   Although,   he   says   that   is   “not   feasible”   to   pursue   music   as   full   time   employment,   he   wishes   to   continue   performing   at   local   coffee   shops   and   other   small   venues.   In   any   case,   Julius   plans   to   find   a   way   to   express   himself  in  college  and  will  continue  to  be  who  he   is.  As  his  role  model  would  say,  he  was  “Born  this   Photo courtesy of Julius Utama

Alien Down in Aisle One

“I wasn’t   dreaming”,   said   Chad   Simpson,   a   3-­‐year-­‐veteran   of   Michigan’s   Summer   Discovery   camp.   As   a   Resident   Counselor,   he  is  no  stranger  to  odd  events  in  the  midst   of   the   darkness.   However,   last   night’s   encounter   at   CVS   was   very   different.   He   came   in   looking   for   chips,   but   ended   up   trying   to   eat   an   alien,   or   a   Tralfamadorian,   to  be  precise.     At  exactly  12:01  am  last  night,  Mr.  Simpson   entered  Ann  Arbor’s  downtown  CVS.     “Well,   ya   know,   sex   talks   can   make   a   guy   hungry   -­‐   even   at   midnight,"   said   Mr.   Simpson.   “I   was   looking   for   some   pickles   that   would   go   great   with   my   granny’s   homemade   applesauce.”   However,   unable   to   quickly   locate   his   pickles,   he   became   dizzy  and  weak  from  hunger.     Upon  his  sighting  of  a  green  cylinder  in  the   middle  of  Aisle  1,  his  insatiable  appetite  led   him  to  mistakenly  to  mistake  an  alien  for  a   pickle  -­‐  and  begin  rapidly  devouring  it.     Little   did   Mr.   Simpson   know,   he   was   attempting  to  eat  a  two-­‐foot  tall  green  alien.   According   to   footage   from   surveillance   cameras,   they   appear   to   accurately   resemble   the   description   Kurt   Vonnegut,   a   pioneer   in   Tralfamadorian   research,   provided  in  1969.     Vonnegut   previously   described   the   shape   of   these  creatures  as  “plumber’s  [sic]  friends.”  


“Their suction   cups   were   on   the   ground,   and   their   shafts,   which   were   extremely   flexible,   usually   pointed   to   the   sky.   At   the   top   of   each   shaft   was   a   little   hand   with   a   green  eye  in  its  palm.”     The   Tralfamadorians   were   seen   next   to   the   disposable   cameras   in   Aisle   1,   as   evidenced   by   the   surveillance  cameras.       Extraterrestrial   expert   Andrew   Adams   suggested   that   these   aliens   arrived   on   earth   to   buy   these   disposable   cameras,   which   have   become   nearly   obsolete   in   today’s   society.     “I   suspect,”   said   Mr.   Adams,   “that   these   creatures   from   Tralfamadore   (scientifically   known   as   Asteroid   325)   have   come   in   search   of   these   devices  to  ease  the  burden  on  their   iPhone  PhotoStream.”     However,  the  true  purpose  for  their   arrival   is   yet   to   be   determined.   Upon   realizing   that   the   peculiar   green   object   was,   in   fact,   not   a   pickle,   Mr.   Simpson   stopped   devouring   the   Tralfamadorian.   Instead,   he   took   the   alien   and   brought   it   back   to   University   of   Michigan’s   North   Quadrangle   Residence  Hall.    

By Staff   “So   I   took   that   critter   and   brought   it   back   to   my   room   to   check   it   out   a   little   more.   But   when   I   woke   up   the   next   morning,   it   was   gone,”   Mr.   Simpson  reflected.       Currently,   the   whereabouts   of   this  Tralfamadorian  is  unknown.   If  found,  Mr.  Adams  advises  that   one   should   immediately   contact   the   Astronomy   Department   at   University  of  Michigan.       For   more   information   about   Tralfamadorians,   check   out   Slaughterhouse-­‐Five   by   Kurt   Vonnegut.    

Photo courtesy of WikiSpaces This article is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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