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Portfolio 2011 rodrigo hernĂ ndez


freelances 2010 - 2011

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whoiam? hortschlaki design branding design campaigns editorial design handmade photography contact

01/ who i am? Creative, perfeccionist, “student�, typography lover, producer, graphic designer, community manager, professional twitter, social networks expert, paparazzi, frustrated journalist, my first name is luis but i dont like it, apple fan, freelancer, long life to art!

02/ hortschlaki design

Hortschlaki design was created by me in september of 2010. i created this basicly to always have something to work. i took hortschlaki as my brand and my identity. recently i worked on the recreation of the hortschlaki logo because of the missing name in the old one. in the blog i post things i like while im surfing the web, you can also find this portfolio there. the blog has more than 5000 visits from people all around the world. there are also new projects coming, im planning the creation of a magazine wich is coming out on september 2011.

branding 03/ design while im working in the creation of brands, I always make the effort in creating a innovating and creative brand. if there’s no concept, there’s no brand. in a logo i like combining innovation and concept for the brand to be functional and effective wich works perfectly with the focus on people.

Logo creation illustrations photography shoot and adjustments community manager


04/ campa単as

logocreation for mencologne conceptualizationanddiagramation campaign

publicitarias thecoca-colacompany logo recreation campaignconceptualization finaldiagramation

MArs incorporated

this was a team work project. i worked the illustrations and the finalarts.

editorial 05/ design here are diferent things ive’ worked during this year.

handmade 06/ these were artworks i worked in 2010.

07/ photography one of my pasions is the photography. here’s a little show of my best pics these year.

08/ contact rodrigo hernรกndez 502 - 4517 - 3073 @rodrigo_ho rodrigo.ho.93@gmail . com

hortschlaki design hortschlaki@gmail .com hortschlaki@facebook .com Hortschlaki design @ho_design

Rodrigo Hortschlaki Portfolio (English Version)  

This is my portfolio, now in english so everyone will understand.

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