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Portfolio ‘11 Rodrigo Hortschlaki

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Rodrigo Hortschlaki I’m a passionate graphic designer from Guatemala City - Guatemala, with the ability to create new and innovating graphic solutions for any communicational issues. I love minimalist, smart and effective design works. Most of my projects focus on identity & branding, print media and social media marketing.

Software Skills

Languages 85%









100% 95%

Guatemalan Design



Mac OS




Education High School Degree in Graphic Design La Preparatoria School / Guatemala October 2011 Graphic Design License R. Landivar College / Guatemala Currently Studying 2012 to 2015

Work Experience Production Assistant Leo Burnett / Guatemala November / December 2007 CEO (Private Studio Owner) Hortschlaki Design Studio / Guatemala Sept. 2010 / Currently Working by Freelance Junior Graphic Designer Atómica Consulting Team / Guatemala Oct. 2011 / I Currently Work Here

Hortschlaki Design Studio is a Guatemalan Based studio created by me this year (2011). At the moment I’m working freelance with different clients all around the world. I’m also currently developing social media marketing services for small and mediums size firms.

And you, ¿which glasses r’ you gonna wear? Hortschlaki Design Studio @HO_design


Branding Some Logos i designed this year. 2011


Candy Store in Guatemala City September 2011


Craft Bakery in Guatemala City February 2011


Advertising Agency in Guatemala City October 2011

K’axChi’ Magazine

Hortschlaki Design Studio Design Studio in Guatemala City October 2011

Guatemalan Graphic Design Magazine August 2011 El Otro Pan Gluten Free Bakery in Guadalajara , Mexico September 2011

Campaigns “Be Popular, Be Yourself” Lacoste / School Project News Paper Material October 2011

“Green M&M’s for the environment” Mars Chocolate / School Project Outside Material October 2011

“Refresh your Summer”

The Coca-Cola Company / School Project Outside Material October 2011

“A Tu Gusto”

El Punto de la Cerámica Facebook Material November 2011

Soccer Match Tickets School Project June 2011

Editorial Design

VIP Presale Invites

Marella / Woman Fashion Store November 2011

Election Phrase School Project June 2011

Izabal 2011 Calendar School Project July 2011

High School Soccer Guatemala August 2011

Photography My Best Pics 2011

Fresh Lemons Guatemala July 2011

Red Rose

Guatemala August 2011

Cheps Checking Out Guatemala August 2011

Contact me rodrigo.hernandez7 Rodrigo Hernรกndez Rodrigo Hortschlaki

Portfolio '11 by: Rodrigo Hortschlaki  

Rodrigo Hortschlaki's portfolio.