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Bling Out Your Summer Camp Cabin

If you plan on hanging out at your summer camp cabin often, it can be a great idea to put up some decorations. There are lots of different ways to decorate your cabin’s exterior, and knowing what to look for and where to set your bling can be a great way to personalize the exterior.

Decorating Summer Camp Cabin Add Natural Elements One of the best ways to decorate a summer camp cabin is by using existing natural elements. This means looking at the environment outside of the cabin and seeing what you want to surround it with. Think about the existing colors and greenery and how you can make it better with a few carefully chosen plant elements. Sometimes it helps to rearrange existing furnishings as well, such as any patio furniture that there might be outside of the cabin.

Hanging Decorations Occupying vertical space can be one of the best ways for you to draw attention to your cabin’s decor. Think about how you want to break up the horizontal space and choose the right hanging accessories for the inside and the outside of the cabin. Things such as beads, curtains and even custom string arrangements can all be great options for the space. Pick something that just screams you and your personality and be

sure to apply it in a way that will draw the most attention to it. You can either set up the decorations as accents to larger options in the room or as centerpieces themselves.

Choose the Right Colors Check out the exterior of the cabin and then do the same with the interior. What type of style comes to mind? How do the existing elements make you feel? What can you add to them to make them stand out even more? Color coordinating is one of the best ways to bling out your cabin. Pick colors that make you happy and add to the furnishings already in the cabin. One of the best ways to prepare is to think about complementing colors and what kind of theme you want. Bright and warm colors can be especially inviting, while cool and dark tones can create a beautifully serene scene.

Focus on the Furniture Once you have a theme in mind, proceed with adding the furniture. Sometimes you need a little bit more than the existing functional furnishings to really make the room pop out. Choose things like smaller tables, smaller chairs and even plush pillows and stuffed animals to add character to the room. Like with the color selection, think about some of your favorite things and pick them to add to the overall theme. Be sure to be as creative as you would like because you’ll want your personality to shine through every square inch of your space in your designated summer camp cabin.

Bling Out Your Summer Camp Cabin  

Like with the color selection, think about some of your favorite things and pick them to add to the overall theme. Be sure to be as creative...

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