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Real cases: Once awake at four in the morning, Alfredo Enrique 40 years of age, he invades the urgent need to get up before the time to calm his appetite, to ease the stomach pain, these hand tremors and anxiety that drowns his throat that can master only with a few sips of alcohol. Mr. Enrique has to start drinking as soon as possible even if his stomach burn in pain and squirm, it is the only solution to ease his state and encouragement. Without leaving the sun goes to the street and find the nearest liquor store, everything stays busy on the sidewalk until they open ...

 More than the 13% of the population pressents alcoholism  12..5% are men and .6% are women. The women ages are between 18 and 65 years old.  The 80% of the divorce problems are related with alcoholism  60% of the suicides are also related with alcoholism

SOLVING THE PROBLEM Much of the alcohol clinics offer the same traitments, the Minnesota model. Also they offer “bording schools� where the individual with

the problem can stay and trate his/her sickness,helped by doctors psicologist, and also withy the other people that are there to, so they can get a positive pear preassure.

OUR SOLUTION In our point of view most of the people that have alcohol problems would need to go to a clinic, but in cases like when the person is starting

to enter to the sickness, when he/she is starting to drink, the other an also his/her self will need to make consious that the alcohol is harmfull, that you will need to have limits, and the limits are not getting drunk, the limits are just drink a few. Also that the alcohol is not a good solution for

problems, it’s not even a solution, instead of solving things it will cause more problems.


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