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Corporate Introduction: We are proudly taking steps in developing the Qatari Market with smart business ideas in different fields. Our strategic focus was on identifying optimal opportunities to invest in, so we invested in optimal and cutting edge technologies with a concept new to the Middle East region, hoping that we could deliver advanced solutions with excellence to our customers. Investment strategy that is based on scientific methods and careful analysis of the local and regional market dynamics is implemented across different markets and sectors. We formed an in-depth understanding of the most promising contribution opportunities in a variety of sectors, including retail, education, contracting, real estate, banking, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, among other things. We are both developers and suppliers of smart technologies taking a confident step towards the future, as we believe in future technology development and transformation both locally and across the region.

We at Realitive strive to attain a leadership position when it comes to cutting edge technologies. This is thanks to the solid reputation we gained due to our integrity, coupled with a commitment to excellence and a dedication to gaining 100% client satisfaction by realizing their business’ visions with technological solutions. At Realitive we work very closely with our partners and suppliers by assessing the potential market requirements, to ensure that we are always one step ahead of the market and the competition.

Vision: To build a strong, sustainable and diversified business enterprise, that is built on a foundation of trust, ethics and partnership one that adds superior value to its shareholders, customers, employees and its stakeholders as well.

Mission: We constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing so, we deliver operational excellence and meet or exceed our customers, partners and shareholders expectations. All our long-term strategies and short-term actions are molded by a set of core values that are shared by every associate.

ABOUT US: Realitive is a Qatari based company, established in 2016 to monitor and keep up with future technologies, along with delivering and implementing smart solutions in the ďŹ elds of interactive technology, mobile applications and reality solutions. With that in mind, our target is to become leaders in the industry of technological solutions. Our business line was established with the goal of providing business-focused, value-driven, professional solutions and consultancy services in this ďŹ eld. We cater to the demand that is growing in both local and international markets. Today, Realitive is a leading provider of premium technological solutions in all enterprises. Realitive is committed to a customer’s complete satisfaction, providing solutions using cutting edge technologies and keeping world class standards. Realitive follows ethical and clean business practices and shows great concern for the community and environment.

REALITIVE TEAM: Our team is equipped with a set of skills to design, plan, implement and hand over the end product. There’s currently a set of certified engineers who are qualified with the right education and skills to fit in this business field, in addition to having a minimum of 5 years of experience in other locations working on similar projects. Tech support engineers are backed up by our extensive team of individual experts, each with experience in their respective fields.

STRATEGY: We review our clients' digital assets and map their customers’ journeys. We research the opinions of customers and stakeholders. We develop strategies to help come up with improvements and we pass on our expertise to our clients.

IMPLEMENTATION: Design, technical development and creative ideas are at the heart of what Realitive does. We like to get our teeth into complex projects and work together with our clients to achieve successful outcomes.

OPTIMIZATION: Your business is changing, your users and their needs are changing. Your image needs to change to keep up. We help our clients implement the framework, tools and processes to enable continuous digital improvement.

SOLUTIONS PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY: We are distributors for award-winning European manufacturers specializing in innovative display solutions. Established over 10 years ago, our unique range of audiovisual screens, switchable glass and interactive touch products has been used in projects for some of the world's leading brands.

SKIN MULTITOUCH: With ProCap you can have a frontal at surface that lets you create slim beautiful products. We are distributors for the fastest pcap in large formats. It combines a staggering 100 simultaneous touch points with an unprecedented 5 millisecond touch response rate.

INTERACTIVE: We are an experienced, professional, interactive multimedia company with well-established experience in the business, offering a wide range of different multimedia products and services, which include interactive floors, walls, as well as hologram showcases and multi-touch systems, etc. These products are beneficial to a range of different businesses, improving the revenue of your business.

REALITY SOLUTIONS: The term virtual reality is commonly used by the popular media to describe imaginary worlds that only exist in computers and our minds. However, that’s not all there is to it; virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that can be interacted with as if that environment were real, which can apply to many things outside of video games.

PORTABLE ADVERTISING: We offer innovative devices that combine all the benefits of having a projector and a presenter. They are customized acrylic interpreters to attract customers with videos. The devices are an excellent way to draw attention to your brand in shopping malls, exhibit halls, and virtually any other location where you might be able to attract customers.

SIGNAGE SYSTEMS: We offer cost saving radio signage systems different to net powered systems - where the power costs alone exceed the buying costs. The latest ultra-low power technology makes the electronic signs completely wireless. Wireless radio signs can be used in places that don’t have nearby electric sockets.

ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS: We noticed that around Qatar and the region, there were no quality toy shops for children to play with each other and see the latest inventions by toy makers. That’s why we set out to make this a reality, as well as to offer such entertainment ideas that are available both indoors and outdoors for various customers and shops.

INTELLIGENT GLASS Realitive manufactures the most versatile range of switchable smart glass solutions in the market. The switchable smart glass offers instant privacy with the flick of a switch. The glass works on an electrical principle, switching from frosted to clear when power is turned on.

SERVICES DISPLAYS AND PROJECTIONS: Realitive offers the current booming market new concepts of customized projection screens, with different characteristics, along with projection on existing glass or decorative glass to be used in different platforms.        

Rear projection glass and screens Ultra-short throw projection screens Anti-glare and holographic screens Front ultra short throw projection screens Dual image projection Customized LED screen solution- IN/OUT Mirror TV and Overlays Mirror Advertising screens

Multi-touch productions

SKIN ULTRA: Skin Ultra is the fastest pcap for large formats. It combines a staggering 100 simultaneous touch point with an unprecedented 5 millisecond touch response rate. The touch sensor transparency allows for pristine image quality and the touch resolution results in a fluid and smooth touch experience. It is shipped in a film in sizes ranging from 30" to 105� in, 16:9 ratio. It can be used with a wide range of operating systems.

YOUR OWN DESIGN: Our technology allows for the creation of integrated LCDs, mega tablets, tables, indoor structures and other innovative products of your own design. You can benefit from the touch option, as well as the optical transparency that comes in a broad range of sizes.

CLEARLY TRANSPARENT: For the first time, when it comes to large-size projections on touch screens, we present a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. This ensures that the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience.

BROAD RANGE OF GLASS THICKNESS: The glass can be laminated up to 10 mm of thickness. Such a wide range of thickness fits a wide range of project requirements while allowing you to benefit from a superb touch performance.

TECHNOLOGIES ARE:  S k i n U l t r a To u c h  Skin Ultra Fit Touch

 S k i n D u a l To u c h  Sense Technology

INTERACTIVE MEDIA: With our revolutionary interactive technology, we can transform any glass or acrylic surface into a touch screen making them the ideal choice for interactive window displays. The optically clear interactive foil is manufactured with an electrostatic cling liner laminated on the surface, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary installations. We also provide an interactive experience with our impressive projection systems to make a fascinating experience out of your wall and floor areas, where you can showcase multimedia advertising, marketing campaigns or even an entertainment system for kids in 3D formats. Our solutions are not just interactive, but they come to reality in different applications and implementations according to whatever our customer needs, from out of the box systems, to customized ones according to the specifications in luxurious systems with enhanced performances.

VIRTUAL REALITY: Virtual reality systems (with software development) We provide cutting-edge technologies for Virtual Reality using the best render engines available to meet our clients’ high expectations. Our experience in building immersive content both in Unreal and Unity 3D engines allows us to introduce complex interactive scenarios as well within the applications. The real-time rendering we use allows to fully explore virtual worlds. The wide field of view creates unforgettable experiences. The stereo depth perception mirrors the way we view the real world and enable us to explore amazing virtual locations.

THE SCOPE OF OUR SERVICES: We develop the application/eame scenarios for oculus Rift/ Cardboard/ Samsung Gear. We come up with the logic and graphic in Unity 3d or Unreal engines . We provide the game/application for various platforms . Hardware rental services.

. . . .

AUGMENTED REALITY: Our company provides augmented reality based solutions for mobile devices, websites and big screens. We link the real world with a reality generated by the computer, creating unique sales and marketing tools for your product. Thanks to our technology, your advertising message can never be boring or static; it will draw the viewer in and encourage them to have fun and interact with it.

SCOPE OF OUR SERVICES: Creative concept support at the design stage Implementing the concept on client’s selected advertising medium/application development . Rental of equipment needed to display the application (touch screens, multi-touch tables) . Technical support for the duration of the project/ project coordination .

FROSTED GLASS IMPLEMENTATIONS: Switchable glass is a large part of our business. We represent a partner who has been in the business for 12 years now. ‘Intelligent Glass’ comes from a British manufacturer dedicated to quality and reliability. We are unique to the market; we offer a self-adhesive switchable film that can be retrofitted to existing windows and partitions. Our products are used to create instant, controllable privacy with the flick of a switch. Intelligent Glass applications grow each day, with installations in homes, hotels, offices, healthcare, retail, hospitality and more.

SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS ARE: Toughened Switchable Smart Glass Manufactured by coating down the liquid crystal layer directly to the surface of glass. Switchable Laminated Smart Glass The switchable layer is sandwiched between two toughened glass panels. Switchable Smart Glass Double Glazing The latest generation of switchable smart glass double glazing combines the benefits of improved thermal performance with the immediate control over privacy/security.

KIDS ENTERTAINMENT: Our goal here is to entertain and educate children. We're passionate about building innovative children's apps and systems of the highest quality that kids will love and parents can trust. Each of our apps is designed to help children learn, be that through reading, sequencing, task coordination or other pedagogical activities. We believe in sparking curiosity and stimulating the imagination with engaging activities, bringing magical worlds to life at the children's ďŹ ngertips.

Our systems vary between the following:

 Fun TABLE (Interactive Tables): A powerful tool for kids to learn through small group collaboration  Note Board: Easy for quick sharing and saving of notes during meetings  Multi-Touch Panel 4K with a 10-point touch.  Infrared Interactive Whiteboard; supports a simultaneous 10-point touch.  Floor and Wall Projection systems for fun and learning.

RADIO SIGNAGE: Our radio signage system is unique, flexible and portable in some occasions. Here are some benefits that can add value to customer investments: Long-time battery operation The special display and radio technology enable the system to remain operational for up to 10 years and longer without changing the batteries. This is another cost saver compared to net-powered systems, where the power costs alone exceed the buying costs. Use everywhere Electronic signs improve organization and processes in many industries. In meeting rooms, they show the current event and possible changes. They can also be used:

.In hospitals .In retirement homes .At room occupancy in rehab centers .At doctors’ clinics where they’re in charge For .further information about daily schedules To .send out special messages

Individual design The sign, as it’s a part of the building must blend in with its color and shape. It should not distract and be a natural component of orientation. It can perceive information. Reduce costs The highest cost factors in most companies are the labor costs, andthe costs for building management. Even the smallest improvements in these areas can:

-Save time and eort -Have less errors -Oer clear information -Process better -Provide a higher occupancy rate

Digital banners and presenters BANNERS:

Our roll up projection banners are a combination of projectors and banner displays, which are referred to as portable advertisement. They embrace the new trends in the advertisement world with their unique innovative projection systems. They are an upgrade to conventional printed banners; instead of having a static printed image on the roll up banner, the projection banner allows videos to be projected on the surface to display whatever the user wants. It will certainly give your exhibition’s advertisements a new unique visual eect, and make your brand known everywhere.

PRESENTERS: Our virtual Presenter is an innovative devices that combine all the beneďŹ ts of having a projector and a presenter. They are customized acrylic interpreters to impress customers with videos. The devices are an excellent way to draw attention to your brand in shopping malls, exhibit halls, and vir-tually any other location where you might be able to attract customers.

Realitive Company Profile  
Realitive Company Profile