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The Wisdom Factor Rod Nicholson is the Managing Director and co-founder of Creative Life International Ltd, a unique business, dedicated to empowering others through sharing real knowledge and wisdom. In his professional life, Rod has been a teacher and headmaster, a business man and author, and by any modern standards, he has achieved enormous success in any venture he has committed himself to. But he has also been a contemplative man - over the course of the last 30 years, Rod has studied Christian mysticism, Taoist & Buddhist traditions, meditation & Qi Gong, and the I Ching. Rod is now embarking on a new project, one which he calls The Wisdom Factor. To Rod, Wisdom is knowledge which is applied for the empowerment of the individual and the broader society. What you’ll discover in this workshop are practical tools to use in your everyday life tools which will empower you to bring real change into your life, by accessing the personal wisdom which lies within your own heart and mind.

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Ancient Wisdom for Vital Living

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Presented by the Origin Educere Retreat Centre

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Friday September 2nd to Wednesday September 7th


Revitalize! The essence of this workshop is to support you to develop a different way of looking at your life - to bring change to your life by changing your beliefs, your mind set. What you’ll find is that this spontaneously brings a renewed sense of vitality to any area of your life where you are seeking change - body, mind or spirit. You’ll begin a course of ‘inner training’ - using practical tools, drawn from ancient wisdom traditions, and put them into practice in your everyday life. Learn how to use Qi Gong for physical and emotional health Understand Yin & Yang to create harmonious relationships Connect with your Inner Sage develop your personal power to let go of the ‘victim’ stance and take charge of your life!

What you’ll gain from this workshop: You’ll learn a method of Qi Gong, suitable for anyone, regardless of physical fitness or flexibility. During the course of the workshop, you will learn the foundation elements and exercises of a Qi Gong sequence called the ‘Origin Form’. This will be a practice you can use in your everyday life, to revitalize your physical and emotional health and well being.

You’ll practise using & interpreting the ‘I Ching’ ‘I Ching’ literally means ‘Book of Changes’ it is a powerful source to access guidance about any aspect of life, the changes we all face, and how best to flow with them in a way which energizes you, rather than depletes you. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the tools to ask the I Ching a question, and begin to interpret the response.

The Isle of Skye is one of those very special places in the world, where the vitality of the natural world is so accessible. You will learn

available during your stay

suite) and all meals for the duration of the workshop

You’ll rediscover or deepen your bond with nature.

Other services

* Accommodation (each room is en-

specific practical tools to support you to bond more consciously with the vitality of the natural world - each day you will be able to visit certain particular locations, to experience this directly.

You’ll discover how to be consciously receptive and confidently initiatory in your own life. The terms ‘Yin and Yang’ are bandied about regularly these days, but what exactly do they mean? You’ll learn particular meditative techniques to become more conscious of the flow of real receptivity (yin) and real initiative (yang). Using these practices will have a powerful impact on your relationships, and on the confidence with which you interact with others in any situation.

Price - £449 per person Friday 2nd September to Wednesday 7th September

* A CD recording of the Qi Gong practices, so that you can easily use them at home * A personal journal for you to record your experiences and insights during the workshop * Free time each day to explore the island and experience first hand the beauty & vitality all around * Personal attention from the course presenters

Caladh: ‘Place of Peace’

We offer a range of services to clients who stay with us at the Origin Educere Centre. While you’re here, why not have a psychic reading, some Reiki healing, or a shamanic journey? You might also like to stay with us a little longer, either before the workshop begins, or after the formal program for the workshop has ended. We will tailor your stay to suit you - email if you have any questions.

Ancient Wisdom for Vital Living  

The essence of this workshop is tosupport you to develop a different wayof looking at your life - to bring changeto your life by changing yo...

Ancient Wisdom for Vital Living  

The essence of this workshop is tosupport you to develop a different wayof looking at your life - to bring changeto your life by changing yo...