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Welcome! ‘I Sw e a r To Te ll Th e Tr uth’...

This is where the power of Shakespeare’s statement ‘but at length, truth will out’ really lies. The truth in each person’s heart always eventually becomes clear.

Well what a month it has been! Day after day, there have been revelations and allegations in the UK and also in the USA about the practices of one of the largest media corporations in the world. As someone with a bit of a tendency to enjoy crime, espionage, and conspiracy stories in fiction, it seemed to me at times to be like something straight out of a novel! So what does that have to do with the world of readings and the psychic arts? Well, it’s to do with the ‘truth’. So often in readings, people are searching for ‘the truth’, as if it is some objective thing, just as we’ve been watching very powerful people in the UK scrambling around, seeking ‘the truth’. Actually, in doing psychic readings and entering the vibrational universe, the thing that becomes really apparent is that there is no such thing as objective truth. None of us has 360 degree perspective but a reading allows us to enter a space where another person’s perspective can be seen, and where our own personal emotions are less likely to dominate and cloud the picture. But what’s also really interesting to me is that, in the words of Origin Psychics’ Founder, Rod Nicholson, ‘There is no such thing as a secret thought.’ This quote is not a statement about telepathy, and actually reading another person’s thoughts. It’s about entering a paradigm in which energy and vibrations make sense of what would otherwise seem to be conflicting and contradictory experiences. A thought has a vibration. If I have a negative thought about someone, that creates an energy. At some level, in some way, that person will feel that. I don’t mean that they will then think ‘Cathy just had a negative thought about me’. But that energy has been created, and it’s there, in the universe, singing it’s little discordant tune. Personally, I think this is where the power of Shakespeare’s statement ‘but at length, truth will out’ really lies. The truth in each person’s heart always eventually becomes clear.



The Journey of Love B y Se nior O ri gi n Ps yc hi c, Mich e lle Wa lt er MA , B A The ancient roman/greek myth of Psyche and Eros describes perfectly the trials and tribulations of the love affair. It is strange how something written so long ago, describing the dramatic actions of gods, is still playing itself out in our love adventures today. The myth of Psyche and Eros is the love story that gave birth to all love stories. It begins with a conflict (of course) and ends with a triumph... Psyche was a beautiful girl, so beautiful that men in the land began to worship her and stopped worshipping Aphrodite, the goddess of love and relationships. This angered Aphrodite so much that she sought to have her son cast a spell on Psyche. Upon seeing Psyche, Eros fell deeply in love with her and could not do her any harm. Aphrodite, enraged by her son's love of Psyche, forced Psyche to marry a monster and left her bound to a rock in the sea. Psyche is rescued from her fate by her new husband, whom she does not know is Eros. Psyche is happy in her marriage to her kindly saviour, but she 3

longs to know his true identity. She listens to the doubts expressed by her sisters and decides to betray the promise she made to Eros, which was never to look on his face. She creeps into his bedroom at night and looks upon his face - this is when she discovers his divine nature. Eros abandons her in his disappointment. Psyche resolves to search for her husband and in order to bring him back she goes begging to Aphrodite. Aphrodite sets her impossible tasks, which she takes on and completes due to her commitment to Eros. However, this does not appease Aphrodite, who orders that she be sent into the Underworld, which really means sent to her death. Psyche has no choice but to let go and accept the situation. She must go on her journey without knowing what the outcome will be - whether she will live or die, whether she will be with Eros again. Eros rescues Psyche when he sees the depths she has gone to to save the relationship and they are reunited.

The important thing about the story of Psyche and Eros is the process. Love is a process that one must follow - a journey of growth and transformation that you must be fearless to undertake. Laying

your soul bare, stripped of all defenses and pretenses. It is a story most people must surrender to, but sadly many give up on. To be rendered powerless in the face of someone's rejection, to be stripped of all superficial qualities that usually make you attractive to others, and left standing bare. Money, position, looks - even the most loving, compassionate nature cannot save you from facing the same destiny. To bear your heart as Psyche did and face the pain of the process in order to create the beauty of a real relationship. Dealing with these emotional challenges can become easier when you know the path you are treading. Instead of drowning in self-doubt and confusion you can follow the path the ancients did so many eons ago.

How to be a Goddess in love... First of all, learn to accept valid feedback about yourself. When someone you love sees you through their eyes in a loving and desiring light it is the most heady and nurturing experience. We all look for this acknowledgement from another. When you are seen through the eyes of love, all your special and unique qualities light up. What happens however, when your lover turns and begins to stare into the darker side of your nature. This is as big a fall as the loving acknowledgement is a lift. How do you bear this with grace and learn from it? The first thing is to deal with your own defensive reactions to such knowledge. Very few people can take feedback, particularly critical feedback in an open and balanced way. Especially when these words come from a loved one, it can pierce the

Michelle Walter MA, BA, is one of the founding members of Origin Psychics, and one of the most popular readers on our line. She specializes in relationship dynamics and offers her clients a unique way to approach their difficulties. For a reading with Michelle, call one of our free-call numbers.

soul and lead you into a frenzy of self-protective reactions. All defenses give rise to further defenses and attacks, and before too long, you are dealing with a character assassination (probably on the side of both parties!). In order to avoid this pitfall, create some space where you can be open to the truth. That does not mean you have to take on board a whole negative image of yourself. It means having an intention to discover, whether there is any truth in what your lover is revealing to you. Or conversely, applying your mind to discovering why your partner is reacting to you as they are. Imagine if Psyche spent her time aggressively attacking Eros when he discovered her betrayal? It would simply have made his discovery more difficult to overcome. Not only had she gone from being an idealized woman in his mind, who followed him without question, his emotional adjustment to this could have been further complicated by her anger, neediness, acid tongued comments, vengeful tactics, dramas and all the other various (ineffective) ways we have of protecting ourselves. Accept the feedback and evaluate for yourself what truth there is in it. Thus begins the journey of healing.

How to bring out the good in your 'god'... Naturally, in all relationships there are two parts (and sometimes even more than that!) and you can only be in charge of your part. This is very difficult when someone runs

off and refuses to engage with you. So what is to be done? How can you nurture a deeper level of response from your partner when he retreats into a judgemental, black and white position? People take judgemental positions in order to avoid confronting all the shades of grey that exist in our emotional experience. If your lover has trouble connecting with and communicating about his emotions, then there is a good chance he will adopt a similar attitude to yours! Encouraging open communication can only happen when both parties are open to that. This brings in the second element of nurturing your love relationship: time. Insisting on communication to clear things up, when the other person has already cut off, will at best be sabotaged by your lover and at worst elicit a further negative reaction. Like Psyche, you will have to make your journey into the underworld on your own to begin with - starting with yourself and facing your inner issues, and leaving the relationship drama to simmer down and become calm.

Psyche's journey into the underworld is a metaphor for the journey of return to your origin - the silent space in yourself where you can re-create yourself, connect with your real spirit, renew your feeling ‘Love is a process that one must about the world and heal. It is like follow - a journey of growth and resetting your heart and mind, letting transformation that you must be go of the conflict and fears and fearless to undertake. Laying your returning to a place of peace within soul bare, stripped of all defences and pretences. It is a story most yourself. It is from this place that the people must surrender to, but sadly real you shines through. Sometimes it takes a while to find this place within, but if you keep traveling, you will find it. You will find your true self, your inner peace and your heart will be as strong as ever. Then, when you are ready and your lover is ready to connect, you are a font of real feelings and positive attitudes - the real you who captivated him in the first place. Being the goddess you truly are makes changing relationship patterns much easier!

many give up on. To be rendered powerless in the face of someone's rejection, to be stripped of all superficial qualities that usually make you attractive to others, and left standing bare.’

Friends & Lovers... W ha t ’s I n S to r e F o r D a n i e l C r ai g & Ra c he l W e i sz

Reflected in the ‘Moon’ card is a deep and incredibly powerful bond which has developed between them. The friendship they shared allowed them to know and trust each other long before any romance.


Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were secretly married in New York last month, after a seemingly whirlwind romance beginning last December. It’s always interesting to have a ‘psychic’ look at this kind of celebrity relationship, so I’ve done a three card tarot reading about their relationship and where it might be heading. Both Daniel and Rachel are Pisceans – they’ve been friends for some years and until recently, were both involved in long-term relationships with other partners. The cards which have come out in the reading are: The Justice card, the Moon, and the Page of Wands. I feel their friendship very strongly reflected in the Justice card – I feel that this was a very genuine friendship, with trust and openness on both sides. I feel too that during the course of last year, both Daniel and Rachel had deep understandings about their previous relationships, and that neither had recently been as content as they’d have liked. In the Moon card, I feel there is an incredibly deep and powerful bond which has developed between them. It seems to me that the friendship they’d shared had allowed them to know and trust each other in such a way that when their romantic relationship began, they simply ‘dived in’. I don’t feel that either of them had any doubts – it’s as if some mysterious force was operating in their lives, and I feel too that they are experiencing feelings of a past life connection. Their friendship seems to have begun very easily – they liked each other immediately, and genuinely, not just a superficial flirtation. They’re now clearly very much in love, but there’s something more too – a level of intuitive knowing that they are following together in this new phase of their relationship. In the future direction is the Page of Wands – frankly, I feel that they could have a child coming along very quickly. But there’s also a sense of that special and quite magical spark, especially as they’re both very creative people. I feel that Daniel and Rachel will successfully negotiate the difficulties of their working lives, and will actually be able to support each other creatively. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work together a great deal, rather that we’ll see them both experiencing another phase of real creative achievement.

August - Tarot Card for the Month Th e S t ar The Star is one of my absolute favourite archetypes in the Tarot. It is the spark of light in the depths of the mystery of darkness – the message of hope, no matter what the present circumstances are. The Star to me entices us, draws us to keep going, and echoes a knowing within each of us that we have a knowing of what the next step is – ALWAYS. It is a breakthrough in our consciousness, that little crack of light, finding its way into our minds, even when we can’t imagine a time when things will improve. That’s the mystery of dark and light, yin and yang. They cannot exist without each other. From the darkness and mystery of yin, yang spontaneously emerges, rising up like a shooting star! The Star depicts the light of hope – ever constant, ever guiding us. Hope keeps us moving, and when we’re moving, there is energy for our hearts to work with. If you’ve been feeling depressed, and unable to imagine a better time to come, try even imagining a star in your third eye chakra – in the middle of your forehead. Let it roll around as you gently breathe in and out. Your

deepest heart will feel the familiar sensation of that light in your mind, and will respond.

The Origin Educere Retreat Centre We all have times when we wish we could get away from everything. Times when life seems to be overwhelming us with its demands. We wish we could have a time of quiet and peace to sort things out within ourselves. We all need a place of retreat, a haven, a place of peace and solitude that we can go to for a period of time and gather our energies, our thoughts and our inner world together. Come to the Origin Educere Centre on the magical Isle of Skye and you’ll have sound just such a place...


What do you have faith in? ‘Credo ‘ is the Latin for ‘I believe’. What we believe is the foundation of our life. What we bring forth each day is directly related to what we believe. Faith is not some airy fairy virtue which we have when maybe we go to church. It is practical! Faith is the dynamo of our life. A life without faith is a flat line of boring insipidity. Faith is what inspires and gives us a reason. Faith is the foundation of confident living. We must, first of all, have faith in ourselves. We must actually believe that we are magnificent beings. Just as we can learn to love so we can learn to believe and we must first learn to believe in ourselves. The path of self knowledge is the path of believing more deeply in yourself and growing in the sense of your real identity. A person who does not believe in himself is an empty bag ready to be ripped apart. Faith itself is a living energy that uplifts our life. It is a fundamental aspect of the essence of the living and vital force of the universe. Faith can become a mighty river flowing through our life giving vitality and strength to every thing we do. Faith is what gives our life power and purpose.

If you cannot believe with passion in the wonder of life and the wonder of yourself, then be ready for a life that is already half dead.

Rod Nicholson is the CEO and founder of the Origin Educere Retreat Centre on the magical Isle of Skye. Based on a lifetime of study and contemplation, beginning when he became a monk at the age of 16, Rod has developed a method of mentoring and supporting people to make real change in their lives - he calls it ‘The Wisdom Factor.’


Making an Offering N at alie Arki n s The Paqʼo, a Peruvian shaman and healer, will create a ʻDespachoʼ to offer to the spirit world. Despacho literally means ʻpaymentʼ in the form of prayers, material gifts of food, grains, ribbons, and alcohol. This payment made to Apu’s, or mountain spirits in the Andes Mountains, and Pachamamma, which means ‘Mother Earth’ - Rivers, Stars, Planets, Animals, Trees, Plants, Snow, Clouds - just to name a few. It is practiced by the Q’ero Indian Nation in the Andean Tradition of Peru. Paq’os, healers/shamans among the Q’ero Indians, perform the ceremonies for a variety of reasons - to bless a marriage or house, for better crops and fertility, healing, increasing money, or just to bless the earth. This is a very powerful form of healing, prayer and respect to the spirit world. I spent a month in the Sacred Valley in Peru in 2009, mostly staying in a small village of Pisaq, learning about the healing traditions and ceremonies, and healing myself. I learned that in the Andean world view, everything is alive and sacred, equal to us and deserving our respect. To connect with the spirits (the unseen world) to help us in this world, the Paq’o will bless and pray over every item placed into the Despacho. Each Paq’o makes their own style of Despacho- no two would be the same. During the ceremony, the Paq’o will burn incense and Paolo Sancto - a sacred wood in Peru, to clear everyone’s aura and bless them, using a condor or eagle feather to clear the energy field. The Despacho is made in layers, and sprinkled with alcohol, which is also used as an offering to spirit. Your prayers are included in the Despacho, by taking three coco leaves (called a Kintu/ prayer offering) and blowing your wishes and prayers into the leaves, then the Kintu is placed into the Despacho.

The next stage is the Fire ceremony, where the Despacho is burned outside, and through burning, the offering and prayers are transformed and sent to Spirit. The Paq’os can interpret from how it burns and what they see in the fire and smoke, whether the Despacho will be positive or well received by the Spirit world. I attended a few Despachos while in Peru, and do my own Despacho ceremonies as part of my work as a shamanic healer. I find them to be a very powerful and beautiful way of praying and giving thanks for the all help we get from the unseen world of Spirit and all the beings we share this amazing universe with. It reminds us of the unity we have with all beings, our connection with Spirit.

Natalie Arkins Natalie's many psychic talents include tarot reading, shamanic journeying, clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship and dowsing with a crystal. Natalie has been reading the tarot for 10 years, and uses her psychic abilities to give accurate and in depth readings.


Your Monthly Horoscopes HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO! Hellooooooo LEO! This is YOUR month, so let it roar! Even though it may feel a little useless, it isn’t. Mercury, the planet of communications, electronics and contracts etc will be going retrograde on August 3rd, until August 26th. This is likely to mean that many of the projects you desire to start, or even finish, will be plagued by delays. But hang in there Leo - it is not all in vain entirely. This is a perfect time to clean up baggage from the past, or even what’s happening in the present. Time to put your world in order, at every level. This is the time to clean up your files, make longrange plans, and lists of what you want to manifest within the next three months. If Robert De Niro - Celebrity Leo you do this, it will be easy sailing during the month of August. Financially, this will also be a period for putting any money issues you have in order. Now in your love life, this is not the best month to start a new romance. You would be better off dealing with your present situation, instead of seeking out someone new. A romance started under Mercury Retrograde could present many challenges. Just take your time Leo, and things will begin to go a lot more smoothly.

Aries You so much want to get out there and take on the entire world. And you just know this is the month to do so. Well I’m afraid Aries that it isn’t. This is a month of reflection for you instead. Between the retrograde Mercury and the Saturn/Pluto transit, August is anything but a free flowing time for you. You may feel blocked in your goals - you don’t really need to go back to the “drawing board”. But reconsidering your plans at this time will bring better results. Love Note: This month may be quite surprising for you, as you’ll begin to get a better idea of what love really means to you - and you know how to put this knowledge into action.

Taurus “Slow and steady wins the race”! Taking care of business, in your

normally measured, detailed way, is what is required this month Taurus. In fact, this part of your personality will need to be heavily relied upon to deal with Mercury going retrograde in August. There is absolutely no reason to rush around with no purpose, like the mere mortals around you. All joking aside, you do find it difficult to comprehend how others deal with certain issues in life. Financially, it would be wise for you to stay steady and controlled with your spending if possible. Love Note: You often see yourself as a bit of a romantic, don’t you Taurus? Actually, you’re on the right track! Just ‘hang in there’ and enjoy the results of your poetic soul this month.

many stops and starts for you during August, and just when you want to get started on all sorts of things. Although you prefer to be in “high gear” all the time, August is not the month to do this Gemini. Slow down, yes, slow down! This will help you to manage all the ups and downs you will be experiencing this month. Yes it will be a bit challenging, but you WILL survive, and things will go more smoothly for it in the long run. Financially, keep your spending light if possible. Love Note: August is likely to be a slower month for you in regard to romance Gemini. Don’t worry about it! Take your time and enjoy the ups and downs of the ride.


Wow, you’re finally done with July, and you made it out in one piece. August ought to be a good month for you Cancer, once you start to put your life in better order. This will be relatively easy, if you did your

What a month August will be for you Gemini. You would like everything to run smoothly this month. Well, who wouldn’t? There are likely to be



homework in the last few months. August ought to be a month of reflection and organization for all of us. This means at every level, and this will be no different for you Cancer! Step by step, start building that “rock” solid foundation for the coming months. You will be much happier if you do this, trust me. Financially, things will be staying about the same; this is not a good month to spend money on frivolous purchases. Love Note: Don’t rock the boat this month if you can help it. If all is well in the romance department, leave it that way! There’s no need to stir up emotional challenges with the one you love.

Virgo Hang in there Virgo this month could throw up a few challenges. Yes once again Mercury is Retrograde (in Virgo). Also, Mercury is a co-ruler of Virgo, so you may experience a bit of a double whammy. Don’t worry, your particular characteristics also allow you to know how to handle Mercury! Just stay on track, and build a strong foundation, to see you through the next few months. There is a purpose to all this, Virgo. Within three months you will finally see the fruit of all your efforts. Financially, this will be a building month, where you are putting out more than appears to be coming back to you. Once more, “hang in there”, within a short period of time that will change. Love Note: You’re finally at a point where you’re willing to allow someone into your life who is worthy of you Virgo. It may not happen until

the latter stages of the month, but it will happen!

Libra You still have the planets Pluto and Saturn challenging you Libra. It probably feels like they challenge you with your every move. That’s not really so - it just feels that way. August will be a month of reflection for you, a time to get all of your long range plans in order. This is not a time to action on them. Journaling would be of great help to you right now. This will help you put all your thoughts and feeling into perspective, so you don’t become overwhelmed. Financially, you will be pretty much in the same shape you have been recently - good, but not wonderful. Love Note: Some evaluation is needed in your love life Libra. Once you’re clear about where you stand, you’ll know how to improve things.

Scorpio Like many of the other signs this month, “reflection” is the keyword for you this month Scorpio. Need I mention the retrograde Mercury again? Yes that pesky retrograde will force you to feel that you can only start projects, but can’t get them off the ground. This is only partially true. This is not a month to “fight the force that be”. August for you, ought to be spent “going with the flow”. I know this is not how you generally like to do things Scorpio. But, if you do,

things will fall into place and work out more smoothly in the coming months. Financially, don’t expect any major changes. Apply an “if it works, don’t fix it” attitude to your money. Love Note: Approach your lover with truth, clarity and patience this month Scorpio, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sagittarius August is here! Yes and with a kind of thud. What can anyone do when we are right in the middle of a retrograde Mercury. RELAX! Yes, even you, Sagittarius. You must slow down and take stock this month. Please wait until September to take actions on all those projects you’ve got planned. The results will be much better for you next month. Patience, patience and more patience will serve you best. Financially, hang in there, and try not to spend as much as you usually do. Love Note: Your love relationships could be under a bit of stress and strain right now Saggie. Take care with what you might say under strain!

Capricorn How are all of you feeling Capricorn? Summer is now winding down and so are you. Back to the drawing board and much hard work for all of you. You’re more than ready, but then Mercury comes along and ruins ALL of your well-laid plans. Yes, Mercury, it will be out of retrograde by the 26th of August, so all is not lost. If you approach the month of 11

area will improve much more. Love Note: August is a time for you to really focus on self-love first Aquarius. Your lover will manage, and the attention you give yourself will strengthen your relationship no end.

August as a month of planning and not action, it will be much easier for you. You will see by September that you will experience much ease in all that you choose to do. Financially, you may actually have a windfall of sorts, maybe not as much as you expected, but it will still help you. Love Note: Oh what a perfectionist you’re being! Careful you’re not verging on being picky Cappy. Relax a little and your love relationships will flow much more smoothly.

Pisces The month of August may be a bit challenging and confusing for you Psices. All this really means is that it’s time for you to take stock of things that have happened over the last few months. That may seem to be a lot to ask right now, but it is sorely needed. If you do this personal inventory of yourself, you may be surprised how far along you have come. This is also a time for you to spend more time with relatives. Financially, you are on a “recovery” road , YIPPEE, and this month will set the tone for the rest of the year. Love Note: You’ll be getting ‘back to basics’ during August Pisces - this will be the perfect remedy for any concerns in your relationship.

Aquarius Hang in there Aquarius - it isn’t actually as bad as it appears right now. Your communication, financial and love issues are being challenged at every turn. Yes, it’s that PESKY Mercury again. So this month is a month to lean on your friends, as difficult as that may be for you to do sometimes. You may actually get some advice you can put to good use. Don’t start any new projects if you can help it; instead spend August, redefining any unfinished projects. You will see by next month, why dealing with things this way, was a better decision. Financially, you will have to just hang in there till September, when this

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