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Every year, NOLS instructors take thousands of students into some of the world’s most extraordinary terrain to learn, grow, and experience more than they ever have before. No matter a student’s age when reaching the trailhead, he or she likely has parents sitting at home excitedly awaiting their return. I can relate—I’m a three-time NOLS parent. As NOLS executive director, I am personally invested in the health and well-being of every one of our students, and that is a culture that resonates throughout our whole school. For the past 18 years, I have watched this organization develop countless positive, ethical leaders who have gone forward to change the world. I was thrilled when each of my three children chose to enroll on courses. My daughter took a Wind River Wilderness course, followed by my first son, who took an Idaho Backpacking Adventure, and my youngest son joined us for a llama packing alumni trip. The benefits to each of my children were beyond measure. By unplugging and stepping into an experiential adventure, they reaped the full benefits of being in a setting where natural forces predominate and provide immediate feedback on decision making, where teamwork and communication are essential, where leadership is developed organically. Upon their return, I saw their love of wilderness amplified. I witnessed excitement over new and deep friendships. I saw their competence in the outdoors had increased and the confidence in their leadership skills boosted. I also heard all about what the course meant to them. They returned home enthusiastic and spoke endlessly of their experiences, the lessons learned, and the people who made their NOLS courses so powerful. I’m a proud NOLS parent, and I look forward to sharing that title with you. I hope this letter has proven useful to you as a parent, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at (800) 710-6657 or via chat at

John Gans, NOLS Executive Director

NOLS East Africa

NOLS Australia

NOLS New Zealand NOLS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution, operates under permit and in partnership with the USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, state organizations, and international land management agencies. See a complete list of our operating areas online at: Cover Photo: Nick Cross.



JOIN NOLS – EST. 1965 –


With NOLS you can UNPLUG and set forth on new ADVENTURES.

TRAVEL the world and immerse yourself in awe-inspiring WILDERNESS and diverse CULTURES.

Learn the LEADERSHIP and TECHNICAL SKILLS necessary to become SELF-RELIANT in remote wilderness settings.

When you graduate, you will have the experience and background necessary to LEAD OTHERS comfortably and responsibly in the backcountry.

No matter your path, you’ll carry the NOLS DIPLOMA, the recognized certification awarded to outstanding leaders and outdoors people and admired by employers, coaches, and teachers.

Alumni are welcomed into the NOLS COMMUNITY and return for more courses, alumni trips, or CAREERS in outdoor education.



Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS takes students of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions and teaches them technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics. NOLS’ unrivaled curriculum is informed by nearly 50 years of development and dedicated research in a wide range of topics, including experiential education, risk management practices, and wilderness ecology. 3

JUDGMENT & DECISION MAKING Demonstrate situationally appropriate decision making, use your experience to develop good judgment.

SELF-AWARENESS Know your strengths and weaknesses, your leadership style, and how you influence or affect others.


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233,000 i

Locally Operated


The mission of the National Outdoor Leadership School is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment.

• People thrive when challenged. • Living in nature teaches responsibility. • Leadership can be learned. • Learning should be fun.



In 2013, NOLS had over 19,000 students from 49 states and 45 countries!


Staffing, admissions, and curriculum development all happen at our headquarters in Lander, Wyo., meaning you get the same high-quality experience wherever you take your course. Course logistics, outfitting, and planning are done at each location, by staff who understand the culture and nuances of that place.

NOLS has the most experienced, well-rounded instructional staff in outdoor education. All instructors take the NOLS instructors course and serve as apprentices on courses before being certified to teach for NOLS. All NOLS instructors are certified in wilderness medicine and CPR. They also take advantage of continuing education, including 60 instructor seminars each year.

COMMUNICATION Be a clear communicator, an understanding and invested listener, and give and receive feedback well.



FLY Rafting



Leave No Trace



We believe that leadership can be learned. We facilitate the development of key leadership skills as students progress through the NOLS leadership curriculum with experience and feedback.

COMPETENCE Possess and use knowledge, skills, and technical ability, as well as organization and management.




The average student-toinstructor ratio is 5:1. This provides our students with the personal instruction they need to be successful.


NOLS Professional Training offers innovative, customized NOLS courses for businesses and organizations ranging from NASA to The Archer School for Girls.

EXPEDITION BEHAVIOR Be a strong team member by keeping yourself and others motivated and exercising good conflict resolution.


TOLERANCE FOR ADVERSITY & UNCERTAINTY Learn to endure–even enjoy–hard work and challenge, and adapt to changes and challenges with focus and a sense of humor.

CANOEING Canyoneering



wilderness medicine

VISION & ACTION See the possibility in any situation and find creative ways to move your team toward it. Have initiative and motivate others.


Adirondack Backpacking Adventure Designed for young teens with a sense of adventure, this course takes you to the New York State Adirondacks, the premier wilderness destination of the northeastern U.S. You will challenge yourself, gain trust and support from your coursemates, and develop new leadership skills that will transfer to your everyday life. In short, you will work hard, have fun, and bring home unforgettable stories and memories for a lifetime. Learn more on page 13.

Near the East Coast’s major population centers, NOLS Northeast provides new territory for students like Nicholas to explore. LINDSAY YOST

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Adventure course students grow with students their age. PHILIP BRANCA


Nicholas Nerli takes in the views atop a mountain in the Northeast, something he hopes to do again soon. NICHOLAS NERLI

Backpack on great trails with your new best friends. DAVID DURANT

Strive for All I Hope to Be NICHOLAS NERLI / Adirondack Backpacking Adventure 2013

As I grew up in Lander, Wyo., where NOLS is headquartered, experiencing a NOLS course had been on my mind since I learned what NOLS was all about. I applied to take an Adirondack Backpacking Adventure to not only spend part of my summer in the wilderness, but also in a new place. I was, I admit, a bit nervous. For one, I had never flown in an airplane. Second, I would be living in a foreign environment. Not least of all, I was committing to two weeks with strangers, but I knew I was going to have the time and opportunity of my life. Learning new skills was very important to me, and throughout my course I developed many including cooking in the wilderness, first aid, navigation, and, most importantly, leadership. The suggestions and guidance I was given when I was in a leadership role truly benefited me. I will never forget being leader of

the day, for it was difficult, but as a team we succeeded that day. That experience will stay with me and serve me when I face obstacles for the rest of my life. My instructors were knowledgeable, positive, and encouraging toward everyone, creating a healthy team. We grew from each other and shared experiences I can’t do justice to in writing. Through our friendships, we recognized our strengths and improved on our weaknesses in order to become the best we could be. Without the whole team, I would not have learned and gained so much. I returned home with memories, friends, and knowledge that I could not have imagined. I look forward to future NOLS courses and will use the knowledge I gained to be the most successful person I can be and strive for all I hope to be. After his course, Nicholas returned to Lander where he fishes, hikes, and hunts in the Wind River Range. At Lander Valley High School he serves on the student council, runs cross country, plays in the marching band, and anxiously awaits Nordic ski season.

I look forward to future NOLS courses and will use the knowledge I gained to be the most successful person I can be.

NOLS Leadership Role: The Designated Leader NOLS defines four leadership roles: designated leader, active follower, peer leader, and self leadership. The designated leader, the role one plays as leader of the day on a NOLS course, does the following: • Delegates tasks. • Makes group decisions. • Establishes clear expectations for the group and the leader. • Stays connected to the group and seeks input. • Uses the group’s strengths and encourages responsibility. • Takes stands on issues clearly and directly.


College Prep Course SALLY MURRAY / Wind River Wilderness 16 and over 2013

Sometimes, to break an awkward silence, I speak up with the declaration, “Once, I went 30 days without taking a shower.” Reactions vary from admiration to disgust, but often the statement evokes intrigue. I have found this to be the perfect gateway to talking about my NOLS experience because, like the concept of not showering for 30 days, there are many aspects of NOLS that beg the question, “why?” If purpose were determined by desire, then I took a NOLS course after high school because it’s what my brothers had done, a family tradition so to speak. It feels awfully shallow to say that I felt a NOLS, instead of teaching need to prove myself, that as the me how to survive, taught only girl I didn’t want to be outdone me how to thrive. by my brothers. Thankfully, NOLS became something more worthwhile than sibling rivalry. For me, my NOLS course was cause for a lifestyle change. People, myself included, have a preconceived notion that NOLS is a survival school. However, I would argue that NOLS, instead of teaching me how to survive, taught me how to thrive. The truth is

that I had been surviving all my life, but that doesn’t have to mean anything more than just going through the motions. NOLS gave me a great faith in people. You can venture into wilderness with complete strangers, face hardship and conflict, and come out friends. NOLS gave me faith in myself. I had never been so far outside my literal and figurative comfort zone. It has been a blessing to know who I am and what I am capable of before going to college. (I have also witnessed the truth in this nugget from my instructor: “If you can live with mosquitoes, you can live with any roommate.”) The bulletin board in my dorm room is decorated with pictures from my course, above my bed is the NOLS leadership model, and saved on my desktop is the essay by former NOLS instructor Morgan Hite, “Briefing for Entry into a More Harsh Environment.” I read it often because it draws the connection between my NOLS course (backpacking, fly-fishing, tent-pitching, water-filtering) and going to college (studying, meeting new people, trying new things, being selfsufficient). It reminds me to “live simply,” which is more than just giving up hot baths for a while. Sally is currently attending the University of Wyoming on a full-ride scholarship. She is a student in the Honors College, working toward a degree in molecular biology.

Transference A NOLS education is more than technical outdoor skills. It also encompasses leadership, interpersonal, and life-skills that transfer to school, career, and relationships for the rest of your life.


Living in a place like this for a month teaches students about organization, planning, and the impact of their habits. MATT MCARDLE

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Sally Murray learned to thrive in the Wind River Mountains. SALLY MURRAY

You won’t find pizza this good on any college campus. STÉPHANE TERRIER

Wind River Wilderness This is the original NOLS course and the most popular expedition we offer. For 30 days, you’ll explore the Wind River Mountains, a wilderness range renowned for its pristine lakes and rugged mountain beauty. You and your coursemates will take turns baking pizzas over a camp stove, catching trout for dinner, and being “leader of the day” as you hike from campsite to campsite. Learn more on page 28.

Lessons in fly fishing apply to school and career: patience, attention to detail, and a wilderness ethic, for example. CAITLIN

Students make their way through a boulder field, practicing the risk management skills learned throughout the course. BENJAMIN FOX



Students from California’s Archer School for Girls engage in a navigation class. BRIAN HENSIEN

Bob Schoultz finds it invaluable to unplug from time to time. LYNDA CARPENTER

NOLS Professional Training customizes courses to develop leadership and strong teams. BENJAMIN FOX

NOLS for Organizations Any NOLS course can be customized to meet the needs of an organization, business, school, or team. These expeditions, run by NOLS Professional Training, include the same technical skills, leadership progression, and environmental studies NOLS expedition courses offer. Locations and tuition vary by client. Learn more at


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Teamwork is essential on a mountain and in a conference room. ALEX CHANG – CORNELL LEADERSHIP EXPEDITION

Unplugging to Plug in BOB SCHOULTZ / NOLS Professional Training expedition 2013

Our course, organized through NOLS Professional Training, left civilization with a commitment to “unplug” from cell phones, email accounts, iPods, and the 24-hour news cycle to “plug in” to something else in the backcountry. That “something else” was a bit different for each of us. We were a diverse group of men and women, with an average age of 50, from a varied set of successful careers ranging from international oil executive to college professor, from cattleman to defense contractor. As we worked together to survive and thrive in an austere environment, we plugged in to each other more quickly and more profoundly than is common in frontcountry living. We were together 24 hours a day. We lived simply: hiking, cooking, and tenting together. We became more organized in managing our personal and group gear. We compromised to accommodate each other’s idiosyncrasies. We were competent and incompetent together, and we laughed a lot. We were frustrated (and occasionally grouchy) together when we got lost in challenging terrain. We cheered each other on as we met and overcame fears and new challenges. We took care of each other. We shared wonder. Each of us became better together.

We also plugged back into ourselves. Stepping away from civilization and immersing oneself in the wilderness can have a powerful effect. In the frontcountry, our practical lives often become (at least in our minds) separate from our spiritual lives. With the lakes, mountains, and trees all around us and the night sky so full of stars we can barely believe it, the line between the In the wilderness, we practical and spiritual becomes blurred. can plug in to parts The connection between what we do and of ourselves that who we are is easier to experience. In the we often don’t have wilderness, we can plug in to parts of time to experience in ourselves that we often don’t have time the frontcountry. to experience in the frontcountry. Staying plugged into what we had experienced on this course remains our challenge as we re-enter our busy lives as frontcountry leaders: to hold on to that connection to the mountains, the trees, the stars, and the wonderful sense of communion we felt, not only with each other, but also nature and ourselves. Bob Schoultz is a NOLS instructor and the Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Factor Leadership.

Navigation Skills At NOLS, you will learn a variety of map-reading skills ranging from understanding contour lines on a topographic map to orienting the map to the terrain surrounding you. As your time in the backcountry progresses, your instructors will play a much smaller role in wayfinding, and you will take more complete control of the group’s route and “staying found.”


summer Designed for 14+15 year-old students

NOLS Teton Valley Nick Cross

NOLS Adventure courses are designed specifically for 14- to 15-year-old students. For two weeks to a month, you’ll be with students your own age, building relationships that will last a lifetime. You’ll also build new skills, from backcountry cooking to leadership, which you will use for the rest of your life. NOLS courses are entirely field-based; you’ll only be looking through a windshield on the first and last day of your course. 11

The same outstanding, highly trained instructors that lead every NOLS course teach adventure courses, and pack weights and the ratio of students to instructors are even lower. You will graduate from student to active leader over the course of your education with NOLS, and you will leave a competent, confident leader equipped to excel throughout high school and beyond.

NOLS Southwest Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin

NOLS Northeast Philip Branca

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NOLS Northeast

NOLS Rocky Mountain

David Durant

Matt McArdle

Network with students from around the U.S.

Gain life skills that transfer to the frontcountry.


Lighter pack weights



Highly trained NOLS instructors with an average age of 35 do all the teaching. We do not sub-contract our programs to other companies!


Earn high school credit!

4:1 is the average student-to-instructor ratio on Adventure courses. 12


NOLS Northeast Jen Sall

Adirondack Backpacking Adventure

Adirondack Backpacking and Canoeing Adventure

Designed for young teens with a sense of adventure, this course takes you to the premier wilderness destination of the northeastern United States. Sparkling lakes, tannin-colored ponds, and rivers large and small punctuate this landscape. You will challenge yourself, gain trust and support from your coursemates, and develop new leadership skills that will transfer to your everyday life. In short, you will work hard, have fun, and bring home unforgettable stories and memories for a lifetime.

This 21-day course is designed to take young teens on an inspiring adventure. Traveling by canoe and by foot allows you to experience the full essence of this expansive wilderness. You will paddle through the pristine Canoe Wilderness of the Adirondacks; explore lakes, ponds, and rivers; fish for brook trout, and wake to the call of loons. In this idyllic wilderness classroom, you will learn paddling strokes, rescue techniques, and portaging methods. You will link together a network of recreational waterways, which will lead you to the High Peaks Region, where you will discover high alpine zones on rocky summits and overcome challenges alongside new friends.

• 14 days • Optional high school credit: 0.5 hour • 14 + 15 only • $3,360

• 21 days • Optional high school credit: 1 hour • 14 + 15 only • $4,510 13

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Wyoming Backpacking Adventure Gain independence and take responsibility for yourself and others while having fun, learning about the outdoors, rock climbing, flyfishing, exploring the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, and achieving goals you never thought possible. Graduate with the skills to enjoy outdoor activities on your own and the leadership qualities to succeed in the classroom, on the playing field, or anywhere you want to excel.

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• 21 or 30 days • Optional high school credit: up to 1.5 hours • 14 + 15 only • $4,125 (21 days) or $5,360 (30 days) NOLS Rocky Mountain Matt McArdle

NOLS Rocky Mountain

NOLS Pacific Northwest

Matt McArdle

Benjamin Lester

NOLS Pacific Northwest Benjamin Lester

Pacific Northwest Backpacking Adventure Learn backcountry skills and explore the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rain forests, stunning ice-covered volcanoes, hidden bays and coves, and lush old-growth forests. This adventure is an ideal setting to challenge yourself and build your leadership abilities. When you return home, you’ll have the leadership qualities to succeed in school and whatever else you put your mind to. • 14 days • Optional high school credit: 0.5 hour • 14 + 15 only • $3,350



NOLS Teton Valley


Nick Cross

NOLS Teton Valley Elliot Johnston

NOLS Teton Valley Rick Bieterman

NOLS Teton Valley Nick Cross

Idaho Backpacking Adventure The mountains of northern Idaho are unlike any classroom you’ve ever experienced with their fresh air and fresh opportunities. You’ll learn skills— backpacking, cooking, camping, and navigation with a map—and you’ll also learn things like how to turn challenging situations into opportunities, how to get along with your group, and how to be a leader even when you’re following. • 14 days • Optional high school credit: 0.5 hour • 14 + 15 only • $3,350 • This course is also offered in a female-only format.

Salmon Backpacking and Rafting Adventure This course is an opportunity to traverse a little-known section of the Rocky Mountains near the Idaho-Montana border and raft the Main Salmon River, all in one action-packed month. You’ll learn how to make decisions, develop confidence, and work through challenges with your coursemates (we call this “expedition behavior”). Overall, you’ll work hard, have fun, and return home with leadership skills to last a lifetime. • 28 days • Optional high school credit: 1.5 hours • 14 + 15 only • $6,080

NOLS Teton Valley Nick Cross

16 16


NOLS Scandinavia Fredrik Norrsell

Extended backcountry expeditions

No organization offers expeditions that are longer or more remote than NOLS. Gain leadership skills such as resilience, judgment, self-awareness, peer leadership, and more that will lead to your success in college, in extra-curricular pursuits, and in your career. A NOLS diploma is the leadership credential employers value, and academic credit is available on all NOLS courses. You’ll also gain the confidence of being prepared to assess and manage an emergency as


you develop wilderness medicine skills that are essential in the backcountry and invaluable in the frontcountry. Identifying and mitigating risk, skills transferable to all aspects of your life, are important parts of a NOLS education. Finally, see the world on your NOLS course. Develop all these skills and more for success down the road in some of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world. No classroom will rival the world’s most pristine and untrammeled wilderness.

Learn Wilderness Medicine skills.

Classic courses are the courses that have made NOLS famous since 1965.


Earn the bragging rights that come with a full month spent in the wilderness.


Earn high school or college credit.


As your course progresses, you will develop individual leadership skills that will help you become a strong and confident leader.

Build your resumé.

NOLS Pacific Northwest Matt Richter

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NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier

NOLS Yukon Brent Day

18 18


NOLS Alaska Manjunatha Byrappa

Alaska Backpacking

Alaska Mountaineering

Brooks Range Backpacking and River

A wilderness expedition in every sense: daylight at midnight, tracks of the seasonal caribou migration, and land that stretches into alpine tundra plains with a backdrop of rugged and heavily eroded mountains. You’ll become a seasoned wilderness traveler, learning how to read a map, navigate off trail, stay warm and dry, and scan the horizon for wildlife.

Alaska is a chain of rugged mountain ranges and spectacular glaciers converging to make a mountaineer’s dreamscape. Within this region you’ll explore the coastal Chugach, the interior Alaska Range, or the vast Wrangell-St. Elias. The route for each course is season dependent: early season expeditions mostly stay above snow line to access terrain via snowfields, and later season expeditions complete technical ice routes on glacier. Both are ideal training for living and traveling responsibly and efficiently in challenging mountain terrain.

The Brooks Range is one of the wildest mountain ranges in North America. Stretching across the tundra north of the Arctic Circle, this region is defined by wide river bottoms, steep mountain slopes, and expansive tundra. Bush planes fly you to where you’ll spend 10 days on foot, moving across the tundra and up braided river channels. Then swap out for folding canoes for a three-week trip down the Noatak River out to the Chukchi Sea and a native fishing village.

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 or 16 + 17 only • $4,455

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $6,250 19

• 40 days • Optional academic credit: up to 8 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $8,100

NOLS Alaska Alexis Alloway

NOLS Alaska

NOLS Alaska

Stéphane Terrier

Tracy Baynes, STEP

NOLS Alaska Stéphane Terrier

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20 20



NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

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Alaska Backpacking and Sea Kayaking This course will give you a chance to learn two wilderness travel skills. While kayaking, you’ll follow a route in Prince William Sound, learning how to handle your boat in different wind and tide conditions and keep a positive attitude after a long day of paddling. The mountains of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the Talkeetnas, the Kenai, or the Chugach will be your home for the backpacking section. The vistas are wide, the mountains rugged, and the lessons lifelong. • 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $5,220

NOLS Alaska

NOLS Alaska

Kyle Duba


Alaska Packrafting

Southeast Alaska Sea Kayaking

Packrafting is at the forefront of Alaskan exploration, and NOLS is right there with it. This land- and water-based expedition uses packrafts—single-person inflatable rafts—to open up some of the world’s most remote country that would be otherwise inaccessible to overland travel. With this equipment and the help of experienced instructor teams, you will navigate the rivers of the eastern Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains that would be obstacles on a traditional backpacking course.

There’s no better way to take in Alaska’s dramatic coastline than by gliding along the water. Your launching point is Petersburg in the heart of Alaska’s Inside Passage—a remote archipelago of forest and ocean. You’ll learn to plan routes and navigate them using nautical charts, as well as hone technical skills such as paddling and open-water crossings. You may be rewarded by catching salmon or seeing the humpback and orca whales that abound in the area.

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $5,100

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 or 16 + 17 only • $4,465 22


NOLS Pacific Northwest ROBERT HAKIM


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NOLS Pacific Northwest NICK CROSS

NOLS Pacific Northwest Benjamin Lester

NOLS Pacific Northwest NOLS Pacific Northwest

Kyle Duba

Mel Fitzpatrick

North Cascades Mountaineering

Waddington Range Mountaineering

Washington’s North Cascades, often referred to as the “American Alps,” encompass some of America’s most spectacular scenery—jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and more glaciers than any other location in the Lower 48. Many of the world’s top mountaineers use this area as their training ground; the reasonable access combined with challenging mountain classrooms continue to make this range one of the best places in the world to learn to be a mountaineer.

This demanding expedition travels into British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, including the Waddington Range, Whitemantle Range, and Homathko Icefield, for a month-long experience in rock, snow, and ice mountaineering skills. You’ll get to experience some of the biggest and most remote glaciers NOLS travels on, and you will have more time to practice since these courses travel either in or out of the field via plane. You will hone your newfound skills on at least one peak attempt.

• 31 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $4,525

• 31 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $5,600 24


Pacific Northwest Backpacking The Pacific Northwest is a richly diverse wilderness classroom, so there is an early season option and a late season option to this course. The Pasayten Wilderness in north central Washington (early season) boasts almost 150 peaks over 7,500 feet in elevation, rugged ridges in the west, and expansive plateaus toward the east. Courses that travel in Olympic National Park (late season) will traverse from east to west while viewing the area’s rugged, glacier-capped mountains; wide, alpine meadows; and wild and rugged Pacific coast. • 31 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $4,225

Pacific Northwest Mountaineering and Sailing This challenging expedition offers the best of British Columbia’s spectacular Coast Mountains and the remote northern waters of Georgia Strait and Desolation Sound. The Waddington Range offers some of the largest and most remote glaciers in North America. You will learn how to navigate where there are no trails, and once you ascend to the alpine, your classroom will offer opportunities to hone rock, snow, and mountaineering skills. A traverse of these mountains brings you to where the rainforest meets the ocean. You’ll board two 36-foot keelboats to learn boat handling under sail and power, coastal navigation, and seamanship. At expedition end, you’ll have the skills to explore any mountain or ocean environment in the world. • 38 days • Optional academic credit: up to 8 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $6,390

Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking and Sailing

NOLS Pacific Northwest Alexis Alloway

Find the full beauty of the Pacific Northwest on this all-ocean coastal exploration. You will sea kayak the remote waters of Vancouver Island’s outer coast, learning a range of technical skills including fundamental paddling strokes, weather analysis, and interpretation of tides and currents. During the sailing section, you’ll find yourself aboard a 36-foot keelboat to explore the remote Strait of Georgia and Desolation Sound while learning boat handling under sail and power, chart reading, coastal navigation, and seamanship. You’re sure to grow into your sea legs on this course. • 31 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $5,465


NOLS Pacific Northwest

NOLS Pacific Northwest

Benjamin Lester

Alexis Alloway

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NOLS Pacific Northwest Benjamin Lester

NOLS Pacific Northwest Moe Witschard

NOLS Pacific Northwest NICK CROSS



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NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

Absaroka Backpacking

Wind River Wilderness

Yellowstone National Park’s wild eastern neighbor is Wyoming’s Absaroka Range, a vast wilderness region with broad river valleys, glacier-carved cliffs, towering conifers, and alpine plateaus. You will hone your fly-fishing cast, ford high mountain rivers, practice navigation, and learn how to camp and travel in bear country. For students craving remote, rugged land filled with wildlife, this is your course.

This is the original NOLS course and the most popular expedition we offer. For 30 days, you’ll explore the Wind River Mountains, a wilderness range renowned for its pristine lakes and rugged mountain beauty. You and your coursemates will take turns baking pizzas over a camp stove, catching cutthroat trout for dinner, and being “leader of the day” as you hike from campsite to campsite. • 30 days • Optional academic credit: 6 hours • Minimum age: 17 $4,385 • 16 + 17 only $4,785

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $4,290

NOLS Rocky Mountain Javier Cea V.

NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

NOLS Rocky Mountain

NOLS Rocky Mountain

Josh Beckner

Juan Queirolo

28 28



NOLS Rocky Mountain Rainbow Weinstock


NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

NOLS Rocky Mountain Josh Beckner

NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

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Rock Climbing

Wilderness Horsepacking

Wind River Mountaineering

This backcountry climbing expedition is a comprehensive immersion into the sport of traditional (trad) rock climbing amidst Wyoming’s famous sheer, granite walls and towering spires. Your instructors will emphasize skills such as movement on rock, rope systems, anchors, rappelling and belaying, protection placement, risk management, and leadclimbing philosophy. You’ll develop a foundation in wilderness ethics away from frontcountry crags.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the wilderness on horseback. We’ll take you from the NOLS-owned-andoperated Three Peaks Ranch into the wilderness of Wyoming and immerse you in the basics of Western horsepacking skills—care and feeding, horse behavior and herd dynamics, tack, saddling, and riding—and other unique experiences of packing and traveling with horses.

The rugged, glacier-carved Wind River Range is famous for mountaineering expeditions that have a perfect blend of glacier travel, snow ascents, and rock climbing. You’ll learn fundamental mountaineering skills such as belaying, rappelling, and anchor construction. At the same time, you’ll master the camping, hiking, and leadership skills necessary to thrive in the mountain environment and beyond.

• 21 days • Optional academic credit: up to 4 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $5,360

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $4,600

• 21 or 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 or 16 + 17 only • $4,510 (21 days) or $5,470 (30 days)


NOLS Rocky Mountain Rainbow Weinstock

NOLS Teton Valley Willy Hazlehurst

NOLS Rocky Mountain Adam Swisher

NOLS Rocky Mountain Kyle Cassling

NOLS Rocky Mountain Matt McArdle


Classic Rock and River Learn two skills in two very different wilderness environments: the stunning crags of Wyoming and the whitewater of Utah’s Green River. The climbing section explores granite, limestone, and sandstone as the medium to learn movement, knots, rope handling, belaying, anchors, protection placement, traditional and sport climbing systems, rappelling, and risk management. The river component will give you the chance to row an oar rig, captain a paddle raft, steer a whitewater kayak, and learn what it takes to organize and lead your own river trips. • 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $6,000

Salmon Backpacking and Rafting This course is an exceptional blend of whitewater, wildlife, and American frontier history. Beginning with an 18-day hiking section, you’ll climb peaks and fish for trout as you learn to travel through rugged mountain terrain. Then, for 10 days, you will navigate the Salmon River’s whitewater in paddle rafts and oar rigs, learning strokes, commands, guiding basics, and advanced maneuvering. Following in the footsteps of mountain men like Buckskin Bill, you will see great sights and learn skills for future exploration in the wilderness. • 28 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $5,790

Whitewater River Expedition

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Travel 125 miles through the breathtaking canyons of Utah and Colorado’s wild Green River. This course offers a thorough introduction to travel skills while you learn to kayak, captain a paddle raft, and row an oar rig. You begin in calm water and progress to moving water, learning increasingly advanced maneuvers. As the canyons get steeper and the rapids get bigger, instruction shifts to hydrology, hazard evaluation, and rescue techniques. • 16 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $3,990

NOLS Rocky Mountain Brad Christensen



NOLS Australia Jackie Ruetenik



NOLS Australia Jeannine M. Klewitz

Australia Backpacking

Australia Backpacking and Sea Kayaking

The rich cultural history, subtropical habitats, and ancient land formations of the Kimberley make this part of Western Australia ideal for a backpacking expedition. Among tight canyons, dry plateaus, and secluded waterfalls, you’ll be challenged by this land of extremes, where days can be hot and nights chilly, and explore areas very few people have ever seen. You’ll also learn about the Aboriginal culture by spending a couple of days with Aboriginal guides, discovering their traditional and contemporary lifestyles.

Western Australia has it all: rugged plateaus, blue waters, and white sandy beaches. Sea kayaking in the waters of the Dampier Archipelago will provide plenty of opportunity to learn paddling skills. While exploring the marine ecosystem, you’ll discover the area’s rich human history and the most prolific Aboriginal petroglyph site in the world. Backpacking offers up ideal terrain to explore the Australian outback, whether it’s among the tight canyons and secluded waterfalls of the Kimberley or the deep basalt gorges and cool oases of the Pilbara.

• 35 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $6,375

• 45 days • Optional academic credit: up to 8 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $8,015

NOLS Amazon Mauricio Clauzet

NOLS Amazon Lais Cunha

Amazon Basin River Expedition In addition to the core NOLS curriculum, natural history and technical canoe skills receive special emphasis on this course, taking place on one of the large southern tributaries of the Amazon River. Heat and humidity, insects, and remoteness are some of the particular challenges of an expedition in this region, and we will teach you the skills that will equip you to thrive in this environment. There are also excellent opportunities for interactions with the people who lead subsistence lifestyles on the banks of the river.

NOLS Amazon

• 23 days • Optional academic credit: up to 4 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $3,850

Mario Friedlander

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657  NOLS Amazon Dalio Zippin Neto


Yukon Backpacking

Yukon Backpacking and Wilderness Canoeing

Roam through the Yukon’s expansive and trail-less wilderness of forest and mountains. You’ll explore and learn in the Yukon’s wild and remote mountain ranges, where you’ll climb far above tree line for awe-inspiring views. You’ll enjoy untapped fly-fishing and spin-fishing in wild rivers and clear alpine lakes. Hiking here rewards you with endless ridges, open tundra, alpine lakes and meadows, and breath-taking vistas. You’ll come home with the skills to lead your own backpacking trips, although you’ll always long for the freedom of the Yukon.

Take full advantage of the remote, pristine Yukon wilderness on this self-supported expedition. This course is perfect for students who want to develop two distinct skills and get the quintessential Yukon experience. With all of your supplies packed into a canoe, you’ll experience true expedition river travel with weeklong backpacking loops that provide incredible views of the wild Yukon peaks, spectacular ridge walks, and impressive wildlife. You’ll come home an excellent camper and leader with an unparalleled appreciation for Canada’s history and breathtaking wilderness.

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $4,225

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: 6 hours • Minimum age: 16 • $4,800

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier

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NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier

NOLS Yukon


Stéphane Terrier

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier


NOLS Scandinavia

NOLS Scandinavia

Cass Colman

Fredrik Norrsell

NOLS Scandinavia Cass Colman

NOLS Scandinavia Fredrik Norrsell

Scandinavia Backpacking

Scandinavia Backpacking and Sea Kayaking

If you have always dreamed of hiking above the Arctic Circle, you’ll find yourself in a dreamland as this exploratory backpacking course takes you north into those remote regions of Norway and Sweden. From lowland forested areas and ocean fjords to steep glaciated mountains, you’ll see much of this wild country as you explore the land by foot. With roots reaching back to the indigenous Sami traditions, Scandinavia is a unique place rich in culture, history, and wilderness.

The Kingdom of Norway is the westernmost country of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Europe. Sea kayaking its impressive coastline offers a mix of remote paddling without any human encounters and days where you can purchase fresh food in the small fishing communities that dot the rugged shores. Your trekking section will start at fjord level and move to higher elevations that are remarkably unspoiled—a mix of rolling hills and snow-covered peaks punctuated by glaciers. Whichever skill you tackle first, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the land, water, and culture of Scandinavia.

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $5,725

• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $6,760 36


NOLS Pacific Northwest BETSY WINSTON

Designed for students 23 years old and over

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You’re in the prime of your life, and these courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of adults ages 23 and over. Because NOLS does all the planning, you can enjoy an expedition without the work up front. Most prime courses are two weeks long and minimize students’ time away from work, but as on every NOLS course you will learn the basic backcountry skills and practice them


under the guidance of the best instructors in the industry. Leadership lessons focus on the expedition model of setting goals and mustering all the resources available to meet them. After you graduate, go on to use the skills you learned—from taking family and friends on backcountry outings to demonstrating outstanding leadership in the workplace.

NOLS Alaska StĂŠphane Terrier


LEADERSHIP SKILLS Develop individual leadership skills that will help you become a strong and confident leader and further your career.

NOLS East Africa Meagan Binkley

Shorter course offerings fit your busy schedule. NOLS Scandinavia Roger Marin

Unplug from your hectic life. Plug into an expedition.

NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

Great networking opportunities.

Lighter pack weight options. 38


NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

Wind River Wilderness–Prime This is the short-format version of the original NOLS course. Take two weeks away from the grind and immerse yourself in the spectacular surroundings of Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains and the leadership and outdoor skills curriculum of NOLS. Because this course is horse-supported, you can even expect lighter packs. • 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,595

Wilderness Horsepacking–Prime NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

On this 14-day course, you will be immersed in the basics of Western horsepacking skills in the wilderness of the Wind River Range— care and feeding, horse behavior and herd dynamics, tack, saddling, and riding, and other unique experiences of packing and traveling with horses. Pack horses will carry your gear, instead of packs on your back. • 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,525

Rocky Mountain Lightweight Backpacking–Prime The first lightweight backpacking course in the world of outdoor education is in its seventh year at NOLS. Outfitted with 25- to 30-pound packs (10–15 pounds without food and fuel), you will be off to one of Wyoming’s remote and wild ranges—the Wind Rivers, the Bighorns, the Absarokas, or the Beartooths—to enjoy the wilderness without the burden of a heavy load. After two weeks, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to plan and execute your own lightweight adventures. How light can you go? NOLS Rocky Mountain KELSEY WICKS


• 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,610

NOLS Scandinavia Fredrik Norrsell

NOLS Scandinavia Fredrik Norrsell

NOLS East Africa Michael Schmertzler

Scandinavia Backpacking–Prime Get away for a quick Nordic expedition. With the expert guidance of your instructors, you’ll learn to travel and camp in areas such as Tromsø, Finnmark, or Lyngen. Two weeks backpacking in the Scandinavian Peninsula will provide the foundations of outdoor skills and leadership you’ll need for expeditions worldwide. • 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,825

Tanzania Wilderness–Prime An expedition through East Africa will introduce you to tropical rainforests and savannah grasslands and the diverse wildlife and cultures that inhabit them. Accompanied by a cultural liaison from Tanzania, you will backpack from the volcanic highlands. Spend time with local tribes while learning about culture, human and natural history, and ecology. While on the vehicle-supported safari section of this course, you will lay eyes on exotic fauna. • 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,875

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657  NOLS East Africa Michael Schmertzler



NOLS Pacific Northwest Christian Steidle

NOLS Pacific Northwest John Sink

NOLS Pacific Northwest Kyle Duba

North Cascades Mountaineering–Prime Get a taste of the world-renowned mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll get a well-rounded base of snow, ice, and crevasse rescue mountaineering skills, with some potential for rock climbing, for an unparalleled mountaineering education. Your time in the mountains of the North Cascades will whet your appetite and prepare you for future adventures. • 17 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,590 41

Prince William Sound Sea Kayaking–Prime

Alaska Mountaineering–Prime

Brooks Range Backpacking–Prime

Paddle Alaska’s world-famous Prince William Sound: past towering tidewater glaciers, crystal-blue icebergs, and wooded coves perfect for camping. The sea teems with various forms of life, and you’ll have the ideal vantage point to view it all. You’ll work hard paddling with all your gear stowed in your boat, but you’ll have opportunities to play as well. There are fish to catch and so many things to learn as you explore wild, wonderful Alaska.

This course takes you to a place in Southcentral Alaska often referred to as “the mountain kingdom of North America,” where a chain of rugged mountain ranges and spectacular glaciers converge to make a mountaineer’s dreamscape. To maximize time for skill development, this two-week version of this classic course flies directly onto a glacier, eliminating the long approach inherent in most mountaineering expeditions. From there, you’ll quickly put to use new skills and knowledge in a remote environment.

North of the Arctic Circle and aptly dubbed Land of the Midnight Sun, much of the landscape in the Brooks Range lies above tree line, and elevations range from sea level to over 9,000 feet. This course packs in backcountry travel and outdoor living skills in the steep shale mountains and expansive tundra of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Philip Smith Mountains. This is not a guided tour. You’ll learn the skills in these two weeks needed to travel in a mountain environment long after your course ends.

• 14 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $3,600

• 14 days • Optional academic credit: 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $4,100

• 14 days • Optional academic credit: 2 hours • Minimum age: 23 • $4,775

NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

NOLS Alaska Stéphane Terrier

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NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

NOLS Alaska Mauricio Clauzet



summer Advance your career in outdoor education

Recognizing its role as the “teacher of the teachers,” NOLS offered its first course specifically for outdoor educators more than three decades ago, and the school is the worldwide leader in this field. Choose from a variety of courses for outdoor professionals based on your interests—the options are wide open. NOLS career courses feature opportunities to teach in front of your peers and then de-brief the experience over the stove. The days are active and the nights are filled with professional discussions that will send you back to your organization inspired and


brimming with ideas. As an outdoor educator, your responsibility doesn’t end with content-delivery. It’s also up to you to recognize, prevent, and treat wilderness medicine emergencies. The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute is the leader in wilderness medicine education. Our goal is to provide the highest quality education and information for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of wilderness emergencies.

NOLS Rocky Mountain Ashley Wise

NOLS Rocky Mountain Abe Goodale

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657 

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657 

NOLS Pacific Northwest Alexis Alloway

NOLS Rocky Mountain David Anderson


Network with outdoor education professionals.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses feature realistic scenario-based education.

Graduate level credit is available.

Learn from the best and improve your teaching skills. These courses are specifically designed for teachers, outdoor educators, and those who aspire to be. NOLS can help you develop your confidence leading a group in the outdoors.

A NOLS diploma is the outdoor certification that employers are looking for.




Diploma The Leader in Wilderness Education

Executive Director


Build your resumé by boosting your technical skills, medical knowledge, and leadership. 44


NOLS Pacific Northwest Benjamin Lester

NOLS Pacific Northwest BETSY WINSTON

NOLS Pacific Northwest Matt Richter

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Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator: Mountaineering

Pacific Northwest Trip Leader

With a team of dedicated teachers and a facility that’s ideal for expedition planning, NOLS Pacific Northwest specializes in courses for educators. On this course you’ll get a variety of skills—backpacking, mountaineering, and rock climbing— and experience a variety of terrain, from forests to glaciers to alpine rock. Your veteran instructors will pass along an in-depth look at NOLS’ time-tested teaching and programming methods as well as their strong enthusiasm for teaching in the wilderness. Eligibility: Qualified practicing or potential outdoor educators.

Washington’s wilderness areas are ideal training grounds for learning how to lead backpacking trips. You’ll join a diverse group of trip leaders for an overview of the NOLS curriculum, learning common leadership strategies through dynamic, experiential, on-the-trail teaching methods. You’ll learn the intricacies of trip planning and how to organize expeditions of your own. Our students leave the Pacific Northwest with a higher level of competence and an inspiration to lead. Eligibility: Practicing trip leaders.

• 31 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $4,410

• 9 days • Optional academic credit: up to 2 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $1,255

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator: Backpacking w/ Rock Climbing or Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

NOLS has been inspiring and teaching outdoor educators for 45 years. This course offers two formats, both packed with the latest techniques on living, traveling, and leading groups in the backcountry. Granite peaks, rugged terrain, and high mountain lakes and rivers will teach you what it takes to lead and educate others in the West’s ranges and beyond. Eligibility: Qualified practicing or potential outdoor educators. • 23 (rock climbing) or 30 (WFR) days • Optional academic credit: up to 7 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $3,680 (climbing) or $5,295 (WFR)

Alaska Outdoor Educator: Backpacking and Sea Kayaking Knowing how to lead groups in two different skill areas is a professional advantage. This course will prepare you to do just that, giving you the chance to learn how to lead on land and sea. In this land of tundra and rocky passes, you’ll work with veteran educators to learn skills such as risk management, ration planning, and program supervision. By the end of the expedition, you’ll be better equipped to teach, lead, and explore, whether in a boat or on foot. Eligibility: Qualified practicing or potential outdoor educators.


• 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $4,530

Yukon Outdoor Educator: Backpacking and Whitewater Canoeing

NOLS Alaska Carrie Sessions

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier

This 30-day expedition combines the skills of wilderness backpacking with northern whitewater canoeing in Canada’s Yukon Territory. A remote Yukon mountain range is the perfect classroom for developing the skills of the backcountry professional. While learning the hiking and camping skills needed to manage groups in the remote backcountry, you’ll also spend time on technical canoeing skills, teaching techniques, and river rescue concepts. Eligibility: Qualified practicing or potential outdoor educators. • 30 days • Optional academic credit: up to 6 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $4,320

NOLS Instructor Courses Want to become a NOLS instructor? NOLS Instructor Courses (ICs) are month-long courses for aspiring NOLS field instructors. You’ll get the tools to teach the next generation of NOLS students: in-depth instruction on teaching the NOLS curriculum and training on NOLS protocols. If you have a variety of wilderness skills and a desire to build relationships and educate students, then you should consider applying for a NOLS instructor course. Learn more at


NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute offers the highest quality education and information in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of wilderness emergencies.

Wilderness EMT (WEMT)

This intensive course combines wilderness medicine with urban medical care practices into a single month-long program that includes clinical rotations in a local emergency room.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

The WFR is geared toward outdoor professionals who lead multi-day to multiweek trips. This course provides the tools to make important medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)

Designed for those traveling or working in remote areas who need a more extensive training program than a WFA. Emphasis is placed on long-term patient care management and specific injury evaluation.

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

The WFA introduces trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts, and individuals working in a remote environment to wilderness medicine principles. You’ll learn how to improvise equipment, deal with challenging environments, and act with confidence.

Wilderness First Responder Recertification (WFR-R)

This scenario-based course is designed to help you review and practice evacuation and decision-making guidelines. It may be used to recertify WAFA, WFR, and WEMT (wilderness portion only).

Education for Medical Professionals

These courses offer a variety of opportunities for healthcare professionals and medical students to learn practical, hands-on wilderness medicine while earning continuing education credits. From two days to 30, in the classroom or in the wilderness, we have a program to meet your needs. Visit for more information, dates, and pricing. • 2–30 days




30 days (200 hours)

9 hours


9–10 days (80 hours)

3 hours


5 days (40 hours)

2 hours


2–2.5 days (16-20 hours)


3 days (24 hours)




1 hour 1 hour





APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657  LENA CONLAN



NOLS Yukon StĂŠphane Terrier

summer Spend your summer with NOLS

In 1974, NOLS invented the outdoor semester. Now each year nearly 800 students spend a semester at NOLS learning new skills, exploring new ideas, and making new friends while surrounded by wilderness. All NOLS semesters are broken into a series of expeditions, called sections. These sections run from two weeks to a month in length and cover a wide variety of outdoor skill areas. They are as varied as your desire to learn, which means


you’ll leave your NOLS semester with a series of valuable outdoor skills developed in a number of different environments. Every NOLS course is approved for college credit, and more than 75 percent of our college-age students take advantage of this option.

Inventor of the Outdoor Semester

NOLS semesters: Outstanding opportunities year-round

– EST. 1965 –

OPERATING AREAS NOLS classrooms are some of the wildest and most awe-inspiring locations in the world. NOLS operates around the globe, offering you the chance to develop the outdoor skill that most appeals to you and discover the new territory that most excites you.

See the world, and meet people from around the globe!

Each fully staffed facility is a cornerstone of the community, ensuring our students come to truly understand the people and the environment of the area.






Horsepacking BACKPACKING

The Leader in Wilderness Education

Executive Director











Cost comparison data based on 2012-2013 data from NOLS and the College Board.




Earn your NOLS diploma and additional certifications. When NASA and the U.S. Naval Academy train leaders, they send them to NOLS.

Earn college credit. $12,250








Wilderness Mountaineering Medicine Packrafting Canoeing Learn a variety of skills during various sections of your course.



splitboarding SKIING Rock Climbing


The average size of a semester course.

NOLS semesters are divided into sections that focus on a set of outdoor skills, for example sea kayaking or rock climbing. Over the course of several sections, lessons build upon one another. From a kayaking section to a backpacking section, students’ leadership and general backcountry traveling skills develop from novice to mastery.

NOLS scholarships are available and you can use Americorps, VA, and 529 funds to pay for your semester. 50


NOLS Rocky Mountain


Ashley Wise

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657 

NOLS Rocky Mountain Marcio Paes Barreto

Summer Wilderness Medicine & Rescue Semester You could be a member of a search and rescue team, leading wilderness trips, running safety on river rapids, assisting with rock rescue, or working on an urban ambulance. If this is how you want to spend your time, this semester is for you. The course begins with a demanding, fourweek Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) course, followed by nine weeks of backpacking, river travel and rock climbing. Students will also dive into environmental studies, examining, in particular, the impact of environmental health on human health. Certifications earned include WEMT, rock and swiftwater rescue, CPR instructor, and LNT master. 51

NOLS Rocky Mountain EVAN HORN

• 91 days • Optional academic credit: up to 19 hours • Minimum age: 18 • $15,200

Summer Semester in the Rockies NOLS invented the outdoor semester, and this course is where it all began. A Semester in the Rockies will take you on a Wild West “tour de force” while giving you a complete set of skills to lead or teach in the backcountry. Learn to paddle a kayak down a class-III rapid, develop and expand your rock climbing skills and risk management, and navigate through the stunning Rocky Mountains using only your own two feet. Map reading, route finding, backcountry cooking, and Leave No Trace will become second nature as you progress through each section of this semester. Find more details online. • 68 days • Optional academic credit: up to 16 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $11,400

NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

NOLS Rocky Mountain Brad Christensen

NOLS Rocky Mountain Dave Anderson

NOLS Rocky Mountain Benjamin Fox

52 52


NOLS Alaska Stéphane Terrier

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657 

NOLS Alaska Alexis Alloway

NOLS Alaska Tracy Baynes, STEP

Summer Semester in Alaska


Your semester in Alaska includes everything from forested coastlines to the snow and ice of the high mountain peaks to the tundra and rivers in between. Hiking takes you to the continent’s largest assemblage of glaciers and its greatest collection of peaks over 16,000 feet in elevation. On the mountaineering section, you’ll travel even further into this ideal training ground for learning to live and climb on snow and ice. You also have the option of taking a whitewater rafting section instead of mountaineering; the raft section will travel over 120 miles on the 10th largest river in North America. The Copper River is known for its proximity to calving glaciers as well as prolific Salmon runs. Finally, while sea kayaking, you will explore the worldrenowned Prince William Sound. You will leave a confident traveler of all these wilderness settings. • 75 days • Optional academic credit: up to 16 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $11,800 53


Summer Semester in the Yukon This semester is an action-packed learning adventure. It takes place entirely in Canada’s Subarctic, where remote, wild land stands unparalleled. Your expedition will explore the wilds of the Yukon with a backpack and canoe, seeing few people along the way. Along your route, you will fish, cross unnamed rivers, and summit unnamed peaks. After this semester, you’ll have unmatched technical expeditionary skills in backpacking and whitewater canoeing. • 57 days • Optional academic credit: up to 11 hours • Minimum age: 17 • $9,500 NOLS Yukon Andrew Riley

NOLS Yukon Ashley Wise

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier

NOLS Yukon Stéphane Terrier



• Fall Semester in the Rockies • Fall Outdoor Educator Semester • Fall Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semester

Fall Courses


• Fall Semester in the Pacific Northwest NOLS SOUTHWEST

• Fall Semester in the Southwest • Fall Lightweight Backpacking NOLS EAST AFRICA

• Fall Semester in East Africa NOLS INDIA

• Fall Semester in India • Himalaya Backpacking • Himalaya Mountaineering



• Fall Semester in New Zealand NOLS Southwest


Matt McArdle

• Fall Semester in Baja • Baja Coastal Sailing • Baja Sea Kayaking NOLS PATAGONIA

• Fall Semester in Patagonia • Year in Patagonia NOLS AMAZON

• Fall Semester in the Amazon NOLS INSTRUCTOR COURSES NOLS Pacific Northwest Benjamin Lester

NOLS India Cass Colman


NOLS New Zealand Jamie O"Donnell

• NOLS Instructor Course (IC) • Wilderness Medicine Instructor Training Course (ITC)



Get online to view previous catalogs, including the winter/spring 2014 catalog, and keep an eye out for the fall catalog in April. The winter/ spring 2015 course catalog will hit mailboxes in September.

NOLS Teton Valley Matt McArdle

APPLY NOW. (800) 710-6657 

NOLS Mexico

NOLS India


Alexis Alloway

Winter & Spring Courses

NOLS Rocky Mountain Fredrik Norrsell

• Splitboarding—Prime • Backcountry Skiing • Backcountry Skiing—Prime



• Himalaya Backpacking • Himalaya Mountaineering • Spring Semester in India

• Patagonia Mountaineering • Patagonia Sea Kayaking—Prime • Spring Semester in Patagonia



• Baja Coastal Sailing • Baja Sea Kayaking • Baja Sea Kayaking—Prime • Spring Semester in Baja

• Southwest Outdoor Educator: Backpacking and Rock Climbing • Spring Semester in the Southwest • Spring Semester on the Borders




Rescue Semester

• New Zealand Backpacking • Spring Semester in New Zealand

• Winter Outdoor Educator • Splitboarding


• Spring Semester in Australia • Spring Outdoor Educator Semester • Spring Semester in the Rockies • Spring Wilderness Medicine and


Semester in New Zealand


Semester in the Amazon

Semester in the Rockies

Mario Friedlander

Keith Crawford

Rachel Curtis

Semester in the Southwest David Anderson

Semester & Year in Patagonia Fredrik Norrsell

Semester in India

Semester in Baja

Madhu Chikkaraju

Cass Colman

Semester in the Pacific Northwest Semester in East Africa

Benjamin Lester

Michael Schmertzler

Semester for Outdoor Educators 57 57

Craig Muderlak

JOIN NOLS. SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID AT NOLS NOLS awards over $1.5 million in scholarships annually to applicants who show potential to excel with NOLS and would be unable to attend without financial aid. Additionally, our partnerships allow you to access your Americorps, 529, or VA funds. Call us at (800) 710-6657 or learn more at


(800) 710-6657 •

A+ COLLEGE CREDIT Every NOLS course is approved for college credit, and more than 75 percent of our college-age students take advantage of this option. Hundreds of colleges and universities have accepted NOLS/University of Utah credit or granted their own direct credit. Learn more at

NOLS is a win-win for students and parents alike. CONVINCE YOUR PARENTS!


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NOLS IS AN ADVENTURE “Learn technical skills in some of the most awe-inspiring classrooms in the world. Rise to the challenge of long days, Mother Nature’s surprises, and new lessons on working as part of a team every day. Return home prepared and eager for your next adventure.” DISCOVER YOUR INNER STRENGTH “You need a lot less than you imagine, and you can thrive in tougher conditions than you think. You’ll emerge from your NOLS course confident in your ability and with a new understanding of your calling for your future.” BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR A LIFETIME “Impress your friends with your expertise and tales from life on the glacier, and impress your boss with your newfound voice as a leader. Being a NOLS graduate will set you apart in a crowd or in a pack of resumés.” FIND NEW FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD “NOLS attracts highly motivated students like you from all over the world and offers cultural interaction in international locations. You will grow and learn from and with your coursemates, and the bonds will last long after your course ends.” BREAK AWAY FROM STUFFY CLASSROOMS “Take a break from the traditional classroom without hitting 'pause' on learning. NOLS courses are highly educational, experiential learning opportunities. Continue to earn academic credit while exploring the world’s most awe-inspiring classrooms.”

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NOLS IS A SCHOOL “NOLS teaches outdoor skills and will help me develop an active healthy lifestyle, instilling leadership skills that apply in any environment. Like most educational institutions, NOLS offers academic credit, financial aid, and a recognized diploma.” I'LL BECOME A LEADER “I'll gain leadership skills that I will use in all areas of my life. I may find the calling for my career is in outdoor education, and nobody will prepare me better than NOLS.” I'LL BUILD MY RESUMÉ “This is a unique experience in which I'll gain skills critical for any job. NOLS is a highly regarded institution, and having NOLS on my resumé or college application will set me apart.” I'LL BECOME AN ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD “NOLS teaches Leave No Trace practices. I'll also gain extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, and environmental issues in the region in which I study. And all this knowledge translates to environmental science credits.” THE NOLS ALUMNI ADVANTAGE “Being a NOLS alum means that I will be part of a network of more than 233,000 people world-wide. This network can help me find jobs, find housing, meet people in a new city, and much more.”

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National Outdoor Leadership School 284 Lincoln Street Lander, Wyoming 82520-2848 | Phone: (800) 710-NOLS | Fax: (307) 332-1220



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