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Attractions In China Five Top Tourist Sights That You Should Not Miss China is a place that simply amazes and excites its visitors like no other destination can. China is the perfect choice for visitors who want to escape to a different world, with its undulating and pristine natural landscapes and ancient man-made wonders that bear testament to the countrys long and illustrious history. With an immense land area that makes it the worlds third biggest country, you will never find a lack of sights and sounds that will fascinate you to no end diverse tribal cultures, ancient architectural masterpieces, sumptuous cuisine and incomparable natural sites, among others. Five of the most praised and visited attractions in China are described below to give you a preview of what you can expect in this land of endless wonders. The Great Wall of China When it comes to a man-made structure of unrivalled scale and majesty, the Great Wall of China has no peer. Originally constructed as a defence mechanism against enemy forces, it is today an extremely popular tourist destination. Stretching across thousands of miles in all directions, its building and reconstruction took place over many dynasties. As one of the newly-minted Seven Wonders of the World, you truly have to see it for yourself to witness the most awe-inspiring example of Chinese architecture. The Terracotta Warriors This most unique and fascinating collection of thousands of pottery figurines near Xian was actually stumbled upon by a farmer in the 1970s and later unearthed to reveal its unbelievable scale and majesty. This collection consists of life-size pottery replicas of soldiers decked in full armour, chariots and horses. You would be amazed by the attention to detail as you would notice that the soldiers faces and hair are unique and seem so life-like. This underground army is popularly known as the 8th wonder of the world for a good reason, and is a sight that you should not miss when visiting China. Guilin and the Li River If you are looking for a place with unrivalled natural beauty, Guilin is the right place for you. Vast landscapes of limestone formations and hills perpetually obscured by mist provide the perfect backdrop for a tranquil and scenic getaway. Perhaps the highlight of any trip to the region would be the Li River, which flows through a mystical landscape which includes interestingly-shaped landforms and amazing waterfalls like a scene in a Chinese painting. A recommended experience would be a slow cruise down the river from Guilin to Yangshuo to take in the most picturesque views. Giant Pandas

As the poster animal for global environmental conservation efforts, the critically endangered giant panda is also one of the National Treasures and an all-time favourite attraction of China. If you have always wanted to see them in their natural environment, you should pay a visit to the Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan province, a 3-hour journey from Chengdu, the provincial capital. In this Reserve, you can play with and feed these majestic animals along with the researchers. Yu Yuan Gardens The artful co-existence of man-made structures and natural beauty could not have been more prominent than in the Yu Yuan Gardens in southwestern Shanghai. Hailed as a classic example of Ming Dynasty architecture, this wonderful setting never ceases to fascinate its visitors. You can find some of the most awe-inspiring pavilions, dragon statues, jade sculptures, ponds and even the unique zigzag bridge in this charming attraction. Book Chengdu Hotels

Attractions In China Five Top Tourist Sights That You Should Not Miss  

With an immense land area that makes it the worlds third biggest country, you will never find a lack of