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ROD HUTCHINSON DREAM MAKER 12,6 ft 3,25 lb By Matteo Petrassi RH Italy Team

Last weekend I finally had the chance to try my new Dream Maker rods of 3,25lb. When they arrived I immediately noticed the perfection put into these rods. Every binding and even the smallest detail has been considered with care. This is a quality that you can’t find in rods of mass production. I was impressed by the original spigot system. The rod is designed in one piece that is cut in two to which is added the spigot. The difference from an esthetic point of view is that the rod seems to be thinner and from a functional point of view we have a rod with a very nice and harmonic curvature.

I decided to buy these rods to have a set of softer rods than I had before and I was curious how they would perform in difficult situations with strong fish. Well, what would be a better test area than the lake of Bolsena? We chose the first weekend of July. Our intention was to find hungry carp after the spawning period that would pick up our baits. And it worked out just as we thought!

Right from the first bite I noticed that these rods are perfect for the fight from the boat, especially the great flexibility helps in the final phase of the fight when the fish tries to escape into the deep. At the same time the strong handle allows to pull out from the weed even the most obstinate carp.

Doing some test throws the rods easily reach 80-90 meters with a lead of 150g without putting too much effort in your throw. They are definitely the right compromise of strength and fun. Maybe they are not the right choice for fishing with a 350g lead in a river with a strong current but for these conditions we have the 3-5lb rods. For any other situation these rods are more than ideal.

Matteo Petrassi Rod Hutchinson Team Italy